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The Online Thing….. BDSM

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So your in your nighty leg hoked up in your chair , your favorite drink in hand, you boot up your computer, up comes yahoo messenger. Your thinking should I send the first , you do, your heart pounds as you sit there waiting on a reply. Then How are you? You exhale relief he did show up like he said.

You have never experienced BDSM  first hand. You belong to,,, but you have never felt the flesh against your body, the breathing in your ear. The words you have been waiting for. I own you Bitch.

Your conversation starts off mild, likes dislikes, work. The different foods you like, music, Flea markets, you cannot believe how much you have in common, you feel like you were made for each other, it is fate, it has to be.

Then the text start, the text get more intense, sexual, spanking you, flogging, you on your knees sucking his cock. The way he is going to rape your body when you meet.

Then the phone calls start, you have been dieing to hear his voice, his commanding voice. The first time you hear him speak, chill bumps run down your spin, your pussy is soaked, you cannot even touch yourself without jumping.

You feel the connection, it feels so right. He is the one. I want him to take me, I want him to own my mind body and soul. I have waited on this all my life.

Now Ladies Slap your face one time and come down to reality. Pretty fucking intense there yes?

Online BDSM the fantasy you have always wanted to live out. After all, you can be who you want to be, you can let go, you feel free, rejuvenated , your alive for one time.

Then you decide to meet, but the mystery is already out of the bag. Chances are he has already seen you nude, or almost. He knows what you like sexually. He knows you just want to be fucked not made love to. Where is the excitement?

This is for you newbi’s out there BDSM is real, online is one thing , but in person is another. You are going to give up total control of your life as you know it. You are giving rules and task to follow and complete. At times while playing you are going to experience pain you have never felt. At some point he will put the fear of god in you.

If he is a Dominant chances are he has been with a submissive or two. I am not talking some old fat man who sells insurance and carry’s a wooden spoon in his back pocket.

So now you want a relationship, you have to be with him. Why ? Because he is the one you were meant to be with.


Dominants are human as well, ladies, we harbor feelings inside, we hurt, we feel, and yes at times we can love.

The move is something to think about, not a day, a week, long enough to get your head clear, and fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

Okay lets say you have met a couple of times, you both met halfway , he got the room, you played a little, he fucked your brains out. called you his Bitch, his whore, slapped your face while fucking. Wow you loved it.

The you move in. Here comes the almighty blow. Now before you say anything you were warned. You were told how things would be. You cannot change your mind midstream. This is not the time to come clean,and say hey this is not me.

Remember you have someone else to worry about now, who lives, breaths, has a heart beat, and yes again feelings.

I have seen this happen, it has happened to me, even after everything was laid out on the table, no lies, no bullshit.

You excepted everything he had to say, you agreed , you promised.

The first 90 days are the hardest, maybe a little less, but generally 90 days for you to be able to adjust.

There is one exception, you are and were born a true submissive, does not happen to often but it can happen.If you have never lived a D’s lifestyle, you need to sit back and think long and hard.

Men and women have this switch, it is called fuck the feeling switch, can be turned on and off at anytime. Is it a fair switch to have, nah. It sucks you know it sucks. You have done it and you have had it done to you.

Let me tell you a little about Vile. The relationship although there are two. It is about me. Yea that sounds cold. It is not as bad as it sounds. Although the relationship is not a democracy, and I have the final say. We go out when I say, you eat what I say, dress, speak, walk, and fuck when I want. I may or may not let you cum,depends on how I feel. I use a few slave positions daily which will be enforced . It is about me.

Now you are thinking what the fuck do I get out of this selfish mother fucker. Vile is a fucking pig, he is ego driven, and abusive. Nah

What you get is someone who is loyal, caring. Someone who will communicate, take care of you. Spoil you at time, bath, cook. Laugh with you, and yes feel your pain.

I brought the subject of me up because. This is what you as a new sub or slave will experience with 98% of the Dominants out there. Okay some think Vile is to extreme. Well no I am not because everything is out of the table. I have shown you my hand of cards, nothing is hidden.

If you are sick, I will nurse you back to health. I am not going to play with you, if your running a fever of 103, although I do love to fuck when a sub has a temp. The pussy is smoking Hot.

You subs and slaves need to think do I really want a relationship like this or a FWB type thing.

BDSM is real. Think.


Wow Should I feel Guilty

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So last night out of the blue I get a text, my little girl Tiff. To clear things up here, her family is from Hong Kong. Tiff is not her full name but I will leave it at that..

Last night we text back and forth for a couple of hours, and she sent some very nice pics of herself , WOW. Tiff is just 21 now, very well put together. from head to toe.

Then this am I get a few text and some new pics which I am always happy to receive, but I am not going to share any of them out of respect. I am going to see her again on the 12th of September, I will pick her up from school, and bring her back to my place. She wanted me to come to her house, but I do not want Bruce Lee walking in the door.

Anyway here comes the should I be guilty part. Tiff is a Virgin, no that is not a typo a real honest to god Virgin. So she has made it clear the pussy is off limits. further more she has never tried anal, but that is the first thing she wants me to do. Wow , so here is the deal, things have been running through my head, I did not sleep at all last night. Should I or should I not is the question.

She has had a couple of online Dominants, which I never fucking understood in the first place, but to each their own, if it works do it. I am more hands on, I cannot see sitting behind a key board and jacking off. More so a grown man, who claims to be a Dominant.

Anyway so this am after a few text and some really nice pics, my phone rings and low and behold, Tiff is on the phone. The conversation went well, we were both very at ease, and comfortable, she was on her way to school, and we spoke for about 10 minutes.

So here is the thing. I have done sessions before where there was no sex involved, and I was good with that because that was the understanding we had, sometimes I get just as much enjoyment out of playing anyway.

Here is a 21 yr old Asian American which I am nuts over anyway, Asian women in general. Here is a submissive who wants me to be her first anal experience, the only thing off limits is her pussy, although I can play with,but no penetration , until if and when she maybe ready.

I will ask about posting some pics of our session, as long as there are not facial pics showing, I am sure it will be okay..

I want to try some new Japanese Bondage.

So let me get some comments and thoughts, on the topic….