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Vile And Arianna Opposite’s Do Attract

Posted in Arianna, bdsm, communication, Opposite’s Do Attract, slave, submissive, Vile on December 18, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

We are really two opposite people , so maybe the old story opposites do attract. Me I am an average looking guy from a small hick town, Arianna who is really hot as fuck and I am not saying that because I own her it is a fact. Where ever we go guys are like dude how in the fuck did you pull her in. The truth is I am just me, I do not portray to be someone else.

Arianna is quite , somewhat reserved , very feminine , takes good care of herself. Always dresses very nice, and people love to talk to her.

I on the other hand , what you read in my blog well that is me public or private. I am very out spoken , I say what is on my mind , I am a jeans guy for the most but in the past seven months or so my wardrobe has changed a lot due to Arianna. When it comes to speaking my mind I tell people how I see things. If I think your bull shitting me I have no problem telling you.

Arianna loves top 40 when it comes to music, me I love the old rock, AC/DC , KISS and so on I do like some newer stuff but not to much. Music has been a huge part of my life, and it is my little get away.

I never complain about food, Arianna is an awesome cook she would differ I eat what is put in front of me. On my days off I cook , I love to grill out a favorite past time.  I can tell when she does not feel like cooking so I take her out to eat then. When I work late and she is already in bed I stop and grab a burger.

I love watching her cook in the nude, I rarely allow any clothes to worn in the house when I am home, her that is. I just sit back and watch thinking I own her.

Arianna is kinda a health food nut, While I am still searching for the greasiest burger on earth. The past few days the ADKINS things has been popping back up. I was on it for about 6 months and I dropped almost 30 pounds.

On my days off I concentrate on Arianna, I make sure we do the things she is interested in, my goal is to keep her happy. I think that should be every mans goal.

Being opposite is not a bad thing if you have very good communication, we talk a lot a couple of hours a day. We talk about anything and everything.

Getting married was a huge step , I was not sure if she would change or try, but we both stayed in step. The wedding was really awesome, on the beach at sunrise.

So guys ask me how in the fuck man. Even when I try to explain, they do not have a clue. Or they say that is to much fucking work.

What men not all but some do not understand, if you grabbed your balls and stood up, and said this is the way its going to be, as long as you had a straight head on your shoulders, your girl or wife would follow no questions asked.

A very very good friend of mine called me the other day, she is a submissive who lives near the west coast of Florida to tell me she past her finals test to become an RN. She finished in the top 7%. I knew she would do well and it was I who encouraged her to go to school. The problem with us and why we never became a couple was she was always more like a sister.

The reason I brought her up was, she was talking about my blog, but before that I invited her and her BF over for dinner, and she was like yea that will never happen, mainly because he thinks I am a dick, okay I am good with that. Yea I never spoke well of him, but at this point he is what she needs. Anyway she told me I came down to hard on other Dominants, but that is really not the case, well in my eyes.

I speak badly about Married Dominants who set outside of their marriage, because they do not have the balls to run their own home. So they have to find someone else to use to get their rocks off. Then the Dominants who just use , abuse and toss aside without a care.  If your only intention is to just fuck just be straight, if you do not want a relationship just say it. Leading someone on and playing with their mind, in the end it will bite you in the ass.

There are many Dominants I respect, at times you will even hear me say Yes Sir to an older Dominant out of respect. Even those I do not understand when it comes to the lifestyle.

So I got off track, back to Arianna and I. We are really two opposites , but life is good. I truly look forward to every minute we can spend together.

Maybe giving someone the time of day finding out if you may have things in common. Life is about chances, we all make mistakes, the only bad mistake is making the same one over again and again. We as humans tend to follow patterns without even knowing it. making the same mistake over and over. The best cure is to stop and just think.

The only dumb question is the question you thought about asking but did not. Always speak your mind, speak your concerns and if your still not sure get more than one opinion.

Two opposite’s came together and everyday our bond continues to grow. Arianna can stay calm, cool , and collective, and I will speak for both of us.