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I cannot talk enough about Spanking

Posted in ass play, bdsm, clit, cum, over the lap spanking, passion, pussy, Spanking on June 20, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I truly have an ass fetish out of this world.  I cannot explain why it just drives me crazy. I love the shape of a perfectly round ass.


I am real big on spanking, but I never use spanking as a form of punishment. I find spanking to erotic. If done correctly you can actually make a woman cum from spanking. Now I am not talking hard impact spanking, if your woman is really into being spanked, she will let you know when you have the right rhythm going trust me.

I like to use a little baby oil or lube. This makes just a little more sting and you do not have to spank as hard, it also sounds a lot louder than it actually is.


There is a little prep when you are getting ready to spank, you want to start off with a little foreplay, to set the scene, you want to really get her in the mood, you want her wet. and ready for you to lay some pipe.You have to bend her over just right so her hands are flat on a table or like my bed just the right height.


With a little baby oil on both hands once you are ready, she is bent over you want to smack right where the ass meets the thigh maybe just an inch or two higher, smacking with an upper motion.  with my free hand I reach under cupping her pussy, applying just a little pressure molding my hand to her pussy.

You want to alternate from cheek to cheek, the idea is not to cause a lot of pain, it is pure pleasure, you will be able to tell when she is fully into the scene. Holding pressure on her pussy, not playing with her clit, you continue spanking moving from cheek to cheek, talk to her.

It may take a little practice, spanking is an art, an erotic art, once you have reach the ability to make her cum all over your hand, every time you pass her she will gladly bend over.

For the more submissive feel, many women prefer over the knee spankings..

Image In this case in this position she truly feels submissive, while spanking you reach up with the other hand and grab a handful of hair and gently pull back causing her to arch her ass just a little more giving you much better access.

Me being a Dominant and into spanking I never use spanking as a form of punishment, if you do, this can cause confusion with the submissive, not being able to separate pleasure from punishment.

I myself have almost gotten off just from spanking I am into it that much, or just lay in bed and rub her ass for hours…

Hope you enjoyed.