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Slave in a Part Store

Posted in Bar Code, bdsm, Discipline, etiquette, Master, Owned Slave, Parts Store, slave, submissive on February 5, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I have a favorite part store I frequent, even if it is just to buy an Air Freshener. Friday Arianna and I went to purchase tires for the Grand-Am she had bought for the commute back and forth to work. We knew it would cost less in gas than her CRV. While buying tires, it was pointed out to us that the front breaks were in bad shape, and the price we were giving I found to be way to high.

So we paid for the new tires, and off to my favorite part store we go. I wanted to buy the parts then take the car to my favorite mechanic , he does very good work, and only fixes what he is told to fix. Now days it is very hard to find a good mechanic you can trust.

So we pull into Discount Auto Parts. I am hoping Sandy is working, I have known her for a couple of years, and she is the only reason I even buy parts there.

Sandy is a very petite female with solid black hair, who at one time sported the Dorthy Hamill hair cut. Her hair being short , when she would turn around, you could clearly see on the back of her neck. The word Owned, then a Bar Code, which she had copied off of the site Slave Registry. Although Sandy is very hot, I have always been very respectful towards her, and I have never said anything out of the way. Number one reason, she is a slave, and she is owned.


So while Arianna and I were paying for the parts, I brought up the subject of her Bar Code, and I wanted to know who did it. She began to explain a Friend in Orlando did it, and it was done free style. I let it go at that. I wanted to show Arianna but Sandy had let her hair grow out some and it now covered the Bar Code, and I did not want to ask her to show it to us..

Once Arianna and I were in the car, I made it a point of how Sandy went above and beyond her job in helping with all the parts. She had a very nice but respectful demeanor about her. She took the time to make sure we had everything that was needed, and thanked us.

Here is where I am going with this. Sandy is owned. Sandy represents her owner when she is not with him. The way Sandy acts while at work, or just in public. We live in a small town so I run into Sandy often, and her demeanor and personality is always the same, very nice and polite. If in a store she makes it a point to come up and speak to me. I am sure she knows I am in the lifestyle, and she does not feel threatened in anyway, because she knows I respect her for who and what she is.

Those who take the lifestyle serious, know what I am talking about. Being a submissive or Slave, while in public and away from your Master, you should carry yourself with pride, you are a reflection of your owner.