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Pass Your Slave Around

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I cannot relate to the way other Dominants feel, when they think it is okay to pass your property around like a bowl of pop corn.

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking with another Dom via phone, and it only took me a couple of minutes to realize I had made a mistake by answering it.  You know how some people can just be annoying on the phone. Then you have to act like your really interested in the conversation. and I am thinking why cant by battery in my cell just die, or maybe hear that beep drop call. She was nothing more than fuck meat, she was a whore, a cunt, she was worthless, and was built for only one thing, being used and abused.

He was looking for a room to rent, not from us, but I knew a couple who was looking to rent a room out, so I was going to introduce them. They did go meet the other couple, which did not turn out to well. As you have noticed you did not see here that I invited them over to my house, that would never happen. I just don’t open my home up to anyone.

Although I do know a lot of people within the community there are very few I would hang out with. I have not found really anyone I can really connect with.

So this phone conversation is going nowhere fast, I am yawning hoping for some kind of natural disaster, an earth quake, possibly a hurricane, a cell tower to fall over something.

This Dom is on Disability , nothing wrong with that, it happens to the best, and there are those who truly need it. Our conversation turned to bars and going to sex parties, okay still have not peaked my interest. He is talking about how much his ex slave was out of control, she would not listen, out drinking all the time, just out of control.

Then he begins to tell me how next time he was going to lay the law down. She would fuck and suck anyone he wanted her to, he was just going to pass her around and let others do what they wanted to. Yea I am thinking no friendship in sight.

I have seen this before some years ago I was invited to speak at a swingers party, Once I had finished I decided to hang around for a little, to see just what went on. So after a bit I went upstairs mother nature calling and I saw a line outside of a bedroom so as I am passing these three dudes were just hammering away at this little blonde, I could tell she was not enjoying it, almost in tears, so I just shrugged it off none of my business, so off to the bathroom I go, still thinking about her and the bad situation. I washed my hands whipping my hands on my jeans making sure not to touch anything, walking down the hall I stopped looked again, and I walked into the bedroom and this dude was yelling at her because she was not sucking dick right, he then told me I had to get in line.

So I told her to get dressed, and he looked at me sticking his chest out and told me to mind my own business she was not through, I said yea man she is done, once dressed I took her by the hand and we walked downstairs and out to my truck I told her to get in. I did not feel like driving down to west palm that night so I took her home, once in I told her to shower, and I I got her a blanket and sheet out and put it on the couch.

After the shower sitting at the table she started to explain she had just met this Dom that night for the first time. They had spent several weeks talking and emailing each other, but once she met him he changed. WOW a huge change.

We all have our kinks, we all have our needs, and to each their own. I am not here to judge anyone, or tell someone how they should run their life.

These men are Ego Driven nothing more, it is a pure power high, being able to control someone in such an inhuman manner, not giving a fuck

Okay I believe you can like someone and it does not bother you to watch some other dude fuck your girl, but to say you love someone and be able to do the same thing nah I just cannot see it. To put someone you love in such a horrid position and the word love comes out of your mouth.

I am not into sharing, I would not get off on watching my slave bang some other dude, and I respect her enough not to even ask. I love watching two women together, but again the respect factor comes into play.

A D’s or M’s relationship is not about power, or ego, it is about love respect and honor, it is about caring for the one your with. It is not about abuse physical or mental, it is about two walking the same path.

On the other side there are those who enjoy being passed around, there are those who enjoy gang bangs, even being forced to perform sexual acts, some get off on it, I can see the thrill, the need, the sexual drive. To each their own, have at it.

What ever gets you off, be like Nike and just do it, but do not put others in harms way just so you can get your kink on.