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The Almighty Vagina

Posted in bdsm, Eating Pussy, personal hygiene, slave, submissive, Vagina on June 12, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I was just answering some questions on another blog, I answer weekly, questions that are sent to me about women. I will admit I am not as conservative on her blog as I am here. I know I am not that open when it comes to sharing things but check out her blog Lea Barrymire.

Today’s questions well some asked about the smell of a Vagina, and do all smell the same. Well the answer is NO they do not, nor do they taste the same. Just as a mans semen all taste different and are effected by the diet, what is eating, what is drank and if they smoke or not. I do smoke so I drink a tons of water, and I have cut the soft drinks down to about one a month.

Just like men, a woman’s diet has a great effect on the way she taste. I myself love eating pussy, I can stay down for an hour or so before coming up for air.

I know I probably will not get any comments from this blog , but I am just stating the truth. Men who smoke or drink beer I have been told their cum taste yucky. I have met women who refused to swallow just because of the way men taste. Tons and Tons of water, or a juice low in acid, pineapple is a good juice for men if drank on a regular basis.

Jul 12, 2011 | By Sarah Nyako

Your vaginal discharge might have a natural scent or be odorless. According to Oregon State University’s Health Services, this is affected by factors such as body weight, the amount of pubic hair you have and hygiene habits. However, if it’s unpleasant, it can be embarrassing or can be indicative of an underlying medical condition, such as an infection. Familiarize yourself with your scent because changes can sometimes indicate a problem. Normal reasons for your scent to intensity include exercising, because of sweat. So, too, can wearing materials that don’t allow for proper air flow — such as silk or nylon, which can trap sweat.

Effects of Diet

According to Oregon State University, your diet can definitely affect the way your discharge smells. It cites garlic, onions, tobacco and coffee as common substances that can affect vaginal smell and recommends cutting back on these substances, as well as strong spices, meats, dairy and alcohol. Replace them with fruits and vegetables. You can play around with your diet by cutting out one food at a time from the list of common culprits and taking note of any improvements.


Do not douche. This destroys the delicate balance of healthy bacteria in your vagina and can lead to more infections and an even worse smell. Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight-fitting pants or shorts. Avoid feminine hygiene sprays, powders or other fragrances in this area. If you have noticed a recent change in the way you smell and cannot attribute this to anything, this might be cause for concern. You should never attempt to ignore or try to cover up odor. It’s best to go to your doctor and determine the root cause.

So if you ever wonder why your man will not go down south, just sit back and think a little. Now not all odors are bad, slightly lite, fresh can be a complete turn on.Just taking care of yourself means a lot, you would be surprised at who does not. When it comes to sex most of the time it is about me, but there are times when I like to please. I am slow and sensual when it comes to oral, going down is a complete turn on, being in that kind of control.
I am very oral, it is a fixation with me, more than a fixation. I guess an obsession, if that is worse than a fixation.