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Your Going To Be Someones Personal Bitch

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I use the word Bitch Loosely , to me it is more of a pet name, my bitch , my slut, my whore, my everything.

It is only our lifestyle you can teach someone how to sit , eat , dress, walk , talk, suck cock and fuck. It is only our lifestyle you can enforce rules , protocols and for the most structure. Our lifestyle is the only one where someone will fully submit without question or hesitation.

There are a few things in life that I strive for and thrive in. That is a well structured home, a drama free home and a home without fighting. I am and need to be in control of my home and surroundings.

I dated a hundred before I found the one. I did not fuck a hundred , I fucked the one. The one takes time, it takes dedication, and you need to stay on one path and not many.

After years of settling for less I had to do some soul-searching , because I had to figure out who I was , what I needed and the type of slave that would make me complete, someone who would compliment me. Someone who needed the above not just wanted.

So you can gain submission through intimidation but your really not accomplishing anything , you’re not earning anything in fact it is fake submission and that will only last so long. However if you earn the respect someone will want to follow on their own free will.

It is amazing to be able to sit back and watch the transformation when training someone, watching the changes and the one being trained does not even notice the changes.  Then one day it will hit them and it will be like holy fuck batman what the fuck?

Here is something to think about. Words yes I said words , words have different effects on people more so those who are submissive or slaves.

Words, No , Sit , stand , spread, inspection , suck my cock , lube your ass. These words have different meanings , depending on who you are speaking to and the depth of ones submission. Some may take those words as being funny, a joke if they are not in the right frame of mind.

You think about Rules , and Protocols all have a different meaning depending on where you are at in your head. The above should be a need and not a want. In the lifestyle wants have zero meaning, it is needs that should be met.

You are now someones property , you are now for someones use. You are going to do things you either do not like or have no interest in, but the same will go the other way.

If you are not in the right frame of mind you get nothing , you get nothing out of training or the relationship. What is more important if you are not in the right frame of mind or it turns out it is just a fantasy you have wasted someones time who has dedicated time into building a relationship , and all is for nothing.

This is part of a comment I just replied to , she had found a Slave contract online ..

I just read the most appalling example of a slave contract where it was proposed to beat her daily, keep her in a cage, make her drink piss and eat dog food, enslave her for life or sell her, own her bred kids as though chattel, and let her kill self when old and sick.

Okay pretty extreme , I have known Masters who were this strict, not to the point of killing ones self. I think if someone spent a great deal of time with someone the Master or Slave would take care of someone if they got sick.

If Arianna was Bedridden I would take care of her that is how deep much love is for her. I would not think of putting her in a home , because she has giving me so much, and I promised to take care of her.. Divorcing or separating is the easy way out today , why would you want to work something out? Maybe because it takes up to much of your precious time ?

You the Slave has to be in the right frame of mind, your Master is already there or you hope he is. A Master can let his feeling get in the way when it comes to enforcing rules, or even punishing.

You know what fuck looking at contracts online if you are both serious about having a paper contract you should sit down and come to some sort of agreement. When a submissive goes out and googles slave contract it scares the fuck out of her, daily beatings, drinking piss, being shared , eating dog food, really ?

How deep does your submission run ? What makes you think your submissive ? What makes you think your a Slave ? Have you really thought about training ? What do you want out of training ? Have you thought about what type of Dominant your looking for ? Have you thought about turning your life over to someone?

I want all of your passwords, I want access to your cell phone, I want your banking information.  My question is why? When I hear these words they come from a Dominant who has no experience, has a low self esteem. Has trust issues , or just a mental case.

A submissive contacted me last year and said she had giving all of her passed words and banking info , woke up the next day flat ass broke because he emptied her bank account, shut her phone off and had bought a new cell phone with her money. Did she call the police ? Nope , why? Because she was ashamed to tell anyone about her lifestyle.

In the end your going to be someones Bitch you have to decide which side of the fence you want to be on..

Remember one thing a True Dominant will never scream or lose their temper towards you.

It is not always the Dominant , at times there are those who get off on playing games. Mind fuckers is what I call them..

While your at it go check out this awesome blog , there is so much information..








Training And Fear And Fucking

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The first ninety days is the most important when it comes to training. I myself thing that once you put a plan together it is very important to stick to it.

The fear comes from the submissive, the not knowing what is going to happen, more so not knowing what to expect. There may be a little fear within the submissive not knowing if they will please or be able to meet your standards.

Training day begins I do not share anything, I do not give any ideas about what I am going to do. Just like I explained to Arianna watch and listen. That is all you really have to do.

Remember the Submissive will adapt to their new surroundings, and most will without question as long as you the Dominant keeps your word.

If you are new to the lifestyle the first ninety days will tell you if you really want to be part of a D’s relationship, in some cases it may take less than a week.

The first ninety days I gave no punishment, we were actually almost six months into our relationship before I had to punish Arianna. As a punishment I do not believe in spanking, because most who are submissive enjoy being spanked, so what is the point in doing something they enjoy when you punish. Arianna on the other hand is not into pain at all, so I decided that my best approach was to spank and I set that ass on fire. .

During the first ninety days a lot of positive reinforcement is needed, the idea is not to break down, but to build up. We want to point out the good, but we also need to correct when something is not done correctly. A firm voice without yelling or humiliating . The fear factor comes into play.

Your plan you must stick to exactly what you have planned, if you try to change things up you as the Dominant can get distracted, and may cause a little confusion.

The truth and always the truth, the first thing we tell a submissive is to always be truthful, never lie and always be upfront. If we cannot abide by the truth we cannot expect the submissive to. If we lie how can we expect the submissive to always be truthful. Once you gain their trust, that is the easy part, the hard part is keeping it. Once you break that trust you can almost never get it back.

I only started out with 4 rules as we progressed I added a few more. Handing someone a page full of rules, can really cause confusion, and again fear, the fear of forgetting. Some Dominants will hand out 25 maybe 50 rules and say you have to memorize each and everyone. Ask him if he knows them word for word, if not why or how could he expect you to. Rules are meant to give structure, and guidance. Rules are meant to be a reference for daily life.. If you give out to many at one time, the submissive will become overwhelmed , and feel like they are being set up for failure. Also rules we take bad habits and turn them into good ones. If you do this in a short time the Dominant will see a great improvement in any areas that needed work.

I was talking to a Submissive on the phone a couple of weeks ago, her and her Daddy Dom had split. When she broke a rule he would not punish, so there were no consequences for her actions, he was more worried what was for dinner.

I have found from past experiences if you do not stand by what you say and do what you mean you can lose control, again once you start to lose that control it is impossible to regain again. You cannot sit there and say I will change because it is to late. I changed because I let my feelings get in the way when it came to punishing or enforcing rules. I had a huge guilty feeling come over me and I no longer wanted to punish. In the end I lost control. Keeping our word is very important.

Arianna has daily task that has to be completed just like this am a list was completed and I will go through it and either keep it the way it is or I will veto if I feel she has put to much on herself. She has had a rough couple of days emotionally so I stepped in and helped out a little, yea I did dishes, cooked breakfast. Eggs bacon and sausage. I made her watch as I put three eggs into the frying pan and I flipped her without breaking a yoke. I broke one of mine so one out of six is not bad. Dinner I made a taco salad. We should step in at times and take some of the weight off of their shoulders. I like to show my appreciation.

From time to time I believe a little fear is needed, just like a little humiliation is needed. Sometimes the submissive starts to lose that feeling of submission, so we want to put them back in that mode..

Not long ago we were in our Den watching TV , Arianna was nude, I was on the couch she was on the floor, just looking at her drove me crazy. So I told her to spread, and she has these huge lips that look like butterfly lips that just makes me go bonkers. I stood up undressed crawled on top and just started fucking her as hard as I could. I wrapped my hand around her throat, and told her she was my whore, she was my cunt, but I had changed my voice up a little deeper , slower and I could see this look in her eyes. I told her to fuck me back and push, when she pushes I can feel her pussy grip my cock, and then her rocking her hips just WOW.

So I got up pulled her up by her hair and shoved my cock in her mouth  and started face fucking her, one hand one her chin and the other on the top of her head, pushing my cock in as as far as it would go.. Calling her my bitch, my whore, telling her that I owned her. After a few minutes I grabbed her by her hair again and pulled her into the kitchen bending her over the trash can and back in her pussy, I fucked her for a few minutes then I slipped it out and right into her ass. One hand around her throat the other with a handful of hair I banged her as hard as I could until I dumped my load. I then grabbed her hair taking her to the bathroom put her on her knees and I pissed all over her Tits, then came the cold shower. To me golden showers shows that I own, ownership.

She was scared, she did not know how to take my actions. After it was all said and done came the aftercare which was truly needed. I believe aftercare is needed but at times I am not at my best. So I am trying tp improve in that area.

The change in my voice, the way I was fucking, really confused her, not knowing how to act or respond but she went along with what I wanted to do and how I used her. It is good to have sex, sex makes life good. On the other hand it is okay to just use your submissive. Sometimes I will tell Arianna to go to the bedroom and strip putting her on the bed pulling her to the edge, fuck her and tell her to get dressed. Using puts them in that submissive state of mind.

The mind fuck, last week we went out for Mexican we were both stuffed Arianna was in the bathroom washing up and I told her to hurry, I said I have the brown bath towel on the bed I was ready. Her first thoughts were oh god he is going to face fuck me and I am going to puke. She procrastinated  for a good ten minutes once she walked in the bedroom and she saw no towel the look in her eyes were priceless. The mind fuck can be a very powerful, you can mind fuck even when joking, keeps them thinking.

You can tell when your cared for as well, the hug the kiss the way someone listens when your talking, you can just tell. I was getting head and Arianna asked if I wanted to finish in her ass, I love those words Fuck my ass. I had other plans though, I told her to lay on her side her mouth on my cock and I started fucking just like I was pounding her pussy, her arms were moving in the air her legs were kicking, I stopped from time to time to allow her to breath then right back at it, until I blew my load. It is okay to use your property. There is a very pleasing feeling that comes across your submissive when they know they have pleased.

Never share what your training plan is about. slowly implement things on a daily basis, give small hands on test. Such as Once I thought Arianna was ready I invited a Dom and Slave to our home and she was in full service, I am not talking sexually. When they both set down she was standing legs shoulder width apart arms behind back waiting for instructions for drinks and dinner. When training you train to fit your needs and wants. The submissive you train to fit their needs, their wants come later. If you say no then mean no, if you say yes then mean yes.

A little fear can be good with the proper aftercare the same with a little humiliation.

Image It is okay to use her.


I love Humiliation

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I love inserting a Butt plug in a short skirt  and walking her around.


I truly love face fucking sometimes to the point of throwing up, I would advise bathtub, for this play.



Nothing like parading your bitch around town showing her off.

ImageAgain Nice

A man always like to add new furniture to his home….


When a slave gets to mouthy


Nothing like a walk in the park.


I love long Sunday drives


Putting your bitch in her place.


Maybe your bitch has poor posture.



Have you ever wanted your own pet


Remember in the end it is all about aftercare , This is truly needed. The slave needs to be held,on a daily basis, positive reinforcement is needed daily. Show that you care, and appreciate, everything she has giving. Show your slave she is number one, talk to her, more so listen, to her needs and provide. In the end it is the slave who makes the Master.

ImageThe End

Humiliation is Needed

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Yes indeed I do believe humiliation is needed to a certain extent, and I will explain why… The D’s relationship is based on a consensual power exchange, both come to an agreement, on what level of Domination and submission each will take on.

Usually when the relationship is just blooming, the submissive has a long list of hard limits, they can be minor to down right stupid, but hey it is the Dominant who has to deal with it.

I have only been with one submissive in my 20 yrs, wait two, the second was a total disaster . It was like I am submissive but only on my terms, man fuck that. In 20 years I have had 5 slaves all long term. When I say slave that is just what I mean, out of those 5 I have been in what one would call true love once, and it will probably never happen again, and I could really careless. It does not mean I would not care for, but love fuck that.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me, and I have lost some followers over my post, which I think is really fucked up, because if you did not like my post why follow me. Or you complain about my language , or how I talk down about women, which is far from the truth. I truly do respect women, I am me and that is not going to change, but after all these complaints, some still read my post, like it does not show up in the stats DUH.

Humiliation is needed for a couple of reasons, I am going to use the word slave, to me a submissive is just in the lifestyle for the kink. not all the time, just most.

While in a D’s relationship the slave tends to become somewhat Lax in the relationship, in order to keep her in her place, some form of humiliation is needed, be it a facial, or my favorite. Putting her in the bathtub on her knees, make her look up at me, and you guessed, start in her hair and down her face just letting it flow. Remove all the towels from the bathroom, and walk out while she tries to figure out what to do at this point.

You then hand her a hair dryer, tell her to fix her hair, do not wash your face, no water at all. Once her hair is done you instruct her to get dressed, and you take her out to eat, with urine still all over her face and in her hair.

Some think humiliation is not needed, or it is abuse. What is being done is, you are reminding the slave of her place, you are reminding her that you are not equal, in any shape or form. She is the bitch in the relationship..

You have her prepare dinner, once finished, when she starts to fix the dinner plates, you stop her, the Dominant grabs a bowl, puts her food in it, with no silverware, she places your food on the table, you put her on the floor, she can use her hands, or just her mouth. Again she is not equal.

I once had a slave walk into a 7/11 with a 12 inch vibrator, and stand in line holding it so people could see it, when she got up to the counter, she asked the clerk if she had batteries for it. Again the slave is not equal.

One time I took her to Mcdonalds , we ordered the food, I gave her money to pay for it, when she was going through her purse she was pulling things out and laying on the counter trying to find her wallet, you guessed it the 12in vibrator hit the counter, and we ate in… Again she is not equal.

Humiliation is needed at some point and time. Now if your slave has issues from the past, you may need to take a different avenue, you do not want to cause more damage.

We are not about abuse, it is a committed loving, consensual relationship, where each knows there place. We as Dominants are responsible for the well being of our property, not only emotionally, but physical.

A few years ago and Master and his slave came over for dinner, I could tell she was not happy with company coming over. she has somewhat of an attitude, it was cutting into our play time. I had her shower,once she dried off, I picked up a black marker, I wrote whore on her forehead, on her upper lip I wrote, insert cock here, and just above her cunt I wrote Vile’s fuck hole. On her back just above her ass I wrote Vile’s other fuck hole. She served dinner and ate, and we set down after dinner and talked, and she remained nude, while we were all dressed. Catch another attitude.

I like to have her shower, fix her hair, put makeup on, have her lay on the bed, on her back, head hanging off the edge, I straddle her face put my cock in, and face fuck her, not letting her swallow anything, so everything runs down her face and onto the floor. Once I dump my cum down her throat, I make her clean up the mess she made on the floor, then I march her in the bathroom, so she can look at her pretty face…

Once during Bike week here, I bought her a plaid skirt that just barely covered her ass, white knee high socks, put her in pig tails, inserted a butt plug in her ass. Saturday around noon, main street in Daytona was in full swing. Before we got out of the car I put a collar and leash on her , and walked her down main street. From time to time I would drop something and make her bend over and pick it up, so everybody could see she wore no panties, and she had a butt plug in her ass…. That was truly a Kodak moment..

At times I do get off on humiliation…