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BDSM With No Emotion

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I love comments , I love what others have to say, I love hearing their point of view, I love it when others share feeling and their thoughts. How ever if you are just going to Bash me your comment will be deleted. I am far from a professional writer and most of my post are done in 10 or 15 time slots in the early am of the hours.
Enough about that , from time to time I will get a comment or a question from a younger Dominant who is up and coming , while it is true we all have to start somewhere , that starting point is the beginning of a new foundation in our life…..

The early steps we take will be our paths for many years and we do not get the opportunity to change it that often , and if we do it really takes a lot of work, mainly because you pretty much have to reconstruct your whole thought process. Wow that is pretty deep coming from me.

Maybe sometimes we get caught up in life and screwed over enough we lose our emotions, we lose feelings or the ability to have feelings towards someone in a relationship. Maybe trust comes into play , maybe your not capable of feeling any longer, maybe your not able to trust.

No emotions no feelings when entering a relationship is not fair to someone who attempting to build a lasting relationship. This is where communication comes in and sharing your point of view, maybe leaving no hope of building something or maybe there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Arianna and I met a Master some time ago who was or is looking for a consensual , non consensual relationship. We met up for lunch one day and he literally drilled us for a couple of hours wanting to know about the foundation of our relationship and what we did to make it work.

One thing I found odd is he would not really share much of his thoughts on how he saw his relationship , mainly because I think it was really dark and maybe I am better off not knowing. I would not of judged or thought his way was wrong , maybe I would of even tried to understand.

There are so many different levels of submission , and the same for those who are Dominants or Masters, from mild and no control , to the most , unthinkable acts one could think of.

I know from experience being a sadist at one time , very few sadist are capable of developing any feelings or emotions. While I liked I did not want to feel , because if I felt I would not of wanted to inflict pain and at that time inflicting pain was a need.

To date I am living the dream, it may seem like I brag a lot but it is really not bragging. I want to show others in the lifestyle your relationship can be the same if not better.

A Question that came up on the topic of Sex and submission was …

Again I’m pretty new to the scene so sorry if this is rude, but I thought in TPE the decisions were up to the Dom. Why would a third need to win over Arianna, doesn’t she consider your word final?

This is an awesome question and and yes in my home I have the final say the final word case closed. Looking deeper though if you have never known or felt love just ask me how deep my love for Arianna is. My last thought and night and my first breath when my eyes open.
Arianna is my responsibility and she not only needs me to make the decisions she trust me enough to know I will. What ever I decide effects both of us, and the outcome of any decision I make could make or break.

Talks of a Triad is still on going , and we are still giving it great consideration but it would really have to be someone special. You have to be careful when you bring someone into your home, because what you have built could come tumbling down out of control and no way to fix it.
While I could just bring someone else in and say to Arianna this is our new slave take it or leave it. While Arianna is my slave she does have the right to leave at anytime. This falls under the consensual side of things, and our relationship is 100% consensual….


1. Does there have to be an emotional component to a Master / Slave relationship? I’m very turned on by the idea of owning a woman and using her sexually as I like. However, I don’t feel like I could love such a woman, and I’d prefer she not love me either. The few women I’ve loved in my life were pretty amazing as-is and needed no correction from me, I’d have gained no pleasure from disciplining them. The desire to train a slave and punish her for disobeying is a purely sexual one. Is that unheard of in the BDSM world? Are there subs who get off sexually on subbing without expecting a dom to take care of their emotional needs, and who don’t expect him to be all sweet and romantic?

So your thinking a consensual non-consensual relationship which would be made during the negotiation process. Both agree or the slave would agree you can do anything to me without question or without future negotiation. That truly takes a lot of trust.

The answer is yes there are those out there dominant and submissive who are seeking relationships where there would be no feelings involved at all, purely sexual.
Here is where the problem lays, most but not all who are submissive to have a codependency problem to a certain extent, some more than others, then you speak about a slave. A slave requires a great deal of care, not only physically but mentally . While it is possible to have the type of relationship your looking for, you would have to do it without any type of connection between the two of you, there would not be a bond, nor would the slave truly be able to trust, she could trust enough to play but not trust enough to fully let go.
Training takes a lot of time and dedication , if you do not live together training is nearly impossible because you really have no control. You as the Master have to set down and define who and what you are, you have to know what you need and what you need out of your slave. Being upfront about your intentions, being open about your thoughts…

3. I am really, really turned off by the idea that the sub is really in control of everything, and that this all secretly for her benefit. That the dom’s job is to orchestrate every sexual encounter to be totally mind-blowing for her like he’s choreographing a Broadway show. No thanks. I want a woman who genuinely wants to be my property, a toy I use how I want, when I want (within her limits, obviously). So many submissives claim that the pride they feel in pleasing their master is all the pleasure they need, but then go on to talk about lovely spankings and reassuring hands. Really? Is he your master or your slave? Does he rub your feet too? 😀
Meanwhile I read some of your slave’s blog and, wow. You have her trained so damn well. That post where you face-fucked her til she puked and then you made her clean it up was the hottest, rawest thing I’ve read in so long. You are the first dom I’ve encountered who trained a sex slave that actually does what men want. None of that dainty Fifty Shades stuff, riding crops and silk blindfolds. How did you do it? I mean was she always into throat-fucking and painal or did you push her there? If you did it, you should write a book, man; you will make a million dollars. If you didn’t, where did you find her?!?

You know you speak of your turned off by the idea that a submissive is in control , and in most cases this is true. The Dominant will want something but will cave in under pressure. So the Dominant is in fact in control until the submissive Barks and the dom backs down. So in this type of relationship who is really the Dominant?

What your seeking can be found it will just require a lot of time and patience on your part and sticking to what you need in a relationship. Many who live the lifestyle are not truly 24/7 even though they come off as being , some even say you cannot live 24/7 and that is a crock because I do.
I control everything from the time we get up until we go to bed. Many claim they do not want that kind of responsibility but it is really easy to put a plan into place.

Yes Fifty Shades was a let down I did take Arianna to see it but instead of BDSM it was a love story about a Dominant who suffered from childhood problems and depression. There was no structure , no rules or any reason to why he wanted to do the things he wanted to do….

So how did I do it you ask? Well as I said above I had to define who and what I was. I had to have a clear picture as to what type of relationship I wanted. I have had relationships in the past and for the most all were good and we parted on good terms, but I was still looking for that definition.

The rules , structure and protocols you had for you last slave will not work for someone new, mainly because people are different, needs are different and we grow , we grow on a daily basis.

Once you start your training you have to stick with it, once you explain how the relationship will work and what you expect you have to stick to it. Once you change or give in you have lost control.

While sitting here I started thinking Arianna and I have what you would call a consensual non-consensual relationship. Our relationship was negotiated before we agreed to actually enter a M’s relationship. As I stated before when entering a relationship I would bend when it came to my needs but in the end I was not in a fulfilling relationship. My needs were not being met and I was not able to be who I was.

Many in the BDSM world view consensual non -consent bad many see it as an open door to abuse , and the term is mainly geared towards owners of property.
I suppose there are those who take the term to the extreme , but if you truly care about your slave or property surely you would not bring and physical or mental harm to them.

The basis of consensual non-consent is: “I consent for You to do whatever You like to me without future negotiation”. There is just the first consent. Yes, I consent to whatever is going to happen, without needing to further negotiate what is going to happen. Obviously, strong trust is involved.

There are many reasons why consensual non-consent is a common way for BDSM partners to play. It is a strong reinforcement of the power exchange, and it supports mystery, spontaneity and excitement from the unknown. Many people argue that SSC (safe, sane and consensual) takes away the ultimate BDSM experiences in exchange for relatively safe exploration.

While you can have a relationship without caring , or not having any emotions , that would also bring no connection and a lack of trust on the slaves part , not that it cannot be done. If you were to find such a partner the relationship would be based off of just lust and we all know those are short lived. In the end you put a lot of time into a relationship and when it ends you have nothing to show for it.

It may not seem like much when your 20 , or 30 maybe even not 40 , but there will come a time when you are going to need more , and your needs will out weigh your wants. Once you hit 30 time does fly….


Our New Toy


Fifty Shades Of Grey My Take On The Movie

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Anastasia Steele , Why do you want to hurt me ? Christian Grey for your pleasure and um Mine! Those seven words really stuck to me and gave me much to think about.
Okay so Fifty Shades Of Gray is a fantasy , a Book written by E.L James and meant to be only a fantasy , but it is a Fantasy with little to explanation about the lifestyle or the Role of a Master and Slave or a Dominant and a Submissive.

A couple of weeks ago I saw on the news where a college student was raped but another student , and he did it based on the movie , because he thought it was what all women wanted.

There were rules but no explanation on why there were rules and what they were for. Rules without an explanation have no meaning. Again rules are meant to improve.

Christian Grey is a Sadist , and he said as much he did however use the word Dominant , but sadist was used more than once, the pleasure was all about him , and he thought as long as he was getting pleasure the submissive would as well. In the end it was all about Christian Grey…

5 Thumbs up to the NEGOTIATIONS part BRAVO on Anastasia Steele’s part and standing firm in what she would and would not do. This is something that I have been covering over the past couple of years.
When you first meet a new Dominant, Daddy , or Master there has to be Negotiations , and you need to stand firm, because if you do not the Dominant will just run over you.
Our Negotiations were much the same but Arianna was a bit more Docile. In the movie Fifty Shades Anastasia Steele was topping Mr Grey.

Another thing that stood out in my mind that is not the Character of a Dominant , Christian Grey had a very low self esteem , and he was always second guessing himself , and he would give in at the drop of a pin if he thought he was going to lose.
The relationship was about Mr Grey , and nothing more, he had to inflict pain to get his kicks.

I have strummed through the books and nothing caught my interest but the movie was a real tell , tell , and it looks like there will be a part two.

If you watch Fifty Shades , then you watch The Secretary , both are suppose to be BDSM related but only one is and that would be The Secretary.

Jamie Dornan was a very poor choice for this role , his acting was really substandard , and dull. I did like Dakota Johnson , I liked that plain Jane look a real turn on. The girl next door fit very well, but in my eyes she was over the top dramatic, and a little unbelievable at times.

I was waiting and waiting on Mr Grey to bring up the subject of a collar in the movie, and what it was for and what it meant but that never happened.

Over all I gave Fifty Shades Of Grey a 5..

Scene from Fifty Shades Of Grey Negotiation


Fifty Shades Of Grey. What Christian Grey Lacked

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I am far from perfect and I will be the first to admit , I do not know everything. What I share is my past 20 plus years in the lifestyle and as many active in the local community.
I have met thousands in the lifestyle , from Sadist who scared the fuck out of me , to totally wicked Domme’s, submissive’s of all kinds real and fake, slaves with different levels of submission, and then my relationships.

I have been with a Masochist I could not make cry , who fed off of humiliation , I have been a Daddy Dom as well. I have lived a D’s Lifestyle , but for some reason I was never complete.
I have had successful relationships that ended well, and I have had relationships that crashed and burned , due to my actions. I take full responsibility for the relationships not working because I did not think clearly or I used bad judgement. I am not going to put the blame on others when it was I who fucked up.

Most of the time when a D’s or M’s relationship falls apart it is the subs fault. The bitch was not real, she was just playing games. She was not a true submissive, she was not a slave, she could not, would not follow rules.
Now the above could be true , because there are some money grabbing women out there who are looking for a free ride , but it makes me think , how many times can someone lay on their back to get a car payment made, or to be a kept woman. There has to come when it just slaps them in the face. Maybe they think that little of themselves.

I have seen it I have done it , I bit off more than I could chew , and it just turned my whole fucking life upside down, and I would not give up. Well!!!! At least not until I could not stand anymore , maybe I enjoyed self punishment.

I have done this before , entered a relationship for security purposes , yea and you guessed it , that does not work either just for a short time.

A D’s or M’s relationship requires a lot of time. You are investing so much , but lets take a look at another way we are investing time.
Lets say you the Dominant buys a 1969 Carmaro Z28. You bought just the hull of the car . No doors , no hood, no bumpers, no interior , no glass, no nothing , what you have is a hull.
So what are you going to do now? You are going to rebuild it from scratch. You are going to make sure everything is right , your going to make sure everything is complete and not done half ass.

It is the same when you enter a D’s or M’s relationship. You are going to build from the bottom up to meet your needs. You are going to cherish and like me you will stand back and look and think to yourself , man look at what I have done. If your willing to invest all that time , why would you not follow the two main rules in life. Choices and consequences , those two thing will either make you or break you , if you break you will crash and burn.

So you have Anastasia Steele, who just happens to be a virgin , then you have the Sadistic Christian Grey who can only get off on rough sex , which I can relate to. i can also relate on being able to channel anger into positive outlets. Controlling my anger took years to learn how to control , but there are still things that can set it off but that is really very seldom and never towards my property. You will gain so much more out of life if you are in control of not only yourself but your surroundings.

Anastasia a 21 year old naive woman who meets a Dominant who has sadist tendencies. The result Anastasia walks into a world she has never known or perhaps never should of been introduced to that world.

The truth is very few sadist will take on someone who has zero experience in that type of the lifestyle. Second most sadist are not Dominants , it is usually one or the other. You can be a Daddy but not be a dominant. Every Dominant is different , every Dominant has different traits , every Dominant has different needs in their partner.

That is why when a Dominant is single and looking , he is looking for someone specific. The Dominant already has a general idea as far as what he is looking for.

The movie Fifty Shades was based mainly on sex , again nothing wrong with that. What happens is those who have no idea what the lifestyle is about and they see the movie , it gives most the wrong idea about those who are in the lifestyle. Here is the kicker , I have had two women send me a message and ask me if Christian Grey Raped Anastasia. So if there are two I am sure many more are thinking the same way , and under the circumstances I would tend to agree.

So every movie has a behind the scenes , movies have parts that are never seen, the public does not have a clue.

So behind the scenes , being a Dominant is no easy task. A Dominant is on call 24/7 , it is not a 9 to 5 gig.

What Fifty Shades failed to show and yes it is just a movie but if your going to try and mock a lifestyle you need to get somethings right.

It did not show the training that goes into building a D’s relationship , it did not show the communication that goes into building a D’s relationship , it did not show the care , or the emotional side of the submissive , like it did in the movie The Secretary.

There is a line that one can cross when it comes to the lifestyle , the broken line would be abuse, and rape. One in five women in their lifetime will be raped, maybe abuse is just as high. One thing that is very troubling very few are ever reported, and the numbers go even higher if a female is in the lifestyle and meets a new Dominant and is raped.

Behind the scenes , the structure , the rules , the protocols , and yes the punishment.

One thing I do not understand is how so many people could take a movie that is Fiction to heart. Many men will take this fiction movie to heart and the hunt is on.

Fifty Shade Of Grey is Fiction it is not real. If your truly interested in our world do your research , meet and talk with people..

Do you really want to live your life in a Fiction state of mind.

Lets Talk About BDSM

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term BDSM dates back to 1969; however, the origin of the term BDSM is unclear and is believed to have been formed either from joining the term B&D (bondage and discipline) with S&M (sadomasochism or sadism and

You know everyday a young slave or submissive opens that door, looking and searching for something but she is not sure what it is.

The truth is they will do very little research and will grow to depend on one voice and one voice only.
That voice will do one or two things. One it will give her something great she has never imagined or two it will destroy her life for a long time or maybe permanently. Who care right ? Who really gives a fuck what happens to someone else? After all their life does not effect us in anyway.

We all write about fun and games, we all right about spreading for our owner, sucking cock or maybe a little anal training, or how much you love humiliating someone. The list of topics just goes on and on.

While I may not be politically correct in my way of thinking or speaking, that does give me a great advantage because I can be me, I can be who I am without faking anything.

I write about my life , present , past and sometimes the future. I write about how I live my life in a 27/7 M’s relationship. I write about how important communication is, how structure is important and how to put much of it into play.

One thing you rarely hear me talk about however is my sex life. I do not discuss that because of the respect I have for Arianna. I do that because of the love I have for Arianna. I do that because of the security for Arianna.

I do talk about kink mostly past relationships and maybe sometimes I cross lines but again I am me. I am not here to please someone , or make someone think something that is not true.

What I write is about me , and if you were to meet me in person I would be the same.

We are not all going to agree on everything but we should give others respect no matter what I believe or what someone else believes.

I recently came across Master Michael’s blog

While we do not agree on certain topics he does have an awesome blog and you can see the love he has for his.
I love to see blogs that has so much empowerment and so much information soothers can read and learn and grow.

His blog is one of the few I have come across that actually speaks about relationships and keeping it going , and even the struggles.

Don’t get me wrong kink is good , sex is good , and there is nothing better in my world than a slow blow job.

I consider myself very lucky today one I have Arianna and the second I am a live and well and disease free , Wow am I lucky !!!!!!!

To date I cannot tell you how many women I have been with , The truth is I lost count some 15 or 20 years ago.
25 different states , Thailand , Korea , The Philippines , Japan, Vietnam , Germany yea Gretchen. England , the Dominican republic and probably a few I do not remember. Those were the days when I was trying to smoke all the weed up in the world.
While stationed in Korea there were two things to do for an American in the US Army. Drink and fuck that was it. Most of the time I did not even know there name nor did I want to.

Believe me it is nothing to be proud of , and for the most I feel pretty bad, and this brings up the whole purpose of my blog , well some of the main factors.

The good news is we all grow up or we are suppose to , that is the plan our parents have for us when we come sliding down the chute, the cold air hits us and some stranger smacks our ass.

Many do not grow up and they pay the consequences in the end. Our life is based on two things , Choices and Consequences.

I enjoy learning about others , their life , watching them grow , it is unfortunate we have tragedies sometimes and we lose good people.

We all think different , we also want different things out of life. We want different things when it comes to a partner , and we have different needs.
So we find the one who fills all of those voids, we find the one who has the level of submission we are seeking. We find the one who wants to adapt to our way and only our way.
If you pick the wrong partner the adaption process will never happen and you will part hating each other , not to mention the time you have wasted, and you will never get back.

You have to sit down and put a plan together on paper, and believe me you will make a thousand changes, but in the end you need to stick to your plan and stand firm, that is for the Dominant , the slaves and those who are submissive, because if you do not have a plan you will get screwed , you will get fucked and it will be no ones fault except yours.

Then you want to come crying and telling your story about how you were abused or mistreated, you were beaten, the relationship was all wrong, but you already knew that going into it.
You saw all the warning signs , but you ignored them and you took your plan and you wadded it up and threw it in the trash , and you allowed yourself to be treated like a bitch instead of a partner.
Once you agreed to enter the relationship you gave him permission to do what ever he wanted to.

I am not a very sympathetic man because most of our problems are self inflicting. Most of our problems can be solved before they even become problems.
The problem is most want an easy way out and there is not one, so we tend to sweep things under the carpet hoping it will not resurface.
It does come back into play and by that time is has grown way out of control.

One problem I have noticed is the Novice Dominants who have sprouted since the 50 shades of Grey , but it did start mostly with the internet boom.
At times I do receive emails from new Dominants. Hey Vile I am new to the lifestyle and I have some questions I would like to ask you would that be okay ?
Sure I would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.
That is the end of the conversation, I never hear back, and I know that when I answer the email.
So either he is no longer interested or he has read the 50 shades of grey and he now knows everything.

What you Doms or Daddy’s new Masters what ever you call yourself don’t understand is you can have anything you want out of a partner.
You can have the world at your feet and a partner who will serve you without question. A partner who will stand by you without question.

All you have to do is stop the games you play , it is simple math and I am talking 1+1 math, no algebra.
You have to be yourself and you have to be honest. You have to be who and what you are.
Your Consistency will grow her submission, you caring will grow her submission. You communication will grow her submission.

People do not believe me when I tell them Arianna and I have never had an argument, but that is the truth and it is not because she is not allowed to speak up because she is. She is allowed to voice her opinion , I want that out of her, but it is our communication that prevents the arguments.
We talk and we talk about anything and everything , Arianna knows she can come to me and speak her mind without fear.

We all love the kink, we all love sex , and we all love getting what we want and when we want, but with those thoughts you have to have certain principles in place, logic if you will , because you should want to travel a road that has no abuse.

When meeting a new Dominant the second you have second thoughts or the feeling something may not be right , you should then excuse yourself and go home. Your first thoughts are 90% right most of the time…..

Many of you confuse the difference between a submissive and slave and many even the Baby Girl role in the lifestyle.

Who carry titles but most act as if they are slaves , many having the fear of asking questions or even saying no.
If you are not capable of those two things you are in the wrong relationship because it should not be based on fear..
Fear is a terrible mind fuck , and it will drive you crazy…

Being mind fucked during play is much different than being mind fucked on a daily basis and you not knowing it.

Those of you trying to make a fresh start should do research months of research. You need to talk to others , and I mean others who are in stable relationships.
I am not talking about those who have online Dominants or those in LDR , they cannot help you in anyway.

There are tons of sites out there to help guide you and give you answers.
One I like is Best Slave Training…

There is a ton of useful information…

In the end your safety is the most important , your care is most important. More important your mind and mental state is important..



Interview With A Daddy And Baby Girl

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This is just awesome a Daddy and Baby Girl who has been married for 17 years…

So I put a series of questions together and they both answered them. These interviews gives up a different perspective about someones life. It gives us a deeper look, into someones home…..


1. You stated that you now have a Daddy, do the two of you live together ?

***** Yes. I am fortunate that I am married to my Daddy. We have been married 17 years. We have 3 kids. All teenagers.

2. How long have both of you been in the lifestyle?

***** we have been in the lifestyle over a year. However when I happened to stumble across a few things on twitter I realized that my submissive nature and the way I had been living my whole marriage had a name and I wasn’t the only woman who lived this way. Taking care of her husband and such.

3. This is for you Daddy. Have you always been a Daddy Dominant, or was there a time when things were different , meaning did you ever take on a different role? I myself was in an M’s relationship and we moved into a Daddy Baby girl role.

No, I have not always been a Daddy Dom.  I have been a “normal” dom as well as a Master.  I have explored all aspects in finding what I am and what I need to be.

4. This is to your Daddy. I know a lot of Daddy’s who really do not have rules they have their Baby Girl follow. Are there any rules or protocols you enforce on a daily basis ?

Yes, my Baby Girl has both rules and protocols that she must follow on a daily basis.  For example, she must check in with me when she leaves and arrives someplace, keep a daily food log to make sure she is eating healthy, make my coffee, etc.  These help give her daily structure and make her feel safe.

5. Are the two of you active in the local community if not do you have any plans in the future ?

*** we live in a small town and we were not sure what was in the area. We started out in the swingers community over 2 years ago. However we have found a couple of events in the area that we hope to go to next month.

6.  You stated that in the past you had an online Dom. Did you learn anything from that relationship ?

***** Yes, I learned several things from that relationship.

 1. An online relationship does not fulfill everything I need as a submissive.

 2. From this relationship I found my true submissive side as a baby girl. Just being a submissive wasn’t enough. So I found myself doing things for Daddy to fill the holes that I had. Since I wasn’t unable to do them in person for my on line Dom.

3. I learned that what I thought I was looking for I already had living with me. I had feared that daddy would not be able to handle this new baby girl side. We had tried a straight Ds relationship with a contract, that I signed under duress, and it just ended ugly. It did significant damage to our marriage. It has taken us son time to repair and in that process I was allowed to have an on line Dom. However Daddy was in the know about everything that happened with that relationship. I eventually out grew him which on line isn’t hard to do and Daddy was patiently waiting for me.

7 To Daddy, Are you Collared and if so what was the time period for the collaring ? I do know that all Daddy Doms do not believe in a collar.

My Baby Girl is not yet formally collared.  She is currently wearing a training collar until the time that I present her formal collar.  There is no time frame in my head for collaring.  Yes, some Daddy Doms do not believe in collars but I believe a collar is a wonderful symbol of her submission to me.  It also makes her feel safe and gives her a reminder of me all day.  She feels that I’m there and that she is protected.

8. As a Daddy and Baby girl, are you just into the Discipline part of the lifestyle or is there kink involved as well…

**** While while I thrive and feel a very strong need for the discipline. I am a masochistic. I love pain. I find a clam in a good therapy spanking. Canning can and has taken me into the beautiful depths of sub-space. I love to be tied up. A good rough fuck is always great. I am a fan of wax play and the Wartenberg wheel. I enjoy a good scene. Really as long as Daddy is using me for his pleasure I am happy.

This is just awesome Thank you both for taking part, and sharing something so deep. More so showing a Daddy and Baby Girl relationship can work…


Vile And Heather

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First Mynx’s Sir thank you what you did truly means a lot, I appreciate your input and for speaking your mind. MCH awesome thank you, and Oceanswater thank you, and the rest of you..

Cheekyhousewife I have much love for ya, and I am not being sarcastic. I believe not allowing fellow Dominants or men to follow your blog would be a bad idea, unless they are being rude.
I got a rise out of you, that is what I like. Everybody for the most agrees with me, although at times there are those who speak up, it is not very often.

A couple of years ago I was seeing a Jehovah Witness , yea imagine that, I never would of thought. I stopped it when I found out she was married. Her husband knocked on the door one night crying, really pretty pathetic I would think…
Prior to that he had ran to the elders of the Hall spilling his family’s life , and why he could not run his own home. So I imagine these old men got off on all of the nasty stories.

Slave Lynn fuck 5’10 145lbs or so, and could fuck like a wild bronco. It was not until after I broke it off I discovered she had ruined my bedroom carpet because she squirted so much. I seldom even turned on my bedroom light anyway, then one morning I turned on the light and I looked and thought what the fuck. Even after cleaning it, it still would not come completely clean, fucking DNA all over my room.

Lynn had told me about all of her sexual adventures prior to meeting me.
One that sticks out was a Guy she had been talking to on the internet and the phone as well. She had agreed to come to his house, and knock on the door blindfolded.
She did just that, and she took a beating a bad beating. Why on earth a Submissive, a Slave or a female would even think of doing such a thing is beyond me, but it happens and it happens on a daily basis.

Okay so you spend time chatting with some guy who claims to be a Dom, then you talk on the phone. You still do not know him. That is what is so awesome about the internet you can be who you want to be, and no one knows the difference..

A very good friend of mine a Baby Girl who I think of as a sister has been raped, because she trusted. I know a submissive who lives in Jacksonville Florida whom I had never met but we were friends online for years, she had been raped three or four times..

Lynn who I knew I would never have a relationship with well long term anyway because I did not fit in her family circle, and I would not hide who I was, but for that time she filled a void.
She would come over Friday afternoon, clean, and cook 5 meals for me, suck and fuck and go home Sunday morning, in time for church, I truly had it made.
I fucked her on the first night, which I do not believe in, but hey it had been a while and she was fucking hot, well over 6ft in heels, and everyone I knew wanted to fuck her.
It was fun until her whiny husband came over crying. If I had known she was married I would of never started seeing her. Another down fall was she was a masochist and that was not really my thing. So yea it would of never lasted, and once she started bringing watch towers over I knew. Really your going to try and convert me wow.

Now we go back some 17 years or more, I was still in the figuring out stage. I knew I wanted a long term relationship but I did not know with whom or what type of slave I wanted.
So I spent my time going from woman to woman, and most I never even fucked. It was someone to take out to dinner, maybe catch a movie. We all get lonely from time to time. So While I was searching and looking I was not sure who or what I needed..

So then came Heather, Heather at that time was way to needy for what I wanted, and she talked a lot and I was not in the mood for any kids either, and she had two from two different men.

It took sometime for me to agree to even meet Heather, mainly because of the kids, but I agreed.
When we went out she was wearing this skirt that was so short it barely covered her ass cheeks which I thought was pretty hot, and she did not look like she had two kids either.

You know I was still young and trying to find my place, but more important trying to find myself. The only thing I knew for sure is I knew how to inflict pain.

In my prior post I used the word fucked, I didn’t really fuck Heather, but I did fuck her mouth.
One thing that has always been a problem well maybe not a problem but just weird. I could not have sex with just anyone, because I had to have that connection, and I was able to tell if there was a connection by kissing, that would tell everything. If I did not have it then nothing was going to happen.

Cheeky I can understand where you would get upset, but we are all different, we all have different needs. Have you read these other blogs where these young subs are seeing married men ? Those who are being abused mentally and some physically.

I appreciate your comments Cheeky I really do, but as Dominants we all go through a learning process.
As much as I would like to say being a Dominant is an easy job, well it is not. I am available 24/7 , seven days a week, 366 days a year.

A good question would of been, hey vile why would you treat someone that way? How could you do that?

The main thing I want to point out is when I told her to strip, she could of said no. When I told her to open her mouth she could of said no, but she came over to my house with the intentions of fucking.
I never led her on, I never said anything about a serious relationship.
I never misled her not one time. At anytime she could of said no or stop, or just take me home.

Now was I a total prick? Does it look like abuse? Sure it does without a question. Did I use her? I blew my load right down into her stomach.

I call it facial abuse, face fucking, throat fucking, you get the picture.

Now one last thing Cheeky, I have been nothing but respectful towards you, and I will always be respectful towards you.
I expect the same in return.
Sometimes we just need to let things soak in before we make a comment..

Much loveslave12


You Can Have A Whore

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Animel and I went to a Boat salvage yard in Jacksonville Florida sometime ago.
Animel has been my mentor for well more than 20 years. We have not seen each other now for a couple of years, but I am going to plan a visit here in the near future.

After Sherri I knew something was missing, because I was jumping from submissive to submissive , and most was just an over night thing. I still had that hardcore sadist thing going on, and I was just looking to inflict pain, and get my rocks off.

While with Sherri there were no rules, no structure, no protocols, it was all about pain and humiliation.

I would use the Large Black Paper Clips as nipple clamps and pussy clamps, and yes even one for the clit.

Then I could add weights to them as well. One time I had four on her pussy lips and I attached a bowling ball to them and had her drag it around the house.

While it was true she was helping me learn, well learn how to be a sadist, I was missing the key ingredients.

Being in control, listening, how to install and enforce, rules, protocols, and structure and remain consistent.

In many ways I feel I wasted almost seven years, because I knew we would never be together as a couple. The only thing I got out of it really was getting my cock sucked just about everyday.

I would introduce subs I met to Animel on a regular basis. So I went over one day to help him work on his dune buggy, he had been working on the fucker for like 5 years, but it was near being finished.

Animel said where is the cunt you were with last night ? I was like dude she is scared of me.
We had fucked on the first date which is something I had always been against, because if I was able to fuck you the first meeting I wanted nothing to do with you after that. Easy is okay but there is such a thing as to easy. Although I was only really interested in one thing, well three, pussy, mouth and ass not all in that same order.

Her name was heather, a petite little sub, like 5’0 maybe a 100lbs. I could tell she wanted to fuck way before reaching my house. Her skirt was almost up to her waist, and she wore these little pink panties, no hiding.

We had been chatting on Yahoo for sometime, and we had been talking on the phone. She was saying I can feel a connection, your the one Blah blah blah blah.
So I get her home we walk through the door, and I said Strip as I was walking, I turned back around and looked, and she was just standing there. Is there a problem ? Did you not hear me ?
Now crawl to me, while your crawling I want you to bark like a dog. Down on her knees and she started barking like something, it was horrid.

I instructed her to stop and sit Indian style , I walked into my room, and came out with a tens unit, and my favorite toy a bug zapper that looked like a tennis racket. Stand now hands behind your back. I hooked up 4 pads from the tens unit. One right on the clit one on each nipple, and one on her back where her spin met her butt bone. Then I turned it on , up to 10 to make sure it was working, and Heather jumped like 5 feet in the air. Now she was scared.

I still could not believe this woman would agree to come to my house on the first meeting. She had been at my place for less than 30 seconds and she was butt ass naked , crawling across the floor barking like a sick dog.

Keep your hands behind your back, I am going to turn the tens unit up to 5 and leave it. First I want you to feel this, I laid the racket on her ass cheek, and I mashed the button, and zap. She pissed on the floor, I told her not to worry about it..

Open your cock sucker Heather, she looked kind of confused, open your fucking mouth.
I unzipped my pants and I rested my cock on her tongue and I said close your cock sucker, very good, now do not move just suck.
Once I was hard, I told Heather do not move your arms from behind your back, no matter what happens, if you do it goes to 10, and you get zapped as well.
I started slowly pumping her mouth, My left hand grabbed a hand full of hair, and my right hand had the controller to the tens unit, and the bug zapper by my feet.
I know I pumped for a good ten minutes, until I dumped my load down her throat.
After we were done she asked me to take her home. That was the last I heard from Heather. Hmm I wonder why ?

Animel said you can have a whore, you can have a slut, you can have anything you want. You just need to learn the difference when it comes to being controlling and being in control. Also your lack of commitment, and knowing that everyone you meet is not a Masochist.
Sherri was a full blown Masochist, but she had a lot of problems going on, being Bi-polar for one, she was manic, and suffered from depression, so I am going to guess the Masochist stemmed from everything that was going on. If I had known then what I know today, I would of never started seeing sherri, because now that I look back most of what I did was clearly abuse.

The truth is if you are who you say you are, you can have anything you want and need.
The truth is just like Heather did, you can have your submissive or slave crawl to you, but the difference is she will want to.

Training someone is not a joke as many think it is. Protocols are needed, you can bet on that. In fact if you have protocols and you enforce them on a daily basis very few rules are needed. Structure is the beginning of your foundation with trust of course.
If your going to punish then punish and make it clear why you are going to punish.
Not being able to send videos or pictures does not constitute being punished, and if you as a Dominant does punish over something so stupid your really fucked up.

You as the Dominant can grow more with positive reinforcement, than you can being negative.

I was reading a blog earlier today and the subject was about her and her Dominant in another argument. That I do not understand, we as Dominants are suppose to be above that. We as Dominants are suppose to set the example..We as Dominants are suppose to lead and guide.

If your going to argue with your submissive, then that clearly makes you the bitch in the relationship.

The drama you guys go through is unreal, and it is really unnecessary, and it takes way more work, than if you just walked the walk, and talked the talk.

Collaring someone on the first meeting, just how in the fuck does that work ? Why would you allow such a joke to be played on you the submissive? If anything it should be a clear insult to you, because the guy who is calling himself a Dominant is calling you stupid. So his plan was to meet you, and put a 9.99 dog collar on you be bought from walmart. That should be an insult as well.

A D’s or M’s relationship is really not that hard to maintain, it is really easy if both are honest upfront, if both go into the relationship with a clear understanding of what both need out of a relationship.