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Abusive Training

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To the new submissive this is a very common thing, many new to the lifestyle really has no clue what to expect from a new dominant. The submissive really has no idea about the lifestyle, only what they have read, and if you frequent chat rooms. I have not been in a chat room in years.

Every Dominant when it comes to training is different, their rules, protocols, and expectations of their submissive.Every Dominant has different needs, some are just about sex, while others are more interested in service, or both. Some want their subs to excel in life, while others hold back, and just use. So it is very important as you the submissive to find your click.

One thing I can tell you from experience, there are a lot of predators, those who seek out who they believe to be weak. Those who use, and toss aside, when done or they have grown bored. Then the search starts all over. One thing about a submissive, is when she has a bad experience most times she just wash’s her hands and moves on….

When I first meet a new submissive or slave, I want to spend a great deal of time getting to know her. Although sex may come up at times, that should not be the main topic of your conversations. You want to know how they think, what they like? what makes them happy, angry, foods they lie, movies, you get the drift.

Many Dominants will come off playing the Dom card. Hear me Roar, I am Master you are Bitch. While there are those who are true and sincere, those who truly want a relationship.

The two should take the time to learn each other, become friends, best friends, talk, laugh joke. These things are first and foremost. If you start out with a sexual relationship or if you live long distance you start out on a webcam putting on little shows. There is a very good chance your relationship is going no where fast. No real Dominant would even consider asking you the submissive to get naked on cam or masturbate on cam. If he does guess what he is just jacking off getting off at your expense, and he will grow tired, there is only so much you can do on cam.

One of the biggest jokes I have heard is how they are going to put their submissive through cock sucking training, anal training. Are you serious? Now while it is true not every sub or slave may be good at sucking cock, then the dominant can teach, but to come out and say training. This happens mostly on the first meet, and 99% of the time the submissive will comply, going to a motel on the first meeting. The Dom brings a small bag, which is always in the trunk of his car. Chances are he is married, if he wants to get a motel, and yes he will expect you to pay for half if not all. I am not saying this happens all the time, but in most cases the sub flips the bill. So in his bad, a little rope, maybe a dildo, or vibrator. Now think about this, would you want a toy used on you, that has been used on someone else. I would not think so. Maybe a pair of cuff’s, maybe some lube.

If you are seeing a Dominant and you are having a long distance relationship, do not think you are the only one he is seeing. I know many Doms , and no you are not the only one. He has several, on the side, but your going to think what you want, you have to find out on your own… A good Dom will always find a way to make time for his, no matter what.

Just be careful when first meeting, never session on the first meeting, never go to a motel on the first meeting. Ask why cant we go back to your place. If he gives an excuse then you know he is probably married.  It does not bother some women to see married men, just do not get any ideas he is going to leave his wife, he has the best of both worlds, his wife and a piece of ass on the side. More so if he has children and owns a home, he is not going to risk having to give up anything. If he is fucking around on his wife, he is fucking around on you.

Make a list, what you expect out of training, where you want to be in a year, five years, what goals you have, that is real training…



Just How Long Does It Take To Find A Master Or A Slave

Posted in bdsm, scam on July 23, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I opened my yahoo mail yesterday which I rarely do, and wow I had 3500 unread emails, it will take fucking forever to delete this crap.

Anyway I received an email from an account I have, which I had not logged in a very long time. The truth is I do not have time for all the bullshit , or the games. I am not even sure now why I joined in the first place, it only took a few hours to find out, that a group of people spent a great deal of time putting a website together, to rip people off. If you have a complaint and you call, you do not even get an ALT staff member. You reach a call center in India talking to some chick that says her name is lisa and you know that is a lie from the start. Lisa probably has no clue to what you are even talking about since she was just trained to read a script on the screen.

So I log in and it was almost instant my im box is blowing the fuck up, OMG leave me alone. One submissive who live in vero beach says why have you not contacted me, I am thinking REALLY . You are that stupid, um hint hint. Then another tells me she is from orlando, but she is in Ghana selling her jewelry , but now she is broke and wants to come home, and all she needs is a plane ticket. She made it clear that she is a no limit slave. All I have to do is send her money for a ticket, and I can own her for life.

Now I am sure that there are plenty of I guess guys they are not dominants, who will send this person cash, who is probably a dude, because he thinks he is going to get this slut for life. Yes there are men who are that weak.

Even at the age of 49 I have no problem in the dating field, I have even found that most vanilla women are down for a lot of kink. Maybe for most guys they have lost the feel for the hunt. I mean take deer hunting for example, when sitting up in a stand, at you see that doe with in range, my heart just starts to race, my adrenaline is like off the chart, one of the biggest rush’s one can have.

To me it is the same in looking for a partner, the hunt. The hunt can be anyplace, the Mall,  shopping, a BDSM event, anyplace. I do not understand how a man can sit behind a computer all day, and expect a sub to fall out of the sky.

So back to the topic, this um submissive from Vero Beach, has been on since the year 2000, I looked and it is now 2012. So your telling me in 12 years of searching you have not found anybody, I had already sometime ago talked to her, and I wasted about a half hour of my life that I will never get back.

She tells me I do not swallow. STRIKE ONE. I do not do anal STRIKE TWO, I will not do doggy style STRIKE THREE okay this conversation has lasted 30 seconds longer that it should have. I told her she should probably check out the local nursing home.

12 years you have not found a dominant, go on and look some have been on ALT longer, or the profile will read back again. back again, back again.

The bottom line is, if your really looking for a submissive on a dating site join like plentyoffish or something that is free, and start sending messages and one will bite.

Why pay for spam, you spend a great deal of time deleting it, why would you want spam on purpose.

Now to all you weak men, who fall for some 22 year old who send you an email, stating that she is in Ghana and needs a plane ticket home, so you run to the bank, withdraw 1800 dollars and off to western Union. You run back home your chatting and you give her or him the tracking code, and poof, your box closes. Then you the dominant gets mad, your upset, yelling, then you call me to vent. You tell me how you could not believe you just got ripped off. You two had so much in common, she made you feel special. Fuck you could of just giving me the 1800 dollars.

Women go through the same thing. yes they get ripped off just as much, and yes women send money to someone they have only chatted with for a couple of hours. I do not understand why a woman has the need to get a dominant who lives in Ghana and wants to bring him here.Wow

Here is the profile my friend talked to for two hours and sent her money. Just look it over I tried to tell him when he called and said he found the one. She would make him complete. At the age of 55 how much more complete do you have to be.

Hello to everyone here am mercy new to these site looking for master who can service me 24-7.

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 Female Slave


 New York

 Willing to Relocate


 75 lbs




 23 minutes