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This has always interested me, for many reasons, not just using for sex but for self improvement. Being able to change ones habits, for the better, self improvement, to just down right kinky. I ran across this article and wanted to share.

I have been looking for someone to teach me how to use Hypnosis, as with anything it is extremely hard to find someone real or reputable. It could be used for a lot of good.

There is also self Hypnosis I have been studying. I meditate daily, but self Hypnosis, I believe you could take yourself to great places, as well as self improvement…

Hypnosis and BDSM do go together, if only for it to be used as a training tool or part of a scene between consensual adults. Before we go any further, what exactly is hypnosis? There are several definitions that I would like to share with you to show the wealth of diversity in how people view hypnosis.

Wikipedia defines it as follows:

Often thought to be “a trance-like state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject.”

Other definitions are:

  1. The by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.
  2. A state of mind that allows the subject to more easily accept suggestions.
  3. A way to communicate with the subconscious mind.

Source: “The Handbook of Brief psychotherapy and Hypnoanalysis” written by John A. Scott, Ph.D and other opinions given by people trained in hypnotherapy.

Your mind is divided into two parts. You have a conscious and a subconscious mind. You use your conscious mind actively and this is the part of the mind that helps you to solve problems, judges whether something is right or wrong, will attempt to create change like dietary changes and can be seen as your RAM. Your conscious mind is that part of your mind that houses short term memory and will help you be more effective at all of the above tasks on a daily basis.

You also have the subconscious mind. This is where your “personality” and behavioral patterns and origins are housed. The subconscious mind does not like change and will fight suggestions to the contrary. This is also where your long-term memory is housed. Your emotions are here and will be activated by the conscious mind experiencing an event that would normally trigger a specific emotion. Your habits are housed here since your core beliefs are also here and influence any habits, emotions or judgments you might have. Your subconscious also protects you from any form of danger.

A suggestion like wanting to go on a diet to lose weight is easy to reject because it would have to change habits and emotions and programming would be required to change any of these – that means work, and we have already stated that the subconscious does not like to work.

During hypnosis you are in a trance and you allow yourself to be more susceptible to changes or suggestions to change by the establishment of triggers. You cannot be hypnotized if you do not want to be. There are a few factors that have to be present when hypnosis takes place for it to be successful. These would include trust in the hypnotist, not being afraid of hypnosis and understanding what hypnosis is. I would also add that you would need to know that the person hypnotizing you knows what he or she is doing and has been trained.

Why are people afraid of hypnosis then? What makes them think that it is a sinister thing that they should avoid at all costs? Some think that they will lose control of their mind. This is not possible since your subconscious is so strong and will protect you at all costs. Some think that they won’t get out of the induced trance. The answer to this is that people do come out of a trance since there is a technique to help them achieve this and the subconscious will not allow itself to be pushed too far and will wake you up from the trance should you feel unsafe.

No one can make you do something against your will, since willpower is not stronger than the subconscious mind and you are aware of what is being done to you during hypnosis all the time. You can and do hear every single word during hypnosis unless your subconscious mind has been “told” to “not hear” and only “do”. This requires trust though as mentioned previously and will only happen if you allow it. It is safe when a trained person is hypnotizing you. You will remember what has happened if you have been told to do so during hypnosis and could also find yourself not remembering depending on how deep the trance was.

Will you divulge secrets while under hypnosis? No, you will not reveal anything your subconscious mind does not want to. Now that your fears have been addressed, what can hypnosis be used for in BDSM?

A properly trained dominant can use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to do any of the following:

  1. Change the submissive or slave’s habits
  2. Examine emotions of the slave or submissive
  3. Examine trauma, the origins of emotions, past experiences and offer healing a step at a time
  4. Examine and replace past beliefs that lead to a submissive or slave thinking about something in a way that does not seem rational or logical
  5. Improve a submissive or slave’s behavior by having the person visualize the behavior and the reaction of the dominant to that behavior before visualizing the right behavior and the consequences of that
  6. Reduce stress and other problems
  7. Build self image

All the above is training tools and can help the dominant to help the submissive or slave grow in how they serve and how they relate as human beings. The submissive or slave must want it as well for it to work though.

The dominant can also create a scene while hypnotizing a submissive or slave and can have that submissive do certain things during the scene using suggestions e.g. telling a submissive that he or she is bound tightly when in fact he or she is not in order to create the illusion that bondage is being used when the submissive has problems with longer term bondage because of health problems. Another example is using hypnosis to help alleviate fears about certain types of play like for instance needle play. The needle could be a real fear for a submissive and taking the submissive or slave through several steps of first recognizing where the fear is coming from, then looking at that belief, changing the belief, creating a scene in the mind of the submissive and reinforcing the belief that the needles are not dangerous and are pleasurable. This could take several sessions under hypnosis though.

Dominants could also play with the submissive by suggesting things like having a clitoris in his or her hand and pleasuring the hand by gently stroking it.

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Sep 18, 2008