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If The Truth Hurts , Go Fuck Yourself

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Last night I was on Facebook just minding my own business , playing Pawn Stars which is really boring by the way, and I get a private message.
Hey Vile you should see what is going on with this blog, so I look and I do not see anything, so I ask again, Ohhh on Facebook okay let me check it out.

Now before I go on, I want everyone to know I never use any ones name on here. One I know most people want their privacy , and two I never bash any one individual.

So for those of you who do not know me, I have never claimed to be politically correct. I tell it as I see it, but one thing you should know is I live by the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Something else I would like to bring up , I have never claimed to know everything in the BDSM world or the lifestyle, but what I am sharing is more than 20 years of my life in the community.

Also I would like to point out those who do not know me, may think I have an ego problem, and that is so far from the truth, I am just very confident, and there is a huge difference.
I have made it clear many times there is no room in the lifestyle for an ego. Ego’s kill relationships.

So I go and check out the Facebook page, and I am reading.

I want to Blast Vile Woods so bad, but I know when to take the high road.

I start thinking and I do not even know this dude, why in the fuck is he bashing me? What the fuck did I do to him?

As it turns out I did nothing to him at all, he is angry because his submissive , well I think she is his submissive reads and likes my blog.

I would also like to point out, what I write is strictly my own opinion, and nothing more.
I am sharing my life experience’s with everyone. As you have seen 90% of my blog is about abuse, what to look for when meeting a new Dominant? Questions to ask when meeting a new Dominant.

I have a very successful M’s relationship and I want to show others it can happen, and you can be happy.
While my way may not work for you, you can take bits and pieces , and maybe put a plan together.

So I send Ed Wolf a Message, I would not normally use anyone’s name but he did blast my name for everyone to see, so now I return the favor. I am not going to get drawn up in all the drama by the way, so after this post it will be done..


Mr Wolf

If you have a problem with me, you should come to me.
As far as I know I have done nothing to you, maybe I have and did not realize at any rate I am not sure what blasting on FB does.


Ed Wolf

As I said have strong feelings but wouldn’t result to sniping on social media


what the fuck are you talking about


Have you got the right dude?

Ed Wolf

Yes never mind. I regret that I commented at all. Sorry


Um I’ve never said anything about you on social media


you have never even crossed my mind


If I am going to talk about you I will use your name


Dude really you should know me.
Which he does not, even though I guess he follows my blog, he has liked several post in the past.

Ed Wolf

No I shouldn’t. I have enough on my plate without dealing with another egomaniac.


well okay I am not sure what got you all in an up roar but I am good dude, if I was going to talk about you I would of used your name.


I am not an egomaniac by the way I have no reason to be.

My life is good dude

Believe what you want but you were never a topic on my blog

I do not know enough about you to blog anything

dude I know nothing about you nor do I wish to

I don’t know if your single married, divorced kids nothing at all

I do know now he is divorced, and his submissive is still married.

Ed Wolf
I know you weren’t specific or talking about me. Im worried about someone else who considers your opinions as fact. Biting my tongue sorry I said anything. My apologies

Ahhh now the cat is out. His submissive reads my blog.

Well if you have a lot going on in your life you should fix it.
Sounds like a lot of drama.
chill out , come up with a plan and do it.
Staying calm and cool is the best path

Ed Wolf
That was Mr Wolf’s final answer.

So while I am not going to speak bad about the submissive, out of respect.
I will tell Mr Wolf he should leave married women alone and get his own woman.

Far be it for me to spread rumors but word on the street is Mr Wolf has stock in Jack Daniels. Alcohol and BDSM do not mix any Dominant should know that.

Rumor on the street has it Mr Wolf also has a bad temper, again a bad temper does not mix well in a BDSM relationship, or any relationship for that matter.

If Mr Wolf has a drinking and temper problem, how is that going to effect his newly found relationship.
I am sure is played a huge part in his divorce as well.

A Dominant is in full control of his life, a Dominant does not have a temper problem, after all we are leaders.
Then you add the drinking problem, which probably stems from a childhood trauma, who knows, maybe just stressed and he cannot handle everything thrown at him.

Then I look at Mr Wolf’s blog, there are a few post but nothing he has written. His whole blog is just re-blogs, which shows he really has no real interest.

This will make my 990th blog and maybe I have re-blogged a 100 maybe less.

Here is Mr Wolfs Blog

BDSM -Ties That Bind or Break Us

You know if you had a problem with me, you should of come to me instead of blasting it out over the net, but just like your last comment Lol it shows your colors.

A true Dominant would not of acted out as you have, a true Dominant would not of gotten angry at his so called submissive, with who you do not live with, and I will share with you how that is going to play out here in a minute.

you the Dominant are now running around and apologizing to others you have offended. Speaking to other submissive’s in a rude way, which again a true Dominant would of never done.

Mr Ed Wolf let me tell you just how things are going to play out, so you can prepare.

You are going to lose, and you are going to lose with your actions, your childish behavior , you are going to lose because of the anger issues you have. You Mr Ed Wolf are a abuser, you were in your first marriage and you will be to whom ever your lucky enough to lure in.

You will lose the married submissive you have now, as well as the friendship. Your actions are causing her great distress, your actions are causing her to be depressed, your actions are making her confused, your actions are making her cry.

Mr wolf only cares about Mr Wolf, it is all about Mr Wolf, and no one else.

I feel deep pity for you, I do not feel sorry, but pity

Shame on you, what gave you the right to go to another mans house and try to claim his wife? Who the fuck are you?

This is why you lose friends, and again you cannot see it, because it is all about Mr Ed Wolf.

If what your submissive is saying to you is the truth you have no reason to get upset. My guess is your upset because your cover has been blown.
She is married you should leave her alone and find your own woman.
Someone who likes Jack Daniels?

Do not ever bring my name up and try to get me mixed in with your garbage.
I am unforgiving so I do not accept your apology..

Arianna wanted me to say nothing to you, and I understand because your full of drama, but you never should of called me out in public among my friends when I did nothing you.
You should of been a man and came to me, but instead you laughed.

If you cannot control yourself, your anger, your emotions, how can you possibly control someone else?



Okay So Your In A Bad Relationship.

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We have all been there, fuck I have even been in some fucked up relationships with women I even liked. Sometimes we are better left as friends than trying to make a relationship work.

I have been in relationships I knew where not going to work, but I stayed because it was convenient at the time. If your in such a relationship you have to know in your mind when it is time to go, cut your loss’s and get the fuck out.

Sometimes we enter relationships just for the security, knowing someone is there. Sometimes we need that interaction, we need company, so we settle for less.

Then sometimes we enter relationships that start off good, and everything seems to be flowing in a good direction, then it is like you hit a brick wall, and your like what the fuck just happened.

So you let things get to what the fuck happened ? How do you fix this ? You talk and you talk and you talk, but things are just going from bad to fuck me.

Abuse does not have to be physical, no no no abuse comes in many different forms. It can be verbal, it can be mental, mental is the worst because you never know what to expect, just like physical you never know when he is going to knock the fuck out of you.

Mental abuse stays with you, more so than physical. A black eye will go away, the words you stupid bitch will not.

so now you have to figure out what your going to do, you have to figure out how your going to fix something you did not even break. What is your time line ?

How long are you going to stick around hoping things will get better? 6 Months ? a year ? 2 years ? Maybe your just so insecure you want to leave but you cant ? Last maybe you get off on the abuse but you don’t know it. Maybe you get off on the humiliation and you don’t know it, and I am sure that happens.

It is easy to replace a dumbass , as a matter of fact you can replace a dumbass in less than a week.

To replace a dumbass with someone who is really going to be there for you, respect you, understand you, someone who wants to understand you. Someone who cares about your feelings and needs, you get the picture. That type of relationship will take some time.

You can pretend the stupid will go away, but the truth is, once the stupid kicks in, it just loses all control, and you cannot stop it.

You are never stuck, there is always an out, there will always be someplace you can go. You are never stuck.

I have a very dear friend who is in such a relationship, her Boyfriend is mentally abusive. Everyday there is something, they never go a day without fighting.

Let me tell you what I did. I gave them a place to live when they had no place to go, I put a roof over their head. They did pay rent once they got on their feet, but I knew from the beginning he was some kind of stupid. He was in trouble running from the police, active warrants , and still today he is wanted, but Vile kept his mouth shut.

K I will call her is very sick, more so physically but she has some mental issues as well, but now she is on meds.
She has no medical insurance , so I walked her through the steps to get the things she needed, I will also add her Boyfriend played no part in anything.

I knew she had to get counseling I helped her with that and I made sure she went. She is very sick physically a lot of problems going on.
She is not able to work, I helped her get her disability , and last week she received her first check for 2100 dollars and a check for 16.000 is on the way.

How much did Vile take from K ? None, nothing money did not even cross my mind, that is hers.
I also agreed to be her payee, because her BF cannot be, because he is a felon. Because he did something stupid and he is not willing to man up. Shrugs.

So I am not looking to gain anything, the satisfaction I got was seeing her improve, making sure she got the help she deserved.

The few things I stressed was, to be honest at all times, tell the truth, do everything by the book, and never give up. If you follow those steps nothing will ever go wrong. There may be a few obstacles you run into, but you stay on track and good things will come.

K will have to make up her mind here pretty soon as far as what she is going to do to make her environment better, because in life there are always options.

What can your partner do for you, I am not talking about money, or maybe that is the way you roll, maybe money runs your life, maybe money makes you feel better, but you can be rich and still be poor.
How is your partner there for you, are they walking the same path as you are?
Are they devoting as much time as you need?
Are they communicating with you on a regular basis?
Are they showing on a daily basis they need you?
Are they showing you they understand you?
There are many factors that come into play..

If your waking up miserable on a daily basis, or your arguing on a daily basis, then sometimes you just have to say fuck it and throw in the towel. It does hurt and will probably hurt for a long time, but do not go down with a sinking ship if it was not your fault, and you had no hand in it sinking.

You can be a submissive in the same situation as well, again you have to decide how much time you want to waste …. Because the longer you wait it out the more your going to miss out on. Just saying..

The one thing you have to remember, most of our problems are self inflicting, so for the most we are in control of our own life



What most think of me.

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When out and about if you should run into someone who knows me, and you ask. What do you think about Vile, or the people local call me Dr. House. I guess we have the same personality’s shrugs I never thought about it..

Most see me as very cocky, conceded , non caring, selfish, self centered, stuck up, egotistical, and the final Mean, very Mean.

While most of the above may be true, I suppose. I am just me, I am not going to change who I am to please the bitch next door. I have done that before when I married a vanilla woman. The most fucked up nine years of my life, although today we remain friends, and have zero drama. She will tell you I am sick. The Lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you are in my circle, my world, Viles world, be it my friend or slave. There is nothing I will not do for you, I will bend over backwards to help. We have great communication. People understand me, and like me for me. People understand my personality, although most will tell you I am to out spoken. If I feel you are feeding me a line of shit, I will tell you.

If you are my slave, no not submissive, Slave. The other day I was chatting with someone on FB and she had me figured almost to a T. She has read my blog. It blew my mind away how someone could read me so well

Now if you are my slave, and it does take a unique female to fill that position, I am not going to lie. That is why I have been looking for over a year now. I have dated so many it is really getting tiresome. So much fucking drama, on probation, taking pain medication, I mean a lot. Wow it truly seems endless

Okay I do have somewhat of a rescue syndrome problem , I like to fix, but it depends on the extent of the problems. I am big on abuse, and have taking many in who were being abused.

Now the question is what does Vile do when finished? Depends I was with Bea for seven yrs. I was with chong for almost eight years, but nothing needed to be fixed. Bea was abused .

If you are mine, you are it, you are all that matters. You are all I see. I never start the relationship off , with just D’s I want to get to know the slave. Once I have gotten to that point then I begin to slowly implement things. If you go in balls to the wall, you can make one feel over whelmed, confused, and yes it is a set up for failure.

The key in the relationship is being consistent. I have seen many Dominants change rules midstream to fit their needs. Again you are setting them up for failure. It is important to follow through with what you say, to include punishment if you do not. If you do not follow through you lose the respect factor, once on a downhill roll, it is almost impossible to regain control and you will crash.. Thus the end of a relationship, no one to blame but yourself.

Being a Dominant is not an easy task. We are expected to be who we are 24/7, and there are no exceptions.We told the sub who and what we are about ,and that is what is expected. Nothing more nothing less. We have to maintain that roll, public or private.

Now if you are on my shit list, you are not my friend. You get nothing, I basically do not even see you. Those are the people who see the above in my personality. I feel sorry for no one.

The fact is 95% of all problems are self inflicting. We set the drama up, we did not take care of a problem, Self inflicting. There are exceptions to that, sickness be it physical, or mental, but you take those two factors out. We did it to our self’s, no one caused our problem we did it on our own.

Right now I take care of Vile.