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Ladies Get Ready To Suck Some Cock

Posted in @vile62 on Twitter, anal sex, Arianna, bdsm, Blow Jobs Are Good for a Woman's Health and Help Fight Depression, cum, Semen, sex, slave, sperm, submissive, sucking cock, sucking dick on March 23, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

Wow I have had the topic of sucking cock come up twice in two days. The first from a submissive I am mentoring , no she did not bring it up directly she shared an article with me, because she thought I would like it. Then I just hit up phoenixasubbie blog and low and behold she is talking about her cock sucking skills.

While it is true there are really not very many women who truly know how to give good head. My ex-wife bless her heart gave it her all, but it was the worst head I had ever had in my life.  She did not like sucking cock and it showed.

I have told men before you know how we all talk when we are together. I have told men before if your girl can suck a good dick, and really loves it, and ends the show with a swallow. You can look over a bunch of shit. They can be to serious about life, they can be nutty, you can have nothing in common but if they can suck a dick, all the bad shit goes right out the window.

Just as phoenixasubbie

was talking about her skills, her wanting to please her man, you can tell she really gets into it, and she knows what she is doing. Really getting into it and knowing what your doing, goes a long way. She is right about vanilla men not being verbal, and it is true most do not even know what they want. In fact the worst blow job to them would probably be one of the best they have gotten.

Look even if you cant cook, and you burn boiling water, even if you cant make toast, or maybe you don’t know how to spread peanut butter on bread with a knife. If you can give good head , none of that shit even matters. Because your mouth on his cock makes him forget everything, nothing else in the world matters because his woman has a mouth full of dick and shes going to town.

I am very verbal while I am getting my cock sucked, her mouth is no longer a mouth it is a cock sucker. I love wet blow jobs the wetter the better, I love it when the mouth comes off of my cock and there is saliva hanging down from her lips. I love those sucking noises, I love watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth. To tell you the truth most of the time I don’t even want to cum. Why do you ask ? Because when I cum its over I am done, and there is no greater feeling in the world.

Men like women to be vocal as well it is not one sided, this is something I have not discussed with Arianna but she will know now. Men love it when a women who is sucking cock is vocal. I love your cock, I love the taste of your cock, yea oh my your cock is so big , that’s a good one there, little ego booster tip.

So yesterday I was on fetlife and the submissive I am mentoring we were emailing back and forth and she sent me this article. It was about the medical benefits of women giving head, and the medical benefits the semen had, and how sucking cock also helped with depression. It also talked about the difference in women who used condoms during sex and those who did not.

So just as phoenixasubbie gave you all some tips, I am giving you tips from a males view. Here is her post on the art of giving head.

What I am going to post has already been posted and re-blogged but I am giving my view and my thoughts.

Listen a man Vanilla or a Dom do not wait until your asked, you should offer your services. My five favorite words well I have ten favorite words but here are the first five.  May I suck your cock. The other five are , please finish in my ass. Ten of the greatest words known to mankind , those ten words could stop all anger, all wars, every many in the world would be happy.

Ok as I stated above when the man says something about your cooking skills, your reply should be, well I suck a good cock. He has forgot about the food issue. The house is a mess, again well I suck a good cock, the house is no longer dirty. I am telling you ladies listen up to what I am telling you. Being able to suck dick and suck dick like a pro, will keep you out of a lot of trouble.

Now There is her link again read it and take in all the information. She also re-blogged what I am going to blog but it is good information. I am surprised the white house press secretary did not release this information, that is how fucking good it is.

Remember you have to love what your doing, you have to really get into it. The wetter the better, make those sucking noises . Be vocal I love your cock, your so big, you have the biggest cock I have ever been with. Those words will not only turn him on, but his chest will expand 5 or 6 inches.

Blow Jobs Are Good for a Woman’s Health and Help Fight Depression

Oral sex is good for women’s health and makes you feel happier, according to a study which studied the effects of semen’s ‘mood-altering chemicals’.
The State University of New York study – which scientists carried out via survey rather than through practical experiment – compared the sex lives of 293 females to their mental health.
It follows research which shows that seminal fluid contains chemicals that elevates mood, increases affection, induces sleep and also contains at least three anti-depressants.
The researchers also claim that women who have regular unprotected sex are less depressed and perform better on cognitive tests.
Semen contains another of chemicals along with spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase affection, estrone, which elevates mood and oxytocin, which also elevates mood.
It also contains thyrotropin-releasing hormone (another antidepressant), melatonin (a sleep-inducing agent), and even serotonin (perhaps the best-known antidepressant neurotransmitter).
Given these ingredients – and this is just a small sample of the mind-altering ‘drugs’ found in human semen – Researchers Gallup and Burch, along with the psychologist Steven Platek, hypothesised that women having unprotected sex should be less depressed than suitable control participants.

Hormone-free ‘male pill’ that halts sperm production is a step closer
Does having sex make women more fertile? Semen found to trigger ovulation
To investigate whether semen has antidepressant effects, the authors rounded up 293 college females from the university’s Albany campus, who agreed to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about various aspects of their sex lives.

Recent sexual activity without condoms was used as an indirect measure of seminal plasma circulating in the woman’s body.
Each participant also completed the Beck Depression Inventory, a commonly used clinical measure of depressive symptoms.
The most significant findings from this study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, were that, even after adjusting for frequency of sexual intercourse, women who engaged in sex and ‘never’ used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than did those who ‘usually’ or ‘always’ used condoms.
Importantly, these chronically condom-less, sexually active women also evidenced fewer depressive symptoms than did those who abstained from sex altogether.
By contrast, sexually active heterosexual women, including self-described ‘promiscuous’ women, who used condoms were just as depressed as those practicing total abstinence.
The research suggests it is not just that women who are having sex are simply happier, but that happiness levels might be related to the quantity of semen within their body.

  • Range of chemicals in semen ‘promote mental well-being and feelings of affection’, say researchers and Vile.
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