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Time To Settle Down II

Posted in Asian, bdsm, masochist, relationships, Settle Down, submissive on August 3, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

This is something I have put a lot of thought into. While I do enjoy dating, there comes a time when one says enough is enough.

A couple of months ago I was seeing Lyn, she is the married woman I spoke of yep the Jehovah Witness, I saw her for nine months, although to me at the time it was really the ideal relationship. She would come over Friday night, and leave Sunday Morning in time to make it to the Hall for service. She would cook, and do my laundry, plus all the fun. Once I found out she was married, and how bad he wanted her back my feelings change a lot, it was even hard to have sex with her because I felt guilty.

She was a masochist somewhat , loved being tied up, and spanked. I love spanking, but she had a flat ass, to be that fine and no ass I just do not get it. Lyn was 49 I am thinking 5 ‘ 8 and about 140, an awesome body. The sex was incredible, pretty much no limits, with the exception of being shared, which is not something I do anyway, I love eating pussy to much to share.

Back in the day I was a maintenance engineer for an industrial Laundry, while in Daytona Beach, I was called in the office one morning, and I was thinking here we go, I am fired, not the case. I was informed they had a plant in Collegedale Tennessee , the plant sit right on a Seventh Day Adventist University.

The Chief Engineer had just left and they were trying to find a replacement, and was asked if I would fill the position, until such time. I agree and 3 days later on my way.

Once there, and speaking with the plant manager, before going on the floor we had a prayer, I am thinking this is not good. Once on the floor, it looked like little house on the prairie, I kid you not. I had never seen so many straight looking women in my life, all in long dresses. I am thinking again this is not good, at that time my hair went down to my belt. Lets just say I did not fit in.

The three maintenance workers this is the truth, were Jehovah Witness’s two sons and a father, who did not like me at all and had not even met me. I guess bringing an outsider in did not really fit well.

The first thing I did was make a scheduled which went protested, these guys were getting like 65 hrs a week, really eating away at the budget. Then some of the days separated them and were no longer all working together. This is Friday morning, so about 4.30 I walk out onto the floor and the place is empty, I am thinking what the fuck. Then I find out sun down Friday they stop work. Really are you serious? So I walk back into the shop and the three stooges are gone. So sun down the whole worlds stops as we know it. 20.000 lbs of laundry to still do and they just walk out.

Let me tell you about Seventh Day Adventist chicks way wild, a freak in the sheets. I stayed tired, almost a different date each night.

The production manager called me in the office some 6 months in, and wanted to speak with me about my infidelity, really I am not married, my morals, my morals are just fine, I sleep good every night. Then he told me I was no longer allowed to date any company employees any longer. I can live with that I suppose, I am thinking he is just jealous, single poin dexter looking dude who is not getting laid, shrugs it is all good.

So the women were my down fall of grace, all the other guys who worked there started treating me different, like the cold shoulder. I did not really care I was not there to make friends anyway. I do not even like people.

Anyway wow I just wanted to share that. I was told long ago to make a list, of everything I wanted in a partner. A list can be good, but many times the list is just not reachable. Not that I was going to drop my expectations of what I wanted in a partner, I just rearranged this list and made some of the top priorities to last place.

I am not much on looks, although I do love beautiful women. I am not really much on weight, although there has to be some physical attraction. Although I do prefer a petite female I have dated Full Figured women.  No drugs that is a big no no for me. Drinking is okay from time to time, I do enjoy at time. I love Cognac,Black cherry Brandy, but I like to heat it up just a little so it is warm, nice in the winter, and of course Jack N coke.

Trying to find someone who is not taking a hand full of Anti Depressants is a challenge today, why I am not sure. What I am sure about, is the medical profession just likes to put a band aid, on problems instead of getting to the root of things.

Education is not a big thing to me, communication means so much more. Money although it is needed does not make a relationship. Although being able to read and write, speak full sentences is a must.

I like a woman who acts like a woman, communication is important but I do prefer a Introvert, but likes to go out.

I prefer Asians I always have, although I have dated several here in the states , not so lucky to find one into the lifestyle. I go to this Chinese Restaurant a couple of times a week, and was getting close to a waitress, had even agreed to go out, but the owners put a stop to that real fast, she was no longer allowed to wait on me any longer.

More to come.