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Slaves Then And Now

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Friday night Arianna and I attended the local monthly Mast. MASTERS AND SLAVES TOGETHER. Mast is nation wide with about twenty five thousand members.

The topic was how we differ from Roman times and now, which I found very interesting. The Slaves in Roman times really had no say. Very few were ever released. If released the age was around thirty, back then that was the average life span.

Slavery had began way before the Roman era , we today are really not sure when slavery started, but at times while in Slavery, it was common for the females slaves to have children, even start family’s while husband and wife were slaves. Some slaves lived from generation to generation.

Okay I am sure you know where I am going with this. Some slaves lived in slavery from generation to generation. Some slaves were highly educated, not all were used just for manual labor. Some were teachers, some were book keepers, and some even ran the house. Some had children to carry on a family name.

Then we got off on the subject of DNA and genetics , how certain traits are passed from generation to generation. So why could not someone be born a submissive or a Slave. After all People are born Gay. So why would this be impossible.

Some know they are different at a very young age, while others are in their late 20’s , 30’s even 40’s and sometimes older. There is something that sets off an event. There is something that clicks in their mind. Then the research starts and they dig and dig for information until the answer is found.

Maybe my thoughts are getting pretty wild here, but it is a fact many who are submissives and slaves have a lot in common, not all mind you I said most. I have blogged about the most common things, number one being depression.

Slaves in the Roman times after sometime adjusted to their lifestyle, many were happy in their roles, Not so sure about the manual labor slaves. I am talking mostly the in house service slaves.

There were those used for sexual pleasure as well, nothing more and nothing less. The slaves for the most were well cared for, some when it came time to be released did not want to leave. Why leave if that is the only life you have known.

Today a small percentage of Master and Slave is what you would call consensual. A large percentage are those sold into the slave trade unwillingly , and are most likely doomed and will never see freedom again, from children to adults.

Those who serve willingly could it be genetics ? Could it be hidden away in ones DNA ?

I think of some pretty wild stuff.



Human Trafficking Todays News

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This was today’s front page of yahoo

Up to 27 million people are living in slavery around the world, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton estimated as the US unveiled its annual report into human trafficking.

But the report showed that as governments become more aware of the issue, instigating tough new laws and programs to help victims, progress is being made in wiping out what it called the “scourge of trafficking.”

“The end of legal slavery in the United States and in other countries around the world has not, unfortunately, meant the end of slavery,” said Clinton.

“Today it is estimated as many as 27 million people around the world are victims of modern slavery, what we sometimes call trafficking in persons,” she said at the unveiling of the report at the State Department.

“Those victims of modern slavery are women and men, girls and boys, and their stories remind us of the kind of inhumane treatment we are capable of as human beings,” said Clinton.

“Whatever their background, they are the living, breathing reminders that the work to eradicate slavery remains unfinished.”

As America prepares to mark the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of the emancipation of US slaves, people must reflect on “how much further we have to go to free all these 27 million victims,” Clinton added.

Out of the 185 countries included in the 2012 report, only 33 complied fully with laws in place to end human trafficking, putting them at the top of a four-tier ranking system.

But five countries had moved up from the bottom blacklist known as tier 3, including Myanmar and Venezuela, to be included among the 42 countries now on what is known as a tier 2 watch list.

Myanmar was removed from the blacklist because the government “took a number of unprecedented steps to address forced labor and the conscription of child soldiers; these steps amount to a credible commitment to undertake anti-trafficking reforms over the coming year,” the report said.

Syria however fell onto the blacklist for the first time, in a move which could cut off any US aid and make it harder to get US backing for funds from organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

“The government of Syria does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so,” the 2012 Trafficking in Persons report said.

Among the 16 other countries on the blacklist were Algeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Kenya slipped down onto the watch list for the first time in five years, while Nigeria lost its place on tier 1, moving down a notch as the report highlighted that women and children were forced into labor and sex trafficking.

But Clinton hailed the fact that a total of 29 countries had been upgraded to a higher ranking, “which means that their governments are taking the right steps.”

They included Bangladesh, which was bumped up to tier two for making significant efforts to comply with minimum standards, including passing “a comprehensive anti-trafficking law” in December.

Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, director of the office to combat trafficking in persons, said while the number of people officially identified as victims of trafficking and slavery had gone up by 28 percent since last year to 42,291, the numbers of prosecutions in 2012 had also increased by 10 percent to 3,969.

So while countries “still have a little ways to go” there was “the beginnings, I think, of a real trend,” he said.

This year’s report focuses on how to better protect the victims, and urges governments to meet the challenge head-on.

“Traffickers are criminals. Governments — which alone have the power to punish criminals and provide legal recourse to survivors — cannot waver in their efforts to confront modern slavery,” the report says.

But it also argues that human trafficking takes many guises and it is not just about moving people across borders to trap them in prostitution.

“The United States government, and increasingly, the international community, view ‘trafficking in persons’ as the term through which all forms of modern slavery are criminalized,” it says.

“The essence of the trafficking experience is the denial of freedom, including the freedom to choose where and how you live, the freedom to work or choose not to work, the freedom from threats, and the freedom of bodily integrity,” the report says.



Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

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I am going to get off subject today, please read only if you have a strong stomach… When I have a strong conviction about something I just have to share it..

I have ran across a lot of articles here of late that has to do with this title. I am a big women advocate when it comes to abusing women.

Although I can come off kinda harsh and brutal, everything about my life and relationships, are Safe, Sane and Consensual . I have never abused nor do I condone any type of abuse, be it mental, verbally or physical. Those who are abusive should have there penis’s cut off.

I travel a lot I try to go someplace different every year, Thailand, Korea, Costa Rica. I was thinking this morning while in Costa Rica there are many women from Columbia, who work in night clubs. out of those, I wonder which ones are sold into slavery. It is a known fact that slavery today is running wild, from small children to adults, who are forced to work in servitude and as sex slaves for little or no money at all.

Most are promised jobs once abroad , offered a place to live, make money so they can help there families back home. Only to get to there destination o find a cruel and dark world full of abuse. Forced to take drugs, so there is only one place to turn.

Most are controlled by pimps of the trade, and beaten on a regular basis if they do not perform, most are giving quotas and are expected to meet them daily. Forced to work 7 days a week, with no contact with there families or friends.

What makes things worse are the people or men who take part, who pay for there fun, without a care of who they are or where they came from. They are just a piece of meat they paid for for 30 minutes or the night.

You read all the time about professionals Doctors and Lawyers traveling to Vietnam to have sex with children, very few are caught. but if caught they face charges from the USA.

Image These men travel several times a year, to be with children.

Forced into prostitution after time this is all they know. They lose track of life its self, a dead feeling I am sure, they feel they serve no purpose at all, and there is no longer a reason to live.

Governments around the world spend billions trying to stop the sex trafficking  , human slavery. The truth is though for every trafficker took off the streets 5 more pop up, because the trade is so lucrative. It is hard to believe that women and children are bought and sold like cattle. Many times one goes days without eating, or even a bath, a small room with no heat or running water.

How these people can sleep at night, I truly do not understand. What is more disturbing many are bought and sold right here in the USA , you could have someone living right next door to you, a Hungarian, maybe Russian, could be from right here in the US.

If you ever have a weird feeling do not hesitate to call the authorities, because there may very well be no tomorrow.


Here are a few Graphs I want to show you just how huge this problem is.. From all over the world.


Image I find it unreal and devastating at these numbers. The number of children who are abused, and no one really cares.

So if you travel outside the US, just keep an eye out, always travel in pairs when possible because you never know….



Viles thoughts on porn stars, strippers, and prostitutes

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Okay I am very open minded, more than most people, and I do not look down on anyone for there profession everybody has to make a living. or support a habit. Its the fact of life and survival. Who are we to judge.

My favorite porn star is Gauge just incredibly hot, at 4’11 she rocks my world. A few years back she was in Orlando. and I had to meet her, I have seen all of her movies over the years, and had been waiting for the opportunity of a life time. On my way Orlando is about 45 miles from me I hopped on my Harley and off I went. about midway it started poring rain, I pulled over on with the rain suit, and off I was again, almost there my frigging Harley breaks down, WTF  are you serious? I should of bought a fucking Honda.Okay a fouled spark plug I carry an extra. but the time I reached Fairvilla thats an adult store in Orlando Gauge was gone. No fucking way. Another day.


Another one of my favorite porn stars is Sasha Grey, not only is she hot but truly nasty, she takes gagging to an all new level, she is truly built to please. and one day I shall meet.

Image Just Wow

I do from time to time enjoy going to the local Titty bar, not to pick up women,but just to relax, for the most I sit at the bar, most of the time the bartenders are hotter than the dancers anyway, there are exceptions. When I go out I call a cab, I do not drive when I go to a club or bar, it just makes sense. 40 bucks is much cheaper than a couple of thousand. I have a few strippers who are very good friends, I even have a few I play with, I did not say fuck I said play with, that is correct, BDSM play spanking you know by now is my favorite, bondage. Bdsm is not about sex, I get just as much out of a session as sex, well okay that is a lie, it is control..

These girls work very hard, long hours and sometimes little pay, then there are others who just make a killing. lollipops in daytona beach is a nice club, a lot of russians though… I stay away during race week and bike week…  The truth is many of these women put a lot of work into there dance routine , some of the dances are very artistic


Prostitution has been around since the beginning of time lets face it Adam even paid for it in one way or another. and the profession will always be here. The only different today is , it is to feed a drug habit, and way back when most women did it to support there selves. and a way to make good money.

While I do not par-take in picking these women up, I do feel where they are coming from, today they are trying to pay for a drug habit, or even worse they are forced into prostitution, which I do not agree with at all.Many feel lost or unwanted, a very low self esteem, like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In many countries it is legal, Germany all over Europe, and most Asian country’s.

The difference in those places are , they have to get a check up once a week , and tested for HIV monthly, in most Asian countries the women have to carry an ID  card showing the date of there last checkup. While in Germany is was like punching a time clock, the husband went to work as with the wife.

There are a few bloggers who are ex, prostitutes and my hat goes off to them, It takes a lot to want to turn your life around, I would imagine a very hard struggle. it takes a lot to make a 360 degree turn. but it just goes to show if you truly want something you can have it. It may not be the easiest path, and tons of obstacles but these lady’s have shown it can be done..

Today’s sex trade is running wild, so is human trafficking and forced slavery, sex slaves. Governments are spending millions of dollars to stop these trades, but like the fight on drugs it is never ending.

These women are abused, beating, and in most cases forced into taking drugs. Making nothing while there pimps pocket everything. If caught they should be shot on sight.

So here is my thought , when a prostitute is arrested , why lock her up until she can make bail, which most cannot, or hold her til a court date. Why not offer some type of rehab, job training, a drug free environment to live until they get on there feet. Locking them up is doing nothing, it is costing the local governments more money to house and keep arresting for the same offense. Why not help? We spend billions on welfare for people who do not even deserve it, we spend billions on the homeless when most don’t even want help , some are content being homeless, while there are a few who truly deserve the help.

Offer these girls a new start in life, most have children, most want a change but there is no place to turn. There are exceptions to the rules, some are content with there way of life, but most are just lost souls…



Vile an awesome blog. another awesome blog take time to read both…