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Eating Pussy

Posted in Arianna, bdsm, Cumming, Eating Pussy, Emotions, Finger Fucking, sixty nine, slave on December 16, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

While driving home the other night I was listening to Sirius radio 102 Vivid and the topic was eating pussy, and just how women liked to be eaten out.

While it is true not every woman can give good head and my ex wife is a perfect example, not every man can eat pussy. Although eating pussy is a huge fetish of mine I have to be in the mood.

I love the feeling of the lips parting, and the taste of Arianna getting wet, then slowly sucking her lips in. The key is to go slow, as slow as you can, so once you reach the clit she can feel every tiny bump on your tongue, and just slowly french kiss her clit. You can actually feel the clit rise a little and get hard. Then you slowly insert two fingers and you start to fuck her, keep pressure on her clit with your tongue, and slowly moving it around in small circles.

Arianna likes for me to go down but she prefers a sixty nine because if I am just doing it she feels distant, when she is on top and I am going to town she slowly grinds her pussy against my mouth and BAM I can feel and taste the gush.

To me oral sex is very personal something very intimate, bringing the two closer together at that moment and time, very erotic.

Although most of the time it is about me and only me, at times I do like to please. I love it when she comes I can tell, her thighs start shaking like an earthquake uncontrollable.

Clits get very sensitive so licking in a fast motion might not feel as good moving your tongue to fast, just applying pressure and slow movements, will get the job done. The added pleasure sliding two fingers in and fucking her will just top it off.

Between her legs my arms wrapped around her thighs pulling her closer, that cranks my tractor. I believe ill eat at the Y tonight.