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Training Arianna

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Training still continues today, after two years we still continue to add. What is more interesting is Arianna continues to think of ways to give up more control. Truth be known she would be happy if she could stay home 24/7 chained to the floor, or most of her day spent in a cage.

When you hear the words A no rights Slave if you want to know the definition you can look to Arianna to find out that answer. Some take the no rights thing to an extreme but we all have common sense or I would hope. You would never want to do anything that would cause your slave any harm, or push them to the point of breaking. That is why I have stated over and over it is very important to know your submissive or slave inside and out.

What do I mean when I say no rights. First Arianna has no say so at all, before you jump the gun this was something she needed and wanted. This is why at times it is hard for a submissive or slave to find the right Dominant. If he is in it just for the game he will want no responsibility , meaning he is just after the pussy. The minute you show you are the slightest bit needy you will see a fast change in the Doms attitude.

When you speak of living D’s compared to living an M;s relationship there is a huge difference. A submissive has the right to say no, a submissive submits on their terms. While it is true a slave could really do the same if it really came down to it, but for the most that is not the frame of mind a slave wants or needs.

While there are many different resources and books on the market today, if you are a new Dominant or your interested in exploring the lifestyle then I recommend, There is just a huge amount of information that is provided, it is almost endless.

The new Dominant who is just entering the lifestyle or the young Dominant I truly recommend this site. Also to those who are submissive it is good reading and it will show and teach you about how a D’s Or M’s relationship should truly be, again a lot of good info.

So you take a Slave and you mold them into someone you need. I myself had a very clear picture of how I saw my life living as a Master , and fully owning a Slave. In reality in today’s times you cannot legally own someone, but to be able to achieve that frame of mind is truly an unreal feeling.

You take someone and mold them into someone who fits exactly what your looking for when it comes to an M’s relationship. This is why once I started my search it took well over a year, as a matter of fact I was at the point of saying fuck it I am done, because there is no one out there who truly wants to live as a Slave. I was at the point of packing everything up and I was going to move overseas, I already had a job in place, and a place to live.

Then I met Arianna , I could tell just by talking to her she was different, the way she sat, talked , the way she communicated, the way she carried herself, the way she expressed herself and explaining why she needed to be a slave. I asked several times a Slave are you sure a Slave and not a submissive.

Then as she began to go into details about how she saw herself living as a Slave, I myself began to have doubts about taking on so much responsibility. Now it was I who had to decide if I wanted to take that step. You know I never really gave it much thought until Arianna shared how she wanted and needed to be treated. Rules , Structure , the giving up total freedom.

So I had a very short time to think about if I wanted to take such a deep step, I also have a very short time to put a plan together so it was very important to spend as much time with Arianna as I could , so I could really get to know her inside and out.

Arianna had been going through some very bad times before I met her , she was like a kid turned lose in a toy store but on an adult level, and she was very close to having a break down. She had been seeing a Doctor who had been prescribing the wrong medication for years, and every time Arianna went for a visit it was always her fault. So shortly after we met Arianna did in fact have a break down. So it was I who found a Doctor, and the doctor put her back on the right track. In the meantime I had come across Journals that Arianna had written, hundreds of them, note books dating back some 15 years, full from front to back. I spent a day and three pots of coffee just reading. I could not believe how one person could possibly endure so much hurt and pain. So we talked about the journals and I explained it was a need to get rid of the past, so we sat down and went through the journals and one by one putting each one in the trash. There were a few I did allow her to keep, those with poems that she had written or ones she felt really close to. I had someones life right before my eyes. A true story of a life full of pain and confusion, and people who did not understand her.

I suppose there comes a point where people want to care about someone until you have to put a little effort back into the relationship, once it becomes a little work to make the relationship work it is no longer adventitious so you slowly begin to start being pushed out, or everything is just blamed on you.

You can do it, there is nothing wrong with you. I do not understand how or why you feel like you do, I just want you to fix it.

Now my challenge had grown ever bigger because I had to change my whole plan, I had to sit down and think and think fast. I knew she wanted to be trained but I also had to consider her health factor, on the mental side of it. Her past relationships with Dominants had been abusive, verbally and physically and neither one of them had a clue who Arianna really was. Neither one really knew Arianna as a person , neither one knew her thoughts or needs nor did they really care. At the same time I had to stand firm, I had to implement rules, put structure into place.

Shortly after her break down I was called in to meet with her doctor, and after explaining our relationship she even said Arianna was in a good place, and the structure I provided was good for her..

You can only be trained if you actually live the D’s or M’s lifestyle 24/7. If you do not live together there is noway to even implement a plan. The Dominant is not there to enforce the structure, rules or protocols. Some may disagree and if you do I would like to see your plan because I am going to lay my plan out here.

If you do not live together you really do not have any control, you as the Dominant may think you have control but you are not there. Being in control via text, chat, on the phone, Skype does not compare to being able to wrap your hands around her throat and looking straight into her eyes, and speaking, then you are and have control.

If you are only seeing your Dominant once or maybe twice a month you are not living the true D’s more so if your just meeting up in a motel room, you are only experiencing the kink side of it, your there for a couple of hours maybe the night, the Dom leaves happy and you leave full of cum until the next meeting.

Training your Slave I am going to leave the submissive out of this picture for now because the Submissive has the right to say no. The Submissive puts limits on their submission. Just as the Bottom the bottom for the most only submits during play and will tell you before hand what is going to happen.

I believe many who are new to the lifestyle and who are submissive are being told they are a slave when in fact they are only submissive. Many men who claim to be the Fifty Shades of Grey for what ever reason prefer the word slave, or they try and plant a seed in your mind to make you think. You already have a pretty clear picture of what your limits are and you should stand by them.

This is why I did not want a D’s relationship, I had tried a D’s relationship several times and it just did not pan out. Once I started my search it was well over a year before I stumbled across Arianna, and it was like she just fell from the sky right onto my Lap

When training your slave you are taking bad habits and changing them with new habits. You are implementing new habits into ones life. The thing that really got into my mind was Arianna really had no habits, there was nothing she did on a regular basis that you would actually call a habit.

The same with rules and structure you are implementing new habits. I will say this none of Arianna’s rules are sexual. Rules are meant to improve ones life, to help guide, provide structure. safety , and make one feel secure. Ive read many post and blogs where rules are posted and they are sexually based. I really find this to be really disturbing , because the Dom or Daddy is really doing nothing to improve.

If you do not get to know your Submissive or Slave inside, out and you start implementing things and you do not know them on a emotional playing field you could really fuck someone up. If you have a submissive who suffers from any type of depression and you don’t know the medications they are taking, again you can really fuck someone up. If you do not ask these questions in depth during your first meeting , then it is apparent you really do not give a fuck, your only thinking of yourself.

You take someones life and you turn it completely around, you take a human and turn them inside out, you change everything about them right down to their personality, in some cases even the way they think.

I started training Arianna the day she moved in. I did not say okay your training has started, or this is what we are going to do. The training is something that we had been talking about but I really did not go into any great details.

I have talked about this before but I did not really go into any great detail. One huge mistake that most Dominants make or Daddy’s once in a relationship they tend to isolate the submissive, they cut them off from all friends and sometimes family. My train of thought is this is a huge mistake, because you still have to allow them some freedom, because there is a breaking point. The Submissive or Slave does need a break, a day off , time to visit friends, a girls night out, a day with the family. Doms who do not allow this have a very low self esteem, they are very insecure, jealous, they have trust issues, and probably ego driving, these are the abusers be it verbal or physical. Your relationship is a power struggle between the two of you, your resisting on all levels but you do not know why you cannot fully submit.

The first week we lived together we were like your every day normal Vanilla couple, we talked laughed, joked. The 8th day I restricted certain areas of the house. I walked Arianna around the house showing her where she was allowed to sit, and the furniture was not anyplace she was allowed. This was practiced on a daily basis. She now had to have permission to enter the bed. She now had to have permission to shower, to go to the bathroom. She now had to have permission to play on her phone, watch TV . When we ate dinner she sat on the floor next to me, and at times I would feed her. While in the house there were only two places she was allowed to sit. On the floor next to the sofa, or on the floor next to me at the dinner table. In the morning time I would allow her to sit at the table while we had our morning coffee.

Over a period of ninety days I implemented 20 rues, all of which were meant for self improvement. Again none of the rules were sexual. To gain more control, I implemented the speaking in thirds, may this slave, can this slave, this slave would like. Speaking in thirds is an awesome training tool, but I use only for a short time, or at times I will use as a form of punishment

I changed Arianna demeanor meaning the way she walked, the way she spoke to people. I implemented protocols for private and public. I trained her for in house service for when company was over.

One of the first things I did when Arianna and I first met I introduced her to others who were in the lifestyle, people I had known for 20 plus years. This I believe gave me greater credibility in her eyes, because she knew then I was who I said I was. We went out to eat with other couples in the lifestyle, we were invited to friends of mine for dinner , people just had to meet Arianna, and everyone welcomed her with open arms.

The came the service test I invited a Master and Slave over. Arianna and I cooked a rockin dinner, and Arianna served, and before we ate she either stood behind me or knelt beside me while we talked. That night she was the perfect host.

During this time sex was kept minimal and only on my terms. I said spread I used her and I got off, most of the time without even speaking, until she asked permission to exit the bed.

Arianna now needed permission to shower , she now needed permission to go to the bathroom. There were no exceptions. I now controlled what Arianna ate while at work, and how much she was able to spend.

Arianna now had to keep a daily journal one in the car so she could write down the time and mileage, when she left the house to go to work, when she arrived to work, when she left from work. If she needed to stop by the store if we had not discussed prior she needed permission. Once home she had another journal. This was so she could write down the time she started task, and the finish times.

I then implemented a few of the Gorean slave positions I did not use daily but when I did they were used mainly for humiliation to sort of remind her who and what she was.

Sex I love to fuck, I cannot remember the last time I made love. I do not even think it is possible for me any more, I love to fuck. There are three holes and I use which ever I want without asking.

You know years ago I never would of thought you could actually teach someone the way you wanted your cock sucked, or the way you wanted them to spread while your fucking, or if you told someone to lube your cock and they immediately got on their hands and knees and reached around spreading their ass open with out having to tell them, or to snap your finger and that was the notification to suck your cock.  There is nothing like the feeling knowing that your Slave lives to please you.

Okay so going on a little over two years now, wow time has flown by. Arianna has been punished one time and one time only. I usually do not spank as a form of punishment but this time it was needed. It reminded her of what she did, and now she thinks before acting, because she knows in our house there are two things you take note to, Choices and consequences.

To be able to train someone or be trained if you do not live together it is almost impossible, its like putting a screen door on a submarine and not expecting water to come in.

Now before you jump the gun and say wow vile your an asshole, or your mean and cruel, I am going to say 90% of the above was Arianna’s idea this is how she saw herself living as a slave, A slave not a submissive.

We were only able to achieve such a relationship with constant communication. Communication is the magic key, and if your submissive or slave does not feel they can talk to you about anything on any level, then you will never have their total submission, and your relationship will crash and fucking burn.

If you are seeing a married Dominant who is cheating on his wife, you will never be able to explore your submission to the depths you need, you will never be allowed to be who you are, most of all you will never be fully free.

One thing that just blows my mind and maybe someone can answer this question. If your seeing a Married so called Dom or Daddy, what do you think about while your sucking his cock? Do you think about how his wife sucks his cock? Maybe you think about him fucking his wife? Maybe he fucked her in the ass and did not shower before coming to see you? Do any of these things go through your mind? Do you ever think he just fucked his wife and your cleaning his cock off? Worst if you think your the only one he’s banging if hes married, WOW . Just keep texting or trying to call see how long you have to wait, go on be miserable. Or if your texting stops abruptly for no reason. You know what the deal is, you really know but you ignore it. You will sit there and wait and wait and wait, now that is really pathetic no matter what page your on, that is truly pathetic, and you deserve everything you wish for. If you were willing to enter such a relationship, LISTEN TO ME, you get what you deserve.. Get upset with me I did not do anything I am just speaking the truth.

More to come here shortly.

Guys you can have the world, you can have the perfect relationship, you can have anything you want or need, it is at your finger tips. All you have to do is be real and stop playing games. If your married and your not happy this is for male and female get the fuck out, just fucking tell who ever your living with, Hey I am done, I am outta of here. Don’t bring your drama into their life fucking leave.

As I am nearing 250.000 visitors Sometime next week I want to share the different country’s that have visited. This is really awesome to know that people from all over the world are reading my blog….



The Slave

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Sitting on the couch watching TV relaxing and your Slave is at your feet. The Slaves only concern is you their Master. Their mind is constantly churning on how or what they can do to please you.  Your life is drama free, no arguing, no fighting, no yelling at each other. You the Master are in your own little world.

The Slave is content when being used, the Slave feels needed when they are being used, and not just in a sexual manner , maybe being used is the wrong word ? I can say their main goal is to please. You have a partner for life as long as we stand and walk the path we promised.

We took a trip up to St Augustine yesterday to meet with another Dominant. Him and I seem to be on somewhat the same page as I am when it comes to an M’s relationship. He has wanted to pick out minds for sometime but with my work, I rarely have time to really get out anyplace.

We parked by the old fort and walked across the street to an Irish pub the setting was okay a little loud for my taste, the food was nothing to brag about but the company was good.

The Dominant we met who happens to be single as well I am guessing maybe mid 30’s is single for the same reason I was for so long. Neither of us would or will settle for less. When you settle for less it never works, it works for that moment and time.

Arianna had made the comment the other day , she said she wanted to feel more submissive. I said you are already there. She said why don’t I see it. Well you live it everyday, every hour, every minute. You have grown accustomed to my ways, you have adapted to my ways, you have adapted to my rules and protocols.

If the relationship is not kept in check the slave can get a vanilla feeling, this is something we all want to avoid. It could be a sign of losing control as well. As Dominants we tend to get to comfortable in a relationship, so it is very important to keep a close eye one what is going on.

You may love and care for but there has to be a fine line. I am speaking from experience from a past relationship. While in a relationship with a slave, I let my feelings get in the way, because I no longer punished her, nor did I enforce rules. In the end I was no longer the Dominant she had known, and I was no longer who she needed. Love or no love, when it comes to an M’s relationship we are talking a whole different ballgame.

The Dominant we met yesterday had brought up one word I had used at the MasT meeting and that was consistency , being consistent on a hourly basis, a daily basis, weekly,and monthly, meaning 24/7 . Once you put something in place you have to maintain what ever was put into place, rules , protocols, dress code, eating habits what ever it is, you have to remain consistent.

If you the Dominant or Master are in full control this is really no task, you are not adding anything extra to what you are trying to accomplish . All you have to do is keep an eye on your surroundings.

If a rules is broken or maybe a slip up on a certain protocol, it does not constitute punishment, we are human we do forget, shit happens, but then again we are visual. A rule is broken and the first thing we want to do is beat our property. Why ? Because we can, and I suppose you could get a high off of hit, or maybe it will make your chest look bigger. Why was the rule broken? Was it on purpose ? Did the slave really forget ? These are things you have to sit down and talk about before handing out any type of punishment.  Beating your slave is not always the answer, pain is not always the answer. Most of the time scolding like their a child is just as effective , or taking something away.

In the beginning of the M’s relationship you put rules in place. You limit the space where the slave can stand or sit. Up until recently Arianna had not been able to sit on the furniture. You take away everything that was available to them when they wanted it before the relationship. The only thing you cannot take away is family and friends. The slave must be able to have outside contact, but on a limited bases, until you have reached what I call a safe point within your M’s relationship 90 to 120 days.

Before either agree to such a relationship you both need to have a plan and questions. The Master or Owner. How far do you want to take your submission? How much control do you want to give up? How do you see yourself as a slave?

The Slave to Master or Owner. How are you going to take care of me ? Are you going to treat me fair ? Are you going to change your rules to fit your needs ? Are you going to be faithful ? Am I going to be the only one or will there be others ? If there are others how am I going to be number one? How will I get the attention I need ?

There are truly a thousand questions to be asked from both parties. These are questions that should be thought out before even meeting someone, and you should not be afraid to ask anything. After all you are about to put your life and body to someone.

If you do not get the answers your looking for simply get up and leave you owe no one anything. Do not agree to anything unless you feel 100% things can go your way, and your needs can be fulfilled , not your wants I could careless , your wants come later.

As Arianna was explaining her submission to the other Dominant he just looked at her, when she finished he looked at me and said you have hit the lottery , I said you think ? I know I hit the power ball.

You as the slave you have to hash out your limits, your hard limits, soft and maybe’s although being a slave I could not see why limits would even come up, with the exception of the norm. No broken bones , no cutting unless that is your thing, no blood, no kids, no scat again unless that is your thing.

Limits with me are nonnegotiable with the exception of the norm, other than that nothing is negotiable the key word NOTHING. It is and will be my way.

An object this may be hard for some, or some may not be able to grasp the idea. At times your slave my slave is an object, an object for my pleasure. At times when I lay Arianna down and she is spread I see a hole. I see a hole I am going to pump until I blow my load. When she is on her knees I see a cock sucker. I love telling her how good my cock looks in her mouth, more so when I am holding her head and I am pumping away and I feel her gagging. Or when I am on top, and my hand is around her throat and I am telling her how good her pussy is, and that I own her. The feeling of being completely owned is the key and that is by the daily reinforcement of the Dominants consistency.

The collaring of a Slave is very serious, and something that should be giving much thought. You would not expect a Dominant to collar you on the first meeting even within the first month or two. It takes longer than that to truly get to know someone. Remember the first 60 to 90 days people are on their best behavior , then the true colors tend to come out. After you agree to enter such a relationship usually it takes about 90 days for a fantasy to wear off on either side. The 90 day mark will tell if the potential owner is serious about the lifestyle or not. So beware if the Dom wants to offer a collar to soon. Some will use the collar as leverage to gain what they really want and that is in your pants.

If you should have to punish, the Dominant should explain what rule was broken, and why you are going to be punished. After the punishment is complete positive reinforcement is needed just like after care, and explain the consequences once again. That is something that should be pointed out in the beginning of a relationship some of the rules you expect to be followed, the choices and consequences. There is no way you give fully give all your rules when you first meet, you as the Dominant have no way of knowing what areas need improvement. Rules are meant for self improvement and nothing more. Taking away bad habits and implementing good habits.

Yes at times you need to treat your slave as an object as cruel as it may sound. The rewards the slave reaps from such treatment is truly a story in its self. I am sure the feeling of being owned is a feeling unlike any other just as the feeling of owning a slave. It is a rush a good rush.

I have gone over in the past about my training process, some or most may not be as extreme as I am. Some may not want the type of control I have. Some may not want the responsibility I have.

My training process is how I do things and I can tell you from my own experience my way does work. It may not fit every Slave but I stood my ground and firm about who and what I wanted, and like most of the time I got my way. I am not being cocky I am being truthful.

You may see my way of training as unconventional and what works for me may not work for others, but I have laid the ground work. In the end you have to have your own plan. Also my way or Viles way is just my opinion and nothing more.

But if you want a slave, the key is just to stick to your word, be honest and truthful and everything will fall into the right place.

Arianna knows her place with in the home and out of the home. She is a best friend, a wife a Domestic slave and a sex slave all rolled up into one. You can have the same thing if you are true to the lifestyle.

If you implement rules , make sure the rules can be followed without stress, make sure your rules are realistic. A rule is not sending  you a video of the slave anal training, that is not a rule, that is a rule so you can jack off while watching. Rules are meant to help. The worshiping your cock will follow without a rule.

What we have is what most men can only dream of. We have what so many other do not understand but in many ways they envy us. Deep down they want what we have but they do not want the responsibility.

The word OWN is really very deep. To say you OWN someone, and to have someone give you 100%. To be able to fully control someone’s life, and knowing that one wrong decision could effect both of you , that is heavy, but the relationship is like no other.

The slave will give without question, the slave will give without thought. The slave has the need to please and get pleasure from pleasing. The slave is not selfish, and when giving something they will take proudly even if you only spent a dollar on it.  When asked if you say the word NO that is what it means. There will be no arguing, the slave knows there is a good reason. The Slave knows you as the owner has their best interest in mind, and that their needs will be met

The Slave will strive for perfection in anything they do, be it cleaning, cooking or dressing up when you go out. The Slave wants to look their best. The Slave needs to feel beautiful for their owner. The Slave wants their owner to be proud.

We as Dominants see each Slave in a different prospective, we are all different and we all have different needs. To find someone who shares the same quality’s, and wants is very important. The Master really has to do very little because the Slave will adapt to their surroundings if they are taking care of.

I am a proud Owner.



Behavior Modification Is Alive And Real

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First things first today is the 12th of January and I am cigarette free. Well not totally I have this little friend called an ecig, which has really helped. There are some pretty bad withdraws though, this is after smoking for 38 years.

Now The Story.

Behavior Modification is real and alive. Along with such modification comes choices and consequences. Remember as a Dominant or Master we are taking full control over someones life. I am not so sure if this really is geared towards Dominants although there may be more than I really know about.

Most slaves when you start speaking about Behavior Modification, kinda look mat you like their skeptical , or like your nuts, but it is alive and well.

The choice however should be that of the slaves. How far do you want to take your submission? How do you see yourself living as a slave on a daily basis? How do you see yourself serving? Is it Domestic? Sex Slave ? or both?

Arianna wanted to relinquish full control. She wanted zero responsibility. Again that was something I did not just jump into, because now you have a huge ass fire you have to be able to control. You the master has to keep this fire contained, you have to learn how to control it.

I have talked about this before but maybe not in as great detail. How deep you want to go now depends on the master.

I thought for sure there would be some type of resistance but that was not the case, as a matter of fact there was none, which really shocked me

So to start out with all the things in life she liked or wanted, she now had to ask for. Instead of just sitting she had to ask for permission. She had to ask for permission to go to the bathroom, to eat, to drink, to get dressed. She was no longer able to make the simplest decisions, with the exception of work.

She was now told how to dress, how to do her hair, what color. She had to ask for permission to do her nails and I picked the color and she wore the color whether she liked or not. I picked out a hair style, this was the deal breaker here or so I thought. We went to a beauty shop and I showed the woman the style and she just looked at me. She shaved one side of Arianna’s head, leaving the other somewhat long. This all falls under Behavior Modification.

Once you begin I will say it again you have to be consistent in your training. You can not give in or give your slave a day of rest for the first 90 days. You must be diligent in your training. No matter how bad you feel , you have to stay on track.

You take things away from the slave, such as free time, Tv, music, limit their phone use. Everything they had available on a daily basis now becomes a need.

Humiliation should also play a factor in your training. Slave positions is a good way to start. Making the Slave expose themselves to you. Chances are they have been seen nude, but never fully exposed. On their back legs spread with them pulling their lips open just for your viewing pleasure, or position number two I like on hands and knees head down ass up both hands spreading ass wide open, again just for your viewing pleasure.

I do not think anyone really uses the words Behavior Modification during training. Most of the time it is I am going to train you, but what you are doing is teaching someone your way of life and what is expected. You either conform to the new way of life or you don’t, you either stay or you don’t. If you choose to stay then let the process begin, how the process goes all depends on the Slave, it can be an easy transition or you can fight it.

I have blogged about  Behavior Modification before but I wanted to cover a lot more, I felt like I left somethings out, and I will probably think of more down the road.

Maybe some Dominants do not take things to the extreme,maybe some do not want to dedicate so much time, but if your like me, I want the whole pie.

Wanting the whole pie to me is a need not really a want, that is why I have been so against poly. If you find a Slave who completes everything, I see no need for another. Other Slaves are brought in because one cannot fill certain needs the Master has. I have asked other Master what the need is and the answer is always because I want different flavors. So you take one Slave and you mold all the flavors into one. Kinda like going to Baskin Robins Ice cream, and getting a little of each in one container.

That is the same with Behavior Modification you are taking a Slave and molding her to fit your needs. How many Slaves can one Master really take care of. The fact is most who are a Salve or Submissive are very needy, I did not say all but for the most that is true. Most are very emotional. To add another would be taking needed time away from the first Slave, which you always say they are number one.

Some Slaves prefer the poly lifestyle , if the Master is a Sadist and you are not a Masochist, you would gladly open the door for another to come in and take your place, better the other slave than you, I guess.

The one thing a Submissive or Slave needs to understand, your Dominant or Master is not going to change, that will never happen. What will happen is you will change, and most likely you will change your whole life to fit ones needs.

BDSM is not about sex although today most think so BDSM equals fucking or sucking cock, or beating you until you cannot walk. That is a type of Behavior Modification, because that is how you the sub or slave understands how things are and you just go along with the flow of things.

I am more about control. I put rules in place, I put protocols in place, and it is very simple you follow or you don’t. When I was in my teens , 20’s and early 30’s I was all about sex , but there comes a time when you have to grow up, or want more things out of life, or like some you never grow up, things never go your way and it is always someones fault and never yours.

I love sex, I really do it is almost like a fetish to me, but I do not let my cock run my life. If I want my cock sucked I will tell Arianna, if I want to fuck the same. I would think a grown man would want more out of life than just a piece of ass.

A couple of Months ago at a MasT meeting in Orlando the topic came up about what if a Slave decides to move on. As I stated If it has been long term I would think it would be difficult just because of all of the above and that is based on the Behavior Modification process both the Master and Slave has gone through.

If you jump from Master to Master even just while searching for the right one, you as a Slave never get to experience the whole process, the true feeling of TPE Total Power Exchange.

I believe with a Dominant and Submissive it does not go as deep as an M’s relationship, because the training process is totally different. I do not think the Dominant invest as much time as  master Does in an M’s relationship. I could be wrong but this is my train of thought.

When Arianna states she is a no rights Slave that is what she is. I will admit the training was much easier than I had anticipated, and everything just fell into place. She made the needed adjustments and was able to make a somewhat smooth transition.

I may at times act up and get a little goofy, but I can say there is no one who could fill her shoes. There is no one like Arianna who could stand toe to toe with her, and be the Slave I need, and more so be the Slave she needs to be.


Behavior Modification Good Or Bad ?

The above is just my opinion, it is the way I see things. You may think different as a Dominant or Master but in the end we want the same for ours.



How Will You Train Me Sir

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This is a question we have all heard and some of you have asked at some point and time. The one thing I can assure you is, you do not start your training off by sucking cock. The reality is training is not what you really think or envision. Training a slave is really not that difficult. Training a slave should not be stressful. As a matter of fact training should be non-stressful, as well as drama free.

The two of you Master and Slave have to come to an agreement prior to entering a relationship. You have to share each others wants and needs. I think this process is geared more towards a slave than it is a submissive, but it can work for a submissive if the two are in a 24/7 relationship.

Last night Arianna and I attended the local Mast Group. Masters And Slaves Together. It is a group that meets on the first Friday of each month. With my work we can attend the local Mast the first Friday, then in February we will attend one in Orlando , then a month off.

Last nights topic was very deep and as usual we drifted off subject a few times which is good because it makes good conversation. It is held in a group setting, there is no sex, and those who want to take part in can, and others can just listen.

Last nights topic was ,,,,,, Empower , Embrace , reinforce , What’s a Slave, sub to do.

“How can a Master’s slave empower him to embrace his position and to reinforce their M/s relationship? Or the inverse, how can a Master’s slave cause their M/s relationship to become vanilla? Is it only the Master’s duty to keep a M/s relationship healthy or does the slave have a duty too? How can a slave make a good M/s relationship a great one? If a slave is not feeling the M/s dynamic as much as she wants what can she do to improve the relationship?”

As I stated last night not so much lays in the slaves hands it is more the master, and the one word I used that I use a lot on here is consistency…… The Master remains consistent while in the relationship. Being who and what you are, and being sure not to take any sidesteps.

The the topic of training came up, I believe it was me that brought the subject up. That was one of the first questions out of Ariannas mouth when we first met. How will you train me.

I told her that the first 90 days would tell everything. The first 90 days will be what you think is the hardest part of your life, but in fact it will be the easiest thing you have ever done if you pay attention.

I also made the statement that I want you to be able to anticipate my every need. This was something she had brought up a couple of times thinking she would fail, but that is not the case.

Every Dominant or Master uses different techniques. Some are calm cool and collective. Then some are just all out ball busting. So it just depends on the one who is training.

I told Arianna all she had to do was watch me and observe. Learn my few rules I will give out, and my protocols and you will be just fine. It did take about 90 days for everything to fall into place. The anticipating did take a little longer but it did happen.

Sex does take part in the training process I suppose but not in a way most would think. Again this is better for a 24/7 TPE relationship. TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE.

Now where does the sex come into play. Sex should be taken not asked for. It is the Masters pleasure that should be the slaves main concern. Sex should never be asked for. The slave is there for pleasure.

While sitting maybe watching TV you take the slave by the hand walk into the bedroom point to the bed and say spread. Fuck her get off and your done. There are no I love you, let me hold you. You are fucking not making love. The same if you want your cock sucked simply place on knees pull your cock out and insert into mouth. No asking.

What this does is it gives the feeling of being used. Despite what others may think, most who are submissive truly enjoy being used. All slave on the other hand crave to be used.

The use of slave positions is a good training process, although most will not be used everyday , these help to put the slave in that frame of mind. Again the key word is Consistency.

Your intention is to put your slave in that frame of mind. She no longer has the right to say NO. She now feels like property.

Watching , observing , and using.  I myself only started out with five rules, and I worked on my protocols more. Rules are for the betterment of the slave.

Training should be a smooth transition. No problems, no Drama, from within or from the outside. Both should be free of any outside trouble, and both should enter the relationship on a fresh start.




More On Protocol’s

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You are probably tired of me talking about protocols. I cannot express enough on how important using protocols during and after training is.

During training you go through what I call mind modification. You are taking someone and molding them to fit your needs. One of the most important things in going forward is the submissive or slave has to be true. They truly want to follow. The other is the Dominant or Master has to stay consistent from day one. If you give out rules you enforce, if you put protocols in place you enforce, and you enforce on a daily basis.

Protocols cover a huge area with in my home. From speech to positions when I feel the need, to how, Arianna acts in public.

Many of the protocols I am going to list I use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I still use some of the Slave positions but not on a regular basis, if I feel there is a need. One position that is used daily is Arianna greeting me when I get off work. I walk in the door Arianna is on her knees face down and arms extended. This is something she feels she has to do. This is not only her way of greeting me, but she is showing me how much she appreciates me .

This morning I posted a blog about the Difference between a Dominant and a Master. I ran across a website and found it to be very interesting.  The owner of the site did give permission to use the content as long as I gave credit to the publisher, which I did. There is a ton of information, which I will tap into and share with everyone.

Most of what I will be sharing is about safety which is the most important, but several months ago I posted about BDSM and the Law, again a ton of information. As I have stated before the use of Protocols is a lost Art. In the last ten years or so BDSM has changed so much. Every time we attend an event I cannot believe the total lack of respect from some, and when I bring it up I just get a blank stare like it is me that is not respecting them.

Just as I have stated much of the respect has gone away due to the Pansexual out break which is mentioned below, just that some protocols may not be observed as they are in an M’s relationship

The website that I obtained the information from is

You may also contact through email if you wish at


Remember many of you may already use some of these protocols or you may not. You may find some that you would like to put into place. Enjoy.




Disclaimer:   The following reflects my own training, and will be different than others were trained.   Personal pronouns reflecting male Dominance and female submission should be reversed if appropriate.   Each Dominant will create His own protocols and will most probably not conform to these.   I have presented this information as an example of one protocol, but only one.  “Master” and “slave” were not often used, although in many cases, i feel they would have been more appropriate.

Common Positions

  • Stand – Standing with feet shoulder width apart, back straight, head forward and eyes lowered. Hands are most usually clasped behind the back. In public, eyes forward so as not to draw attention to the position. “Present standing” – hands behind neck.
  • Kneel – Kneel in place, back straight, ass resting on heels, hands behind back, head bowed and eyes down. In public, she kneels in such a way as not not draw attention to herself, as if no chair were available.
  • Kneel up – Kneeling, knees shoulder width apart, back straight, head forward and eyes lowered. Hands are most usually clasped behind the back. “Present kneeling” would move hands behind the neck.
  • Kneel down – Kneeling, knees shoulder width apart with toes touching, forehead on the ground, cushioned by hands.
  • Present – Making the body available to the Dominant in a pre-arranged way. The Dominant generally points to a piece of furniture (meaning present bending over it) or to the floor (meaning present in a kneel down position). “Present on your back” would tell the submissive to lie on her back with knees up and legs spread wide, hands above the head. If standing, the submissive stands, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, hands behind back, left wrist in right hand, head bowed and eyes down.
  • Rest – The submissive assumes whatever resting posture the Dominant prefers. This is commonly a sitting or kneeling position that the submissive is able to maintain for long periods of time.
  • Serve – food or beverage is served with the right knee down, left leg bent, left elbow on left knee, right elbow in left palm, serving from the right hand.
  • Inspection –the submissive goes to the center of the room and stands facing away from the door, or away from her Dominant if He is in the room.   She spreads her legs as far apart as is possible while maintaining good balance, places her hands behind her neck and keeps her head straight and eyes forward.

Protocol Shifts

The protocols contained here are for Mid Protocol interactions, in places where it will not draw undue or unwelcome attention to the uniqueness of the Dominant/submissive relationship.

Low Protocol should be used when in the presence of vanilla observers.   During this time:

  • The submissive will refer to her Dominant as “Sir” when possible, and by His given name if Sir seems inappropriate for some reason.
  • The submissive will not kneel unless ordered to do so, but may sit on the floor if it would not draw attention.
  • If the submissive uses furniture, she will do so by sitting as close to her Dominant as possible and making her body accessible to Him as much as possible.
  • The submissive may serve her Dominant as a waitress might, rather than from a kneeling position.
  • Mid Protocols are in place wherever possible, but should be acted on with as much discretion as is possible.

High Protocol – will be used at her Dominant’s discretion and will be put into place by a prearranged signal or word from her Dominant at any time.

  • The submissive positions herself slightly behind her Dominant on His dominant side (unless given orders to the contrary) and remains there unless ordered otherwise.   If ordered to stand or kneel elsewhere, she keeps her head bowed and eyes down, only keeping her Dominant in her peripheral view, so as to be able to respond immediately if He summons her.   She may adjust her location only to keep Him in her line of site.
  • If approached in conversation, she will only say, “Forgive me Sir/Ma’am, I am forbidden to speak. My Master is standing/sitting there” and indicate His location.
  • The submissive will always use as few words as possible to respond when given permission to do so and will begin and end each sentence with “Sir”.
  • The submissive performs any service quietly and efficiently, drawing as little attention to her service as possible.

In Old Guard settings, submissives traditionally wear black or white t-shirts, jeans or leather shorts, white socks if any, black boots (laced right over left) or other black shoes.

A submissive wishing to be recognized by a Dominant, or group will stand about three feet away, just outside the circle of conversation, assume standing “public present” position and wait to be recognized.   Only then will they approach and speak.   A submissive who has greeted a Dominant in this manner will normally wait to be dismissed before leaving, or if she is expected back quickly, will explain, “Forgive me Sir, i am expected back” and wait for dismissal.   A bow of the head to show respect is proper.   Backing a few steps away before turning is also proper.

A submissive should not speak to another submissive who is in the company of her Dominant without permission to do so.   This is not well observed in pansexual circles.   The proper respect is to gain recognition, greet the Dominant and ask if she might greet his submissive.   Dominants do not usually acknowledge the submissive of another Dominant unless they have a prior acquaintance with her.   Dominants may or my not introduce their submissives, as pleases them and the circumstance.   If they do introduce them, it is usually by first name only.

Chain collars are indicative of Master/slave relationships while leather collars are more common for D/s relationships.   Pet tags may indicate pet status.   Flagging is still common in gay communities, left for Dominant or Top, right for submissive or bottom.   Colors are plentiful; there is a legend on my information page, if you are interested.   Most commonly seen are black (Sm top or bottom), mustard (hung 8″+ or wants one), orange (anything goes), hunter green (daddy/boy), and most recently black/white checked (safe sex).


Honorifics should be used as such, not as names.   As a rule, a Dominant whose scene name, for instance is “Master Greg”, would be introduced by that entire name, but would be called “Greg” by other Dominants, “Master Greg” or “Sir” by other submissives, and “Master” only by his own submissive.   A Dominant introducing his submissive to this Dominant would introduce him as “Master Greg” so that the submissive would have the correct information.

Dominants will specify the way in which their submissives will address them, such as “Sir”, “M’Lord” or “Master”.   Honorifics can be as complex as the Dominant wishes, and many times are structured in complex ways to test the submissive and keep her on her toes.   They may or may not include a name or a scene name.   Occasionally, a Dominant will have his submissive call him by a given name, because it is difficult for most trained submissives not to use “Sir” and they use it as an exercise in obedience.   This is often mistaken for disrespect, however, and is therefore rare.

The term “voice trained” is often used to describe a submissive who has been trained to speak only when spoken to and to not betray her preferences in her answers.   A variation includes Dominants who have their submissives say “If it pleases you Sir” when they are in agreement and “Only if it pleases you Sir” to indicate the opposite view.   They believe that this gives the appearance of neutrality while giving the Dominant information about the preference.   I personally disagree with this practice and deem it game playing.

High Protocol parties in Denver generally include a rule that submissives do not speak without permission.   Permission is gained by a pre-determined signal.   In discussions, submissives do not participate.   They may speak only to their own Dominants.   House protocols never take priority over personal protocols.

Food and Drink Service

A hostess submissive will serve her Dominant first, the Master of the House second and other Dominants as is convenient to the setting.   She will then serve the Master of the House’s submissive, and then the other submissives in as close to the same order as their Dominants were served.

A submissive being served will either 1) accept food and drink on behalf of their Dominant and serve him themselves, or 2) wait quietly while he is served.

In a vanilla setting such as a restaurant, the submissive will not eat or drink until their Dominant has done so.   Dominants will normally defer to the host in like manner.   When the Dominant is finished eating, the submissive stops unless signaled by her Dominant to finish her meal.

For a more in-depth discussion of Formal Dinner Service, click here

Other Service

A Dominant will not request service of an accompanied submissive without first asking her Dominant to allow it.   An unattended submissive may be requested to provide simple service, or fetch and carry at will, unless she is in a non-communicative protocol.

Service should be carried out as quickly, quietly and seamlessly as possible.   Service that draws attention to itself is in bad taste.

Personal Service

Personal service is normally reserved for one’s Dominant, unless offered to another by one’s Dominant.   A Dominant that requests personal service without consulting one’s Dominant may be told, “I’m sorry Sir, that is not allowed” and referred to the submissive’s Dominant for further discussion.

Master’s Responsibility

The Master is responsible for setting the Protocol level and any individual protocols that He desires.   But, He has another important responsibility; that of protecting His slave.   He should constantly be aware of her.   If she is approached by someone that she doesn’t have permission to interract with, she should be given a specific way to handle the situation.   In Old Guard trained slaves, you will most often hear “Forgive me Sir.   i am not permitted to speak.   My Master **** stands there.   In many current protocols, the slave will be instructed to simply look down at the floor and ignore the contact completely.   In this instance, the Master must be extremely aware and ready to intervene as soon as He observes this reaction.

Another common instruction that a slave may be given an instruction that she should come up into a formal present posture in order to get her Master’s attention (in order to make a request or ask to speak).   If this is the case, He must see it and respond.

Again Slave Positions

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I have posted on this topic before, and I guess there seems to be a little confusion on the need. Slave positions I believe are needed from time to time. The purpose of these positions is not about control, or ego driven. The purpose is to put the submissive in that state of mind, the feeling of submission. the feeling of being vulnerable, and at times even the feeling of humiliation.

The positions also show a sign of respect, the willingness to give, the need to give, the want.

There are things that might prohibit one from some of these positions, health is always an issue, bad back, neck, leg . So we improvise when needed

Many dominants are ego driven, the need to empower, the need to abuse, and when a submissive is new she does not really have a clue,she just assumes the dom is correct and knows what he is doing.

The positions can be used as a training process, but are by no means meant for everyday use, with the exception of a few, One being when one would present herself when entering a room, or in service when company is over. Other than that they are not used on a daily basis.

I agree at times I should clarify somethings when I post. I am me, you will not find two dominants who think alike, or use the same methods of training. The fact is you cannot put 5 doms in a room and get them to agree on the weather.

What really gets me is when one dominants thinks or says another is doing something wrong, or he should not be doing that. I may not agree with all, but unless it is a clear sign of abuse, I keep my mouth shut, in some cases I say nothing.

There is no BDSM Book 101. Each one has their own method, and needs. To say a dominant does not know what he is talking about, well that is just wrong. If I happen to run across a new Dom I will try to give advice, but they seldom take note.

So the bottom line is, if your submissive has some health issues going on you can put off on using some of the positions, not use at all, or improvise.


Why Slave Positions

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Although many dominants use slave positions, they are used for the wrong reason. A lot of dominant use these positions for there own amusement or simply because they can, to some it is all about power.

While in a long term relationship, we try to insure we keep out partner in a submissive state of mind. It is up to us as dominants to insure, this happens. The submissive needs that feeling, they have giving up control, and it is up to the dominant to keep control.

So at times we use slave positions, these positions are meant to keep our pets in this state of mind. the feeling of being submissive, even at time vulnerable, exposed. and yes at times humiliated. I do believe at times humiliation is needed, it reminds the submissive of there place.

Many of the positions are to teach protocol, now every dominant is different, every dominant has different needs, and yes at times there are dominants who do not with to put this much effort into training.

You are not going to use all of these positions on a daily basis, with the exception of a few. Keeping your pet in this state of mind is very important, again this is what she needs, and wants. This is why she picked you, you assured her you were up for the task. She has already expressed her needs and you jumped up to the plate, so now it is time to deliver

Every position has its own meaning and purpose. Every position is meant to give a different feeling.

The positions are not meant to be used because you are ego driven, or just because your into humiliation. A submissive or slave wants you to train her, this is what she wants, she wants to please you, she needs to please you.

Protocol plays a very big part in the lifestyle, be it while you are together or your submissive is out alone or with friends..  Your submissive is a reflection of you, she represents you, in public. The life style is a very close family, and once you introduce your pet to your friends as you should, once you attend events with your pet as you should, while you introduce your pet to other submissives as you should, your pet is a total reflection on you. The time you took to train, we as dominants stand proud, and more so other dominants take notice.

Once you begin to train, rules guidelines and protocol, you must finish and maintain, daily. You cannot just go through the steps, and just let it go. If you do not maintain what you have taught, she will begin to lose respect, you are no longer the dom you said you were, and yes she will move on.

I ran across these positions and wanted to share, each position has a picture and an explanation of each position and there meaning and purpose….

For purposes of expedience, not exclusion, this page is written from a Master / female slave perspective.   The slave positions outlined here are common to many different protocols and would be applicable to both male or female slaves alike.  Author John Norman did a good job in describing most of these positions in his Gor series of books, and those who practice Gorean protocols will be quick to recognize most of them.  However this is not a page about Gorean positions specifically.  It is because of the large number of Gorean enthusiasts that have shared information on the Internet about slave positions that the Gorean names for these positions have become well known, and as such, are in common usage outside of less open protocols.  Of course, if you don’t want to use Gorean terms, you’re obviously free to use different names for the various positions as you please.  In most cases, I’ve given you alternative names to use.

You will notice that in many cases, subtle variations are available that can be used at the Master’s discretion.  While many novices might think there is a “perfect” or “right” way to do each of these positions, the truth is that each Master trains his slave to his own liking.  Until slave positions become an Olympic sport, it is up to the Master to decide what is perfect form for his slave.  Of course, control of the slave, her grace under movement, and subtle positioning of her body for beauty are immediately obvious even to the casual observer, so each Master should strive for these goals in their slaves.

If you happen to know of an alternative name for a particular position as it’s known within another protocol, I would love for you to write me to let me know about it as well as any other information on the position you’d like to share.  Also any input on variations of these positions would be helpful as well.  

The pictures on this site are available for sale at reasonable prices.  If you like them, I encourage you to visit Anna’s Erotic Art.  In addition to these, there are many other lovely pieces of erotic art that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  Anna was quite gracious to allow me the use of her beautiful work on this site, so if you feel like supporting her generosity with your purchases, so much the better.


Nadu or Kneeling PositionThis is the most basic of all the positions. This is the position a slave is in most of the time. The slave kneels before her Master, her head held high, eyes downcast, knees spread wide open, shoulders back keeping her back straight (or arched slightly), breasts thrust outward. Her hands lie on her thighs, palms facing upward.  Some may like for the ankles to be crossed. 

There is a variation where the slave only spreads her thighs when directly in front of her Master.  If he should move away from her, she should turn in his direction keeping her body facing him, but close her thighs (the Tower Slave Position) until he is once again in directly in front of her.

Variations of hand positions also exist, including palms facing downward, palms upwards or facing outwards, fingers spread wide apart, crossing the wrists with the hands resting in the lap, wrists crossed behind the back, and fingers interlaced behind the neck.

Tower Slave or Kneeling Modestly PositionThis is a variation of the kneeling (nadu) position in which the slave kneels in the same way, but with her knees pulled together. The slave’s hands typically rest on her thighs facing downward, however any of the hand variations described in the nadu position could also be used.

Some may not consider this as a separate position from the kneeling position, only a variation of it based on whether the Master is directly in front of her at the time.

Sulu or Prone Position

In this position, a slave lays upon her back, her hands at her sides, palms upward, her legs widely spread, to await her Master’s pleasure.

Sulu-ki or Raised Prone Position

This position is almost identical to the sula position, except once she has assumed the sula position she slowly lifts her hips up off the floor, as if beckoning him with her body, encouraging her sexual use by him.

Leasha Or Leash PositionThis position is used to attach a leash. She kneels, her back to her Master, with her chin lifted and head turned to the left, offering her collar for leashing. Her wrists are behind her back, ready, if needed, to be snapped into slave bracelets.

In a variation on this position, the slave remains either standing or kneeling, depending upon the current position she is in, and then turns and puts her back to her Master, her chin up, her head turned to the left so a leash may be attached to her collar.

Bracelets PositionThis position is used to put on slave bracelets for chaining the slave.  She places her hands behind her back, her shoulders pushed back, her breasts thrust outward, and her hands clasped tightly behind her back and ready for bracelets to be placed on her.

In an alternative to this position, the slave stands gracefully before her Master, with her hips slightly turned to one side, her back and shoulders erect, her wrists crossed behind her back and her head turned to the left, in anticipation of having slave bracelets attached to her wrists.

Ko Lar or Collaring Position or Submit PositionThe slave kneels at the Master’s feet and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in submission.  This is particularly good in a collaring ceremony.

Hair Position

The slave stands, her feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, that her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Master desires.

Leading PositionThe slave stands and moves behind her Master, bending at the waist. She places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to her Master’s hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair or collar while walking.
Kneeling to the Whip or Whipping PositionTurning and facing away from her Master, the slave first assumes the kneeling position (nadu), though with her arms crossed in front of her. With her crossed arms stretched out before her, she then leans forward and places her head to the floor, first sweeping her hair forward over her shoulders in order that her back might be fully exposed to the whip.

An alternative for this position is for the slave to cross her arms across her chest and under her as she then lowers her head to the floor.  Variations as to space between the thighs and raising the backside up for an easier spanking position are also available.

Bara Position

In this position, the slave lays on her stomach, face down and turned to the left with her wrists crossed behind her back. Her ankles are crossed, as well, as if for binding.

Belly Position

In this position, the slave assumes a face down position, her head is turned to the left, arms are at her sides with the palms turned up, and her legs are parted widely.

A variation of this position has the slave with her palms pressed flat to the ground on either side of her head.

Obeisance PositionGiving obeisance to the Master is as much a series of moves as it is any single position.  In one common position of slave obeisance, the slave kneels (nadu) before her Master. The slave then bends forward and lowers her head to the floor, her arms outstretched, the palms of her hands pressed to the floor. 

In another variation, the slave lowers herself onto her belly on the floor. She then inches forward, remaining low on her belly, and upon reaching the Master’s feet, she licks and kisses them.  Afterwards she takes the Master’s foot and places it gently upon her head. She then lowers his foot again to the floor, and kisses it again. She then may inch backwards a bit, still on her belly.

In a variation, the slave goes to the floor, laying upon her stomach, face down before the Master. She turns her head and places her cheek against his feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission.

Old Guard protocols place a whole style of service around what’s called “Boot Service”, so there is a considerable amount of variations on this theme.  This is a wonderful way for a slave to start service to her Master and to gain serious head space.

The Slaver’s Kiss or Usage Position

The slave falls to the floor upon all fours, and lowers her head to the ground, with her buttocks thrust upward and her thighs widely spread, exposing her hindquarters fully in preparation for the caress of the leather whip against her body. 

A variation on this position has the slave fall to the floor upon all fours, and keeps her head straight, her eyes looking forward, with her buttocks thrust upward and her thighs widely spread in preparation for the sexual use of the Master.

A second variation has the slave put her head down with her hands clasped firmly behind her neck. 

She-Sleen Position

In this position, the slave falls to her hands and knees, her head down on the floor, her hindquarters thrust high for viewing and/or her Master’s pleasure.  Typically, this position is used for humility training, and the slave is made to do her duties using her teeth to hold things and without using her hands.  As she crawls around on all fours, she may also be used by her Master sexually.  She may also be made to eat from the floor or a bowl on the floor.

There are many more positions than what’s been described thus far.  Here are a few listed by category.  Name them as you like.

Attention Positions

  • The slave stands upright, legs spread moderately, hands clasped behind her back above her ass.

  • The slave stands upright, legs spread moderately, hands clasped behind her neck.

Spanking Positions

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, hands and feet on floor.

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, feet on floor with hands clasped behind neck.

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, her inside leg trapped between his legs, and her hands on floor.

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, her genitals against his.

  • The slave straddles her Master facing his feet, her hands on floor with her ass slightly raised in front of him.

Paddling Positions

  • The slave stands with her legs spread moderately, bent at waist, hands on her legs below her knees.

  • The slave stands with legs spread moderately, bent at waist, with her hands clasped behind her neck.

Crawling Positions

  • The slave goes to her hands and knees with her legs vertical and moderately spread. Her head is lowered in humility.

  • The slave goes to her knees and elbows with her arms stretched forward, her legs slightly spread, and her back arched.

  • The slave goes to her knees and elbows with her hands on her elbows, her legs slightly spread, and her back arched.

  • The slave goes to her knees and elbows with her hands pinching opposite nipples, her legs slightly spread, and her back arched.

  • The slave goes to her knees, leaning forward with her face and breasts on floor. Her hands reach back to grip her ankles.

Sexual Usage Positions

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and straight, and her hands clasped behind her head.

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and moderately bent, and her hands clasped behind her head.

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and completely bent and her feet against her ass.  Her hands are clasped behind her head.

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and moderately bent, and her hands holding her genitals spread open to view.

  • Remember once you begin, it is important to keep a firm hand. Do not abuse because you can. Train because she needs and wants to please.
  • Vile