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Check Out My New Short Story. The Breaking Of Sabrina.

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This is a very short story, it is the first of three more books.
The second one will continue with Sabrina and a few more girls and it will be much longer.
You will get to see what my thoughts are when it comes to breaking a Slave who is unwilling

Smashwords (for all but Kindle users):


Coming soon to B&N, iBooks, KOBO and other retailers


Yes that is My beautiful wife and slave Arianna.

Much Love


Check out my new short story. The Breaking Of sabrina , on amazon

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What Do You As A Submissive Want Out Of Life

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I use the word Submissive because I think Slaves are becoming harder and harder to find, maybe we should get congress to put Slaves on the endangered list.

What is it you want out of life ? Where do you see yourself a month from now ? Where do you see yourself 6months from now? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Many who are submissive spend more time jumping from Dom to Dom, and if you continue you will never build anything. You spend 5 % of your time struggling trying to hold the relationship together hoping things will get better, then you spend the other 95% sucking cock or on your back. Still hoping things will get better.

I cannot even begin to imagine what goes through your minds when your in a bad relationship and your being used. Being used is just not about sex, but when it comes to sex I still cannot imagine what goes through your mind while your being fucked.

The problem you are having is you have no plan in place. You really do not have a clue what to expect once you open the door to BDSM. Then you instantly believe what your told. You are kelp isolated from the world. You hear the words of one person. Again I cannot imagine how you would feel being so alone and isolated from the world, even more while being in an abusive relationship.

You have no plan at all , you have no questions, even if you do your to scared to ask. Your to scared to question a Dom when you have not even agreed to submit. Your to afraid to question him in fear he will reject you, and I know rejection is a mother fucker. Being rejected makes you feel like you have walked off the edge of the world and your just falling. The truth is sometimes falling is much better than going through a bunch of bullshit you have no control over. Then you spend days, weeks and months crying over some dickhead who abused you for 6 months to a year.

What kind of life do you want to live as a submissive? I am sure you all have some sort of idea , I am sure you all have a clear picture in your head. I am sure you have thoughts about how you want to be treated. If you have this idea or this picture, or you have needs, why would you let someone destroy your dream, because you believe he is the only one?

Those who are real will encourage you to make friends in the community. Those who are real will take you to local functions. Those who are real and have been in the lifestyle for a reasonable amount of time will introduce you to other Dominants. Introducing you to other Dominants is a need. Every Dominant wants to show off his property. Other Dominants are proud of their property.

From the time you agree to be someones submissive, your training will start. The Dominant may tell you it has started but you will never heard the words training is complete because it really is never over. We learn and grow daily.

The Dominant already has a plan he already knows what he is going to do , he already knows what he is going to implement and what he is not. Training does take a little time, because what worked with the last submissive may not work with you. This is the getting to know each other time.

You cannot enter a D’s or M’s relationship without some type of plan. Before you agree to enter such a relationship, you need to share your plan, you need to make sure both of you are on the same page.  If the Dominant cannot agree to your terms when it comes to submission just simply say thank you, and you move on.

You never want to be a Dominants first, your just an experiment and you will be in a short lived relationship, not to mention he really has no clue as far as knowing what he is doing…. In my opinion it takes three to five years to have a good understanding when it comes to being in a D;s or M’s relationship , but many of the Fifty Shades guys have it pinned down when they set the book down.

What Do You As A Submissive Want Out Of Life ?

It is unfortunate if your new because your going to believe everything your told. Being new makes you very gullible , being new makes you an easy target. Even when there are warning signs you ignore them because you think your in a perfect world. Your blind, you do not see anything, nor do you want to. Your so infatuated your blind to warning signs.

What Do You As A Submissive Want Out Of Life ?





Are Slave Trainers Real

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I commented on a thread on Fetlife about a Slave Trainer. Someone who trains Slaves for other Dominants, Masters , and Owners.

Now I have been in the Lifestyle for a very very long time, and I have met one who said he was a Slave Trainer who happened to be single when I met him.

So lets say that there is such a thing, and many will claim to be. I am not saying it is not true, but I think if it is, it must be some underground thing that is top secret. No one knows about this group except for the Slave Trainers.

So some dude trains a Slave for me, I get a knock on the door I open it and the trainer says here you go, that will be 1500 dollars. Why 1500 dollars? Well surely he is not going to train for free. Lets say the training takes six months. He has to house the slave, feed, bath, wash clothes, and spend his time training the slave for me. Sure I would call to check on the progress. Nah

So this slave enters my house. My rules, protocols are all different, the way I dress my slave, the way she speaks, walks talks, and even cooks my meals. So what good has the trainer done?

Every Slave or Submissive already knows their roles, this is true. They know they are Submissive, they already know they are a Slave. We as Dominants just have to fine tune the edges. Teach our ways.

So what is it the Slave Trainer would teach? How to take a flogging? How to follow rules? How to cook food? How to be nude while at home?

Now on the other hand lets say I wanted a slave but did not have time to train. Okay it could happen. I sat this trainer down and gave him a long list of what I expect, and he trained according to my guidelines, my structure, my rules and so on. Then maybe just maybe.

This dude drops a slave off at my house me knowing he has been banging her, she has sucked his dick, nah not for me.

If you meet a Slave who has been in other relationships, again they had the basic knowledge, but most of everything they have learned goes out the window, the Slave is starting from scratch. Their training starts all over almost like from day one.

Maybe someone looks at this topic differently, maybe you are a slave trainer I would like to hear from you, this would be an awesome debate.  I would like to talk to other slaves who have been trained then passed on. Not asking for much.