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On the 8th Day Man Was Giving The Camel Toe

Posted in Arianna, bdsm, Camel Toe, Huge Pussy Lips, pussy, slave, St Augutine, Submission, submissive on April 18, 2015 by thekinkyworldofvile

One fetish I have is the almighty Pussy. It comes in all shapes and sizes , not one looks the same , not one feels the same. Shaved , trimmed , or natural it is still a beautiful thing.

Here lately I have not had near as much play as I would like , but things are going to pick up here very soon…..
I need that play time, fingering , probing , using object , I love watching things slid in and out.

One of the first things I look at and I am not sure when it happened or how this fetish came about , But I have a fascination with Camel Toes.
It is as bad as my ass fetish.

Arianna and I spent our weekend up in St Augustine Florida. We spent the night at a nice Bed and Breakfast , and we were not far from the historic district.
I thought it was like 3 miles walking but Arianna said it was only .3 miles walking , yea I am still questioning that walk but anyway. Then I found out we could of rented Segways wow.

Anyway Arianna and I wanted to grab something to eat and we had read some reviews about this Burger place and decided to take this 3 mile walk. Once there we took a seat and out walked this waitress with this huge camel toe , I am telling you I could not help it my eyes just go they are like radar.


Trying to read the menu was a task in itself , then trying to get the words out was even more of a task. Eh ok the burgers were okay not the best but being hungry it really does not matter…

So Yes I do believe it is true on the 8th we were meaning man was giving the Camel Toe