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Love Comes In All Forms

Posted in bdsm, escorts,, stripper on December 11, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I was just reading and escorts blog which I found to be very interesting you should check her out. I like to read blogs where people are open, kinda like I am. Her blog is,

She had stated she did not remember when she had last had a boyfriend and did not know if anyone would well except her since she is an escort.

I really find that statement to be false. We have no control over who we fall in love with. While you can say she is not my type or he is not my type if you say no, it will just eat you up inside.

I lived with a stripper for almost seven years, she made really good money about 1500 to 2500 a week and only working 3 or 4 days a week. I seldom when to the club where she danced , because I knew she was loyal, and at the end of the night she would come home to me.

In a way it kinda got me off knowing all those dudes were trying to fuck her, and at the end of the night it was me who was banging her and those dudes were jacking off to her.

We all have to make a living, we all need to pay rent, eat ,and enjoy things in life.

I tell people all the time, there is someone for everyone. You can never say well I would never date him or I would never date her, because if you click you click.

In the BDSM lifestyle is is about the same, with the exception of all the kink and awesome sex that comes with it. If you both have the same interest, the same needs and want the same thing out of life then go for it. It is very important to be upfront, be honest and get everything out on the table, speak openly share your thoughts. If you start out with communication and you keep it up you will grow and you will be happier than you have ever been.

I could never imagine living a Vanilla life again, I tried it for nine years and I had never been so miserable in my life. When I left or got kicked out because I finely came clean. I made up my mind from that point on I was going to be me, and I would never change. You take me as I am or not at all.

While living with a stripper I never tried to talk her into leaving, I knew that would come when she was ready. If you force someone to change it will never work. I have never had an insecurity problem either. If something is meant to happen you have no control over you, you can only control the after, not the during.

Just be yourself , be who you are, that is the only way you will ever be happy. If you try to be someone else in a relationship you will never be happy nor be who you truly need and want to be.

Just my thoughts I hope I did not offend that was not my intention.

Much Love to everyone.


Living Poly

Posted in 24/7, bdsm, Bond, Korean, poly, stripper on June 29, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I lived in a poly house some time ago, we were all together for a little over 3 years. I was living with a little Korean slave, we had been together almost a yr when she brought up the idea of having a third come in. Kim was very out going, she liked being the center of attention. I met her at a titty bar, on a Friday, I went back Saturday , and she left with me and moved in Sunday. I know kinda fast.

I do enjoy going to titty bars sometimes I have not been in about a year, but most of the time I sit at the bar with my back to the stage, if you were counting on me to put something into your retirement you were going to be broke.

So I ordered a Jack and coke my favorite drink, and I was talking to the bartender, and kim came up and sat down next to me, she was just running off at the mouth. She had married some dude in the army, and once here he beat her almost on a daily basis, what a shame. The last time he broke a rib that punctured a lung, I think he got like 5 years or something,anyway. She is just running off at the mouth an I am trying to watch CNN. Finely I said will you shut the fuck up and leave me alone. Kim got up and left, a few minutes later returned. That was the beginning.

Although Kim was talkative and free spirit in the club alone she was very much an introvert , quite and shy, more so withdrawn from the world, wanted nothing to do with other people, then when at work a total different person, she liked the control over men. She made fun of married men because when they walked in the club, they would take there wedding rings off, hoping to score.

If a dude is that hard up where he has to drop three to five hundred on a piece of ass, something is wrong.It was funny watching guys go crazy over some chick shaking her ass, just throwing money away.

Kim knew what my lifestyle was prior to even talking to me, she got the info from the bartender , who I knew from a munch in Daytona, so she already knew the story.. It was weird because while we were alone she would just read and clean, took a half dozen showers daily, when she got off work she would spend an hour in the shower just washing herself, she said she felt nasty from being touched.

I had a friend who owned a pest control company and got her a job answering the phones, it was easy because she didn’t have to see the people on the other end of the line, anyway after about a year, she brought up the idea of having a service slave. Someone who would take care of the house, cooking, laundry, paying bills and so on.

So I started searching, and we met a half dozen or so, until Kim found someone she liked, although I had to like her as well, it was up to Kim, she had to get along with Kim, that was most important.

So Carrie moved in a tall chunky blonde she worked part time at a daycare, and lived with her brother. It took a few days for Kim and Carrie to move her stuff in, but they finely got everything situated.

Now prior to Carrie moving in we were all at dinner, Kim and I sat next to each other, and Carrie across from us. I said here is the deal carrie, this was not my idea, this is Kim’s she feels she needs the extra company, and someone who can take some of the load off of her. You need to understand, Kim is number one she will always be number one, you are number two and will always be number two. If something happens and you two cannot get alone, you have to go, not Kim.

Everything was okay for the first year, the carrie became jealous, she would pick arguments with kim, and when they came to me , I had to stay out of it and could not take sides. They had to work it out, I could not show any favoritism towards either.

Now all you guys think man you had it made, this is far from true, after three months of living together, there period fell with in a day of each other, who fucking knew? If one was siting on the couch with me then the other had to. or if i was in a conversation with one, the other had to be part of it.

So about two and a half years into the relationship, I was on vacation, and Kim was at work, and carrie said she wanted to talk to me.So we went out to lunch, sitting and talking, she was feeling me out asking questions about how I felt about her? What I thought about her? If things would of been different if I had met her first. How did I feel about Kim dancing in a bar when I first met her.

I reminded carrie of the conversation we had prior to her moving in, about where Kim stood in the relationship, and I just got this stare, because that was not the answer she was looking for. Just because a girls dances for a living does not make her a whore.

So at dinner all three of us were talking, and I looked at Kim and said Carrie has to go, she is going to be moving out. I explained to her what had happened at lunch and our conversation. Kim was devastated , she felt like she was betrayed, because she thought of Carrie as her sister, and best friend.

Then it started Kim jumped on Carrie and was giving her the ass beating of her life even though carrie was much bigger, kim was a bad little bitch. After about five minutes I had to break it up.

The next day Carrie moved out, she was crying saying how could I of done this to her. Well it was very easy, because I laid down the law from the start, and carrie knew where she stood number two.

About six months later, Kims mother got real sick so she returned to Korea to take care of her, that was the last contact I had with her, after Carrie, she just changed, became more with drawn, carrie had really hurt her….

So poly is not what it is cut out to be, I am now one on one….I really had no desire to live in a triad , the only reason I did was because of how much I cared for Kim, what carrie did not understand was, I was in love with Kim, and I liked Carrie….