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My Type of Woman

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I really do not have a preference when it comes to a female. I can tell you I am not into looks, I really do not care what someone looks like. Well okay there is a limit. The truth is I do not base anything on looks. As a matter of fact if we met, and we were separated by a wall, and we spent time talking if I was able to click with you, on all levels, I am good.

To me it is the conversation, being able to communicate, really clicking.. Okay I am not the easiest man to live with. I can be difficult I know this, but my philosophy is be who you are, not what someone wants you to be.

I prefer the girl next door, no makeup type, shy, and introvert, but smart, intelligent, a good self esteem.

What turns me off, is to hear someone just talk about everything they have done, on a daily basis, on and on and on. it is all about them and nothing else. Just like men you have dated who were just stuck on themselves.

Being open minded is a must, willing to learn. Follow direction, and know that there are choices and consequences for our actions.

I believe most of our problems are self inflicting. We tend to sweep things under the rug, in hopes something will go away. Well it never does. If a problem arises you take care of it right then.

So if you are stuck on yourself, and you have no personality, nah I am not even interested. I was seeing a woman for a while then we went separate ways , then 9 months later we started again, a huge mistake on my part. Everything was always about her, the accomplishments , who she had worked for, what she had done, all about her. Huge turn off.

You can tell when someone is interested in you. Small things. How was your day? What are you thinking? How is your son? You can tell when someone is truly listening to what you have to say.  Instead of spending twenty minutes talking and all you get is a oh yea, or really.

Don’t get me wrong I love beautiful women, but if the personality is not there, it just wont work.

A female who follows my blog, is like just smoking hot, long blonde hair, the biggest brightest eyes you have ever seen, petite, but she has a kick ass personality , she is a very very good friend, someone I can talk to on all levels. She is not into BDSM , and will be married soon, but all around she is really awesome. Our conversations never go towards the extreme , which I do like. I have a lot of female friends who are vanilla, and non sexual. They know what I am about, but they feel safe around me. They know I am not going to hit on them, or judge who they are.

The topic of BDSM never comes up, we are just friends. Even if at some point and time one wanted a relationship, I could not go there. Reason being that is not the way our relationship started out, if that makes any sense. Women seem to be far more understanding than men when you want a true conversation.

I have one who I bowl with, one I fish with, and the other is just a hang out, movies, flea markets, what ever. Some have stayed the night, slept in the same bed without fear of what I might try or do. The truth is sex does not even cross my mind.

Anyway just a little more about me…