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New Toys For Arianna

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I love Sensory Depravation it can make the mind think of some crazy things. Under the right conditions you can also reach sub-space.

When people talk about sub-space many think there has to be pain involved , and that is so far from the truth it is not funny..

I was talking to someone the other day about planting a seed. Your planting a thought, the thought then becomes a need. This is a way to get something across without really having to say anything, and yes it works.

If that seed is planted you need pain to reach sub-space, guess what ? Then that will be the only way to achieve reaching that point.

In reality reaching sub-space is about getting into ones mind , once your able to do so, the fun is unlimited.

Many also confuse reaching an orgasm during play is part of sub-space, and that is far from the truth as well..

The pain side of things, the body knows when it is being hurt, and there are steps the body takes to protect itself. Once you start feeling pain, your body sends most of your blood to your abdominal area, causing you to get cold, and confusion sets in, and you believe your reaching sub-space. Even during impact play, blood is rushed to your stomach area… Impact play that includes breast, pussy, or ass, all the body knows its being hurt and it is trying to protect itself..

Sub-space is an art, sub-space is the ability to get into someone’s mind, be it erotic or causing confusion. It is how intense the play session is, and this can be done without pain.. The key is to get those endorphin’s flowing, once you have hit that process the sky is the limit.

You start by taking senses away, sight, hearing, are the two most valuable, then of course touch and smell, but you take sight away, and you bring in a little fear, the mind begins to wonder. Music is always good even being played a little loud, losing sight and not being able to comprehend what is going on around you, causes confusion.

I myself do not enjoy marking up my property, I do not enjoy leaving bruises, this is mainly because if something went wrong, and for some reason I had to explain what happened, yea just not good, because even when consensual, sometimes the law does not see it as being consensual.

A good thing to do is to get familiar with BDSM and the Law, I have blogged about this before. This is why I have mentioned it is very important to get active in the local community. You meet people Doctors, Lawyers, you meet people from every walk of life. It is good to know the right people just in case..

Okay I am sorta of bouncing around here today, so back to the toys. Here lately, Arianna’s needs have began to grow even more.

When I first met her I explained BDSM was like a drug, the more you experience the more you need. The more control you give, the more you want to continue giving..

It is a drug and it is a very powerful drug. The one thing you need to be sure of is your dealer is in full control.. Because if he is not you can get hurt and you can get hurt bad.

BDSM is a mind thing, getting in your head, not only getting in your head but having the ability to stay there, get inside move around, look around see what’s going on. Being able to figure you out, know what makes you think, and then being able to toy around a little.

This is achieved through trust, real trust, I mean trusting someone with your life, because if you are not there, sub-space will not be there.
Trust, would your Dominant take a bullet for you? Would you take a bullet for your Dominant? that is trust.


The seed was planted, a couple of days ago Arianna brought up the subject about wanting a hood, but now it has become a need. You plant the seed and you leave it alone.

Arianna loves Butt Plugs but she wanted one with a tail, so I placed an order.

This will surely bring out the submission on a higher level, being home, nude and being instructed to insert and wear.

The new Vibrator I picked out along with the hood and the fox tail, her old one is almost ready to retire. No woman should be without a Vibrator.


I am also looking for a new flogger, but yea I am not paying 90 bucks for one so I will just keep shopping…

Okay I know I jumped around a lot I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend..

One more thing I am preparing more interviews. I have a Dominant who is married with children and he will explain how D’s works in his home.
Also the famous Cinnimon will be dropping in and helping me out with the Baby Girl thing, and helping us understand more. I wish more Baby girls would step forward but she is going to be awesome…

Much Love

Spanking , Sucking Cock ,And Yea Baby Anal Sex

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My three favorite subjects.

A little bit of information about Arianna and I, Although we are TPE Master and Slave, in a no rights relationship, I am not into pain. The thing that many do not understand pain does not have to be part of the lifestyle, I am more into the Discipline part, structure,and protocols. Those three things are very important to me.

I am more into the control aspect of the relationship, and I am very fortunate to of found Arianna.

99% of the time if a man is successful in life it is because of his wife, because she was smart enough to put the home together,she was smart enough to save, she was smart enough to insure the family was taking care of.

The Slave or Submissive makes the Dominant, they make the Master. They give reason, they give drive,and I know everyday I give thanks.

I am thankful I have Arianna, I am thankful she is so compliant, I am thankful she allowed me to collar her, and become my property. I am thankful she is honest, and loyal. I am thankful she is so understanding. I am also thankful she understands my personality knowing there is a great chance I will embarrass her in public,because that is just me.

The sexual side of things, I am also thankful she really knows how to suck cock, I am thankful she knows how to use her pussy muscles, and I am thankful she has a nice ass. I hat to see Arianna leave but I love to watch her go. She has this awesome bubble butt. It also makes for more pleasure when I am up behind her fixing to slide my cock in.

Three things I require before entering a relationship, you suck cock, you swallow, and anal sex, if you say no to anyone of those three, our conversation is over, because I refuse to settle for less.

Now here is something interesting , if and when we add a sister to our home, I will not require those things. That way Arianna is giving something special if that makes since.

Arianna sleep nude every night, no clothes are allowed while she is in bed. Most of the time Arianna is nude while home. The first thing she does once home is shower, shave, and then I may allow clothes. If I do allow she has a slave dress she wears, there are two, I picked both out, and they are nothing pretty.

Female endorphins are released during play. It does not have to do anything with pain, just the erotic part of playing, the foreplay, fingering anal teasing.
The releasing of endorphins this is the process of reaching sub-space, again pain is not need to reach sub-space. It is the mind set between the two of you, how well your minds are acting as one.
Arianna gets goofy, she starts to ramble, talking and making no sense, other get numb and feel as though they are going to pass out, they have no control over their surroundings. Many believe pain is needed to reach Sub-Space but that is just not true. It is also true sub-space is not going to be reached every time.
Sub-space is mental and nothing more, this is the point and time you have truly giving your all because you feel comfortable enough being with your partner.

Spanking if done right and your partner is truly into erotic spanking you can have the endorphin release. just like sucking on her clit and she cums.

I was seeing a slave at one time who got off on needle play, and the look on her face was pure Ecstasy.
Now the way I learned how to do needle play was, yup on myself , I stuck several in me because I wanted to know what the feeling was like, all your doing is breaking the skin, there is little to no blood involved. From the first needle she was floating, and her body became limp, she had no clue to what was going on around her.

Spanking is the same thing, nerve endings, and if your partner is truly into spanking, again you have the endorphin release.

Bent over exposing herself, legs spread just a little for her pussy lips are exposed, as you stand behind her telling her not to fucking move, and you hand makes contact, with your hand cupped it makes the sound louder than it really is. I have found the use of baby oil, well if your into like special effects, it sounds louder than the slap really is. Switching from cheek to cheek, if you cup her pussy you can feel it getting wet.

Sucking cock, I see sucking cock as being submissive, many do not because to some it is just sucking cock. But being told how to do it, guiding their movements, I set the pace. your either just going to lay there sucking and french kissing my cock while its in your mouth, or ill put one hand on your chin and the other on your forehead and I will do all the work, from top to very bottom. Sometimes I want to cum and others I do not want to lose that moment, because well it just feels so fucking good.

I say Lube my cock, I hear Arianna say with my mouth or Lube. That is just fucking hot, there are no questions, no hesitation she knows what is next. Once lubed , my command is on hands and knees, she knows then to reach around and put a hand on each cheek and spread her ass open. Remember the Training?
Come on girl back up on it, I put my cock right at the entrence, come on girl back up on it, inching backwards hands still on ass cheeks, yea I am in, NASA we have landed.
I just sit there and wait, feeling her ass muscles grip my cock. I move her hands I reach up and grab a handful of hair, and I slowly start fucking. I let the head come almost all the way out, then back in.

At times I will instruct Arianna to get her vibrator because I am going to let her cum, while I am fucking her ass. sometimes I cum in her ass, but she is so beautiful, I love watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth, so once she cums I pull out I get on my back and I tell her to put her face to work.
Once finished and I pull her head up by her hair, it is a sign of beauty with all the slobber dripping from her mouth.

Then Arianna says in a very low voice. Thank You.


Making Love Nah , Having Sex Nah , Just Raw Fucking

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Arianna cooking dinner I get home from work walk over bend her over and push three finger inside her pussy, slowly fucking her until she starts to breath a little heavy, then I just simply walk away going about my business.

Being able to just snap your fingers and your submissive drops to the floor without question, even better tell them to go to the bedroom and strip and spread you will be there in a minute. Crawl on top bust your nut and get off. It can be that simple.

The thing is every Dominant , every Master can have it this way.  No questions asked, never. You can lead and they will follow you where ever you go.

Being a Dominant is much more than barking our orders, going to wal mart and buying a dog collar, changing rules when no rules are being broken and you want to punish.

I saw a post on Facebook not long ago a submissive was going to meet her Dom, and he was figuring out different ways to punish her, just for the sake of punishing.

The truth is most of you who except bruises except only because you think that is part of the D’s lifestyle , then there are those who except them because you want the relationship to work, so you will take what ever. Then there are those who truly enjoy them. There are Masochist who truly enjoy pain, there are those who need pain as an escape a way to release, but for the most, many of you just except it.

I heard some time ago that pain was needed to reach sub-space and that my friends is so far from the truth. There is nothing written anyplace that says pain is need to reach sub-space.

Sub-space is mental, sub-space is the connection the two of you have with each other, sub-space depends on how far your Dominant can get into your head, sub-space depends on the intensity of play, and it does not have to do anything with pain.

Okay so lets take the words BDSM we have the kink, we have the sex, we have the control, we have the bondage, the floggers, whips, cuffs, ahh the St Andrews cross. The list goes on and on, and while it is true all of this is a huge plus it is not the foundation of the relationship.

The foundation first and for most is the communication we have, second is the control we show at home and while out. Being honest, loyal, most of all truthful. You learn to guide they will follow and follow without question….. The rest is just a bonus, and the bonus’s just keep getting better and better. The longer you are who you say you are, the more your subs or slaves wall will slowly come down.. Once those walls come down your relationship has no end, it will continue to grow.

All these fake dudes the Fifty shade dudes who do not have a clue, the married dudes who do not have a clue. Their life is so fucked up trying to juggle two lives, hiding everything hoping they don’t get caught. Or the guy who thinks he is King Dom after reading Fifty Shades now he wants to be king master and he is on the hunt. These are all short lived relationships. The married one is not going to leave his wife, more so if he’s not investing anything into the relationship.  If your his submissive and your living alone he should be paying for part of your upkeep he should be helping with the home. I am telling you this from a mans point of view, if he is married he will not leave his wife, he has way to much to lose.

Listen to this you who are seeing married Doms, you are only getting one side of the story about how bad their home life is, you are getting their story. If their life was so bad, they would have already moved out, yes just like I did, they would of already left their wife and kids behind. . He can go on and on about how bad his marriage is, how much he hates his wife, but the bottom line is he is still there and he will be there when you are gone.

Now my question is how can you sleep at night with a clear conscious? How can you sleep at night knowing what you are doing to his family, destroying what she has worked so hard to build. Because what ever a man has it is because of his woman, it is because of his wife. Just something to think about because it is not fair that she does not have the ability to share her side of it. If his marriage is so bad put your foot down, put a time limit that he has to move out, then see what happens. It is not fair to destroy something his wife has worked so hard building, and the bad thing is she does not have a clue that things are so bad, because he will not communicate with her. Now if you think your the only one he is seeing you are stupid, and I know you are thinking the same thing in the back of your head. When you go days with out a call or email, or even a fucking text.

On the other hand if you do not care, and you are that cold you don’t have any feelings then go for it. To each their own I am not judging anyone, have a little compassion.

If he will fuck around on his wife, guess what ?

Now all the trouble you girls go through someone made a comment just a little bit ago.

You are a minority Vile… and are one of the rare ones to do it right.

Okay that can be a true statement but it is really not, you have to weed yourself through all the fake ones. It is like when you open a door and it is full of horse shit, your thinking fuck there has to be a fucking horse somewhere in here. So you open a door and there is a room full of Doms you think one of them has to be real. You have to be able to think with a clear head. You have to have a plan in place before you start your search.

Fuck fuck both of those are meat markets to men, and that is exactly what they think. Now are some real sure they are but very few and far between. You have to be willing not to settle for second best, and many times you get the feeling something is not right but you go right along with it. You continue to go along with it even though you feel something is wrong hoping your thoughts are wrong, and you know most of the time they are not.

If you do not live together you cannot truly know the fulfillment of living a D’s style relationship, to know what it is like waking up every morning with your Master, following his rules, his guidelines there is no way to experience it. The little you get while on the phone and it is phone sex mostly, the weekend out of a month if that, maybe a night or even just a couple of hours. You will most likely spend your Birthday alone, as with all of the holidays.

So no it is not that I am a minority , because there are plenty of me out there. It is just you the submissive or slave taking the time to weed thought the bad to get to the good. There are Dominants out there that will more than fit your needs. There are Dominants out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve, who will treat you as their princess.

For you Doms in the lifestyle for a while, just learning or the Fifty Shades, if you play your cards right, the submissive is for your taking. They want to be used and used on a regular basis, nothing brings more pleasure to a submissive to be used. Some of you guys just kill me.

Lady’s all you need is a plan.





The Slave Has To Adapt

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Adapting to a new way of life , this goes for the submissive as well. It can be more difficult if you have been in past D’s relationships, because every Dominant is different.

Dominants we all act different, we expect different things out of our partners, we all have different goals, but most of all we all have different needs and wants.

One of the things I hear all the time from different subsmissive’s and Slaves is a Dom telling them they can teach them to like pain. Okay so lets do a little experiment. Pick up a Hammer put your finger on a table and hit it with the hammer, do this once a week for a month, it will still fucking hurt.

Those who enjoy pain who that time as a release, it can be a release for inside pain, the pain that someone carry’s deep inside. It can be a stress reliever, those who truly enjoy pain experience the release of endorphins , which puts you in what we call sub-space.

Sub-space is very unique because each time you reach that level you experience a different feeling, you have different thoughts, it is never the same, it is unlike any other drug, natural drug that is.

I have and do so many times experienced what is called Dom-space , I actually have to sit down and just chill, so I can gather my thoughts. It is like a rush, I get chill bumps, I can feel my heart racing, I need to sit down. It is some kind of rush.

These feelings can only come after you have been with someone long enough to build that trust with each other, you have to have that bond.

Sub-space is very intense, your mind is traveling a thousand miles an hour, you cant think straight, in most cases you cannot even move your arms or legs. You are in a state of mass confusion. That is why during a session or play time, it is very important for the Dom to stay in constant verbal contact with the submissive.

After a long hard session with or without pain after care needs to come into play. This is when you hold yours, this is when praise come into place, this is when you ask what their thoughts are, what they are feeling, thinking, all while your holding.

I will say I am not big on after care, but it really depends on our play, or how intense it was, and how long. I suppose this comes from being a sadist for many years, maybe I am still in the deprogramming process.  I do know I have no desire to walk that path again. We all change as we grow older, and when we go through changes we have to be able to adapt. Being able to adapt and want to adapt can make a huge difference.

Before moving in with your Dom, your Master or your Daddy, everything has to be already planned out, because if you walk in blindly it could turn into a huge mistake.

You the submissive or the slave are walking into his house, you are now under his roof, his rules, his needs and wants. If you are not ready to do so or you have not worked out a plan there will be resistance , and that would not be good or fun.

Most of the time the only resistance I have seen is from those who have been in the lifestyle for any amount of time, those who have had several relationships. I think it comes from comparing, maybe not comparing outside the box, but mentally your comparing.

That is why I prefer someone with little to no experience because there is nothing to compare. Now I can set the pace, I can train to fit my needs, and I have found that the adapting process is much easier , and there is less resistance from the submissive or slave.

When you the submissive are fighting the process, your rebelling , or not willing to adapt to your new surroundings really makes the process hard on both.

When I first met Arianna I was ready for a battle, after learning everything about her, my train of thought was I had a long hard road, but I felt we had enough in common, that just maybe it would work.

I have said before we are visual we take in more of what we see than what we hear, we see more than we hear, but at times we hear more than we see if that makes sense.

Arianna kinda threw me off guard, because there was no resistance at all, there were no questions , no questions, nothing. This caused me to sit down and rethink things out. Even though she was not fully giving herself, even though she did not fully trust because of past relationships with other Doms, there was no resistance.

The Dominant has to set the pace, he sets the ground rules, he sets the house rules and protocols. Protocols are meant to bring structure into ones life. I have said this before it is a type of behavior modification. You are taking someone and you are molding them to fit your needs.

I am called Master Arianna does so because it gives her the feeling of a greater connection, it also reminds her that she is owned. I had to earn that it was not demanded. I never at any time demanded she call me sir, or master at any time. I am speaking with another submissive right now, well both of us are, and she calls me by my first name.

You cannot demand to be called Sir , Daddy or Master, if you do you need to grow up. Earning that comes from earning respect and respect is not something you can demand.

When you slave or submissive first moves in, this is what I call the Vanilla weeks, I say weeks as in two. You want the submissive or slave to feel as relaxed as they can. This is the time process where you are building trust and respect. I am serious because if you just go balls to the wall, the submissive will think what the fuck have I done? What the fuck have I gotten myself into ?

The vanilla time, the chill time, going out having fun, talking. You want the submissive to feel as relaxed as you possibly can.

You the Dominant you also have to be willing to change things up, because what worked with your last, I promise you it will not work with the new one. If you think it will you are dead wrong. Before you can begin any type of training you need to have a plan. I have a huge book in my brain, and I can use it as a reference at any time. This book comes from years and years of learning, watching and observing other Dominants.

Every Submissive or Slave is different, everyone has different needs, they need different structure, they need different rules, they need different protocols, the attention factor in each is different, so what worked last year will not work now. You may be able to use some but it will be just bits and pieces.  If what you are doing is not working or your not getting the results you thought you would you need to be able to change things up.

One more thing to look at, maybe the submissive or slave is really not either, maybe they just thought they were submissive or they wanted to be a slave. This happens often, and it does not mean they were not real, because in their mind they were and it was something they thought they were.

If that comes to light, and she comes forward and says hey this is not for me. Then you should allow her time to gather things and move on. Give her time to find another place. Never tell someone they are not real.

It could be your training, maybe your not what she thought you were, maybe she is not getting what she feels like she should be getting from your training. That is why communication is so important.

The worst thing you can do is play the blame game. Your not real, you played me. Or something like I heard from a baby girl the other day, the Dom said nobody wants me, really coming from a man who is suppose to be a leader. Nobody wants me, the self pity party now. That may work but only for a short period of time. If your the self pity king, your a loser.

If you do and act with what you have promised there will be little to no resistance, everything will fall into place. You may have to change things up, but it will work.

Last never share what your going to do. I am going to start your training. What are you going to do? I am not sure. Most of the time you can train and the other does not even know it. Not that hard.

If you the Dominant plays your cards right the Submissive or Slave will adapt and will do so without question. If you are who you say you are there will be little to no resistance.



Why Dominants And Slaves Are Single

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I have been trying to mentor a local Dom for sometime now. Him and his baby girl split on bad terms but are still living together due to financial reason neither can afford to live on their own, which makes Bad Medicine if you follow me.

It goes both ways as far as being single not so much a submissive or Slave but more so men who claim to be Dominant and active in the local community it does not take long to get a bad name.

The problem is these men do not have a fucking clue. A Slave in the lifestyle is not someone who picks cotton, or builds pyramids, but this is the way they see it. You are no more than an object that is able to spread.

Master M is really a good guy, but he has no concept about what the lifestyle is about. His profile reads I have been a Daddy for 10 years but probably 10 months at best.

I met him at a local munch with his baby girl about 8 months ago, and shortly after I invited them over for dinner, after they left I told Arianna they would not be together another 3 months well I was wrong it was only a month.

So I tried to talk to both and it was like talking to a wall, she was fed up and he did not want to put any effort into the relationship. He would spend all his time while at home on the computer looking for another female to move in.

People have disagreed with me before about this statement but here goes. If a man tells you he is Dominant and he has been in the lifestyle for ten years , are you just going to take his word or do you dig deeper?

Since Arianna had been burned twice maybe more than twice I wanted to make her feel safe. I introduced her to my friends who were also in the lifestyle, these were people who had known me for ten years or longer.

It does not take you long to figure out you have stepped in a mess, but sometimes it takes you longer to figure out the Dom is controlling and not in control. All they want to do is fuck and punish. You never go out besides the first couple of dates , you never meet any of his friends, you are stuck at home waiting on his call or visit.

If a Dominant is single and has been for sometime there is a reason. Knowing what questions to ask is very important when your meeting someone for the first time. One being what is sud-space ? If he has to stop and think, yea then you know. Ask why he wants a submissive or slave ? If it is because he likes giving orders, of punishing, or just being in charge, you know you just on a one time date. I promise you they will give some goofy answer.

While at a local munch a couple of months ago we were eating and i was talking to Daddy M and I made the statement if a slave or submissive has been single for a long time it was because she is nutty, as I looked up there were about 16 eyes just looking at me.

Well that is not always the case, many are just selective , and that is a good thing, many take there time in their search as you should. Many are able to wait it out until the right one comes along. While those who are new are just running full steam ahead, and not even looking back.

Another reason is a slave could be to needy to most, a Dom not wanting to invest that much time. When I was explaining to Master R about my relationship being micromanaged, he said fuck that, it is way to much work. Being needy is not a bad thing, many Doms prefer a needy slave. I know I do , I am an attention hound.

Finding the right one is very important, again spreading your legs does not make you submissive, sucking cock does not make you submissive. Your actions, how you carry yourself, your personality , your wanting to serve, the list goes on and on.

The best thing you can do, is make a list and keep it with you. A list of how you see yourself in a relationship. A list of your needs, a list of what you expect from a Dom. A list of what you do not expect, such as anger, yelling, changing rules midway , maybe not being shared. I know many who pass their slave around like a bucket of pop corn. Show the Dom your list, he will either say yes or no. Do not be afraid to speak up. This is your life, this is your body, this is your mind. Ahh the number two top things, NO DRAMA and no problems with EX’S.

More important if a Dom wants to collar you on the first date, just look and shake your head, watch him blow up. when you say no.

You get the picture.



Sub space Does Not Have To Equal Pain

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Sherri was a true Masochist in almost seven year that bitch did not cry one time, with the exception of us parting. I had never seen anything like it. A belt, a single tail whip, or with a flogger with each strike her eyes would just glaze over. I remember our first session, I did not have a clue to what was going to happen or what I was going to do. She knew I was fairly new to the lifestyle so I let her instruct me. When I left her house some five hours later, I was scared to death, that bitch was black and blue from the neck down. I had even broken skin open in some places and she would just run her fingers across the cuts, and just moan. At times she could not even speak, her eyes just staring off into space with each contact the whip would make.

In the beginning it was fun well with the exception of the first session. I would have a bad week and I could take all of my frustration out on her, and she enjoyed it. A couple of years passed and my side of the enjoyment was coming to an end, along with the pain and the much needed humiliation it was now a task, a task that had to be out done from the last. It was taking it’s toll on me.

I was not in love I had not been nor would I of ever been, in the seven years being together I never fucked her one time, she sucked a lot of dick, but I never banged her. To this day I am not sure why, I just did not have that connection or the want. Maybe I did not want to develop any feelings. The only thing I truly liked and enjoyed the word NO never came out of her mouth. The words I can’t never came out of her mouth. Today that is not so important to me, I suppose back then I had somewhat of an ego.

Subspace you must be able to get into the mind of the submissive, the same if you want a relationship with a submissive or slave the Dominant must be able to get into their mind. To be able to figure them out, know what they are thinking, you must know your partner inside out.

Subspace is not obtainable every time you play it may not happen every twenty times you play. Some say they are able to achieve subspace every session but I find that hard to believe, I am not saying it is not possible, I would think it would be hard. Subspace also depends on the submission you are playing with, if you fully have control, if the submissive has giving herself to you mind and body.

You can actually achieve subspace without even touching the submissive, the idea is during play to confuse the mind, a type of sensory deprivation , I have blogged about this before with just blindfolding, music ,incense and being bound.  I have been wanting to try this on Arianna but our work schedules are pretty full. As a matter of fact although we do play it is not near as often as I would like.

You tie your submissive up, blindfold her, you have two or three CD player , playing different music at a low volume, you lite two or three different incense, then comes the hot wax, and the ice cubes. The mind cannot possibly process everything that is going on. You have the submission, she is tied spread. She is blindfolded. At this point the submissive feels vulnerable, now adding everything else, not speaking just mostly watching, this is where it all begins.

It may not work the first session but it will. I am also not sure how it would work in a vanilla relationship I have never tried it. When one hits subspace you are confusing the mind, most of the time with pain, but pain does not have to play a part in order for them to hit subspace.  Some enjoy pain some get off on pain even the thought of it, then some do not. If they are not into pain or they cannot take it, you will do more damage than good. I have heard Doms say I can train you to take pain, that is a load of crap.

I have a huge surprise for Arianna this weekend.

Try it you might like it.




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The psychological state of the submissive partner in a BDSM scene is sometimes described as subspace or sub space.

The term is unrelated to the mathematical term subspace.

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the submissive’s minds and bodies are in during a deeply involving play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses such as extended adrenaline surges that can cause exhaustion. The mental aspect of BDSM also causes many submissives to mentally separate themselves from their environment as they process the experience.

Deep subspace is often characterized as a state of deep recession and incoherence.

Many submissives require aftercare.

Have you ever been high, I am not talking about getting drunk. The word high , the numbing feeling, you were there but you were not there.

Sub-space is reached at times during heavy play, long sessions, and intense. Submissives or slaves are able to reach sub-space at times if they are with a partner they trust. Even with trust though sub-space is not obtainable every time.

Play most of the time is a pure mind-fuck. The not knowing, the guessing. Lets face it, if your going to play you are not going to go over every detail before play, what fun would that be?

The play the mind fuck, keeping them guessing, the not knowing. This type of play is fun and can be very intense. While during play the Dominant should stay in vocal contact at all times to insure you are not blowing by any limits, although you are keeping them guessing safety should be your first concern.

So you have your pet tied to the bed, spread eagle, cuffed, blindfolded, gagged, they have no idea what you are about to do, you have taking away one of their main senses their sight. They have lost the ability to move or speak, their mind is racing.

They feel your hand lightly touching them, your touching where ever you want, their mind begins to wonder their heart begins to race, it is the not knowing.

They feel the hot was being dripped onto their breast, their stomach, not knowing where the next drop will hit, their adrenaline begins to rush through their body, their endorphins are being released, they are starting to feel numb inside and out, they cannot control their thoughts or their fears. Fear is a natural feeling, fear is the unknowing. As you insert a vibrator and turn it on, maybe a butt plug at the same time, their mind is trying to register everything that is happening and it cannot.

One step further now the ear plugs, you have now taking away the ability to see and hear, they are gagged so they cannot speak.

When sub-space is reached it is a natural high, even if they were able to move, they would not be able to. They now feel every light touch be it just your fingers a feather, or a flogger. The wax you are dripping is felt one thousand times more.

I remember at one time Arianna went into sub-space, but she became giggly, her words were making no sense just off the wall stuff. She could not finish a sentence, or concentrate on any thoughts, she was just there.

Once sub-space has been reached the pain factor goes up as well, this is why it is very important to stay in verbal contact while playing.Before if the submissive was not able to take any pain, once reached the pain table has gone way up.

Still while in sub-space you could even untie and they would still not be able to move, in their mind and thoughts they are moving but there is no control, the limbs feel very heavy.

During sub-space if you should choose to have sex and the submissive reaches an orgasm it will truly blow their mind, all this adrenaline, and endorphins has to go someplace.

Yes sub-space can be very intense and fun. The main thing to remember is as the Dominant do not be disappointed is sub-space is not reached every time during play, it is not going to happen. Just play and have fun, if it happens run with it, I guarantee it will bring both of you closer and closer. Trust is very important, once you have that trust you have the world in your hands.