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This Is So Sad, Yes About Married Men Who Cheat

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I blogged a couple of year ago about a Submissive I had met, her mother hated me. I was okay with that but I did not truly understand why she did not want her daughter seeing men, until I got the whole story…..

Her mother was nutty , but she became more nutty after her illness. Her dad worked in the Antarctic, he was gone 8 months out of the year and home 4 months. He never had sex with his wife well rarely did they have sex, and after meeting her I understood why.

Anyway he had left to go back to work, and she began to break out with skin rashes but bought over the counter medication, even after going to the ER when the rash was gone but was suffering from stomach pains. Shortly after the first visit to the ER , her daughter had to call and ambulance , her mother had a stroke and spent about 4 weeks in the hospital… Her diagnosis syphilis. She had a stroke and he had caused neurological problems as well and it could not be reversed . She forgave him as well, because she had never worked and even getting a check now she could not afford to live on her own. ..

I hear about this all the time and this is why I am so against anyone stepping out side of their marriage. It is all due to a lack of communication and nothing more, and in most cases the male does not know how to communicate his feelings.

So I did a blog this am and it mentioned men who step out of their marriage, and the lack of communication, and a reader responded about how her husband stepped out on her, and it was what I had said a lack of communication. Because if he had communicated with her she would of probably went along with what ever he wanted. …

Here is her response….

Thank you for posting. I was the wife who was cheated on years ago and the damage done to me emotionally sometimes still haunts me. He never told me what he needed until he finally left. By then he had given me a baby to raise and a few STDs. Not a good feeling. He should have been honest with me from the beginning. I’d have never married him.
So it was more than just STD’s she can no longer have children because of him… Here is the kicker..

I want to share one more thing. By the time my ex told me he wanted me to have sex while his buddy taped it, he’d already given me one STD. I’d faced my GYN who thought I’d been sleeping around. I was mortified. There was no kinky thing I was ever going to engage In With him because I already knew he couldn’t be trusted.

He was also banging the 18 year old Babysitter as well.

I have said this before if you are sleeping with a married man, and you believe you are the only one he is sleeping with, you are nuts.
The so called Dominant who prey on those who are submissive usually has a long list of women he is seeing, he really has nothing to lose, because he will just go back home to momma. He really has nothing to lose. He is not flipping any of the bills, he has no upkeep , just pussy on the side until the women catch on.

Now where am I getting my facts from? Over 23 years now being active in the lifestyle, I have met thousands through out the years and as many scum bags, and it is the same ol story time after time.

Now I have seen one who maned up and left his wife, because he needed to be him and he was honest and upfront, like me he was married and he did have children as well, he too lost almost everything.

If you think a man who has been married for 30 years who is middle aged, is going to walk away, wow your nuts.

A judge will not be kind, I was married for 9 years and was left homeless. well I had about 1600 in cash when I moved out. I felt free, I did not care about the house, or the cars, everything. The thing was I was able to be who I wanted and needed to be. I communicated my needs and I asked asked to move out. During our 9 year marriage I did remain loyal.

You can catch something and some there is no cure for. The heartache this woman went through and for a long time she thought everything was fine.
When she gave birth the first time she suffered from depression so he sent her to live with her parents because he worked. When she would call home women would answer the phone and refused to wake him because he was tired, I also have that response, but you can read it as well.
It is not a question of how you will get caught it is when, and if you have read the news any some women are now in prison because they shot someone for trying to wreck their home.
This woman had worked so hard to build what she had, and if it had not been for her they would of had nothing.
The Babysitter was to young to know or ever care about wrecking someones home, she had nothing to lose either she probably still lived at home.

It is truly sad when a man cannot be a man and he has to turn to take advantage of women who know nothing about the lifestyle and the way it is suppose to be.

Now I have been blogging about this for over two years, and each time I get a heart breaking story from someones life who has been wrecked because their husband could not be loyal.
You girls are expendable their wives are not they have way to much to lose. If the man is not happy he will leave.
If he is seeing you and he is not taking any responsibility in your upkeep as he should because if you knew anything about the lifestyle you would know a real Dominant would keep his up, if not half it would be all, if he is not that is a huge sign, and it says danger, your being had.
Ask any submissive or slave they will tell you the same thing.

I am so against abuse, I hurt for the woman who responded to my post because it was like I could feel her pain. I had to sit back and catch my breath because it was like she was sitting face to face with me.

I believe it was lionresurrected@wordpress , who maned up and did just what I did. He stepped up to the plate.

All of this because his wife wont take it up the ass, or suck cock, the man will risk everything.

As I stated Ive been on this kick for a very long time, and it is just wrong, it is demeaning. My hat goes off to the woman seeing the married man because you have a heart of steal.
Now are you prepared for Karma because Karma is real.

I am also sure you were told it was alright, you were told his wife said he could fuck other women. Your hearing this from a man who is stepping out on his wife, if this was true why are you always the secret, why are you always watching behind your back.
What are you going to tell her when she confronts you with a gun.
That is not love. Start acting out on a regular basis, become more needy, become more of a problem, and you will be asked to leave, because he has nothing invested.