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Take My Hand

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I am not going to make promises instead I am going to earn your trust. I want to share with you everything I have learned over the years.  I can see in your eyes you are lost, take my hand and I will guide you, I will protect you, I will love and cherish. I will put you before anything, that may come up in our life, I will put you first no matter what may happen.

Take my hand and look into my eyes so you may see the truth I speak. If you should stumble I will steady you, but I will never allow you to fall.

You have the need to serve, you have the need to please and I shall guide you and allow you to be you.

Take my hand and I will give much more than I will take.

Take my hand and there is no past there will only be a future, a future of love and growth.

Take my hand and together we will reach your goals, I will support you no matter the road you choose to travel.

Take my hand and I will communicate , together we will grow.

There is a whole new world waiting , take my hand and we will explore together.

Take my hand and I will take you to new heights you could never imagine.

Take my hand and I will use to for my pleasure.

Take my hand , be my girl , my best friend my slave but most important my partner.