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I had a whacked Out Dream

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Most of the time when I dream I do not remember much of it if anything, but last night was as clear as day. It is like I remember each word , each step it was like I was right there.

I had been advised that the Pope was coming to visit my Parish there were somethings he was not happy with , and wanted to talk to see if we could straighten somethings out.

A full house it was packed several hundred people, there were people standing in the back. The Donation boxes were over flowing with money. It seemed people were happy

So the nuns walked down the isle first .


Then there were no Alter boys,  I had Alter girls.


Then the lights went dim and there was a few seconds of silence. Then my intro music started Ted Nugent’s Strangle Hold

Once the lights came back on people were standing and applauding .

My words stared to flow. Let me tell you the truth.

Then I woke up


For the era Rock Needed these guys.

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Four of the greatest Rock musicians came together in 1989 Glam rock was on its way out. At this point and time all four were at the top, with great bands such as Styx, Night Ranger, Ted Nugent, and of course Michael Cartellone an awesome drummer best know for being the drummer in the band Lynyrd Skynyrd

Tommy Shaw of Styx

Jack Blades of Night Ranger

Ted Nugent

Michael Cartellone who was what was called a floating drummer, her had toured with John Fogerty, Peter Frampton, John Wetton, Freddie Mercury, Cher, Adrian Belew, Accept and now the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Two videos I will post Of the Band the Damn Yankees These guys Rocked

Then I am finished posting vids today unless I post more porn…

I love this one Ted Nugent

You can tell these guys are having fun… They truly enjoy what they do, oh one more thing no lip syncing

I do not post Music Video’s Often But I love this guy to death.

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At the age of 65 years old Ted Nugent was kicking it with Godsmack at a marine base last year. This video is one of the most famous Guitar licks of all time..

65 yrs old I hope I am still kicking like he is..