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You Want Something For Nothing

Posted in 24/7, Ass, bdsm, control, controlling, pussy, sex, slave, submissive, sucking cock, Testosterone on November 11, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

Every Dominant in the lifestyle is different, we all think different, we all act different, we all have different needs and wants. We all expect our Slave to act a certain way.

Something I have learned over the years is every Dominant is right , and every Dominant is wrong, pretty confusing. You put five Doms in a room together and they will not agree on anything. The good news is most of us do get along and like me I have several who are close acquaintances, and a couple who are what I would call a friend.

While we are all different in many ways, in one aspect we are the same, we need the control, not just control over a slave but in life in general, our surroundings be it at home or out in public.  I can tell you if you have five Dominants in a room together you have more Testosterone than an Arnold Schwarzenegger convention , yes it is true.

You want to be the Dominant , you want to own a submissive or Slave, and along with that comes responsibility. It is never a one way street, the street does go both ways.  It does not take a Slave long to figure out that something is not right.

You want the Pussy, you want your Cock sucked, you want a cook, a house keeper, someone to do your laundry, but your not willing to put any effort back in to what your getting.

I have met a Dom just like this not long ago. Him and His baby girl are going through a break up. He is now trying to meet other slaves, and she is seeing a couple now. The biggest bitch he had when she left was who was going to do his laundry and cook for him.  Those two things were his main concern.

It takes a lot of work to keep a D’s or M’s relationship going, any relationship for that matter, if one is just taking and never giving it will not last.

The bottom line is pretty soon your wants no longer matter, live and learn, if not get out of the kitchen.