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The Universe Gave Us A Submissive

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A Dominant was walking through a field one day ,and a female appeared out of nowhere . At first the Dominant was stunned, and the Submissive spoke.

I am here to serve you Master in anyway you see fit. I am here for your use and you may use as you see fit. I shall cook for you, I will clean your kingdom, I will kneel at your feet, you can take me anytime , anyplace you see fit. I will never argue with you because you are my world, I will never tell you that you are wrong, and I shall always walk the path you choose.

I will be here through good times and bad, I will take care of you when you are sick. You can communicate with me on all levels, and yes you may even confide in me, for what you tell me goes no further.

I will lay on my back and spread, I will crawl to you with pride, and yes you may take every hole. I shall welcome you in my mouth and I will proudly drink the seed you offer.

You may tie me up, you can use hot wax on me, you can use a crop, a flogger, a belt even a whip. You may spank me, gag me, and yes even at times humiliate me.

You may dress me up and show me off after all I am your property. You may talk about me the way a vanilla man would never do, you may put a collar and leash on me and I shall follow.

I will sit at your command, I will stand at your command and I shall go to bed at your command, I am yours use me as you see fit.

I only ask you play no head games, you are truthful with me as I am you. I would hope you would be honest with me as I am with you.
I promise I will not ask for much, I am only seeking your Love.

I shall wear your collar with pride, I will honor and cherish the collar that that you have offered this humble submissive.

I only ask one thing of you my Master and Owner

Take care of me. As I take care of you.