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The First Thing I notice In A Woman.

Posted in Ass, bdsm, Camel Toe, Fetish, pussy, short shorts, Tight jeans on November 28, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Okay there are two things that catch my eye, when I first meet a woman. Most men say the eyes, the lips, maybe the neck bone, or the breast, maybe her hair.

Mine are neither. The first thing I notice is the almighty camel toe.


Image. Yea I know, pretty simple minded, but my fascination with the pussy is truly unreal. If there was another word besides fetish, that would be it.

Then come the Ass, I am totally obsessed with the female ass, I love spanking, touching, massaging, fingering, just something about it that drive me crazy. One thing I love doing is after a shower, I love to put lotion on her back and down to her ass, slowly rubbing in.



On a petite woman I love the gap between her legs, it really drives me crazy. I am not just into petite women, I love all. A little chunky can be good.


Just something I was thinking about last night. So if we should ever meet and you notice my eyes looking at your camel toe, take no offense, or if I compliment your ass, which I have been known to do.