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How Will You Train Me Sir

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This is a question we have all heard and some of you have asked at some point and time. The one thing I can assure you is, you do not start your training off by sucking cock. The reality is training is not what you really think or envision. Training a slave is really not that difficult. Training a slave should not be stressful. As a matter of fact training should be non-stressful, as well as drama free.

The two of you Master and Slave have to come to an agreement prior to entering a relationship. You have to share each others wants and needs. I think this process is geared more towards a slave than it is a submissive, but it can work for a submissive if the two are in a 24/7 relationship.

Last night Arianna and I attended the local Mast Group. Masters And Slaves Together. It is a group that meets on the first Friday of each month. With my work we can attend the local Mast the first Friday, then in February we will attend one in Orlando , then a month off.

Last nights topic was very deep and as usual we drifted off subject a few times which is good because it makes good conversation. It is held in a group setting, there is no sex, and those who want to take part in can, and others can just listen.

Last nights topic was ,,,,,, Empower , Embrace , reinforce , What’s a Slave, sub to do.

“How can a Master’s slave empower him to embrace his position and to reinforce their M/s relationship? Or the inverse, how can a Master’s slave cause their M/s relationship to become vanilla? Is it only the Master’s duty to keep a M/s relationship healthy or does the slave have a duty too? How can a slave make a good M/s relationship a great one? If a slave is not feeling the M/s dynamic as much as she wants what can she do to improve the relationship?”

As I stated last night not so much lays in the slaves hands it is more the master, and the one word I used that I use a lot on here is consistency…… The Master remains consistent while in the relationship. Being who and what you are, and being sure not to take any sidesteps.

The the topic of training came up, I believe it was me that brought the subject up. That was one of the first questions out of Ariannas mouth when we first met. How will you train me.

I told her that the first 90 days would tell everything. The first 90 days will be what you think is the hardest part of your life, but in fact it will be the easiest thing you have ever done if you pay attention.

I also made the statement that I want you to be able to anticipate my every need. This was something she had brought up a couple of times thinking she would fail, but that is not the case.

Every Dominant or Master uses different techniques. Some are calm cool and collective. Then some are just all out ball busting. So it just depends on the one who is training.

I told Arianna all she had to do was watch me and observe. Learn my few rules I will give out, and my protocols and you will be just fine. It did take about 90 days for everything to fall into place. The anticipating did take a little longer but it did happen.

Sex does take part in the training process I suppose but not in a way most would think. Again this is better for a 24/7 TPE relationship. TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE.

Now where does the sex come into play. Sex should be taken not asked for. It is the Masters pleasure that should be the slaves main concern. Sex should never be asked for. The slave is there for pleasure.

While sitting maybe watching TV you take the slave by the hand walk into the bedroom point to the bed and say spread. Fuck her get off and your done. There are no I love you, let me hold you. You are fucking not making love. The same if you want your cock sucked simply place on knees pull your cock out and insert into mouth. No asking.

What this does is it gives the feeling of being used. Despite what others may think, most who are submissive truly enjoy being used. All slave on the other hand crave to be used.

The use of slave positions is a good training process, although most will not be used everyday , these help to put the slave in that frame of mind. Again the key word is Consistency.

Your intention is to put your slave in that frame of mind. She no longer has the right to say NO. She now feels like property.

Watching , observing , and using.  I myself only started out with five rules, and I worked on my protocols more. Rules are for the betterment of the slave.

Training should be a smooth transition. No problems, no Drama, from within or from the outside. Both should be free of any outside trouble, and both should enter the relationship on a fresh start.