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So I have this Smoking Hot Little Chinese Slave

Posted in anal sex, Asian, ass play, bdsm, Bondage, Chinese, sex, slave, Spanking, Virgin on September 5, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Over the past 8 months , I have been seriously looking for a partner, I have dated maybe 20 submissive’s, all but 4 or 5 I walked away shaking my head, wondering WTF.

A Slave from Chattanooga Tnn, Who’s words were fix me, very over weight for her size, in and out of the hospital because her sugar, goes through the roof, who would call or text maybe once a week. I am not a chaser, I have never been. Well she wants to be fixed on her terms, I have to be there for hands on..

Another was a slave who lives in Michigan, an older slave of color. which I had never really considered before. A year ago, I met a small teacher from Texas who would fly out and spend the weekend or a long weekend, but we never had sex. She just wanted to learn as much about BDSM as she could.

The slave from Michigan , would go weeks without any contact, no text no call. Her excuse was I was working. Really you cannot take 30 seconds to text to say hey how are you?

A few more I was interested, I had been talking to an older woman in orlando, who was pretty hot, a 45 yr old Goth. Goth chicks have always turned me on. At 45 with 3 adult kids and the oldest has his girlfriend living there as well. Yup she is the only one working. So why would you want to bring me into your mess? Why would I want to help support 4 people, who are not working.

As of now I have no stress or problems in my life, nor do I wish to indulge with anyone who does not have some type of control, of their surroundings.

I went to a BBQ Monday, and I wasted 2 hours of my life which I will never get back. I went only because a friend invited me, and once he saw how fucked up things were, and his chances of fucking the girl who live there were slim to none, this bitch pulls a fucking Casper the fucking Ghost.

So here I am, sitting with these what ever they are. I am not one to judge anyone, but sometimes you just do not fit in.

So the husband who is disable and draws a check, which is fine with me, if your disable, but he was asking me if I knew someone who was looking for someone who paid under the table. The wife who is divorcing him who does not work, and was dressed like Larry Bird with 5 kids, and her mother.

Well the husband left to pick up a friend, when he returned it was another female, where does she sit, yup right next to me, as she is sitting this huge burp comes out. So I am trying to have some type of conversation with the soon to be ex husband, but all I can get out of him is, hey man she is hitting on you.

She was trying to talk to me, she was explaining she was no dressed up because she rode her bike to the recycling place to sell her beer cans. I am thinking where is a bolt of lighting when you need it.

So anyway my little slave calls me, yup who is showing interest, so I get up walk away from the table, I am telling her how fucked up it is, and this drunk is hitting on me, we talk for a few minutes,steph is getting ready to go out with a friend, but she still continues to text for a while.

I ask if I can use the bathroom, and the wife tells me where in the house it is located. I go in and I cannot believe how dirty. I walk in the bathroom and there is a shitty diaper on the toilet lid. Well I can hold it.

Back outside the wife hands me a pen and paper, and wants my FB name, are you kidding me, standing behind me running her hands through my hair, fucking shoot me. So I keep avoiding her question, the drunk is wanting to come over to my house. rubbing against me asking me to dance. I have got to go.

I get up and say hey I need to find Al the friend who left me, I open the grill grab some chicken and bolt. Freedom.

I settle in, church is almost on WWE. I cook up some veggies reheat the chicken, jack and coke and I am set, I showered for like 25 minutes. in my pajamas on the bed here we go. A knock on the door, fuck so I get up answer it, Wow really its the drunk, fuck head Al told this bitch where I live.

Can I help you, well I thought you might want some company. I have this dead stare, thinking are you serious? So I say look I really appreciate the offer but I am seeing someone, and I am not one to mess around, but if I was single we could hang.

She asked where she was I stated in Orlando, her response was well I am here she is not. Well can you give me a ride to the store to get more beer. No I cannot, Ive been drinking myself, well can I have some of your jack. No you cannot. Look I really need to go, she just walks away , calling me a sorry mother fucker. Wow.

Anyway so I met this hot little girl, who is really awesome. She shows a lot of interest, text first thing when she wakes, calls every chance she gets. Although she has had a few online Dominants nothing face to face. She is really excited about meeting.

Very easy to talk to, the flow of the conversation is just so smooth, an awesome personality. Smart and beautiful. At 5 ‘3 125 smoking. More so who would of thought there is still a virgin left in the world. More so one to fall into my hands.

I put my truck in the shop yesterday because I fucked it up, it should be done this am, and I will go to Orlando and pick her up.

She is wanting to do a lot of hands on stuff, bondage and so on, but we are just going to talk, I am thinking, get to know each other more, go to my place for a little show her where I live, then ill take her to the beach, and just chill.

Right now she just wants to try anal sex, and oral, the pussy is off limits, and I respect that. Here is the deal, it is going to take me a while to even get to that part of the relationship. If you start of sexual, then that is what the relationship is based on.

Although pretty much of everything to her is an experiment I want to go slow with her, and teach what is right and what is wrong. What to look for in a Dom and what not to look for. I have the mindset already this is not something that will last, and I am sure steph, will agree.Although the truth is you never know.

Sunday we were talking and she wanted to try figging. I use ginger root as a form of punishment, I never spank when it comes time to punish. Spanking for play and punishment just does not mix.

So I told steph to wait on anal figging, being alone it could break off, a bitch to get out, so she tried it on her clit. It took about 5 minutes for it to really kick in, the noises coming from the phone was a Kodak moment . Somewhat of a masochist which I really like, but all of her experience has been self play, no hands on.

Do I want to fuck her, yes indeed, could I fuck her I could without question, will I today no.She does want anal bad , I believe anal sex is the most submissive act one can do. The most private part of the body.

I call her steph now she got kinda iffy when I used her first name so I agreed to change it. Steph has this tom boyish look about her that really makes her hot, more so I can actually talk to her, on pretty much any level.

Now the age thing, I am 49 she is 21, yea buddy. would this normally bother me, not a chance, this is somewhat different, maybe her back ground, or her up bringing.but to meet someone who does not have a ton of drama, someone you can communicate with, someone who is beyond smoking hot, with a body built for sin.Her ass is out of this world, wow. Not to mention the hot pics I get daily, which I do delete, I am not a pic collector.

I have posted pics here, of breast, but would never post anything that had someones face.

So anyway I hope my truck is done this am, and I will keep it updated..

Image The Dragon sleeve is the first thing she wants to try.


Wow Should I feel Guilty

Posted in anal sex, Asian, Hong Kong, Japaenese Bondage, Online Dominants, Virgin on August 30, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

So last night out of the blue I get a text, my little girl Tiff. To clear things up here, her family is from Hong Kong. Tiff is not her full name but I will leave it at that..

Last night we text back and forth for a couple of hours, and she sent some very nice pics of herself , WOW. Tiff is just 21 now, very well put together. from head to toe.

Then this am I get a few text and some new pics which I am always happy to receive, but I am not going to share any of them out of respect. I am going to see her again on the 12th of September, I will pick her up from school, and bring her back to my place. She wanted me to come to her house, but I do not want Bruce Lee walking in the door.

Anyway here comes the should I be guilty part. Tiff is a Virgin, no that is not a typo a real honest to god Virgin. So she has made it clear the pussy is off limits. further more she has never tried anal, but that is the first thing she wants me to do. Wow , so here is the deal, things have been running through my head, I did not sleep at all last night. Should I or should I not is the question.

She has had a couple of online Dominants, which I never fucking understood in the first place, but to each their own, if it works do it. I am more hands on, I cannot see sitting behind a key board and jacking off. More so a grown man, who claims to be a Dominant.

Anyway so this am after a few text and some really nice pics, my phone rings and low and behold, Tiff is on the phone. The conversation went well, we were both very at ease, and comfortable, she was on her way to school, and we spoke for about 10 minutes.

So here is the thing. I have done sessions before where there was no sex involved, and I was good with that because that was the understanding we had, sometimes I get just as much enjoyment out of playing anyway.

Here is a 21 yr old Asian American which I am nuts over anyway, Asian women in general. Here is a submissive who wants me to be her first anal experience, the only thing off limits is her pussy, although I can play with,but no penetration , until if and when she maybe ready.

I will ask about posting some pics of our session, as long as there are not facial pics showing, I am sure it will be okay..

I want to try some new Japanese Bondage.

So let me get some comments and thoughts, on the topic….