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Today We Are Disposable

Posted in Bar Girl, bdsm, cheating, Philippines, sex, slave, submissive, Thailand, training your slave, We Are Disposable on August 2, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Over the decades we as humans have changed, family’s no longer can get along. the divorce rate is at an all time high. Loyalty is all but gone, and if someone thinks the grass is greener on the other side they will jump the fence at the first opportunity and put the blame on the other. Morals are all but gone, and nothing in a relationship is sacred.

I am going to give a few examples here, to show you where I am going with this. People are out for one thing, and worry about one thing. their own back.

Several years ago I use to drive a cab during events here, ie the Daytona 500 , Bike week, and yes my favorite Spring Break. I had taken a couple to the Orlando Airport, when leaving a gentleman from the middle East flagged me down, and asked if I was going to Daytona Beach I said yes, he jumped in. He was from Iran once the conversation had picked up, I asked him why he was here. His reply was I am here to purchase 7 convenient stores.   Most Citgo’s are owned by people from the Middle East. So I asked why is it so many come to the US to buy business’s.

He said he did not want to offend me, but he began to explain. His words were, today Americans have no Values, Americans have no family Values, and everything is for sale including your wife.You know I had to agree,just take a look around, or the last time you have tried to live with family, when is the last time you have helped out a family member and not wanted anything in return.

Look at the Colorado shootings recently , Columbine Shootings several years ago. Today parents are sleeping with their bedroom doors shut. Parents are being killed by there children. Take a look around the world.

If you speak with the elderly, I am sure most will agree. Last year I met a couple who had been married for 68 years. In the 30’s 40’s 50’s , this was not uncommon. Marriage meant something during that time, you can look around when out and take notice.

The same goes for the BDSM world, there are very few long term relationships, those that you do see, they are true to each other. I have talked to many submissives who said they had been with Doms and dumped because the Dom was just waiting for something better to come along. The fact is this is sad, for one reason the submissive or slave is being mislead, and lied to.

The truth is, when two enter a relationship. The Dominant molds the submissive or slave to fit his needs. This is the molding process. The truth is a Dominant can dam near do anything he wants , less abuse and the submissive or slave will do, just to please. Be it over weight, the way one dresses , carry’s herself, talks, walks, anything you want.

This today is to much effort, to much work involved, one has to care to much, one does not want to invest the time, so for now it is just the pussy and the mouth. Then when something better comes up, they jump the fence.

Now do not think submissives or slaves are not just as guilty, because they are indeed. With a dominant, and seeming content, but the fact is she is on the hunt. He wakes one morning, and Bam she is gone. Only to find out the grass is not greener.

You can mold a sub/slave into anything you want. Before entering a relationship one should think, do I really want to invest so much time? Do I want to deal with the baggage? Every sub/ or slave comes with some baggage, just as some dominants do. Do you want to spend the time to get the baggage down to your comfort zone? Over weight, do you want to spend the time to help them achieve their goal?

You can dress one anyway you want, and the sub or slave will agree. You can have her dress conservatively, moderate, you can dress her like a whore, anything you want.

You can even teach her how you like your cock sucked, the submissive or slave will not take offense to this, they want to please. You can teach them how you like to fuck, talk, walk, act in public, private, when company is over and she is in service. .

This is all part of training, and if both really took the time to get to know each other, and asking questions, explaining your needs, and wants. Your training process, your rules, your protocols if you have any, or care enough to take the time, and not just bark orders.

So How is the grass greener on the other side, when you have one you can mold someone to fit you. The same goes for the submissive or slave. A submissive or slave makes the dominant. The truth goes for them as well, they can mold their dominant, to fit their needs. It is the sub or slave that truly makes the dominant .

I believe this is just my opinion, greed has turned the world around, greed makes people selfish, uncaring. I know a slave who was having some bad times, her dad loaned her enough money to fix everything. The catch was when he arrived, with the money, he had a contract drawn up, to be paid back at a rate of 4%. Are you serious you are charging your daughter interest.

You look at other countries, the Philippines is a good example. When the daughter gets married, she feels she has the obligation to help her parents, so money is sent home monthly. Thailand basically the same thing, but in Thailand, if you marry, you are probably going to pay the family a  Dowry, that can range from a few thousand upward to ten thousand dollars.. Depending on the Girls Background , if you marry a Bar Girl, then chances are you keep your money.

I do believe we are Disposable I would like to hear some input…. Or feel free to add…