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Wow Work Has Been Crazy

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I have been away for a couple of weeks work has been so crazy…. I have a couple of projects here ive been working on and I am sure your going to like them..

My next topic is You Will be Used a lot of fucking and sucking going on….

I have also started on my book which keeps me up late at night, well it is started in my mind , and it will pick up where The Breaking Of Sabrina left off with a huge twist..

Much Love


The Book BDSM 101

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You know the funny thing is, we all write our own book. We have an entire book in our head, and everyday we turn a page, page after page , chapter after chapter , The only thing with this book there is never an ending.

To write our book we all do research , we read, we listen , and we watch. So we take a little from different books, and we write our own.

In our book we are in control of our lives, while writing we are able to control the story. We control the characters in our book, we control who enters our book , we also control their outcome. We are in full control.

Every Master, Dominant, submissive, slave, Daddy Dom , baby girl has their own book. We decide what we want to share, and not share, again we are in full control.

White writing your book if you run across a fake Dominant you have the control of hitting the backspace key. You can erase that part of your book, you have that control. If you meet someone who is abusive you have the backspace key. You may use the backspace key a thousand times, maybe more because you are the one in control. You are writing your own destiny.

Your book can be about drama, it can be an action book, it can be a romance book. It can be a book about confusion, sorrow , it can be a book about mistakes, or we can write a stupid book, again we are in full control.

BDSM 101 we are all different, we all have different needs, we all have different kinks. What I like or how I live you may not like, the same goes for you, I may not like. The key is to respect everyone. To love everyone, and be there in a time of need. We are such a small community, we are unique , special. We are very few.

It would be great if there were manuals we could pick up and read , kinda like a chilton’s repair manual online for cars. A book or books full of references that could tell us what we are doing wrong, but there is not. We write our own book.

We have control over our book we can make it fiction or non-fiction it just depends on the individual and what they want out of life.

Some in their books for what ever reason crave abuse, while other want peace. Some want structure and rules, while others crave drama.

We all write our own book , we all have BDSM in our heads, we all know who we are and what we need.

So to all those who are submissive, to all those who are a slave. You need to sit down in front of your computer, open word, at the top you type Chapter One my world of BDSM

From that point on you are in full control of the outcome of your book. You get to choose your character , you get to choose your Dominant and how you want your Dominant to act. You are writing your own book.

While others do write books and we all take in their information, we need to remember those are just opinions, of ones thoughts. Just as I write. You read my opinions my thoughts you take in or you just laugh. This is why it is so important to write our own book .