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How Buddhism has impacted my Life

Posted in bdsm, Buddhism, Mahāyāna, Zen on October 19, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Buddhism in Vietnam (called đạo Phật) as practiced by the ethnic Vietnamese is mainly of the Mahāyāna tradition.[1] Buddhism came to Vietnam as early as the 2nd century CE through the North from Central Asia and via Southern routes from India.[2] Vietnamese Buddhism has had a symbiotic relationship with Taoism, Chinese spirituality, and the indigenous Vietnamese religion.[3]

The overall doctrinal position of Vietnamese Buddhism is the inclusive system of Tiantai, with the higher metaphysics informed by the Huayan tradition; however, the orientation of Vietnamese Buddhism is syncretic without making such distinctions.[6] Therefore, modern practice of Vietnamese Buddhism can be very eclectic, including elements from Zen, Pure Land, Tiantai, and popular practices from Esoteric Buddhism.[6] According to Charles Prebish, many English language sources contain misconceptions regarding the variety of doctrines and practices in traditional Vietnamese Buddhism:[15

I have stated before I am against organized religion, many reasons. One today religion is a pure money making machine. Just look at some of the great teachers of religion.Jerry Falwell, Jim and Tammy Baker, Benny Hinn, Ernest Angley, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, just to name a few. If I did not mention someone it is because I have great respect for them, such as Billy Graham.

I had mentioned earlier that I was connected with an Inter tribal group. Which is a mixture of native Americans who are not card holders from any specific tribe. Shortly after my departure , I ran into a Vietnamese woman at a local grocery store. I was loading my bags in the car and she walked up to me and said I love you. Wow very cool I dig Asian chicks anyway. Excuse me, she said it again I love you, well I love you as well so we are even. Then she made the statement you look sad. I said Dam I just thought I was pissed off. Sad no pissed off yes.

So we talked for a few minutes, and she gave me her name and address, told me to call her when I would be able to come over to her place on a Saturday night.

I arrived about 5.30 pm that Saturday, and a small group of about 35 people were there, when I walked through the gate I felt like Elvis, everyone greeted me.

At that point and time I felt like I need something spiritual, and uplift, I needed to find or reinvent myself. I had just left an awesome group of people, My Divorce was finished, I had just met Bea.

So we all walked in the house I was instructed to take my shoes off, we all entered a huge room. To the north wall was a big statue of Buddha. We all sat with our legs crossed, and a young girl from Vietnam  came and sat next to me, to help me with the chant. The chant lasted a good half hour. Then the teaching began, this went on for another hour and a half. I am thinking something is missing, wait no one is passing around a one is asking for money.

I was getting ready to leave, I was sitting on my Harley, and the young girl came running up, I got off, and she gave me a hug, and invited me back again, she took both of my hands, and I felt like this warmth run up both arms, the most incredible feeling I had ever felt..

I do not look at Buddhism as a religion. I look at it as a way of life, most as I do incorporate Zen which is a form of meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition rather than through faith and devotion. It sounds really complicated but it is really not.

Before hand I had no anger issues, well I will take that back. If you were not my submissive, and you pissed me off, you would feel the earth shake.

Although there is a Temple in Orlando, I stayed with a small group of people, every weekend, we went to a different house. We all brought a dish, and had a feat afterwards. No one ever asking for money. I did start to send in donations to the temple in orlando, sometimes 10% sometimes less , sometimes more, and sometimes nothing. It was on my terms. No pressure.

Buddhism has helped me in many ways. I now look at life different, I see more good, even with people I do not care for, I always look for the good.

The Meditation can take me places that are unreal, at times it can feel like you are leaving your body. I feel very relaxed and calm, afterwards.

I feel like I can read people better, no anger. Do not take me wrong, I still get upset, but I speak in a very calm manner. In the last year I have started taking tai chi, which to me is another form of meditation, deep thought, and breathing.

If I am with someone, I do not push my beliefs on anyone. I do not try to force anyone to see my way. I will talk and speak about the good, but it is their choice.

Now within the lifestyle, I have found that some of the things I have learned, I can use to my advantage. I am now much calmer when I speak, I have found this makes communication, much better, and it tends to make one really listen, because they feel like they will miss something, if they Don’t .

I try to meditate at least twice a day, this helps me relax, help my body relax. I am now starting to sleep a little better, not a full eight hours, but Now I do dream, were as before I did not.

The first test was when a Submissive was living with me early last year, she told me she had been messing around with her ex. I could not believe how calm I was. As a matter of fact it upset her more than it did me, because she was not sure how to take me. I just simply said you need to call your mother, and have her come and get you. That was the end of it.Once she was gone, I did not feel lonely or upset. A sigh of relief.

Just something else I wanted to share..