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What Kind Of Dominant Are You

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This is a topic that has no real answer, over the years we have branched off so much , in most cases the term Dominant is not even Dominant it is a self giving title. Daddy Dom , Master self giving titles.

Even if you try an place a definition on each one , to many that definition is different and they all come with different stages of responsibility’s , to no responsibility at all.

That is not what gets under my skin, what get under my skin is when one of the above try and talk to me and tell me I am doing something wrong.

A few months back I kinda of invited Arianna and I over to someones home, at that time I was assuming some type of friendship may come to light, well I was wrong…

As we were sitting on his balcony and he looked at me and said there are not many like us out their , and Arianna’s jaw almost dropped off… Just a little more info , I did kinda invite us over texting then calling.

Once there his submissive was wearing a see through dress , I could tell she felt very uncomfortable , probably her first time in such a setting, once we were sitting outside and talking he made the statement that arianna could get naked as well, I just looked over that statement and continued talking. Most of the time the first impression sets the pace when meeting someone but it is clear the first impression was a total fake.

Sitting there telling me about how depressed he is , how many times he has thought about suicide , my mind was just racing. So I asked about medication? Ahhh fuck that it makes me to tired , I cant that that shit. While talking he is showing interest about bringing a 3rd into his home to train a submissive.

Okay I got off track that subject has been bothering me for sometime…

Every home is different , the way a Daddy Dom , a Dominant , or even a Master Runs their home different, some may have few to no rules or structure or no protocols.  Some may set goals for self improvement. Some may set task to keep you busy..

The bottom line is it is up to the Dominant to determine what path he wants to take. This does take a lot of soul searching , the main reason is you want to find someone who is going to fit your needs , someone who wants and needs to adapt to your way of living.

How do you as a submissive want to be treated ? How much do you want to give up as in freedom ? Do you want rules ? Do you want to give up full control or just partial ? Are you submissive only in the bedroom? These are questions you should have answers to before entering a relationship. How deep do you want to explore your submission ?

What are your limits ? What are your soft limits ? What do you want to explore ? Who do you want to explore with? Then you allow yourself time for growth , learn and understand.  Insist on communication, communication is a need and a must.

How do you want to be treated in private ? How do you want to be treated in public or around friends and family ?

In the past I was guilty of making a rush to judgement , entering a relationship before covering all bases or entering a relationship just to fill that void, and that never works , it does but only for a short time..

What ever your kink is , your limits , there is someone out there..

The Daddy Dom tends to be more on the soft side, more nurturing , more caring. He tends to be more clingy and expects the same in return. The Daddy Dom gives support and direction and makes sure goals are met…

The Top is in charge of a scene after the scene has been talked about, the bottom will many times give the top direction and the Do’s and Dont’s , once the scene is over its over the top is back to everyday life.. The upside most Tops are very good rope men, the down side do not look for aftercare after a session.

The Dom is a Dominant during play or just in the bedroom , Many times this is a release for married couples , or those in a long term relationship. The Dom is usually Dominant outside of the home as well.

The Dominant takes on a bigger role if living 24/7 he may enforce more rules , structure , protocols, in a sense in complete control of his home and environment. What I did miss on all of the above was the communication, that is something we all specialize in.

The Master takes on a much deeper role , putting together an extensive training program , takes on a greater role in molding one to fit needs. Rules are put in place and enforced. Training is never over it is  continuous growth , recognizing change and knowing when change is needed.

I believe all the different roles above could very well fall under the Master’s role, I believe the above could fill the shoes , but we all know where we want to be and the type of relationship we need. Many times the Master will take on a greater role in the local community , allowing others to reach out to them. Many times a Master who is active in the local community is a leader and takes pride in watching others grow..

This is not to say others do not take a role in the local community, I have seen Daddy Doms, Dominants all take part in helping others.

At one time I was a Sadist , looking back if I had it to do over I would of taking a different route , I do not believe I would of stepped into that role. I was not a Dominant , nor a Master I was someone who got off on inflicting pain. I did not care about feelings or emotions, I had no idea what aftercare was nor would I of cared. Very few Sadist are Dominants, while it is possible for a sadist to fall into that role.

The Switch I find to be interesting, and I truly do not understand other than it is just an individuals place, somewhere where they feel comfortable. Only being Dominant or submissive during that scene or session.

I recently tried playing cupid and I still do not have a clue as to why I would want to take on such a task, but I thought these two who did not know each other would be a perfect fit.  The one a male is a switch the other claims to be a submissive but I am sure she leans way towards being a slave , I just thought that would fit , because I was not sure how a switch would respond.  So neither one thought the other was interested, and it has just all but stalled. When I asked if he could step up and be a full Dominant , he stated he was not a Uber Dominant, what ?

The next again for what ever reason I knew two who were single so again I step in and introduce the two one a Daddy Dom I have known for a couple of years , he had a bad breakup with a submissive and all the blame was put on him, well as it turned out it was both. So I introduce the two, and before wanting to learn anything about the submissive he jumped right into sex and service, now I know why he is still single. In the end I had to jump in and put his breaks on.. So my cupid career is over..

It does not matter if your male or female you can tell if someone is truly interested in you.. Again there are two things that we are in full control of in our life, and that would be Choices and Consequences , the ball is in our court.

There is much more information , this is just a quick over look and my own opinion



I wish I Was A Better Dominant

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I am sure many of you have heard these words or similar. I wish I was a better Daddy , I wish I was a better Master , or Dominant.

These words come from a novice who has bitten off more than he can chew. He has stepped out of the frying pan into the fire.

A middle aged man waking up one morning after finding or some other BDSM site, now he wants to step into that relationship really knowing nothing about the lifestyle. He now wants to control someone , impose rules , look for reasons to punish, yell and bark orders , make demands you are not sure you can do , or possibly get into trouble.
He now wants to isolate you, keep you from family and friends.

The novice has been in the lifestyle now for 10 years or this is what he is telling you. He has trained many , and the relationship has failed because they lied to him, they were not real , they were fakes.

Your needy and he is greedy sounds familiar yes? He takes and takes and you give and give, but you get nothing in return.

A novice a week into the lifestyle is not the Grand Master of Masters , the Lord the Grand Pooba.

On your knees bitch suck your Masters cock, I will train you just keep sucking. I own you, and you have only known each other for a couple of hours.

This is the Dominant you can tell nothing because he knows everything. This is the Dominant when the relationship falls apart it is your fault , you did it, you were not true , how dare you lie about your submission.

You know a couple of months ago I tried giving someone advice and he laughed at me.
He then sent me a friend request on Facebook , so I excepted. A month went by and nothing not a word so I then deleted him.
Then out of the blue I get a Message saying let me know when you can talk, as in making some kind demand , like he was making time for me. He is now blocked.

The novice is like a leach it will suck the blood out of you until you pick it off and throw it away.

I am far from perfect , I have and would never claim I know all. What I know has taking me years to learn not months or weeks but years.

He wants his cock sucked but the minute you become needy or he finds out your codependent he wants no part of you.
You need to grow up , your acting childish , I am not going to put up with your games , that is right your now a game , and in the end the break up is your fault and your fault only.

If the Dominant cannot control his own life , his own problems , his own drama , how in the fuck is he going to help or control you. If his life is a complete fucking mess , you have to think what can he bring to the table to help me ?

The novice Dominant will lose their temper at the drop of a hat. You are now the stupid bitch , your a cunt , your making his life so fucking miserable. He cannot train you because your a fake your not real. He will scream and scream then he will come crawling back with his tail between his legs begging you to take him back.

I wish I was a better Dominant , I wish I was a better Master or Daddy , these are the words of a novice and a idiot. He has stepped into someones shoes and they do not fit.

You the submissive in the end are the one in charge , you are running the relationship and you are faking your submission.

All you have to do is think.



Dominant , Submissive Equals Compatibility

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Your relationship is not going that well , the two of you are not getting along , or maybe you argue a lot. Maybe you don’t have that much in common or you don’t talk the way you use to. Maybe your both losing interest and your not sure why.

Compatibility is the one thing we look over at times because we make a rush to judgement. We jump in to fast before we can see the whole picture.

Sometimes your mind is caught up in the moment and your not thinking straight, your feeling over whelmed, but you know it has to be right.

The new is always good the first 30 to 60 days are awesome everything seems to perfect , but then the new begins to wear off and that compatibility thing starts to come into play…

Several years ago I was chatting with a slave online and I guess I gave her ideas about a relationship that I was not aware of. Then one morning about 4am I get a knock at the door and when I open it she is standing there, and before I could say anything she said I am home Master.

So I invited her in after all she had just drove 1200 miles and I made a pot of coffee and I was thinking okay she is not hard to look at her personality is okay so why not give it a try.

At that time I was still into S&M but I was slowly moving in another direction I just had not found myself as of yet.

The first two weeks she slept on my couch, it was weird because I just did not have that connection with her, so I knew then it would not work.

I tried to session with her several times, we did some impact play as well as a little needle play but I was just not feeling it.

In the mean time she is communicating with all my friends asking them how she can learn to take more pain, and the answer was always the same , you cannot learn.

Then came our conversation , she starts off well I think you need to change the way you play I cannot handle it. You need to be more gentle and start off slower.

I am just sitting there looking at her with a confused look, and the words rolled out of my mouth.

You knew what I was about , you knew the type of play I enjoyed , you knew you were not into pain, but you just up and packed and moved without even telling me.
I refuse to change who or what I am for anybody, and this conversation is closed.
I felt kinda bad about just kicking her out so I gave her one of the greatest mind fucks of all time.

I put a St Andrews cross in the bathtub , I then filled it with water I placed her in the tub, cuffed her then came the blindfold.
I then went down stairs to our garage and I picked up an old marine battery that had been then I guess 20 years.
Once in then bathroom I hooked a pair of jumper cables to the battery, then I lifted her blindfold and showed her the battery and the jumper cables and she passed out and peeing.

The next day she moved out, wow what a rough time that was and I really tried to make it work.

The thing was she jumped or tried to jump into a relationship no knowing anything about the compatibility. She did not even think about having anything in common.
Then expecting me to change who I was , well that was not even fair to me, but going to my friends and trying to get them to talk to me about changing. Nah that was just a wrong move on her part.

Then of course came the bashing to all my friends, about how cruel I was and I was an abuser, I lost control, yeah okay what ever.
On the other hand I was lucky I had friends in the community that knew me and knew me well, and well enough to know she was lying to them.

So the problems you are having in your relationship may not be all of your Dominants doing’s, He may actually be trying to make things work but refuses to change who or what he is and you probably knew everything up front.

Life is about choices and consequences , and if we make the wrong choice then we have to face the consequences.

You should put a great deal of thought when it comes to the type of D’s Or M’s relationship your looking for.
It is also very important to find a Dominant who is compatible in all areas, because he will not change no matter what you think.

Being compatible means you have more than BDSM in common. You will have to have other interest , if your relationship is going to survive..

If your not a Masochist , you would not want a Sadist as a partner. If your a baby girl then you wold probably want a Daddy Dom.
You have to decide before hand what level of submission you want to start out with.
The good thing is your relationship can always grow , remember you can always go forward but you can never go back. You also cannot expect someone to change midway through a relationship.

You have to find the Dominant who is going to fit your needs just as the Dominant will find someone to fit his.

Compatibility , if you have nothing in common then you have nothing to talk about. If you have nothing to talk about , then you have no communication, and if you have no communication you have nothing.

You can have things in common but not be compatible , yea it sounds weird but if the dominant your speaking with is poly and your not then you would not want to enter a relationship with him.

Compatibility will make or break your relationship, although you the submissive or slave will have to adapt to the new surroundings , you need to make sure your going to fit in..

You may have a list of your needs and this list is what you will need to survive in a relationship. As your getting to know your new Dominant you would want to be able to put a check next to each need. The first X you have to put should be the end of the conversation , unless the Dominant is open to negotiations.

You will want to know how much time you will be able to spend with your Dominant if not living together. If your needy you need to explain this up front and get the answer you need to hear.

Never allow yourself to be used on your first meeting, meaning keep your legs closed , and your mouth shut. Sucking dick does not prove your submission. Laying on your back does not prove your submission..

You should be allowed to be yourself , you should be allowed to grow and flourish. You want to grow, you want to learn, and your looking for the perfect teacher..

On another note can attract but that would be another blog.


There Is A Clear Difference In Dominants

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I log into my email and from time to time something catches my eye, and I think Hmmm. So I click on the link and the first two lines has to catch my attention, if not I click the X.

One thing that is for certain is, we as Dominants are all different. How we carry ourselves, our personalities, our views when it comes to the lifestyle, our needs. What type of submissive or slave we need in our life.

Just as every Dominant is different, the same goes with every submissive or slave. Each is different, each has different needs, each takes different care, and yes each needs different rules and protocols.

You have the Romantic Dominant who is loving and sensual, ahhh Such as Franco Bolli.
You have the Daddy Dom such as SouthernSir who is a Daddy Dom but one who does set rules and protocols to help benefit his Baby Girl.

You have the no Protocol Dominants, or maybe those who believe in protocols , and that would be me.
You have Dominants who do not have rules or very few, then you have those Dominants who follow those 128 Basic rules, yes they are out there.

You have Dominants who passes their property around like a board game, you have dominants who force their propriety to take part in unwanted sex acts with others.
Their submissive is there for a couple of reasons. 1 She is scared to leave. 2 the submissive has been giving an overdose of stupid, or 3 the submissive is happy where she is at and truly enjoys her life with her Dominant.

Just because he loves passing his Bitch around and he gets off on watching others fuck her, does not mean he is wrong. That is his kink, that is his need.
I may think he is pretty fucked up, but it is not my place to say he is wrong, because what works for me may not work for him..

It took me about 3 months to put all of Arianna’s rules into place. There are only 25 rules as a matter of fact, and she can recite everyone and not in any particular order. That is something I am proud to say she wanted and needed to do on her own.
I am huge on protocols, as a matter of fact protocols take the place of some rules we already have in place or they go hand in hand.

There is also a clear difference between a D;s Relationship , A Daddy Dom relationship and a Master and Slave relationship. There is also a clear difference between a D’s and M’s relationship, just as there is a bigger difference between a Dominant and a Master.


So you take the old Rubiks cube, and you label each one, with a different part of the lifestyle, then you solve it. That is just how many different relationships there are within the BDSM lifestyle.

There are some Subs and Baby girls who did not want or need rules, there are some who do not want or need protocols. The good news is there is a Dominant out there for them, and there are some good Dominants.

There are also so real fucking losers. There are some who should be wearing Tampons because they are just as much a Bitch and the Bitch they are looking for. Yes I am speaking about the Married Dom, most are Daddy Doms, if you do not believe me do a little research, yea I am not going to do all of your leg work. Spend a little time on wordpress, and read all the whiny subs on here , because they never hear or see their married Daddy.. Bawwawawaa Yea cry me a river.

No email, no phone call, no text, no nothing because awe he is to busy with his work, to pick up the phone and give you 10 seconds of his life.
You are submitting to a whiny bitch of a man who cannot run his own home. His wife wont take it up the ass but you will. So now you get to be his Little Baby Girl.

You know what is ever more funny than these wannabe Daddy’s , I am going to guess there are roughly lets say low numbers 15 million people who blog on wordpress, and there has not been one married man with big enough balls to make a comment , about how I talk about pure toxic garbage.

My wife and Slave who I truly love and adore, needs most of the above. She needs the protocols , she needs rules, she needs structure. I knew all of this before entering the relationship. It was not my place to try and change her. Once I agreed to enter such a Micromanaged relationship it was my duty as a Master and Owner to perfect her.

You do not walk in my shoes, You do not have a clue as to what my daily life is. I am ever more sure there are not many who could walk in my shoes or even want to.
I am in a good place, life is good.

Just Do not judge me, or tell me I do not know what I am doing.


To be the man you got to beat the man


Interview With A Daddy And Baby Girl

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This is just awesome a Daddy and Baby Girl who has been married for 17 years…

So I put a series of questions together and they both answered them. These interviews gives up a different perspective about someones life. It gives us a deeper look, into someones home…..


1. You stated that you now have a Daddy, do the two of you live together ?

***** Yes. I am fortunate that I am married to my Daddy. We have been married 17 years. We have 3 kids. All teenagers.

2. How long have both of you been in the lifestyle?

***** we have been in the lifestyle over a year. However when I happened to stumble across a few things on twitter I realized that my submissive nature and the way I had been living my whole marriage had a name and I wasn’t the only woman who lived this way. Taking care of her husband and such.

3. This is for you Daddy. Have you always been a Daddy Dominant, or was there a time when things were different , meaning did you ever take on a different role? I myself was in an M’s relationship and we moved into a Daddy Baby girl role.

No, I have not always been a Daddy Dom.  I have been a “normal” dom as well as a Master.  I have explored all aspects in finding what I am and what I need to be.

4. This is to your Daddy. I know a lot of Daddy’s who really do not have rules they have their Baby Girl follow. Are there any rules or protocols you enforce on a daily basis ?

Yes, my Baby Girl has both rules and protocols that she must follow on a daily basis.  For example, she must check in with me when she leaves and arrives someplace, keep a daily food log to make sure she is eating healthy, make my coffee, etc.  These help give her daily structure and make her feel safe.

5. Are the two of you active in the local community if not do you have any plans in the future ?

*** we live in a small town and we were not sure what was in the area. We started out in the swingers community over 2 years ago. However we have found a couple of events in the area that we hope to go to next month.

6.  You stated that in the past you had an online Dom. Did you learn anything from that relationship ?

***** Yes, I learned several things from that relationship.

 1. An online relationship does not fulfill everything I need as a submissive.

 2. From this relationship I found my true submissive side as a baby girl. Just being a submissive wasn’t enough. So I found myself doing things for Daddy to fill the holes that I had. Since I wasn’t unable to do them in person for my on line Dom.

3. I learned that what I thought I was looking for I already had living with me. I had feared that daddy would not be able to handle this new baby girl side. We had tried a straight Ds relationship with a contract, that I signed under duress, and it just ended ugly. It did significant damage to our marriage. It has taken us son time to repair and in that process I was allowed to have an on line Dom. However Daddy was in the know about everything that happened with that relationship. I eventually out grew him which on line isn’t hard to do and Daddy was patiently waiting for me.

7 To Daddy, Are you Collared and if so what was the time period for the collaring ? I do know that all Daddy Doms do not believe in a collar.

My Baby Girl is not yet formally collared.  She is currently wearing a training collar until the time that I present her formal collar.  There is no time frame in my head for collaring.  Yes, some Daddy Doms do not believe in collars but I believe a collar is a wonderful symbol of her submission to me.  It also makes her feel safe and gives her a reminder of me all day.  She feels that I’m there and that she is protected.

8. As a Daddy and Baby girl, are you just into the Discipline part of the lifestyle or is there kink involved as well…

**** While while I thrive and feel a very strong need for the discipline. I am a masochistic. I love pain. I find a clam in a good therapy spanking. Canning can and has taken me into the beautiful depths of sub-space. I love to be tied up. A good rough fuck is always great. I am a fan of wax play and the Wartenberg wheel. I enjoy a good scene. Really as long as Daddy is using me for his pleasure I am happy.

This is just awesome Thank you both for taking part, and sharing something so deep. More so showing a Daddy and Baby Girl relationship can work…


Daddy Was So Nice ,Abuse Is A Cancer , But There Is No Cure

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Come here Baby Girl , I know your lost. I can Help you. I want to help you. I understand where your coming from. I know how you feel. I will teach you, I want to help you.

There are no Magical doors. There is not a Daddy Dom Door, There is not a Dominant door, there is not a Master door. The truth is we are all rolled up into one.

I am a Master, what makes me a Master ? I am a owner, I own property. Arianna is my slave I own her, she is with me because she has the need to serve. Arianna needs love, Arianna needs compassion, Arianna needs structure, rules, trust. She needs someone who will be there 24/7. Arianna needs communication, Arianna needs someone who will be consistent on a daily basis. Arianna needs someone who will enforce rules when they need to be.

So I am really not that different from a Daddy Dom if we take the title out of the picture.

I do not beat Arianna, as a matter of fact I have never left a mark on her, not even one bruise. I never talk down to Arianna, I never yell, scream, or call her names.

As a Baby girl, a submissive , you have rights, and when you feel something is not right, you need to go with your gut feeling.

I want all of your passwords, Okay may I ask why? Do you not trust me? Have I done something to cause mistrust ? Can I have your passwords Sir?

That is one of the first demands, this is the beginning of the abuse. This is called the take away game. His answer is he wants to protect you. He needs to be able to monitor your accounts. .

Your 18 years old, 20, 25 , 30 you have never needed that before. By having your passwords that does nothing.

It was almost a year and Arianna was trying to figure out a way to give up more control, so she came to me with the password thing. She wanted me to have them.  After some thought I agreed, I have not used them, and I probably will never. If I need anything or want to know anything I just pick up her phone, and that is not to often. I TRUST HER.

The take away game, passwords, then the Daddy wants to monitor your social sites , facebook, twitter, does anyone have a myspace any longer ?

Then comes your friends, you are told who you can and cannot talk to, and you will agree, after all Daddy knows whats best for you.

There is a Baby Girl on wordpress, and she has to take her blog down because she showed interest in wanting to meet other Baby Girls or littles. This will take control from him, and she will be exposed to how other Baby Girls live, so the outcome would not be good.

Yea he is married still lives with his wife, but he is going to leave her when the time is right. He has two Baby Girls who rent an apartment, they both pay everything , which is okay but the fact he is married, so he has no responsibility .

You are told who your friends will be, Okay I am guilty of that one myself. Arianna needs friends and I encourage her to make friends, more so with in the BDSM community. I want her to see how the others live, what the different Daddy Doms are like, the different Doms, and Masters, and she will tell you she has it made.

I am guilty of choosing her friends because what she has found is once a friend she becomes part of their problem worlds, she becomes part of their drama, she becomes part of their cancer. So I put a stop to it.

What makes it lonely is when you do not live together. Chances are you never will live together. The bad thing is the take away game is still going on, until all you have left is going to work and coming home. He begins to talk about your family, so he wants to distant you from them, yes most of you have been there.

Then comes the yelling, look what Ive done for you, I am the only one who cares for you, I am the only one who has been here for you, well okay my wife as well, but I love you. He changes almost over night, and if he thinks he is losing control, he will isolate you more and more until your in a box and you cannot move.

These Dominants are insecure, these Dominants are not part of the lifestyle and really have no clue. These Dominants have no friends who are Dominants because there game comes out and a real Dominant would have nothing to do with them. I do not mainly because I cannot relate to them, and I refuse to step down to their level.

SouthernSir and Kayla Lords. Daddy Dom, and Baby girl, they met and they built a beautiful relationship. They made plans for the future, and they made their plans happen, Kayla now lives with SouthernSir. That my friends is how it works.

Being isolated at first does not seem so bad, but when you have little contact with your Daddy Dom, it becomes lonely very fast, depression sets in, and now you have nowhere to turn. You no longer have the friend network you once had, because you dumped them all.

Master Vile and Slave Bea, we were very happy but as she talked with friends , she discovered she just may very well be a Baby Girl, so while talking one night she express her feelings and her new found needs. My answer was let me think about it. The reason I needed to think was I needed to consult with other Dominants because this was a new world to me. So after much thought we began to slowly move from Master and Slave to Daddy and Baby girl, now we lived together so this made the transition much easier. After I thought it was complete, she came to me one day and said Master, not Daddy. Master we are really no different than we were before. I said yea I know

Our relationship ended because I lost control, I no longer wanted to enforce rules, I let the structure slip, I let the protocols slip, and when I realized what was happening it was to late to regain control., and I lost. I am good with that I have moved on. Today she is in a good place.

You have rights, you have the right to question, you have the right to want to know why. Because if you do not then what makes you different from a slave. You have the right to question and you have the right to get answers and clear answers. You also have the right to say no.

Well you dont need to talk to other people, you have me that is all you need.. This is part of the isolation game, if he can keep you isolated he keeps control. If he cannot or start to lose control the anger comes out , if it has not already, but he screams and yells at you calling you names, or maybe no names but the anger is there. Then after its let daddy hold you I am so sorry, I want to be a better daddy.

The only happiness you have is the few hours a week you get with your daddy. Maybe a few hours every two weeks or a month, then it is only for a couple of hours. He will how ever bring you cheap gifts from time to time to show he cares. The gifts are made to give you a high, but many times the high is short lived…

Being a Baby Girl can be a lonely life, but the same goes with those who are Submissive. You find very few Master and Slaves who do not live together though.

Those who are predators pick those who have little to know experience in the lifestyle, the same goes with those who are submissive or even slaves. He picks these types because he knows what to say, and he will act like he is there to help you. You know nothing about the lifestyle so what he is saying is the truth. Those with any experience will have nothing to do with these fakes, and what relationships they do have are short lived. Most are married, and they prey on these girls because there is very little upkeep. He will not help you will bills or anything because he is teaching you to be independent he wants you to be able to live on your own even if you are struggling. He knows what is best for you. He cannot spend any money, because most wives handle the funds. Arianna handles all of the funds in our home. There you go.

Once you become to needy, I mean needy on a daily basis, and your begging for attention, or you become to hard to handle, with questions. You will be dropped like a bad cold. You now require responsibility.If you do not believe me try it.

Remember I am speaking here with over 20 Years in the lifestyle, I have nothing to gain by lying to you, but I gain much if you listen, because I have helped someone…

How do you see yourself a month from now, three months, six months or a year. Still sitting at home alone?



I do Have A Temper

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I do get angry, and yes I do have a temper. Arianna has never seen that side, and she never will. Once I walk out the door my life as Vile for the most stays home.

The downside to it staying home google is alive and well, and all really someone has to do is google my name. I have since taken steps to start cleaning a lot up. I will never be able to get rid of everything, but some.

One of my down falls or maybe its not I speak my mind, and if you cross me the wrong way, I can get sideways. Again Arianna has never seen this side of me, and there is no need.

Once I leave work, I pull out of the parking lot, that is where work stays. There is no need to bring any stupidity home.

Remember I was talking about our Bubble. The Bubble is our world, we do take the trash out on a daily basis, but we bring no trash home.

So I was at work last week and I was being talked to about a form that was not filled out correctly . Okay I had made the same mistake more than once, my bad. Then it came to a point I was being talked to like a child, and I sit there and I listened, and I listened, I then took the paper from her, I rolled it up, and I folded over the end and I handed it to her and told her it would fit much better now.

Yea that did not go over to well, so you know what the next step was. Yup Vile packed up, and when I walked out the door, I felt this great weight being lifted off my shoulders. I just wanted to yell FUCK YOU.

The 50 to 55 hours a week were killing me, and I do mean it was taking a toll on me, physically and Mentally and Arianna was starting to feel the effects as far as being away from each other so much.

Life is good and will always be good. Keep a positive attitude and good things will flow your way.

One thing I always preach about and no this is not about Married men. It is about doing things by the book. Even a Dominant , Daddy and Master has rules we have to follow on a daily basis. If you follow the rules and you do everything by the book, nothing will get in your way and everything will go your way. This is all Dominants , Daddy’s , Masters and Owners. Slave , those who are submissive and yes even Baby Girls.

Life is good so make it fun.