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Words And Submission

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One thing I do during training is, I utilize what is called speaking in thirds. This is something that is common in the Gorean lifestyle.

To me speaking in thirds has a purpose, and the purpose is to make one focus, to think, to think before they speak.

The words tend to have more meaning, and the slave is able to explains things better if she has to think before speaking.

Speaking in thirds gives one a total different aspect of who and what they are, it is like a reminder, and it teaches self discipline.

Once I start training I use the technique for a couple of weeks or sometimes I will use as a form of punishment, again to make the slave think.

When a Dominant uses the word Train, it is good to ask what he hopes to get out of it, and how the training is going to benefit you ?

So the night before last we were laying in bed, I was watching shark week, Bah Humbug, and I get an email. Guess from who? Yup Arianna, I was like what but sometimes she is able to express herself better writing things down, or in an email , than talking sometimes and I do understand her reasoning.

Arianna was expressing interest in speech restriction, and using the term your property when addressing me.

Her reasoning was it would make her feel a deeper submission, not only speaking in thirds but using the word property.

Once you give up full control , and you learn to follow the rules, protocols, it becomes a habit, and when things are a habit there are times we do not even realize we are doing them.

That is how Arianna feels at times, everything just falls into place and she does not see her submission.

That is why I have said in the past it is very important for the Dominant to remain consistent on a daily basis. If you say something, then mean what you say. If you say your going to do something then do it.

Although I am not Gorean I do follow many of the protocols, and I am consistent.

I can also tell you what rules work for one does not work for another. It would be almost impossible for every slave or submissive to have the same rules.

What protocols, and rituals that worked for one will not work for another. Every Slave or sub is different, their habits are different, but more so their needs…

Behavior Modification, changing the way one thinks or acts, in public or private.  Changing ones thoughts, or how they view things.

This can be done, if the Dominant is true to the relationship , but just as I tell those who are submissive, I tell the Dominants the same thing. Be careful what you ask for.

The best way to kick off your training, is for both to be able to take a vacation, and no I am not joking. You have kinda like a 5 to 7 day mini boot camp.

Before you say anything Arianna has been there, and she can tell you that her changes have only been positive.  Being able to let your mind go, and just flow with your training, but truthfully training can only be successful if you trust the one your with.

So there are some who wish to move into a deeper submission, even after training, the training never really stops, it does continue and it is daily maintenance.

The changing of one word , yes that is all it takes, just as Arianna stated in her email.

Instead of using the word I, she wanted to use your slave, or this slave.

About a month ago , I instructed Arianna to use the words Thank You. Thank You for everything.

Thank you for letting me sit, shower, bathroom. After taking the first bite of food, Thank You.

This all falls under Behavior Modification, but you as the Dominant you need to remain consistent.

You know what I truly find disturbing is a Dominant who is not really a Dominant, but enters a relationship with a Baby Girl a Submissive, under false pretenses. Promising one thing but not being able to deliver.

The Dominant not thinking of the negative effects he is having on someones life, the damage that is being done, and playing with someones emotions.

Then it is clearly not the Submissive who is the problem, it is the Dominant who will put all the blame on the sub or baby girl because the relationship did not work. When in fact the Dominant either had no intentions of making things work, or he did not have a clue.

Changing one word, can change ones life.



Reflecting On My Past , Fucking and Humiliation

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I was looking at my Blog last night, the main page, and just scrolling down the topics seemed like it took forever.  Probably if you printed everything it would be a ream of paper maybe more.

I remember my first BDSM experience while I was just a teen, with Beverly in the woods. Everyone called her the school whore but she was not a whore she just liked to fuck. I never got that a man can fuck twenty women a week and he is a stud but a woman would be a whore. That is just so one sided.

When I was young I use to think something was wrong with me, 9th grade and up. Then it was not even about fucking, it was about pain, and humiliation.

Ive always felt inside that anal sex was a sign of submission although many view it different, but as a young teen even then I felt that it was total submission, looking back though I did not know the term submission. I owned you those were my thoughts.

As I had Beverly tied to the tree, and I sat down in front of her just looking and thinking, I could do anything to this bitch I wanted to, and she would take it. It was not because she liked it, it was because she wanted to be excepted, and like everyone else she wanted to be loved.

Even in High School I was a people watcher, I looked at how dudes would try to kiss up, just so they could hold hands walking down the hall, and pass little notes back and forth. I thought how fucking pathetic is that these dudes are like begging, for something they will probably never get.

Most girls were scared of me, and there were a few who were truly good friends, friends I never fucked with. I am weird in a sense because if I do not start out as a M’s in a relationship you become more of a Sister to me, and no matter what my thoughts are sex is out of the question.

My parents did okay even though they both had a drinking problem, and each was in and out of rehab all the time. We has a chicken business , eight chicken houses and each house held 80.000 chickens. , but I learned quick if I worked for my parents and they paid me I owed them something, so often I would work for nothing. Once I turned 16 I went to work at the old cotton mill after school, that was hmmm 1978, and then I was making 200.00 dollars a week. Once I turned 17 I joined the Army and that is when my life changed.

As I grew older my need to humiliate grew, and if you watch any of the public disgrace videos I have done much of that in my past, only those girls were paid. So although I do like the series, its not real.

While in Korea I saw first hand how some men were weak, and they bowed down to the pussy. A GI would go to a local bar, get drunk , pay 10.00 to get fucked and fall in love with the girl, go the the credit union get a 5.000 dollar loan and buy her freedom. Divorce his wife who was in the states, to marry a bar girl. The 5.000 dollars was just for the bar owner to pay off the girls debt, then came the real money. The back ground check, the physical , the visa, in the end he would end up spending 15.000 grand on some pussy. I suppose some were in love, but I am sure for the most the girls wanted a way out.

With me NO meant NO and it has always meant stop , No is the magic word, NO means stop right now. If you did not want to fuck then go get the fuck out. I was not going to beg for a piece of ass, because tomorrow was a whole new day.

I learned it was easy to spot a submissive in public. so on the weekends I would hit up the local mall . Think about this, and ive tried to explain this to many. Your walking in the mall or someplace where there is a lot of people. You walk past a woman, look at her in the eyes, and when you make eye contact, her eyes will drop. This is really true. It was then look at finger, if no ring it was conversation time.

Ive never been shy about approaching women, rejection never bothered me, I cannot think of a time when rejection did bother me, because I knew for every no there was a yes around the corner.

I always picked out women other dudes would not talk to, or the women that intimidated some men, that was the challenge . I had a rule never fuck someone you did not want to wake up with. I love beautiful woman. Beauty is not only in the face or body, Beauty if in the personality. I am not just attracted to a blonde or redhead , or petite, to average, or maybe a little chunky. I have a wide range of taste..

My first threesome was with sisters Tami and Bambi, that was hmm in early 89 or 90. The next day my beeper went off yea a beeper, so I called the number and it was Bambi she wanted to know if I wanted to go back out. I said really  ? I knew both of you all of 45 minutes, and we were at your house fucking, yea do me a favor and lose my number. They did not do anything together but I guess it was the taboo thing of being together, while I let Tami suck my cock, I face fucked Bambi, I fucked Tami in the pussy, but I fucked Bambi in the ass.

47 years old I woke up one morning and said dude what the fuck are you doing. I wanted more, I needed more. so I sat down and I compiled a list of everything I wanted out of a Slave.

Many of you who are jumping from Dominant to Dominant, Daddy Dom to Daddy Dom, have no real plan nor did you ever. You fall for the first line that catches your attention. Or maybe you let your insecurities get in your way.

So how many years are you willing to waist? How many years are you just going to throw away ? How many Doms are you going to go through before you stop your madness ? How many are you going to go through before you get hurt ?

You need a plan, if you need to write it on paper, and you stick to eat. You make a list and you check it off one by one. Question by question must be answered looking eye to eye.

Adding a third to our home. Adding a third must bring something to the table, it is not about money, or how much you can clean or cook. It is about you fitting in, and be willing to adapt. If your a true submissive then the adapting part would come natural.

Getting to know you, no one will chat , email or talk to Arianna until I say so. I protect what is mine. The truth is Arianna does not have a lot of time to just be chatting or emailing, although Brit was supposed to and never did. She has been a very dear friend for a long time. Now she is like the Bundy’s Married with children.

If I do not think your a fit, you will never have any contact at all. It is not to say others on here cannot contact Arianna, such as Bopeep and a few other. Just as friends , there are some good people on here.

As usual I get off track, someone made the comment the other day I must of messed up on a blog by copying and pasting something, but if she had been following my blogs she would of known I get off track a lot, then I just kinda flow back into it.

I do however feel some form of humiliation is needed in a D’s or M’s relationship, how extreme is up to the couple. I have known some to really get off on humiliation, it is really not my thing, but it is needed from time to time as kinda like a reminder. Hey this is your place. Nothing in public or in front of friends, it should be a private thing….

Much love