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Why I got So Upset At The Library

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Every week As I look at my pay stub, I just like every other worker pays taxes, some more than others but we still pay.

The way I look at it I own a chunk of that Library , it is mine. It is there for me to check out my movies if I so desire, books, or just go and relax and read in peace.

Many public buildings are used by the homeless to go in and clean up, use the bathroom, and get ready for their busy day of doing what ever they do.
Maybe go through the trash, panhandle, steal from people who work.

Several years ago I saw a young man standing on the corner with a sign. Will work for food my family is starving.

I pull into a Krystal’s fast food place and I go in and order 20 of their small burgers.
I walk outside and I say here man take these to your wife and kids.
He then opens the bag and looks at a burger and complains because there is no cheese. So I reach out and I take the bag back from him and I tell him to have a nice day… In short he was really looking for money and not food for his children.

Now in the past I have been down and out, never to the point of standing on a corner with a sign.
I have always managed to pull myself back up , dust of my shirt and keep marching..

I firmly believe we choose our own destiny , I also believe we can for the most control the outcome of our daily lives.
Now there are things that do come up that we have no control over, but if you have the drive to stay a float it can be done.

Sometime a go I managed a call center for MBNA bank, after leaving I managed an Eckerd drug store. I was with Eckerd for about 7 years until they were bought out by what is known as CVS today.
The reason I was let go even after being with Eckerd drugs was because I did not have a Masters Degree.
The truth is I made about 25.000 thousand more than a CVS manager did.
At that time I was giving a one day notice. We shook hands and I said fuck you very much as I was handed my severance pay.

I have made 85.000 a year, and in less than a week I went to a new job making 22.000 a year.
I suppose what I am getting at, I did not let it get me down. I kicked the dirt and continued marching.

Today the Eckerd drug store I managed is closed. CVS shut the doors two years after I left, Hmmm the new manager with a Masters degree?

I own the Library , maybe not the whole building but I still own, just as I own the courthouse, the police station.
My taxes I pay says I own them, so it is my duty to insure they are taking care of.

One problem many people have is they live far above their means. If you make a 150k a year you live like you make a 150k a year.
You lose your job, you find another but now your only making a 100k a year, guess what? Something has to go, you are going to lose something.

I could of said nothing yesterday, and just shrugged it off, but with a trash can within a couple of feet. It was clear neither gave a fuck.

So that was my reason for getting so upset.

Today if you are down and out, and even homeless there are organization’s who will help , maybe not the help you think you need but help. Maybe not as fast as you want it to be but still help.
That is of course you really want the help, if you do it is out there.

If you want to come in the Public Library I own you are going to respect it. I knew they would not of listened to me that is why I waited until the two walked through the doors, and the closer I got the madder I got.


Our Trip To The Local Library.

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We needed to print a lot of paper work and Arianna wanted to go to the Library.

As we are walking in Arianna says Master remember this is the library please.  I was like um okay and she said well people here are quiet. Ohh okay got ya.

So this morning after feeding the fish we head over and Arianna goes to work.

So im in the history section I love history,  mainly stuff with war and dictators.

Anyway i want to hit my ecig and head down stairs step outside and what a relief.

This couple was walking up and they crushed two beer and throw them down on the ground. Im standing there in disbelief wondering , what the fuck.

I walk in behind them and im like yo dude what the fuck are you thinking?

Now everyone is just staring at me and i continue. Your a fucking moron go outside and pick your beer cans up and put them in the trash.

Here comes the security guard and shes telling me to calm down.

She ask what the problem was and i said this fucking idiot threw beer cans on the ground before they walked in.

He of course said he didn’t,  and i called him a lying bitch.

Everyone is still staring at me, then it hits me.

Library oops my bad.

So they are escorted out they pick up the cans, as they are walking away hes flipping me off.

Maybe next time it will be quiet right?