A Man Insert A Live eel In His Ass

Okay this is a true story a man in china after watching a porn video, decided he was going to try that at home. He went to the local fish market and bought a live eel and took it home. After inserting it into his ass, he realized he could not get it out and it ate its way through his colon. The man endured a very painful surgery that lasted most of the night. The eel was still alive when it was extracted but the poor thing died shortly after. I feel more sorry for the poor eel.

There was another case where a man inserted a live eel into his penis, yup true story. So I am not sure what is up with the eel thing, the PVC pipe with mice. Hey I guess if it gets your rocks off and your not worried about explaining how a live eel was inserted into your ass , then making world news, hey go for it.


Wacky News.



4 Responses to “A Man Insert A Live eel In His Ass”

  1. LOL, Gemini and I just had a roaring laugh reading this post. And I might add, you have tarnished my taste for a bit for my favorite eel sushi….. *smiles*

  2. he he đŸ™‚

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