The Collar part IV I think

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The collar is very sacred to me, even more than a wedding ring. Over the years the collar has lost its meaning as well,It no longer has the same meaning or effect it once held.

Often in the past it could take a year or even several to earn a collar. Even today if something is given to you, it does not mean as much as it would if you worked for it.

I am speaking for myself, others may have different thoughts or opinions and that is ok.

I have a check list I follow, and a collar is not even mentioned until the check list is complete. Being able to follow rules , protocols, directions and of course the ability to please , not just in a sexual context but conversation, taking a interest in my hobbies and thoughts. All of these come into play before thinking about a collar.

My initial training is roughly 90 days, during that time, I do give a collar of protection. This could be a chain or a simple piece of leather. It lets others know in the lifestyle she belongs to me.

It could be less time but generally 90 days or so will bring out the true intentions. Is the slave serious? Is the lifestyle for the slave, mentally and emotionally?

Although sex is not the main course, it does play a Hugh part in any relationship. So the first 90 days is pretty intense when it comes to sex. I use on a daily basis, how and when I want. I had friends over and Arianna would be under the table blowing me while we all talked. At times asking her to lube me up, she would ask with lube or my mouth? Good girl. She knew what was next.

As far as training, the same goes for the master, true colors come out in about 90 days. Is he real or is it just some fantasy? If not real he will become bored pretty fast because it’s really a lot of work.

One year after we met, we were married and I collared Arianna during the wedding ceremony. One year it took for me to decide on collaring. Now I would of still married her, why? In today’s time it is nearly impossible to find the one, I mean it took me 45 years. Much of those years were my fault, moving from relationship to relationship. Yup my failures and mine alone. Many want to blame the slave but in reality it’s the masters fault, most of the time.

A potential slave meets a master for the first time, he has already stopped my pet supermarket and picked out a nice pink dog collar. The two don’t even know each other and after 20 minutes of conversation, he slides the dog collar to you. I want to collar you and make you mine. Ok! You don’t even know the dude and he wants to start training by sucking his dick in the parking lot. Do you not know how to suck a dick already? At this point, he has no real investment, well ok the 12.99 he spent at pet supermarket.

You know absolutely nothing about him and he knows less. He does know you have a mouth and pussy he is ready to conquer.

The collar, a sign of ownership, two people are dedicated to each other.

One of the push backs I received with potential slaves was the collar. Most refused to wear 24/7 because they were afraid of people noticing it. Arianna has worn hers for 10 years and one person made the comment he knew what it was, that was the end of the conversation.

Arianna threw me off because there was zero resistance. She did what she was told without question. Here is something, it was after we married and collared her before she fell in love . That is the truth, it took well over a year.

Now I am just a average looking guy and Arianna is smoking hot. How did I do it? I stayed focused learning from my past mistakes. I stayed the path and did not change, if anything I became stricter.

Just don’t let some dude give you a dog collar.

The Training part 3 or something

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You have met the one, you have found the slave who you think will fit your needs. Compatibility means everything, it just cannot be about sex or BDSM. You have to become friends before anything, you have to know each other outside of the way you live.

Training is not about barking orders or getting your dick sucked. Training is not about overloading the slave with rules that you cannot even remember. Training is not about isolation from family and friends. Training is not about humiliation or degrading.

Training is about changing one’s habits , changing one’s way of thinking. Training is implementing rules and protocols of your house.

I will admit during training I did use a bit of humiliation, however this was meant to put the slave on a different level and mindset.

As a master you might of experienced several relationships not working out and ending. One thing I hear often is, she was not submissive enough or she would not listen. Always putting the blame on the submissive. If this is the case then it is probable the next relationship will fail. Until you can recognize the pattern of the failures, the new relationship will most likely crash and burn.

You have to have a plan, you have to know who you are training. You both have to know each other’s goals and what you both want out of the relationship.

While I do not share what would be taking place or my training process, I used the information I gathered over a period of several weeks, so I could determine the path I was going to take. I’ve spent several weeks not days getting to know the slave, I mean really getting to know her.

Prior to Arianna I knew why my last relationship failed so I was determined not to make the same mistake. I was determined to make this one work out and not make the same mistakes.

Life is based on two things and two things only, choices and consequences, nothing more.

Guilt can play a huge role in a relationship, many want to be a dominant or master but guilt takes its toll. Many have a high first starting out but then the guilt hits them. The thoughts of mistreating or abuse, however if the relationship is consensual on both partners then there is no reason to feel guilty. That is a heavy stone to turn. The bad can be the slave sees you have changed and you are not who you said you were.

Those who are controlling or have a low self esteem tend to cut the slaves world off, this being from family and friends. He demands passwords to your social media accounts and often your checking account. Those are big red flags.

While depression runs through the lifestyle, a dominant or master who suffers from depression cannot maintain a healthy relationship, for the most. I do not believe it would be healthy for either.

This is from my own experience, it takes about 90 days for both to adjust to the new environment and relationship. It will take at least 90 days for the slave to start to adapt to not only the environment but to rules and protocols.

It seems the main word most masters use the most is punishment. Always looking for a reason to punish. I myself do not have that much time, nor do I just want to sit around and wait on a rule to be broken. My time is worth more than that, there are mistakes that are going to be made, We have to be able to determine if a mistake was made or just a fuck you. I am not one to put up with a lot of bull shit, you either want to be or not be.

When you ask someone about their training technique, most of the time there is no real answer. A master told me once he was training a new slave and I asked what it consisted of, he said the usual. What the fuck does that mean?

When the relationship fails it’s the slaves fault, she was not a real slave or not submissive enough.

We create what we need in our life. We take someone and transform them into something that fulfills our needs, realistic needs. All of this is possible with the proper guidance and understanding that it takes time.

When we first met Arianna had me on a pedestal, something I did not ask for nor did I understand why. 4 years past and we are out and she sees the first time I showed my anger. It was not towards her it was someone else. She saw that I was in fact human.

I have a very small circle of friends, I can count on one hand and I like it that way. I for the most dislike people, does not matter who you are or where you come from. I’ve worked from home the last 12 years and I love it. Last year I was offered a job with the government and I turned it down just because of having to be around people.

The slave always comes first, even before friends and family. The slave has to feel not only wanted but secure.

How do you as a master see your house? What type of slave and what I mean is, looks, personality, build, hair color and so on. How about the slaves demeanor? All of these must be thought out before agreeing to enter a relationship.

My definition of a slave is as follows. Humble, loyal, dedicated to service be it domestic or sexual.

What type of slave are you looking for ? Looks , build, personality, education? All of these thing you have to take into account. Do your kinks align with the potential slaves kinks? How about your personal beliefs or even political?

You must commit for at least 90 days straight . Have a plan in place. Have a complete training plan in place and stick to it.

Sitting, eating , walking, the way the slave speaks and responds to you. You are implementing new habits and that takes time.

Only start out with a few rules, and the rules should benefit the slave. Yea no panties rule does not count, that is stupid to even bring that up as a rule.

Mistakes are going to be made, a mistake does not mean punish, ignoring you does.

Service does not mean the slave is replacing your mother. The first time Arianna came to my house, it was spotless. I cook and still do most of the cooking today. I kept a clean house as well as laundry, how ever I did drop mine off.

Before you start, the relationship should of already been negotiated and both have come to a agreement. You cannot change the rule to suit you midway through training, that is not fair and can be confusing.

Now to the fun part, you are going to use your slave on a daily basis. Use as often and how you like. What you are doing is setting the pace of the relationship and the expectations of what is to come.

The slave will need down time, friends and family is very important. This also gives the slave a opportunity to recharge. Isolation should never be part of a master / slave relationship

You can create the perfect slave

The Patriarchy

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While this belief is disliked by many, there are many homes that still follow. There are vanilla homes, Domestic Discipline homes, dom and sub, master and slave.

When vanilla couples first meet, all they both talk about is how they are both looking for a 50/60 relationship. There is no relationship that is 50/50 because someone has to make a decision. Someone has to make the phone calls, someone has to call when a question about a bill. In today’s world the woman of the house is handed that task, the woman takes care of the bills, shopping and cooking. There is nothing about that, being 50/50.

Arianna takes care of most everything because I do not want to do it. If something comes up and she’s having trouble she hands it off to me. So I do all of the negotiating, insurance, car payments, mortgage anything that has to do with talking money.

There has to be a patriarch, someone is leading the family. Someone is making all of the decisions.

A master/slave relationship, I offer a stable home. I offer communication, I offer security, I offer a drama free home and she knows she comes first, at all times even with family.

I’m not one to hang out with the boys, for the past 11 years, Arianna and I have had the same days together. However recently she changed careers and our days off differ. The first thing I thought was here we go buddy, but then I realized I hate going out alone. I know it’s sad but true, I do visit the range alone because Arianna does not care for firearms. Back in the day I would wake in the early am and drive around to used car lots. I am talking like 2.30am because I was alone and it’s something I enjoyed. Today things have changed and it’s no longer safe but that is a different story.

Starting out a relationship as master and slave sets the foundation. The two have worked together during negotiations so both could come to an agreement. Once the master has laid the foundation, the building begins. We must keep our word on everything we covered. We cannot start making drastic changes once the slave has agreed to enter a relationship. The hard part is maintaining the relationship with the groundwork you implemented on a daily basis.

Much love to everyone


Free To Use Slave

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Yes it means just as it sounds when it comes to sec.

During our negotiations those words were used towards the end of the negotiations. The main reason was to see how other things played out. As it turned out Arianna is a very unique female and more so slave.

I know there are days Arianna does not feel good and I do take that into account, she also works outside of the home. So it’s not like I’m a total ass, well so to speak.

Sex on demand, kinda like a TV remote, what more could someone ask for?

Oral sex , there is no better feeling in the world and the truth is I get more head than Bill Clinton could ever imagine.

Access is very important. So Arianna is allowed no clothing while home, with the exception of that time of the month.

She can be watching TV, cooking or sleeping, she is here for my use. I love fucking at night, and often while she’s sleeping, I’ll crawl on top and busy one out and roll off.

Very important about the above, everything I am speaking of is 100% consensual. The free to use was worked out prior to entering the relationship.

Free to use does not mean just sex, there are times I want to have a drink and I’ll turn on some music and Boom, I am at a titty bar. Why pay to go out when I already have entertainment right at home?

Deciding which hole to use? That really depends on my mood. The one thing that really convinced me was her oral skills. However there are two more holes and I take the one I feel like at that time.

Knowing who you are and what your needs are very important. Being upfront with your potential slave is also important. The free to use was important to me, not because the relationship is just based on sex, but was available to me on my terms.

A few months back a Dom asked me what I did to get my slave off? I thought about it for a few minutes and replied, I’ve never giving it much thought, the sex is about me. If my slave has the need to get off, there are vibrators.

I’ve not really spoke with anyone on this topic.

Turning Off My Dominance

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That sounds crazy right? Why would you just flip a switch to turn something off?

In my house I control my environment, while in public I control my slave and nothing more with a few exceptions. I control where we go, what we do and what we eat.

Out in the world, I cannot expect others to have the same belief system I have. I cannot expect others to understand nor should I preach to others to force them to understand how I live.

While out and about with Arianna or alone, I give everyone the upmost respect, more so to women. Being from the south, I still use Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am.

Women are actually the backbone of any family and that includes Master and slave relationships. Women for the most build the home all while being a slave.

In public or at a event, I treat women with the upmost respect. if in general conversation I treat as a equal. I always request to be called by my first name, not Sir or Master, my first name.

Much love to everyone, I wish nothing but good health, love and prosperity


I took this

Living Apart Together: What It Is and Why Couples Do It

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This really has nothing to do with BDSM or the lifestyle but it seems to be a growing trend . I will also post a link to the article.

Today young people are getting married and living in separate housing, at times separate states and even different countries. It could be a job neither wants to leave as well.

Reading the article from what I gathered, the female wants to keep and maintain her independence. Also so she can keep her current lifestyle. This is not to say the male is not seeking the same but the article does not really go into much detail about the male.

If the female wants to marry and live in separate housing, is the husband responsible for any of the wife’s bills ? If the wife wants a new car is the husband on the hook for the purchase? Is there a limit on independence? I want my independence but I want you to pay for it?

I am just going to assume the checking and savings would also be separate.

How does a couple plan for the future? How would the couple purchase a home? How would the couple plan for retirement?

Rental property is really expensive in today’s market and in most cases it takes two incomes.

The world has changed from the 1950’s where a couple could survive off of one income. Those days are long gone.

So moving into the lifestyle, how would a master/slave relationship survive living in separate homes? Yes there are circumstances where it is more advantageous, maybe one has children, or possibly in school in another state and a few more maybe.

Ok! I agree to be your slave but only Monday and Tuesday. The other 5 days I want my independence?

Maybe over the years, the husband has not put the wife as a first priority? Maybe it takes responsibility off of each other?

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a awesome New Year.


Here we go, Gender-reassignment surgery

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While I believe everyone should be able to be who they are . At what age should we consider age appropriate when it comes to surgery? Who should be responsible for the surgery? Should the parents be responsible for a 100.000 dollar surgery then maybe 4 to 6 years of college? When speaking of the 100K I am talking about the entire process.

If a male child who is 11 years old decides he now identifies as a female and wants surgery, and the parents do not agree or believe due to religious beliefs, should the courts be allowed to force the parents to penny up?

Please do not take me wrong, I believe everyone should be allowed to be who they are. I fully support the LGBTQ community. Everyone should have the freedom to be who they are.

While I may not agree with everything it is not my place to judge. You as a individual has to be happy, it does not matter what anyone thinks or disagrees with.

However what I am against is knocking on my door and telling me I have to believe a certain way.

In today’s world raising a child is no simple task with everything going on, and the one thing parents look forward to is retirement. We’ve done our time, we have raised our children to the best of our ability, put through school and next comes retirement.

Most insurance companies today will not foot the bill for a 100K surgery so the parents wallet. If you take a loan out you are looking at 1000 a month or taking a second mortgage out on the home. There goes retirement and will most likely work until we’ll who knows.

So if a 11 year old can elect to change their gender, then the child should be allowed to vote, obtain a drivers license as well. The 11 year old is making a adult decision and should be treated as such.

Would I of gone into debt ? Absolutely not.

The Big 60

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I actually never thought of turning 60, to me it’s a pretty big accomplishment. Thinking about 6 decades and the first president I voted for was Jimmy Carter, I know don’t judge.

October is just around the corner, the 14Th. I took the week off, I suppose just so I could soak in the reality. I can feel I’ve aged but not to the point of not being able to get around.

Arianna is taking me to a Brazilian steakhouse and after I am not sure.

I am blessed my health is good, a little over weight but nothing crazy. Sex at 60 is still good as a matter of fact I think about sex more today. I’m sure it has to do with the testosterone I’m on. Arianna gives me a shot every 14 days and I’m on cialis, yea baby 5mg a day. If the wind blows I get hard.

I’m thinking 6 decades, now that is a long time. I made it and I’m not sure how I did it.

Last year was a mother fucker and I thought I was done, but you know my mindset was, you’ve had a good life just roll with it.

I am blessed with the way life has treated me but the last 10 years have rocked and could not ask for anything better.

Arianna puts up with a lot, I bet you never would of guess? I have been looking for a dick head Anonymous. Hello I am vile and I am a dick head and a jerk. 😅

We have both been making improvements, Arianna has made a 180. However I have made about a 60 degree turn I am going to guess

Arianna is my public relations slave, vile did not mean go fuck yourself, what he meant was have a nice day. I suppose as we age we change? I mean more set in our ways.

Had a good birthday, around family make all the difference.

My Mini

The 3 Best Positions for Vaginal Fisting

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The 3 Best Positions for Vaginal Fisting
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Good information

Vetting, the Lost Art

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Learn about the vetting process and why it’s so important.

Vetting, the Lost Art