You are who you are

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If you follow you may end up at a cliff. Never let anyone tell you that you are wrong.

Your a Dominant you have your own belief system, you know who you are. Live your life the way you see fit.

Your a slave, be who you are and live the life you need to.

To be free is to be you.

No one has the right to judge anyone. Those who judge you are in need of help.

My blog is about my life, my beliefs. My blog is about what works for me.

I have made mistakes, I have been wrong. I have admitted when I was wrong.

Before entering a relationship I put everything on the table. I hide nothing, I explain my needs and wants. If the potential slave says no to anything the conversation is over. If you as a master bend from your needs you will never be happy.

The same with a slave, never agree to do something you are against something or one of your limits.

You control your own destiny, you control your life and home. It is ok to ask for advice but in the end you have to go with your gut feeling.

You are in control of your life and unless someone is paying your rent, you are the boss

So I am me, I am my own. I walk my own path.

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Our thoughts and belief system is different. We all live different

I have my own world, and when I walk out the door, I breath in the fresh air and think to myself the world is mine, and I truly believe that.

I’ve had problems and they were self inflicting. 90% of our problems are self inflicted. We either stand up and fix them or just run, and more often it is easier to run, but they always catch up.

I was going to retract a statement I made, but I’ve changed my mind and I have the right to do that. After all this world and the way I live my life is my own. Everything that I or Arianna have Acquired has been done through hard work. We have not asked for any help from friends or family. I’ve never lived anywhere rent free.

More about me, I paid child support for 13 years and never missed a payment. I was suppose to pay 85.00 a week but every Friday I transferred 150. Even when unemployed I made the payment every week. That did not include clothes or school trips.

I’m getting to my point here in a few. Just because I believe a certain way does not mean that anyone needs to agree with me and 90% do not, but I am good with that. I may not agree with your beliefs or your lifestyle but that has absolutely nothing to do with me. If your way, if your relationship works for you I am happy for you. See the way I live does not affect you, just like the way you live does not affect me.

I’ve been know to miss speak, more so with my horrible writing. Arianna usually goes behind me and points things out but 2020 was a bad fucking year. We both were sick for most of 2020 and I’m not sure what kept us going. We were at the point of divorce and Arianna was within a day of signing a lease.

Remember I said problems are self inflicting? Well we both recognized the problem and we disposed of it. Any problem that arises can be handled before it gets out of hand. We failed to do that and did not recognize until it was almost to late.

I was just going to pack one bag, get in the car and my destination was going to be Alaska.

I would of just disappeared. I had made a decision based on the information provided to me.

I’ve been working on a book for a couple of years, I had it reviewed by a book club on everything I had and was giving positive feedback. This is where I am going now.

I blogged sometime ago and I believe it was titled, Women were put here to serve. I made that statement but I need to clean that up a little bit here. Remember when I said I put my foot in my mouth? Yea I did and pretty deep.

Again this is my world, today that is my house, my world.

So nothing else is going to be read now so I’m just wasting my time. The main focus is women were put here to serve.

I have always been dominant, I have never been controlling.

When Arianna and I were introduced, I hid nothing from her. The first week she knew more about me than all the friends I had at that time or previously.

Again my wording here I’m kinda all over the place here. Do I believe the women who live on either side or across the street were put here to serve? Absolutely not. Number one that is not their lifestyle nor can I force my beliefs on them. I am not some Jehovah witness passing out Vile towers trying to change people.

So you come to my house and you want to join my house, you are to serve, be it domestic or sexual.

If I bump into a woman at Walmart if I should ever go, do I believe that her only purpose is to serve? Again absolutely not.

Living in any lifestyle relationship must be consensual and nothing less. I’ve known dudes to move someone in and over night change to Dr Fucking Evil.


90% of my blog consist of talking points about safety. Females who have been abused and how to avoid anything from happening. When I first started blogging some 12 years ago and 4 million people later. My goal was and is about reaching out to as many submissive’s and slaves so maybe just maybe I can prevent anyone for being hurt. Up until a few years ago I received nasty emails from men, haha.

So anyway on the phone with someone the other day who called me a misogynist because of the way I believe.

Then I was questioned because I did not blog about gays or lesbians. I was called homophonic because I did not blog about LGBT. 

The conversation went on longer but the gist of everything was I am a misogynists that was the main, but then being homophobic.

I am not going to blog about something I am clueless in. I am a straight male who lives with a straight female slave. That makes me heterosexual does it not?

If a blog comes up on my feed and I do not like or just not interested in I pass it by. If I do take a interest I will comment. Here lately I have just forgotten. If you do not like by blog, hit that delete or take off mailing list. Don’t let me live in your head for free.

It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what

Be safe out there.


What your slave wants ?

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Pretty simple answer yes? It should be but it can be pretty complex. It can be very little work or effort or it can be a career. Does that make sense?

Security would be on top of the list I would guess.

Maybe honesty? Someone who puts the slave first to include family? Someone who communicates ? someone

Someone who puts reachable goals in place? Someone who provides growth and structure in the slaves life?

Someone who is loyal? I have seen masters who have a slave and still cheat. So if your poly be upfront about it, if the slave says she is not, then move on.

Someone who is not abusive, to include verbal and physical. A man who beats a woman will always beat a woman. Tons of broken promises, over and over again. Anger issues has no place in a relationship M’s or not.

Appreciation? Appreciation goes a long way. I will at least once a day tell Arianna how much I appreciate her. This lets a slave know their services do not go unnoticed.

A slaves home

There are old school masters who will say, a slaves only needs are food, water, clothing and a roof over their head. I get it I really do and I understand their view. After all we are talking about property right?

I love and cherish Arianna, she is my best friend and let it be known my only friend. However when it comes time to play, she is a toy. I use for my pleasure. I have played for a couple of hours , just bondage, floggers , cuffs, fucking all three holes. Arianna has created her own safe word. FUCK and really loud.

I am sure I missed out on other things, but I just covered a few.

You as a master has to be willing to give more than you take. Don’t get me wrong, the slave is to serve and be used, but you can only take so much before you break.

So you want a cock sucker on demand. You want pussy or ass on demand, but you don’t want to take the time out to invest in what you have.

This is the honest truth, I know a Dom who over the past year has banged over a dozen women, maybe more. So you still have the same girl? Nope I moved on, she was not submissive enough.

All he talks about how there is a pandemic of women feminists. The female culture is running rampant with feminism.

I’m like really are you being serious? Then he starts showing me all these videos from YouTube about the take over of wild feminists. Totally brainwashed.

Your slave is not your mommy.

The first time Arianna came to my house, it was almost spotless. I clean up behind myself. Now laundry I dropped off and for another 15.00 she dropped it off at my front door. I cooked and washed dishes but I never made the bed. I never understood the need to do that.

The slave has the right to speak up, call a fucking time out.

You have the right to speak up.

Ohh gainfully employed, now that is a good one.

Well that is it for today, be safe and remember, no passwords, or bank information.


Codependent Does Not Mean Your Broken

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  1. characterized by excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction.”you go with him or her all the time because you’re a little codependent”

Now I am far from being a doctor or a psychologist, I am speaking from experience.

There are times when codependency can become a huge problem, but first if you feel you need help, then please reach out. Do not ever let anyone tell you, that you do not need help. You are the only one walking in your shoes.

It depends on who the taker is.

I have mixed feelings about councilors and psychologist, the majority are seeing councilors. Ok I get it kinda, but seeking advice from someone who has emotional issues eh. You have that right to ask as well.

Your life is no one’s business, how you live, eat, sleep or what ever. It is your life and you should never change to make someone else happy, because If you do they will find something else wrong.

Now on with the bad shit, as you know there are predators out and about. In our lifestyle it seems to be more, fuck can’t think of the word.

These predators are seeking those out who are codependent, those who have a low self esteem. Easy target and easy to manipulate. They are much like leeches, they attache themselves to your back and drain your body dry. You can do nothing right even if you do it how you were told. Now the first couple of months are great, you are the princess, your treated like royalty. All you can do is talk about your new partner. Then one night there is a flick of the switch

The anger sets in

You are questioned about every move, going to the store takes 28 minutes and you were gone 35 minutes, who are you fucking? You turn over passwords, banking information, everything. You are cut off from the outside world, friends and family. Now I can only imagine how lost someone could feel, Um no I can’t.

The reason you were targeted was your codependency, that is number 1, 2. your mouth and pussy, that is the truth. You are a fuck toy and you will agree to do what ever he wants. 3. You are his mommy, you will cook, clean laundry, you will do everything and it does not matter if you work a full time job or not. The anger may not become physical but verbal and humiliation can be just as bad or worse.

During 2021 Arianna and I went through a very rough patch. We both have careers and working part time 3 nights a week. To much work and a lack of sleep certainly took its toll. Once we realized the problem we shut it down. Now things are pretty much back to normal or what I would call normal

My normal

Again just my opinion, I believe that being codependent is alright. If you are in good hands and someone understands you and does not take advantage of you, just roll with it.

Again you are normal


My only known weakness

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My only know weakness known around the whole world is, The Ass. I am just mesmerized the the shape of a ass. Now it does not have to be small, I have seen those who are heavier with a perfectly round ass.

Arianna again


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Have you ever met a Dom like this?

It happens often

Arianna and I were speaking about core values last night and what the differences were, or how people saw core values.

I have deep ingrained core values, speaking the truth, being honest and living the next life I can and to give my slave a good home. I believe in treating people the way I would want to be treated. However and there is a however, if you step in my place or stab me in the back, I will pounce on you like a 700 pound tiger.

Other core values is to not abuse physically or mentally. I respect limits although at times I push a little, but stop means stop or no means no.

My core values is something I’ve built over the years, at one time I was young and dumb and made a lot of bad decisions. Today I still make mistakes but never a mistake that would bring harm to the house.

Another core value is I would never tell my slave to do something I would not do.

Just some thoughts


Why isn’t owning a slave legal

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Believe it or not, there are organizations who visit Washington DC and speak to Congress and senators about our lifestyle. There are organizations who are active in the community who meets with law enforcement about our lifestyle.

Just like in traffic it takes one dumbass to cause a backup. The same goes with a Master and slave.

NCSF is the main organization who rallies for us. I emailed Ms Wright who runs the organization and her reply was, the only time a Master contact them is when he’s in trouble. Has never supported the organization, did not belong to the Fetlife group nothing.

The master beat his slave senseless and was facing jail time. As I stated it takes one dumbass.

Some dude thinks because someone decided to submit to him, in his mind he has a open ticket to do what the fuck he wants. Do not pass go, do not collect 200.00 your going to jail. Then you have no one to call except NCSF, and they are going to say oops.

These are the uneducated when it comes to the lifestyle or those not willing to learn. Heaven forbid you have to put a little work into a relationship.

I believe most people are ashamed to admit they are in the lifestyle. Why do I believe that? You see people marching for different reasons and causes but never for the lifestyle. Afraid of what family may think, or your friends and employer. What did you do last night Bob? Ohh I tied my girl up, fucked her ass with a 12 inch dildo and face fucked her. How bout you Jerry? Yea.

In Europe it is much different, most countries are open minded when it comes to kink.

I am sure you remember when this hit the news.
This is fucking Hot

So you get arrested, your broke and all you have is a dumbass public defender. You know your in trouble, but who do you call? NCSF and they put your name in the database and you are not there. However you expect them to defend you in a court of law, yea Here’s your sign.

Your a Dumbass

In my 25 plus years, I have found the biggest offenders are married men, who are cheating. This is just from my experience in the lifestyle, and for what ever reason even though he’s married, he’s excepted in the community even though the wife does not know.

These are probably just a few reasons as to why it is not legal to own a slave.


My Perfect World, The Stepford Wives

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Without the Robots of course, although the Japanese have come a long way.

Are they better?

Before trying to train a slave there has to be some type of compatibility. What worked on slave Tina will not work on Slave Julie. It will not. You have different personalities for one, you have different habits and the thought process is different.

There are Doms, young and older who come to me for advice. Once I start going through the process and from the beginning, I explain it’s going to be a lot of work. In any relationship both have to put in work to make the relationship work.

It was not long ago I was called a male chauvinist pig.

A male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit.

That above definition is so far from the truth when it comes to me. Do I believe women were put here to serve? Absolutely that has been my train of thought since my teens, now that is a long story.

However, I do believe in respect and consent. Everything must be consensual. Even when you are negotiating everything must be consensual.

I love a smart woman, I love intelligence. I once spoke with a Dom who stated he liked his bitches broken, and did not want to help. He wanted to keep his slaves broken. If he ever fixed, his thoughts were they would leave.

You have to set goals but realistic goals, the same with rules. I’ll tell you why I prefer protocols over rules. Protocols are used daily and at times hourly. Going out to eat, visit with friends or what ever. Being used often enables the slave to remember more easily. Let’s face it, if your slave works, comes home and cooks, does laundry, and a few chores, the day is shot. The plate is full and to add much more could have bitter consequences.

Ok back to the stepford wives. Watching the original movie makes or can put one in a dream land but most can be achieved. There are two factors in any relationship. The first would be communication and second trust. If you lose either then there is a break in the link, and can take sometime to repair. Ahh respect plays a factor as well, along with being honest. Ok so four total, I was never good in math or writing. Ok left out anger issues, this plays a huge part so now we are looking at 5.

So if you keep the above mentioned in check, your slave will want to serve. The more you are in control with the above, the more your slave will want to submit. The more the slave is willing to serve and submit, the more your out look will change.

The more you the master, keep your word and stay fair and consistent, the slaves submission will grow and continue to do so.

Here is the problem, most men think with their Dicks and not their brain. Every relationship fails and the slave is to blame. She was not submissive enough, she would not follow rules. Blah Blah Blah Blah. The master was not willing to put the work into the relationship. His only purpose was to hunt, go in for the kill and leave it. You end up getting Ghosted because he’s already conquered you.

I get more head than Bill Clinton, pussy or ass is available 27/7 no hesitation.

Training is not easy and requires a lot of time and dedication. The first 90 days is what I call the adjustment time. During this time I issued no punishment, just conversation on what happened and what was going to be done.

2021 Master Training Manual

The slave has to have the need to be a slave, a want or experiment means nothing. Well! Ok it does, it means you are wasting someone’s time.

One of the first things you think your expected to do is suck dick or spread your legs. If you follow your head then you know better. You do not have to submit until the two of you have come to an agreement. This certainly cannot happen on the first meeting, or the second.

There is really no known reason as to why you need to blow him or give up your pussy. Pussy is just that and the worst blow job I’ve ever had was still good. That is not part of training, and you have to stand firm. You have the right to say NO.

The first meeting, he says I want to collar you right now. Really? The Dom knows nothing about you, absolutely nothing.

At any rate a Dominant can mold the perfect slave if the time and dedication is put into the relationship.

We know where she’s been


I Enjoy Porn At Times

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When it comes to porn, there is not a topic you can search for, and it’s there. Who would of thought there was kung fu porn? Yep there is such a thing.

My interest vary, I guess it depends on the day. I do like the blackmail subject but it’s usually with family members. Sons blackmailing his mom, or sister. We all know it’s not real and just a fantasy.

Back in the day, Max Hardcore was the shit, but I suppose as we grow older our taste changes. Today I enjoy a story line, something to google is Pure Taboo. There are tons of free videos and the acting is half decent.

Just wanted to share a little about me. I love beautiful women. Now beauty comes in many different packages. Personality plays a huge part. Having something in common, showing interest in the things I’m interested in. A female who takes care of herself and takes pride in the way she dresses. Then sex, but the truth sex is last on the list.

I have my own caveman room, the man cave. There I have a 30 gallon saltwater tank with 2 fish and about half dozen corals. The fish I have is a mandarin goby and a citrinus both are awesome, I have to hand feed to mandarin.

I love old stereo equipment, all of the equipment comes from Japan. I love music, I have some old vinyl records, some CD’s but I mostly stream music. It’s my go to place when I want to defrag my brain.

I love old cars, anything from the 50’s up until about 86. After that is when all the plastic kicked in. There was no more polishing the chrome.

I am pretty laid back for the most but I can be loud and obnoxious. I speak my mind freely and at times I hurt feelings. I believe in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When you start trying to cut corners, that is when things get fucked up.

I love bondage but not so much with rope. I prefer heavy chain and pad locks. I have a anal hook I like using as well. I love using hoods, there is just something about the unknown.

Everything I own has been special made for Arianna. Floggers, I had her cuffs made just for her.

Made in Italy

We are no longer active in the community. I have a Fetlife account but Arianna deleted hers. Things have really gotten political and I just don’t swing that way.

Anyway just a little about me


You Can Go To Jail

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I remember my first experience with a masochist, her name was Sherrie. She was no one I would of considered in a long term relationship. She had 3 kids and all on meds as well as Sherrie.

Our first session lasted nearly 4 hours and by the time I finished I was one tired puppy. Sherrie laying in bed with this smile from ear to ear.

Then it hit me as I was looking at her, she was black and blue from the tits down, front and back . I did not fuck her, but I face fucked her really hard. I pounded her mouth and when I finished her lips were bruised.

We agreed on another date, I asked if she was ok? She said she felt like she was in heaven.

I got on my Yamaha and after I put my helmet on, it hit me like a brick. I was thinking what if she called the cops? This cold feeling came over me and for the first time since being in the lifestyle, I was truly scared.

I invited a friend of mine I’m going to call him Tanner. We repeated the same, Tanner was just physical with Sherrie, and while neither of us fucked her, I again pounded her face, she laid on the coffee table with her head hanging over and I just fucked her mouth.

While working, I would stop by where she worked and get a blowjob and I would just leave without saying a word. She worked alone so no chance in someone walking in.

Still in the back of my mind, I was thinking what if she got mad at me and called the cops?

We as Dominants have no ground to stand on when it comes to domestic abuse and that is what it would be.I suppose many do not think about the consequences. A charge like that can really affect your life. Renting , jobs who do background checks. Something like that could really fuck up your life.

After the split, she would contact me via email for a couple of years. I’ve heard nothing in the last 9 years or so.

There was a lot more kink, some was very deep and painful. What she did though was help me learn more about that side of the lifestyle.

Today at 59 I have no interest is being a sadist. Way to much work, I still enjoy sex , but my favorite is getting head. Getting my dick sucked is like a drug.