2020 What a fucking year

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It has been sometime but as you know life does tend to get in the way. Ive been contemplating on what to write and my brain just sits and spins.

I do hope everyone is doing ok and I am hoping we are nearing the end of a total fucked disaster. Arianna and I stayed locked up for the better part of 7 months or so and we both came to a conclusion that we needed to get out.

We were within days of purchasing a new home, well not new but new to us and as the purchase was getting closer I began to have second thoughts. Our current house payment is less than most pay in rent but the new house the payment would of doubled a little more, costing us about a 1000.00 a month more. I am 58 and Arianna wants me to retire when I turn 62, fuck I am counting down the days. Anyway making that new purchase would of delayed my retirement by some 15 years or so. The thought of spending nearly 300K on a house really made us think.

Arianna and I stayed locked up for about 6 months and together we made the decision to venture out and to date everything is good.

There is this dive bar we enjoy going to it is like everyone is family, Arianna enjoys Karaoke and we hit it about 3 or 4 times a month. The DJ really sucked so I spoke with the owner and told her arianna and I were interested in taking over and we would blow peoples minds. When asked about experience I told her we have zero. Her question was how do you know you will be good at it? Well because I just told you we would be.

We really knew nothing and went out about purchased crappy equipment and we both learned our lesson. Arianna called peavey and directed us in the right direction. We purchased equipment you could use for a concert. Three days a week 5 hours a night and it is mad money. The equipment cost was 3100, but that was paid off in less than two months.

I have been contacted by several in the community asking if I would consider starting a local MAsT chapter and my answer was no, there was no need since there was a active chapter in Orlando which to my knowledge is doing well.

I have learned one thing and that is to keep your friend circle really small. If you check my Fetlife account I actually have very few friends.

I have also learned if you are having issues or problems it does no good to reach out to others in the community. I was contact by someone last year looking for some type of counseling. I reached out to a few people and was told it was not their problem. I did the same for me, having some issues and I blew up at some people but what caused it was trying to reach out to others and was told the same thing. Now I am not here bitching or crying, I am just stating facts. This is why I said keep your friend circle as small as you can..

Things here are good and life is good we both hope everyone is doing Ok.

I am thinking of something to write about.


Masters and Slaves Authority Imbalanced Relationships

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My new group I have created on Fetlife, the title does say it all and will greatly differ from my former group MAsT Kissimmee. While MAsT does stand for Masters and slaves together the groups main focus was not that of true master and slave relationships. How one should get started in a M’s relationship, how to find that one true partner to fit the masters needs or how to maintain a M’s relationship.

Going into the second year of MAsT Kissimmee I along with members taught classes and learned from each other but as time passed that changed to more of a guest speaker forum. I wanted to hold mentor ship programs for young dominants coming into the lifestyle. I brought it up a couple of times and it just did not come to be. This is just my own opinion about the group learning. I do enjoy having guest speakers but it should be rare.

Authority Imbalanced Relationships will focus on just that Master and slave relationships. Once I left mast I was approached by several and asked to start up a group that had one focus. Starting a M’s relationship from not only the masters view but the slaves side of things.

Once finding that one, just because one is a master and one is a slave does not mean they are a good match. There must be tons and tons of communication, you must become friends and I mean best friends before taking the next step.

Then both having to make a decision on how much control the master wants and how much the slave wants to give up.

Today slaves are being collard within a month, two months, three months. Surely the breaking the ice and getting to really know each other would take longer.

I attended a collaring ceremony last year and even though I was invited I was really not welcomed, but I am not going to get into that. Every collaring ceremony is different and is the bond of two coming together. What I may see as a proper ceremony may not be to someone one else. However I did invite someone who use be be my best friend and opened my house to hold a collaring. The ceremony went off well and with great respect and you could feel the bonding.

Most of the time ceremony’s are private and just between the two and I understand the reasoning behind it.

I suppose my idea of ownership is much different from the new and those coming into the lifestyle. My idea when it comes to ownership is complete control and no less. Before entering the relationship it is very important for both to have a full understanding of what will take place and what is expected.

You can find my new group on Fetlife, my fet name is


While Reminiscing

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Going back to 1992 I stepped out into the public while living in Daytona Beach. I attended my first Munch and it felt good being around like minded people.

I purchased my first computer in 1990 a Aspire from walmart it weight almost 20 pounds. Once in and I figured out what I was doing it was game on.

While my first real experience in the lifestyle was in Korea, I was never able to actually meet someone and be able to sit down and talk about what was in my head.

Early in 92 I met people of leather in Daytona Beach and the way they carried themselves it was with pride and dignity. Picking brains not so much about leather but their life experiences. The Leathermen were quick to answer any questions you might have and welcomed you back if you should have any questions about anything.

Today Being Leather is much different, and for a good many years it was something I sat as a goal, but today that goal has vanished.

Some 29 years later things have change, I truly doubt I am the one who has changed or maybe it is because I refuse to change. If I changed to make others happy then I would not be me. In order to be happy we have to be who we are, trying to make others happy will get you no where.

Many today in the lifestyle look down on those who are in a Ms’s relationship, they have this vision those who identify as slaves are in some way being abused. Most who are in a Ms’s relationship have a closer bond I believe with their master or owner than lets say a D’s type relationship.  Abuse happens in all different relationship even vanilla.

As with all though all should be negotiated so the slave knows what is expected and what will not be tolerated. This is just not something you can wing and make adjustments day by day , who does that?

Looking back over 29 years I grew in the community, in 1992 I taught my first class in Daytona beach at a local much 2 as a matter of fact. Most events I had trouble making due to work and just not enough hours in a day but there was so much I wanted to achieve, I wanted to help so many people to the point I would take submissive’s in who had been abused and helped get them back on their feet never asking for anything.  I was not and never looked for any type of glory but it was the satisfaction of seeing someone able to make it on their own.

Early last year I wanted to find a child in Orlando who was less fortunate and provide clothes , a tablet for school, birthday and Christmas.  I wanted to provide a good Thanksgiving dinner for the family and with a little bit of work from some in the community it could of been done. I reached out to people and pitched the fundraiser and people just stared at me. I was like what we raise a few thousand dollars a year and follow someone through school, how awesome would that of been?

I know I have not changed but I do know in my older years I am somewhat grumpy or so Arianna tells me,  but the truth is I love everyone its just sometimes my words tend to come out sideways.

This weekend is Arianna’s Birthday, I have some special things planned. We are heading up to St Augustine to a nice Bed N Breakfast. Actually today is her Birthday.

I am just rambling now , I am going to start posting more here.

Much love to everyone


At what point does Training end?

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Many rush into a relationship without any negotiations and often there is no real training program put in place and both just wing it.  I often ask how do you train what are the steps you take and I always get close to the same answer, oh the usual. So I ask a point blank question and I do not get a answer and why is that? Ahh because there is no training, the relationship turns into a do what I say relationship. I will admit there is nothing wrong with such a relationship but do not come bragging about your intense training program.

Often these type of relationships survive from topping from the bottom and the novice Dominant or maybe experienced dominant does not even see it.

Come here and give me some head, then you hear no or I do not feel like it. Go to the bed strip and spread I want to fuck. I am to tired , I am not in the mood, what the fuck is this you are to tired ? My answer would be all you have to do is lay there and keep your cock sucker shut, it requires zero effort on your end just lay there like you are suppose to.

Go get the toys out I want to play, no I am not in the mood nor do I want to play. Come here I want to try my new flogger. No I do not feel like it , or I do not like the flogger.

Come on we are going out to eat, where are we going? We are going to Outback Steak house. I do not like outback I do not want to eat there, I want to go here>

Now why does this happen? Any Idea on why such a attitude? There were no negotiations nor did the dominant really know the slave, he did not take the steps to learn about the slave.

Now at this point it is to late to back track or wait you can but either way the relationship will most likely come to a end. The first thing out of your mouth will be, this is not the way I trained you, and the slave will have this confused look but will agree with you. Then you can put your foot down and explain how it is going to be but this is really not the right thing to try and put in place.One of  Two things will happen, the slave will leave or you will give in to the slaves demands. By the time you get to this point it is to late to try to correct it.

So how do you avoid such a fuck up? 1. Get to know the slave, I mean really get to know, get to know better than the slave knows themselves. 2 Have the slaves best interest in mind, set goals for the slave be it service, work or school always support the slave. 3. Be honest with the slave, be truthful and if you say something mean it and follow through. 4. Negotiate put your needs on the table , while you do not have to explain the training process you do need to communicate your needs in the relationship.  This includes service, play, limits, and sharing. Often times you will find a slave who is service orientated has no desire to be shared. If the slave is not Bi you cannot push the issue, I can assure you there will come a time when the slave will want to make you happy as long as you follow the above. Listen to the slaves needs and this is where it can get tricky more so if the slave is new to the lifestyle. The slave will be clueless and this is where a level headed master comes into play. It is your duty to probe for questions, where does the slave want to be in a year, even five years. What things are most important to the slave out of a relationship. Once you commit  and give your word , your words are carved in stone. This however can cause issues if the two are having problems down the road because you cannot backtrack.

So the question is when is there a point when you stop training and end it? 1. If the slave enters the relationship and a week in or even a month the slave determines they are not a slave. Remember while searching you were looking for a slave not a submissive, a baby girl or anything else you were looking for a slave. It is up to you to step up and say hey it has been nice I wish you well.

The slave refuses to follow your rules you put into place, protocols and becomes unmanageable. Remember physical punishment is not always the answer and if you cross that line you could find yourself behind bars. If the slave becomes bratty and mouthy and you have had open communication but nothing seems to help. If the slave decides they have found they are not really a slave and the slave wants out.

Often a novice slave will enter a relationship and they are clueless and are not giving much information about what is expected nor what to expect. It really takes a lot over conversation, more so a lot of detailed work.





A New Time In Life

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Over the past several years times have changed, the world has changed and so does our life.

Over the years I have put the community first. Answering the phone at 3 am and driving 200 miles to pick someone up who had been raped and beaten pretty bad.

When Arianna first met me I moved a submissive into my home who was mentally ill and physically ill in a bad way. She later talked me into letting her worthless dom move in who was truly a broke dick. In a period of two years and several surgeries I was able to get her on SSI and social security. She later lost her social security because of her broke dick tag along. She got something like 25.000 and was suppose to give me 8.000 for all the room and board but I did not take one penny from her. She was the third I had moved in and never asked for anything and no there was no sex involved. I can say I did enjoy the company and I had spent some 2.5 years being single.

Today my views are very different and my only concern is my home and property , that being my slave.

I remember several years ago I logged into my wordpress and noticed I had over 8.000 visitors and twice as many views , trying to track down the source and my email was blowing up. A college in Louisiana was blowing up my site and I just sit and watched the numbers continue to roll. It was like a whole new world to some and the questions were just pouring in.

We all have up’s and down’s in life but the key is to have more up’s and strive to keep everything moving in a forward fashion. While it is not easy it can be done with a little work.

At the age of 56 I purchased my first home but the idea was to find something that was less than paying rent with little to no money out of pocket. Arianna gave me the needed numbers but she continued we do not have the 10% down that is needed. I stated not only will I find something in the range that is needed but I will do with no money down. It did happen and it was the first house I saw when Zillow popped up.

People no longer care about each other it seems most only care about themselves. I will tell you why I feel this way, recently I had to close my Facebook I had for more than 12 years due to threats. You know you get excited and you do the check in thing so everyone can see where you are at. That my friends is a huge mistake, and this is why. When we first purchased the house I did what? I checked in so I could show everyone and I wish I had never done so.

With everything going on , I started receiving hate mail, on facebook and Fetlife and the hate mail I received on fetlife were people who had Attended MAsT Kissimmee in the past. I am going to assume the same people who followed me on Facebook, from my blog here on Facebook I had some 3000 followers but only about 47 or 48 friends. I left that part open until Facebook started censoring me when my blog was posted on Facebook. You have posted spam and is against our guidelines, just as Twitter as soon as my blog hits it is pulled. The funny thing is you can post porn on twitter and that is good to go.

However when you post something about the lifestyle and more so living as master and slave it becomes racial. Nah do not worry I am not going to get into politics , this is the one place I have full fucking control over what is posted and any comments that are made.

I reached out to friends about the threats no one thought is was serious, even when a note posted on my front door. We found you. Yep it happened. The only thing I worry about is shooting someone who is to young to know better. I reached out to friends as I stated and it was like nothing, oh well if you get killed at least it is not me.

Arianna and I have been I guess the word would be shunned from the lifestyle, we are no longer welcomed at MAsT Kissimmee the hate email stated so, now its not that I am worried because I do have a license to carry, I am just not looking for any type of conflict. Being called a racist because of Arianna living as master and slave. MAsT stands for Masters and slaves together.

I did try to reach out to a Leather man who happens to be a POC about what I should do and was basically told to go fuck myself because I do not matter but it is all good, I can see what leather actually means now.

So Artianna and I are going to start our own group but I need a little help. This group will be geared towards just masters and slaves, we will vett each couple and will hold meetings at our home the way we did MAsT Kissimmee for the longest. At our home we were like family, everyone brought a dish , we ate and talked to each other then a meeting. and afterwards we spent more time together. It seemed to be one big happy family and we had regulars show up.

What gave us the idea several approached Arianna and I about putting together a membership only group closed to power exchange couples, we kinda brushed it off but with not being welcomed back at MAsT Kissimmee we decided it was a go.

So a fetlife group is needed but I need to form a group without using the term master and slave. If you check out fetlife it is flooded with master and slave groups so it has to have a different name but a name people will recognize..

Much love to everyone , be safe out there and wear a mask..





I have stepped down as Director of MAsT Kissimmee

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Wow! There is a bunch of stuff going on right now, and one thing I do not enjoy talking about is politics. I just ended a pretty good friendship with someone because he would not posting stuff in my messenger.

I was called out for somethings about me not wanting to post on my fetlife page or MAsT Kissimmee’s page , I out right refused to back any group and I was called a racist. Now I am not going to get political on you here because my blog is not about that.

If I support a group it is no ones business if I do or not because there is not a correct answer. You have never known me to bitch about anything, and the decision was really hard because I loved MAsT and what it stood for. I loved meeting new people, I loved the monthly meetings but what I really loved was at the start of the meeting I read about MAsT and how we welcomed everyone..


Thank you



Pussy Rules The World

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Recently trying to mentor someone and yes I stated I never would mentor again but I really thought the guy was serious. As it turned out he was not and only interested in how many times he could make a woman cum. Shaking my head thinking this is coming from a 59 year old man.

Pussy is easy to get , keeping it is where the work comes in, and while you guys think you are rocking the boat, chances are she cannot wait for you to bust your load so she can move on to more productive work.

Do not get me wrong I love pussy, the way it looks, smells and taste but most of all the way it feels sliding in but let me make one thing clear. Sex is on my terms and my terms only. I actually prefer head and on a average week , I am being serviced about eh maybe 8 hours or a little more. Lets face it there is nothing like a warm mouth sliding down a dick. Just as with men and all men claim they are the king of eating pussy but that is really another myth. Just like women sucking cock if they do not love it then eh we really get nothing out of it.  I can say though the worst blow job Ive ever had still felt pretty good.

Arianna bless her heart she tries so hard to make me cum but that has only happened with her twice I believe and when all said and done she looked like she just ran a marathon. It is nothing she is doing wrong because if you ever got your dick sucked by her you would beg for more. She has this way of rolling her tongue while going up and down each time is a new experience. She is a fucking machine and can squeeze your dick so hard its like a vice grip but and but again sex is on my terms. I fuck when and how I want just like playing. I tell her the equipment to get out but share nothing else about what I am going to do.

Arianna sleeps naked well because she is not allowed to wear clothes while home unless I approve and late at night the covers come off and there she is spread eagle, and my dick says hey lets hit it.

We agreed when we first negotiated our relationship that there would be no sharing, she made it clear she did not want to be shared with anyone and I agree and why? Remember the oral skills I talked about and the vice grip?

Well that seemed to change for just a short minuet and I will explain. I bought a used car and it needed some work done on it and I had a very good friend who spent hours working on the car and once finished I offered to pay him and he refused the money.

So talking with Arianna one night I brought up sharing again and explained why I was thinking about it and she agreed, she even stated he would really appreciate you giving as a gift. Well he fucked that up, we went away for a weekend the 4 of us him , his wife and the two of us. A real nice hotel on the beach near Tampa and all hell broke lose with the other two. They fought all night long and I was thinking well his loss.

I get asked all the time from those who are novice , do you share? About a week ago a dom I did not even know wanted to take her out to dinner, I was like really are you serious? What was he thinking you ask? Pussy his mind was focused on one thing pussy.

A submissive or slave watches every move, listens to every word and how you act in public and they take in all of this information? Why do you ask? I am glad you did because they are looking for a weakness and why do they look for a weakness?  There will come a time when you can be manipulated with the all mighty pussy and you will cave like a kid at a willy wonka chocolate factory. You would crawl naked through a mile of broken glass just to taste her.

When a Novice dominant or maybe even experienced what comes up first in conversation? What are your limits, do you wear skirts with no panties? The deal Breaker is are you Bi ? Is you are a submissive somehow this dude who just met you , he says you know what? I believe you are a slave I really do and you just listen with confusion.  The list goes on and on and if you are new to the lifestyle you are clueless.

I need all of your information, all of your passwords and banking information so I can take care of you, and you give it , you give everything. Some have commented here before when they woke up their bank accounts were empty.

When you first meet you the submissive , slave you are in control and why are you in control? One your mouth and two look between your legs, yes the pussy. Your pussy controls the outcome of the relationship, your mouth controls the outcome of the relationship.

So the guy I was going to share Arianna with asked me before what it would take to let me let him fuck her. I was joking but I said a 2018 Dodge Challenger RT with a real shaker hood. We were going to the dealership the next morning but his wife blew the fuck up. Would I have done that? I cannot say for sure but probably not..

The power of pussy.



It has been 10 years On WordPress

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Eight years here on wordpress sharing my thoughts, my ideas, my life but the majority of my blog is about abuse. I am huge on consent , consent means everything. I ama huge advocate when it comes to abuse and it can go either way but mainly towards females. Abuse come in many forms, from mental to verbal abuse but the kicker is physical. No man or Dominant should lay a hand on a female out of anger.

So you get angry and slap you slave around a little , black a eye, bust a lip and then a hour later you expect her to lay on her back and pretend to enjoy. Then comes the promise comes I will never hit you again and he starts to cry maybe shedding a tear and you break down out of guilt and forgive.  Once a man lays a hand on you no matter how many times he states he will never do it again he will and each time it will get worse.

While the emails have slowed, I still get from time to time where a slave has giving all of her passwords to her master she just met a few weeks back, to only wake up one morning to find her bank account empty. The bad thing is you don’t even know who this man is or where he lives because he would never share any information with you.

Domination through fear is a manipulative way to get a novice slave to submit. The isolation not letting you go anywhere, or see family and friends because he tells you he is the only friend you need.

I talked about my growing up, my family grew up poor and for most of my life we lived in government housing. Both of my parents spent more time in rehab than at home or working. I learned at a very young age I was going to be better that both parents and at the age of 13 my first job was washing dishes at a place called Rosies diner.  I made 2.05 an hour but at the end of the week it was my money and I spent it on me. At 14 just turning 15 I went to work at a cotton mill in Canton Ga working 3rd shift where I made 2.75 an hour. After work I went to school during the day and slept after. At the age of 16 a Army Recruiter came to our high school and I talked to him and he explained when I turned 17 with my parents consent I could join the Army. October 14th I brought paper work home and explained I wanted to go to baseball camp but I would need their approval. They both happily signed. October 19th I was on a train going to Ft Dix New Jersey.

Arriving in Korea and 18 year olds paradise , there was pussy everywhere , all shapes, sizes , kinks , and fetishes, and for around 20.00 you could eat, get drunk and fuck . Although I learned about kink early on from paper back books I had read, Korea was my first real experience into the world of BDSM. This was mid 1980 and I met a Korean Soldier named Kim, come to thank of it most Koreans were named Kim. In 1980 a Roc Soldier made 5.00 dollars a month. Kim and I became close and when I got paid I would by a carton of Kents. Most Koreans for what ever reason Liked Kents and I could never figure it out but a carton would set me back 7.00 dollars.

Kim invited me to a live show one night and I sat there amazed and I could feel the click. I thought to myself this is my way of life. My first mentor at the age of 18, this is where I learned the importance of listening and communication but I also learned the art of manipulation not by teaching but turning things around in my mind.

I then moved on to Germany which at first I did not really like, but the people for the most were really nice and the beer kicked ass. This is also where I was introduced to Hash. I was still taking pills just about anything I could get my hands on looking for that next high.

I met Gretchen in a small pub downtown Wiesbaden right on the Rhine river and if you ever get the opportunity to take a tour it will blow your mind.  Although in my early teens I kinda of knew what kink was by the books I read, Gretchen took it to the next level. Waiting for a bus sitting she would just start giving head and while people were walking by or in the back of a taxi. Gretchen is also responsible for my name Vile and I have blogged about that but it stuck with me after I left Germany.

My exit from the military forced me to make changes , the first change was the drugs. Having lost my first two jobs due to drugs and drinking , I stopped cold Turkey and never looked back. I knew I wanted to be better than my parents and by this time we had fallen out and there was no communication at all. You learn in order to move forward in life you have to rid yourself of toxins and at times this can or will have to include family.

Moving on from 1986 my exit from the military, I could not tell you or give you a number when it comes to the women I had dated and used. Remember the manipulation I spoke about above, well I put it to work to only benefit me. I did not understand the hurt or trouble or the effect it had on others , the only thing that mattered to me was getting off. Pussy and more pussy, it was like a gunslinger putting notches in his gun belt. However later down the road I realized something and that was most mornings I woke up alone and very seldom did the girl from the night before want to see me again. Without the internet it made my hunt very hard but again this is where the manipulation came in at. One thing I was good at and I played to my advantage was reading people and if I could get 15 minutes conversation in she was mine.


Moving ahead a couple of years, I took a job driving a taxi and Limo part time. I was liked and the owner of yellow cab gave me dedicated runs that averaged 150.00 a day plus my regular pickups. Sitting on a stand on day this old man in another cab pulled up, he looked like a pissed off santa clause. I said hey whats up ? He came back with fuck you and I thought wow. He said his bitch was at home chained up and was deciding if he should go and unlock her after all it had been 3 days. His real name was Animel and after a month or so I kinda latched on. I had never asked him to mentor me but he would share information with me, some I agreed with and some I discarded as it did not fit my way of life.

The life between him and his slave was consensual but the two did not look like a couple, he was some 30 years her senior.

A few years down the road Animel had a triple by pass , then another by pass allwith in a month of each other. His slave had moved back home due to a family illness so I decided to move in and take care of him. I lived with him for a couple of years until I took a job some 30 miles away, so I moved out but stayed in contact with him. I am not sure what happened but we kinda drifted apart until one night I received a call telling me he had passed away and people had stolen everything he had.

Moving on to about 2009 and I had truly found myself , taking some time just for me and figuring out who I was and what I needed to complete my life.

I had a complete list and this list included not only my needs but wants, the slave would have needs. As long as needs are met there really are not any wants, but now you are thinking hey you have wants? Yes I do but the difference is , it is my house and the rules are mine.

I dated probably 30 to 40 slaves not submissive’s but slaves and the deal breaker was with most was not wanting to wear a collar in public around friends, family and work. What I was looking for was a more service orientated slave, someone who was dedicated in taking care of their owner. While I do enjoy kink and bondage I truly thrive off of a well structured home.

The collar to me is very sacred and a sign of ownership and devotion. It really surprised me at the amount of no’s I received and when asked if that was a deal breaker I replied yes.

After almost two years I had made arrangements to move to the Philippines and live out the rest of my life, I had a job lined up and a place to live. The truth is I had giving up on my search and just said fuck it im gone.

Watching Law and Order I received a call from another dom and stated he wanted to introduce me to a slave, he said he thought we would hit it off. I explained my situation but agreed to email her. We emailed back and forth , then we began to text and then the meeting.

When Arianna exited her SUV and I had a full body view, my thoughts were, fuck me with a chain saw.

This June will be our 6th Anniversary and life continues to get better and better..







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Times have changed , people have changed and those who take this way of life has changed.

It took me some 25 years to get where I am at today and in this time those who want or claim to be a dominant want it now. While I have had successful relationships, I had many more that failed and the failure was on my part and my part only. I made mistakes and I only blamed myself.

Being inexperienced has its ups and downs, meaning if you speak with someone who has been a slave most of their life they will smell you from a mile away and as a new dominant you have nothing to offer. If you are lucky and hook up with someone new and they know no better you may get away with it for a short time but you will crash and burn.

I did not stay with my mentor for a month , six months , stayed years and when he became ill I moved in and took care of him because I cared and he had dedicated so much time to me.

You have to start out with compatibility , you have to become friends first. Then trust, trust is earned and to this day many do not understand that. A slave in time will turn over body and mind to you and enable to do this there has to be a lot of trust.  How long does it take to build trust ? That really depends on the Dominant and how true you are to your word.

When mentoring the first question that is asked is what about punishment ? How do you punish your slave Sir Vile ? Well my response is I do not , short answer I do not have to. There are times we may have a discussion but there is never a need for any type of physical punishment.

Before entering or thinking about entering a relationship the two have to come to an agreement on how the relationship will work. You will both give your expectations on what is expected from each other. The dominant will lay the ground work on what he will accept and not accept.  I am speaking of behavior , attitude, mouthing off and so on. I myself will not put up with such. Mouthing off or being a brat, and my thoughts are the definition of a brat is a bitch.

If you are a Master and looking for a slave, you cannot look at baby girls, brats or those who are submissive, you look for a slave.

Here is where the problem is, you have a whole pie and you cut the pie into slices. You cut the submissive’s out, then the brats, baby girls and now you are left with not even a quarter slice. This is another problem those dominants who are middle aged are looking for little 18 years olds who are 5.0 ft and under a 100 pounds. Guess what ? Your fucking pie is gone.

Mentoring should be a easy task, we talk and I bombard with information. A couple of weeks later I will bring a question up that was on a site I sent only to be told they had not had a chance to look at it. A month goes by, two months and still no time. This makes me ask myself are they serious about learning or just overwhelmed with the responsibility ?


Another first question that comes out of  novice dominant is what are your limits? To this day I do not understand why such a question would be asked because you do not even know the slave well enough . Do you wear mini skirts in public without panties ? The loaded question and many times a deal breaker is are you Bi?

If you cannot take care of yourself, how do you plan on taking care of a slave? One thing that stood out when Arianna first came to my house was how clean it was. I was not looking for a mother to take care of and I was able to pay all my bills including child support.

I read people very well and I can perv Fetlife and find those who I think may be compatible with the one I am mentoring. The killer is once I introduce it is out of my hands. The way things move forward depends on the Novice dominants interaction and it seldom goes well. Recently a nice looking Asian going to school to be a RN and down the road a doctor.  As I was chatting with the dom his words were I got this, well it turned out he did not and even after I tried to intervene it was to late. He had freaked her out asking for her number and texting then making her agree to be his slave before the two had even met.  I was in total disbelief as he was texting me what he was telling her. Now all the blame was thrown on her , it was her fault, shes not a real slave and she will not talk when I ask a question.

So you are stepping out of the vanilla world into a whole new dimension and there will be a lot of struggles, there will be a lot of failures and mistakes but you have to learn from the mistakes in order to move forward.

In most cases the slave will not open up until there is some trust that has been established and your conversations are not about sex or their limits. It takes time to get to truly know someone.

When you first meet you have no rights to impose demands or to instruct the slave to call you sir. The two of you have not come to any type of agreement, the slave has no one to answer to not even you.

Just because she is a slave does not mean the slave is for you. You or both may have different ideas about how a house will be ran, or different goals and yes limits when it comes to playing and sex.

The problem with mentoring someone is once things are explained , once the conversation begins everything they were told goes out the door because the novice dominant knows everything.

The females have changed over the past 20 years and while a little may be true a submissive is a submissive and a slave is a slave.

The novice dominant those who listen turn out great but the majority do not listen and place blame on someone else.

The dominant could have the world at his feet and never want for anything, it is just the being real part.

Ask yourself something, why do you want to be a master?





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What a fucking year so far, who would of ever thought entire economy’s would be shut down? The whole world has come to basically a stand still with record numbers out of work and while we are being told there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it seems like the tunnel is just getting longer.

Who do I blame ? This is just me but I cannot pin point any one or any country, shit happens. There is really not one country in the world who was truly prepared , looking at Italy , Germany, the UK and so many more.

I am not going to go on a political rant here because my blog is not the place and over the last 8 years or longer I have never brought politics up.

My slave and I are just fine, when the shit hit the fan I took the steps to protect my home. I started making the necessary calls to shore things up and put things on hold until this crap blew over. So while the economy stopped so did 3/4’s of our bills, again this is what the head of our house does, we keep our family safe.

My slave Arianna was furloughed from her job of 20 years and it has really hit her, but my thoughts were the down time is really good for her. She has good days and bad days, she has days when she is stressed and her mind is traveling at mach speed then she has days when she is mellow and all is good.

The one thing that has not changed is her service to me, the service never stopped and I want for nothing. The only thing that has really changed is her oral service, she is not use to twice a day but she continues to go with the flow.

I do appreciate her service in all areas and when she is having a bad day I leave her be and just let her chill. We have a Lani and I gave that area to Arianna so she would have a private place to go. She can clear her thoughts, she can write , or her and Lynn play games and read fairy cards.

I work from home and this what ever it is has only made my job much harder and complicated and by the end of the week my brain is fried. My  normal days off are Thursday and Friday but recently I was giving Saturday and Sunday off because of my stats. I felt pretty guilty when that was announced in our team meeting and the scores were brought up. Just so everyone knows Vile has kicked everyone’s butts for the past 90 days and a forth month coming and I am still kicking ass. Out of 25.000 employees I am at 78 and would of been higher but I have missed a lot of work due to being sick and my computer getting locked up and had to wait on a replacement. 98% of the time I am in the top 20 of 25.000. Every month I send a private message to the supervisor and ask , hey who is leading the team this month? The only answer is you. This month I asked again and the reply I got was really? Once a month our company publishes stats and breaks down by teams, then supervisors which each supervisor has 6 teams and the the line of business. There had been several months the stats had not been published and I complained and complained until they were but all names were blocked out except mine. It seems most did not want their stats published because of the low numbers. My thoughts are if your numbers are that bad then fix them.

Arianna and I have been watching A Handmade’s Tale and while Arianna likes it I love it. I love the concept of most of it but as in all things there are good and bad.


Much Love to everyone, and stay safe..