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Talk about fake Dominants, But what about the Fake Subs or Slaves

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Everywhere you turn on the Internet words are spoken of Fake Dominants, beware of the predators , beware of those just looking to use and abuse. It just goes on and on.

What no one really brings up, are the Fake so called Submissives and slaves. A woman reads Fifty Shades Of Grey, and that is life life she so needs now, or not even a fucking book, runs across a vid of some bitch getting tied up spanked, faced fucked, and she thinks this is what I need. An article she read on BDSM this is who I am.

Just like a Submissive or slave devotes a great deal of time trying to start a new relationship, well the same thing goes for the Dominant.

The truth is most not all but most when it comes to a slave or submissive, their life is already turned upside down, mass fucking confusion, they feel there is no where to turn, unloved , no one cares about them, self pity, poor me.

So you want to be owned, a slaves one desire is to be Collard and owned, stand proud next to her Master. Until she finds out she has to put a little work into the relationship, or he likes his cock sucked to much, or he wants to fuck my ass, that is not my thing. He wants to control me to much.

This is what pisses me off, this is me, this is how I work. If I think for one minute you may just be real, one fucking minute. The first thing I want to do is become your friend, fuck sex, fuck BDSM, throw everything to the side. I want to be your best friend, I want to begin to gain your trust.

Now there are some fucked up Doms out there. There are those who are predators , those who use and abuse , and toss you out like an old can.

On the other hand there are those who are real, from day one a dominant begins putting a plan together, one that fits you. One of the first things I get asked. What about rules? What rules are you going to give me? Well the first day, I do not have a clue, maybe not even the first week or month. Every sub or slave is different, different needs, different structure. This is why I for me have to get to know someone.

The bottom line is a real dominant devotes so much time in getting to know a sub or slave, I use both but I prefer Slave.

Can you tell I am upset at this point?

All you women who have a copy of Fifty Shades do me a favor , pick up the book, lift the lid of your trash can, and throw the mother fucker a way. Because your life as a submissive or slave is nothing like the book. It gives nothing but false hope, and lies.

Your life is in total turmoil , you do not know where to run, who you can turn to, then you find the one who is going to rescue you. WRONG this is the biggest mistake you can make in your life, you have to want a relationship in the lifestyle, instead of expecting someone to fix you.

I will give you a good example, I was contacted by a Goth , which I really really dig, average looking, that is okay, I am no Tom Cruise. I do not base anyone on looks, it is what is on the inside, and the personality , those two quality mean so much more, within reason.

This Goth chick contacts me who is 40 ish which is okay, I do prefer a younger slave, but I am not that close minded. The first couple of days everything seems fine. The once she is comfortable she begins to open up, and start sharing more. I will admit for the first couple of days of chatting and talking, my cock was doing more thinking than my brain, I just really dig the Goth Look, the dark makeup, the boots, torn stockings, everything.

Then come the fucking Bomb. Well I have 5 kids who all live at home the youngest is 17, no one else in the house works, two girl friends also live with two of her sons. Why don’t you ever smile? Well my teeth are bad? I am over weight but I need someone to force me to diet, I cant pay my rent, because I have to get my drivers licenses back , that I lost over a year ago. I have a Cyst on my on my kidney that causes so much pain.

You know what fuck you.

You who are submissive or a slave or think you are. You do not have a clue, how much time a dominant spends in putting a plan together, that suites you. His plan is tailored around you, and no one else, a lot of time and thought goes into what is best for you. It is the same thing if you were to join a gym, and you need a private trainer, he puts a program together that fits you.

The a month into the relationship maybe three months, this is the ball breaker, the three month mark. Well this is not for me, I cannot do this, I am not submissive, or maybe I am sub, but not a slave.

You should of come to this conclusion long before, because everything has already been implemented, put into place. This should of been your Que, this is not for me. Speak up, say what is on your mind, instead of leading someone on.

Everything a Dominant, teaches you, tells you, shows you, is to help you in everyday life. Rules, Structure, And yes Protocol, all of these are for your benefit, no one else. It has nothing to do with an alter ego as many think. It has nothing to do with abuse as many think, or I am Dom hear me fucking roar.

In the real world , the truth is, there are just as many fake subs or slaves as there are dominants. I would imagine the number is pretty equal.

Then this is on both sides of the fence, those who just want to play head games, because for what ever reason they have nothing better to do. I do not get it. I cannot stress enough, on how much time we as dominants devote, to building a relationship.

Seeking advice, for a dominant is not an easy task. One there are not many he can trust, not many who wont spread his problem around like a virus gone bad. Do not get me wrong I have many friends in the lifestyle, but we it comes to total trust, the number is zero, notta. I am a private man for the most, and I will keep it that way.

I have also brought up the fact that a sub or slave should ask questions, key questions. Does this always work, no it does not. The same for a dominant, the first two weeks of getting to know you, I have a million questions. I am reluctant to enter a relationship if the slave brings up sex to soon or wants to start sending me nude pics right off the bat. I find that to be very trashy.

All of the above, the head games, the using. Yes I am guilty , in my younger days I was about the pussy, most of the time I didn’t even see what the sub or slave looked like. I did not care, my goal was to get you naked, fuck your brains out, then lose your number. We are all guilty of that. Then at some point my eyes opened up. I needed more, I just could not go out and pick someone up.My conscious kicked in. I began to care about feelings, which is really fucked up in a lot of ways.

We as humans have changed, today it is about what can you do for me. Last month I had a slave ask me if I was going to put her in her own apartment. Get the fuck out, go find another , I do not have time for stupid ass talk, but the bad thing is someone will put her ass up.

Men and women if your into games, go play fucking bingo, find a card club, get a fucking hobby. Do not use people because you are bored, or you get to talk nasty to someone, to get your rocks off, until you get bored.

Get a fucking life.

I see this in personals all the time. I am a slave, I need to be owned, I need to be collard. I need to be used. My limits are, no anal, I do not swallow, No humiliation, I wont wear that, I will not attend public events with you. I do not like bondage. All of this shit is true. A slave really, a submissive not even close.

I do have limits very few but I do. No extreme pain. No Cutting, No children, which should be normal with anyone. No animals, although I have seen K9, just not my thing. No broken bones. No hitting out of anger, which never happens with me. I do not yell or scream at my property, there is no need. A dominant should never have a reason to raise his voice, scream or yell. If you as a dominant have these problems you need to check yourself.

It is not my intention to put more on you than you can handle. I had a slave last year tell me her new dominant gave her a list of 50 rules. I am not going to speak bad of him, but you can have to many rules and when this happens you are setting up for failure, this is devastating to the sub.

Yes there are just as many fake Subs or slaves as there are dominants.

Get a fucking life.