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Earning One’s Submission

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Little did I know my next two years were planned well ahead for me. I had already made up my mind it was time to settle down , but what I was looking for in a slave was still pretty confusing in my head. Think about it , in a sense your going to own someone , not just own completely own. This is my way of thinking when it came to the type of relationship I was looking for.

I dated and dated and dated and dated , my mind was like where do these fucked up people come from. Just out of Jail on probation ten thousand dollars in fines to pay yet , nine months pregnant and just left her Daddy because he was married carrying his kid, WOW! unemployed with three kids and willing to live a 24/7 Master and Slave relationship as long as she did not have to work. Another asking me what I can do for her if she submits ?
The list goes on and on. Most of the time when I met someone I would just sit and star thinking how could all of this really be true. It was like I had stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Ive always lived my own way , never bothered anyone , stayed to myself and I had a very limited friendship list , but the friends I had I knew I could depend on.
I was in a very bad Auto accident , I was hit head on by a girl doing 55 miles per hour. I was down for about 6 weeks. A Submissive I know named Jess loaded up her car and came and stayed with me for a few days and she brought Publix with her. Another good friend Master R would stop by nightly to see how I was doing calling first to see if there was anything I needed. My friends list was very short but they were real friends.

I was planning on moving to the Philippines, Angeles City , more night clubs per square mile than people. I had a Job already lined up and would be making enough to continue to pay child support and still live pretty good. The BDSM is for the most private but it still has a huge following , just knowing the right people.

Then I was introduced to Arianna , and after our first meeting , I had to make some sort of a decision because I already had to much in place , and now I had to take a gamble.

As a Dominant Submission is something we have to earn , in the process it can be a slow on going process. Earning takes my longer than demanding it, and then even if you demand and the slave plays that role , you really have not earned anything. It was giving at that point in time. When it is giving though demanding it is very short lived although we as Dominants may not see it that way but it is.

I talked the other day about the hunt and the thrill of it , earning ones submission is almost the same thing but you have to figure the slave out and have the ability of getting in her head and staying.
There is much more , being who you are , being completely honest , doing what you say you will do. Actually for the most it is the Dominants or the male who make things difficult. Expecting to much , setting the demands to high, rules that are not attainable, and expectations that cannot be reached and the amount of time promised.

One thing that many forget is once the slave or submissive agrees to submit , the outcome of the relationship falls solely on the Dominants plate. The Dominant is responsible for the outcome of the training.

Along with earning Arianna’s submission I also had to earn her trust , and it was some six months before I was able to do so. Remember she had been burned twice so because of those two Dick Heads I had a lot more extra work ahead of me, and I succeeded.

Arianna has two beautiful post on her blog one was last year and she just recently updated the first. When I read the second last night I was just blown away because yes it is true I still have much to learn and I learned a lot last night…

She speaks about how her submission was a gift but it was a gift that is giving one time. It is not something she gives when she wants or has the need.
The first is called. My Submission Is A Gift.

My submission Is a gift.

Journal Entry | 3 Comments · 5 Love It | about 1 year ago

My submission is a gift. A choice of my own free will.
A sub culture of slavehood. A decision based on pure need.

My submission is a progression of learned desires, of unrelenting tasks, of never ending thoughts of making my Masters life better.

My submission is heart felt, torn from my innermost fantasies and emotions. It’s a fire that burns, a longing that itches, a thrust into the depths of my soul.

My submission encompasses in its entirety through every fabric of my life. My social standing and my dreams are now entwined with another’s desires.

My submission is a gift.

Then part two which is on her blog as well.

my submission is a gift part 2

Journal Entry | 2 Comments · 2 Love It | about 20 hours ago

This is an updated version of my writing i did over a year ago called , my submission is a gift. In that first writing, i was still pretty new to my current dynamic. As time has gone by, my submission is defined in more explicit terms. Mainly, i would like to add that as with any gift, one does not have to keep giving in order for the recipient to recieve it. It’s a one way transaction. I gave, my Master recieved. It does not continue to be given because it was once And for all.

As with most gifts, one does not expect to get it back nor does one expect something in return. I’m grateful that my Master takes my health, both mental and physical, into consideration when he accepted my gift. I trust that he will continue. As with most owners, one does not want to break their toy but one has to consider internal enslavement. That the conditioning over time gives way for the slave to see no other option except to continue to serve the one she had submitted to.

So, some would argue that is not a true gift because the submissive requires something in return, an exchange. But for myself, At this point in my life, and for as far as i can see, i belong to one. I am his property. I gave my longings, my needs, my wants, my desires, my trust and myself over to my Master. I trusted him from the beginning. Now, i am a devoted servant. I am indebted to my Master because he is the one i serve. I am enslaved and forever changed. Something that cannot be quickly undone, a conditioning of the trust sense. As more time goes by the thicker the chain becomes. I am here for one purpose, and that is to live a life pleasing to Master. He decides what i am, what i do, what i like, how i serve and how i live.

To me, this is my slavehood. This is my purpose.


How deep you allow your submission is up to you. I do not believe there is a stopping point because we grow on a daily basis. As your submission grows your needs change and with those needs being met you grow inside. It is never ending. Dominance and Submission is not like a game of cards where there is one winner because in the right relationship both wins.



My Interview Questions Are In. I will Be Truthful With My Answers

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So I posted yesterday that I would be willing to answer any question giving to me and answer it honestly.
What I am surprised with but somewhat grateful none of the questions were sexual.

I like doing these interviews , it opens up a whole new world to those we know and follow here on wordpress.

Some of the questions are very deep, so I will try to explain them the best I can….

Susie Jul 22, 8:41 pm

could you please, in depth, list and explain. 5 emotional, physical and spiritual ways Arianne lifts, enhances, & contributes to the quality of your life as a Man,Dom and Master.. By giving the gift of her submission and slaving.

I did say deep didn’t I.

When I first met Arianna I was in a bad place. I had been searching for over a year, for a long term partner, and I had all but giving up. I refused to move on my needs.
I had made plans to move out of the country and I had already obtained employment in the Philippines , my next choice would of been Thailand.

I was not what you would call depressed, I would say more of being lonely. That is the main reason I had decided on taking in a roommate, for the company. Although Kelly is an awesome person, she is like a sister to me, that still did not fill the void.

So when I first was introduced to Arianna, I felt something right away. I felt a connection, and that is something I need.
You can be the hottest bitch to walk the earth, but if I do not have that connection, I cannot fuck, it will not happen.

Spiritually, I am what I would call a spiritual man not religious I am far from religious and I feel I am in a much better place.
I am Buddhist , I have been studying Buddhism for about 15 years, and I believe it has helped me walk the path I walk today.

Arianna has giving me insight, it is like I can breath now, and knowing someone has my back. Physical , this is huge January 1st I quit smoking after 38 years 2 packs a day, because it was a need for Arianna. She does not smoke so it was not really fair to her that I did, and I smoked in the house. My house remember, so to speak. I quit because of my love for her, and me being somewhat older, I want to live a very long time, because she does give some awesome head.
Truth be known there are very few 24/7 M’s couples we are very rare, but there are very few D’s couples who live 24/7 and I am not sure why.

To have someone kneel before you and give you total control over their well being. There is truly no other feeling, it is a total rush, I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. To have such a prize possession giving to you. Truly there can be nothing greater.
It the relationship gives you drive, it makes you want to excel at everything you do, you need to be the best at what you do.
The truth is I want for nothing, my every want and need is anticipated , it is very seldom I even have to ask for anything.

I hope I answer your questions..

The next question was from an email.

Are the pictures you post of Arrianna? Did you always know you were a Master?

Sent from my iPhone No they are not, although the picture on my book cover is her, and she will probably be on all of the upcoming covers. I would never post any nudes of Arianna on here I respect her way to much..
As far as being a Master, I knew I was different at a very young age. At the age of 14 I liked to tie girls up, spank, and so on, it was the control factor I was missing.

thecheekyhousewife Jul 23, 2:13 am

Two questions:
1. Your pen name. You’ve shared how you got it so I get that it’s suppose to be playful or fun. But I’ve been a social worker for 15 years and have seen what vile is. You’re not it. Not even close. So my question is: Would you be open to changing your pen name?
2. You’re friggin hilarious and smart. You’ve compared yourself to Howard Stern. And he’s just gross. Would you ever consider a PG-13 edition of your writing or radio show? I think there are many teenage girls that would benefit from your writing. 🙂

My pen name as you call it has been with me for some 35 years, Gretchen thought I was Vile. That is what and who I am known by and not just here on wordpress.

I would be open to doing another blog, or maybe being a partner with someone under a different name, but to change my name, I could never do that, that would change who I am.

My radio station will be about the lifestyle, BDSM , it will be about my blog, the topics I have covered and I intend on having guest as well. Arianna is and has been very supportive when it comes to the radio station, it means as much to her and it does me.

I have a soft spot for children, today so many are left out in the cold, and they have to fend for themselves and it is really sad. When something goes wrong they take the blame.
If I could just snap my finger and make everything alright I would. If I had a huge farm I would take everyone in who needed help.

No I cannot change who I am..

And another

It seems that neediness is a very common trait among submissives. What is your advice for submissives who have been made to feel that their neediness is a bad thing?? How would you “draw out” a submissive who is closed off and not communicative?

As an experienced Dom, your style has changed over the years, but you have maintained your sense of self through it all, even through your own “training”. Do you think this is an attribute common among Dominants?

Vile, I’ve liked the interviews, they have given a lot of insight into how different people and relationships are. I hope you keep it up.

❤ mel.

It seems that neediness is a very common trait among submissives. What is your advice for submissives who have been made to feel that their neediness is a bad thing?? How would you "draw out" a submissive who is closed off and not communicative?

I have blogged about this before. This is the way you separate the real and from the fakes.
It is true many who are submissive are needy, I believe this is more true with those who are slaves.
Those who are not true, the fake Doms I have talked about, the married Doms or Daddy Doms I have talked about, they are the ones who tell subs that being needy is a bad thing, because then they have responsibility, they actually have to do something in the relationship instead of just getting their cock sucked.
Being needy is not a bad thing, so what if someone depends on you, at least you know you have someone you can depend on. I find someone who is needy to have strength, I believe they will open up more.If you except them for who they are as a person and a submissive, the communication is unlimited. In the end that is what we want communication.

Being needy is only a bad thing when the other does not care about you, and saying it is a bad thing should tell you one thing. They do not care about you.

As an experienced Dom, your style has changed over the years, but you have maintained your sense of self through it all, even through your own "training". Do you think this is an attribute common among Dominants?

This is an awesome question.

I believe Dominants tend to think things out more on an intellectual level than lets say someone who is vanilla. Did that make sense ?
Yes it is true for the most we do have to train ourselves, but as I have stated I myself have always had a mentor, someone I look up to and respect.
I go to him because he will not tell me what I want to hear. If I am fucking up he will tell me.

A good Dominant if he meets someone he cares about, and he believes a relationship is possible, then he should be able to meet ones needs, not really giving in, but bending a little, adapting is the answer I think.

Is it a trait, while all Dominants are not bad, I do not believe it to be common no.
Just like while at the local much and the topic came up about another Master stepping in if something happened to me. There were 12 Doms there and there was not one I would of trusted.

I find the love you have for Ariana to be truly special. To me, it transcends
Master and slave. When did you know she was the one? Was there a specific

xxoo Jane

Thank you for the email Jane.
The moment My eyes landed on her, actually when she extended her hand and we shook hands, I could feel the warmth. What I saw in her eyes told me everything. I new from the first words out of her mouth.
Thank you.


The Beach where we were Married.


I Could Of Fucked Her

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BDSM has changed as well, the people, the respect everything. More so the younger generation. I just googled BDSM clicked on images and nothing but pain and torture. People are visual,it does not matter what you read , who you talk to, its all about being visual.

I remember the first time I left Sherri’s house I was scared to death, she was black and blue from the neck down from and back. She got off while I was just terrified. After that day though something clicked, the more control I had, the more pain I could inflict the harder I got. During sessions I am talking sessions that lasted hours, there had been times I had actually came, and came hard, just off of impact play.Seven years and she did not cry one time, until the day came and I said goodbye.In that relationship Humiliation was a huge part of her kicks, at first mine but as time went by it was more like a job, I had to out do each session.That is the past, maybe at times we reflect on the past to much and it does not allow us to move forward.

We all have thoughts, and it is good to have memories , but that is what they are just memories, some were good some were bad.Over the years the Sadist part of me seemed to slip away, or maybe I just truly wanted more out of a relationship. I can tell you the vanilla mistake I made, was just that a mistake. What was the hardest was having to live two different lives. Although I remained loyal during that ever so shocking adventure, and it was so not me. Because there were times I just wanted to let loose, but I would of never disrespected her in that manner.

Going from using a Masochist to a vanilla marriage puts one in shock. What the fuck did I just do, and I knew it was a mistake. I knew from the first time I went to her house and it was trashed. I refused to live in a dirty home, it was not like filthy it was just cluttered papers piled everywhere just fucking cluttered.What else is odd is to be in a relationship for seven years and never fucking, that was while with sherri. Unless face fucking counts, that was almost daily. I think if we would of had sex that would of put me on a much different emotional playing field and I did not want to be that close. While she did have rules I seldom enforced them . I did not care because I was getting off. The Fisting part is what was incredible, she was my first.I remember the first time I laid her on the coffee table and told her to spread and my hand just slipped in, I closed my fist and I just started pounding her. I could open my hand and feel all around and I could make her stomach move.Today I enjoy fisting but it is not a need like it was then. Then it was a new experience , it was taboo to me, everything with her was taboo.

As I grew older the more control I needed, as I grew older the more in control I was. As I grew older I became aware of my surroundings. I started observing people more, and trying to figure them out. Wondering what their home life was about. Wondering if they harbored a deep secret like I did.When out I felt kinda like a freak show, because of being so different. While at the mall in the food court eating I would look at different women, and imagine different ways of tying them up, and using every hole. Or what it would be like to face fuck them, to humiliate them, to take them down as low as I could, get my nut and just walk away as if nothing had happened.

I was the guy who would walk up to the women other men were afraid to, being afraid I mean being rejected. I have always had standards , and I always set them high, because I refused to fuck someone I did not want to wake up next to. So I suppose when it came to fucking someone I never settled for less.

I remember one time I was at a convenience store visiting a friend, and this woman walked in, I was like fuck me , she was fucking hot, maybe 5.0ft even ,long dark brown hair, fakes tits. She was wanting to know if we knew anyone who sold pot, she said her husband was in their truck past out. As we were talking I told her I might know someone but I had to call in private so I walked in the stock room and she followed. I made a call , I hung up and I put my flip phone back in my pocket and I just looked at her. I walked closer to her  and she was backing up I did not say a word I just looked into her eyes. Once she was against the wall, I wrapped my hand around her throat and kissed her for what seemed like for ever. While kissing my other hand was down her shorts banging her pussy with my hand three fingers deep. After I finished kissing her , I pushed her down to her knees and I took my cock out and it slipped into her mouth and I just started fucking, it took all of a minute for me to blow my load. Once finished she got up and said in this little country accent, No man has ever treated my that way. I gave her the number to my friend and told her when her husband woke up show him what you like.To stop everything all she would of had to say is no or stop, and I would of apologized, but I could read her from the second she walked in. I didn’t want to fuck her I just wanted or needed that control.

Then the stuck up bitches , until 5 or 6 years ago I would work at a shell station during events to help out and make some extra cash Arianna has met the owner of the store before. Anyway This girl Sarah would come in every night and buy one beer Coors. Then a week went by and she did not come in. The following week Sarah came back in and I greeted her, then I said there is something different about you. I said ahhh you got a boob job, she made the comment I was not to worry I would never get the chance to touch them. So I closed my eyes and I started moaning, then I stopped. She said what the fuck are you doing. Well Sarah I have a very vivid imagination and I just fucked you and you were by far the worst piece of ass I had ever had, so I do not want to touch them. I never saw her again.That was how open I was, and yes those are true story’s.

Being a Dominant for any period of time it is so easy to spot the submissive women. I have point out a few to Arianna but she just laughs, little does she know.As I grew older I needed more. I needed more control but there were very few who could give up the control I needed. BDSM is much like a drug, the more you learn about it, the more you take part, the more you converse about it the more you need.There was never a shortage of pussy, it was finding women who did not use it as a tool , so they could get their way.

I wanted to have it my way.A year and a half before I met Arianna, I got up at 3.30 am, turned on the coffee pot waited, poured a cup went back to the bedroom, I was watching the morning news and I started thinking, Vile what the fuck are you doing. You are 48 years old and your waking up alone, that is fucked up. You come home to two dingy roommates . What kind of life is that?So while at work I began to put a list together, A list of what I wanted out of a relationship. The type of slave I wanted to have a life with. A slave who would want to follow. A slave who had no rights. A slave who would want to drop to their knees because it was a need, or spread because it was a need to please. A slave who wanted to communicate,

A slave who was smart, beautiful and intelligent. A list I was not going to give in, just so I could get some pussy.So I met Arianna, we talked for hours, even after I told her what I needed she did not flinch. I had pretty much figured out what she needed, but I was thinking what the fuck she has needs to, do I really want to do this. Just by talking to her and with out her giving out to much information. I had figured out she was being used, your whole life was out of control, she needed micromanagement, she needed someone to take her by the neck and say stop. Did I really want to invest that much time? I had to think about it for a day or so.Okay she is beautiful, her smile is one to kill for, she has a body built for sin, an ass to die for, each cheek just fits in the palm of my hand, small but firm breast, just fucking wow. The first time she got out of her car, blood rushed down to my cock so fast I got dizzy.There had to be more to the relationship than just sex, I needed so much more. I was in the process of moving to the Philippines , I had already made up my mind. I had a job lined up. I was going to start over.
I was going to start fresh, but something inside me clicked, just like the first click in my life. I was thinking maybe just maybe this will work, but I will have to put a long term plan together, a plan that I had to stick to, and I knew I had to remain consistent or I would loose.The first time she wrapped her lips around my cock I knew I had her, more so the first time I crawled between her legs, and I wrapped my hand around her throat, and I started to fuck her, I looked in her eyes and said I am going to own you. That statement proved to be correct, because I did everything in my power, my years of knowledge, and experience I had gained within the lifestyle, everything that I had learned, and for once I was putting it towards good use. I was finely using what I had learned over the years. I can tell you this believe it or not. If I want something bad enough, Vile always wins. If your just a passing thought that is what you are or were a passing thought. I never lose.

Image The key is to give back as much as you take, sometimes you as the Dominant has to give back much more. In the end though you can have anything you want, without question.


I still may plan a Trip to the Philippines

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While I am seeing someone right now, we both know it will not be a long term relationship. We also have an understanding, that we can see each other until I find a permanent long term relationship. While at this point and time I am not looking, one never knows.

I have been to the Philippines twice, my first time was in the early 80’s when the Navy base was still open in Subic Bay. I flew out of Korea to the Philippines, and stayed on base for next to nothing. At that age is was nothing but sex, nothing more. I was just getting into the lifestyle, but had not yet learned the proper name for it.

The biggest problem was the language Barrier. While english is more so the second language , our english is much different, so if you ask a girl is she is submissive chances are she will just look at you or say yes she is not knowing really what you are talking about.

I love Cebu, the beaches are incredible, the fishing is awesome. The people are extremely nice, and caring, and willing to bend over backwards to help.

Manila is a mess way crowded very busy, and to ride in a jeepney is a scary fucking experience , much better if you have been drinking, but the cheapest transportation for the money.

I have been to Angeles this is the RIO DE JANEIRO of Asia. Santos st is the red light district of Angeles. You cannot visit every club in one day, and no matter your fetish, you will find without a problem. Although Now I am not really into the bar scene , I do enjoy going and having a drink and just watching the show.

One thing I cannot stress enough, is that if you are a submissive’s or slaves first Dominant, chances are the sub or slave will move on in a year or so, simply because you were just a stepping stone. The sub or slave will have the need to grow inside and out. I have seen relationships last in the lifestyle but those are far and few.

Over the years I have learned it is good to be cautious about sharing feelings or getting to close. The last slave I was seeing Lyn. when I told her we were done, she came back with, is it really that easy for you. The answer yup, that simple, while I enjoyed her company in and out of the bedroom, I did not allow myself to develop any real feelings. One I knew it would not last, and two I have a real trust issue, no I am not insecure, but in today’s fast pace life finding that loyal one is a real challenge. So yes I can drop you in a heart beat and not give it a second thought.

While I do prefer Asian women I have dated and been in relationships with others Bea and I were together for seven yrs, the same with Chong about 5 years, while I was not in love with chong I had very deep feelings, and she was loyal to a T even being a dancer, and you had better not have anything bad to say about me. While I was not in love, I feel I could have been, at some point and time. We lived in a poly relationship for a couple of years, but beth got stupid, and when it come down to making a choice it was clear. Chong was number one, there always has to be a number one, and you cannot take sides, unless one really gets out of hand. Many time the Number two will try and play the dominant against number one, some fall for it, while other catch on pretty fast.

I have been to Thailand, and there are BDSM clubs more so in Pattaya,The  Keep Clubis very nice. and Bangkok. The difference being it is not about feelings, no connection, no emotions. Which is what I need .now.



While in the Philippines there are fetish clubs mostly escort services, which is not my thing at all.


It has been my goal to meet someone prior to my trip, but I have again found the language barrier to be a bit of a task.

While I had been speaking with a girl who lives in Angeles, once we got into our likes and I tried translating from english to Tagalog , it did not turn out to well. We are still friends , but could never be more.

So I am just thinking at this point, reason being you have to meet someone, or it is a good idea, if you decide you may want to bring someone back to the states, you have to be able to show proof you know each other, through emails and phone conversations.

So if you are a single male and you have never been to the Philippines, it is a destination you should plan to make, you can stay in a very nice hotel for around 19.00 a night.

My last trip I think I had a thousand dollars me on, I stayed 14 days and came home with one fifty, not to shabby. That was transportation, lodging, eating, drinking and titty bars…



As you can see in the photos unlike here in the US You can see the girls have to have their health cards on them at all times. They all get weekly health checks. So if your really into the bar scene, this is what to look for.

Myself I prefer the malls, and movie theaters, both very good places to score. at the food court in a mall, just order some food sit down, and in just a few minutes you will have company. This does not mean your going to get laid, but you can certainly be on your way.


A lot of men who travel to the Philippines see the women as easy targets, and that is not the case..If your just looking for sex, hit the bars up, you will not be sorry.

So I am still thinking, I do receive emails from women in the Philippines but it is mainly for advice, they already have a partner, but just wanting to spice things up.

It is my full intention to find a partner a slave and a wife.


Again Countries that have Visited my Blog

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Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 60 smoking as well.
Canada FlagCanada 50 French anything sounds good
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 22 again the accent.
Japan FlagJapan 18 Love Japanese women, nice and thick love the ass
Germany FlagGermany 7 I should of married gretchen
Philippines FlagPhilippines 6 I am going to the Philippines later this year, I think it is a toss up between there and Thailand
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 5 The same in the United Arab Emirates very hot women, just more conservative
Turkey FlagTurkey 3 Some hot women in Turkey
Australia FlagAustralia 3 love the accents
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 2 I have been to Korea I love the women there. That is where I first became interested in BDSM.
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 2 Again I love Russian women.
Chile FlagChile 2 I dated a girl from Chile before, we did not work out, she was Mormon and wanted me to change to much.
Thailand FlagThailand 2 I so love Thai Women, Hard to find a true submissive though. My goal is to meet an Asian submissive..

My Search Continues For A Slave

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I went on two dates over the weekend,what a fucking disaster both were just WOW. The first I will call, Steph, very pretty kinda of chunky which is okay she still looked good in a skirt and heels. We met at Dustins BBQ , I let her pick the place. I also let her get there first and seated. I wanted her to feel safe.

So I get there and I have seen pictures, but in person much prettier. Very well mannered soft spoken, and she listened a lot with interest, which made a good impression.

Then comes the B52 Bombers. 23 yrs old, going through a nasty divorce. That is a no no to me now. as I stated 23 yrs old, 5 count them 5 kids. Now on welfare, dropped out of school 2 yrs ago. Had just gotten out of rehab for crack cocaine, well had been a yr.

You know what fuck me, we talked for two weeks, and nothing about children even came up. I might consider 1 or 2 but the connection would have to be there.

So steph was a no go, then she got upset when I told her we were fit better as friends. Wow incredible.

Then I had dinner with carrie, a nice restaurant on the beach, we were facing the water, very nice. I arrived first, Ordered our drinks, and waited, a half hr late, okay it happens. Again much nicer that her photo’s much smaller 5 ‘ 0 almost a 100lbs , that is what I am talking about. So we are talking, and I get to the part where I am very punctual with my time, she explained she had just left her Doctor, and had to get her scripts filled.Yes 3 kids which never came up in our conversations of two weeks. a slight Bi polar disorder, now slight either you are or your not. She explained she was on probation, for domestic abuse her ex , who comes over to buy some of her scripts.

Then she wants to know if she can come and spend the night, which on the first meet is a real big no no, I would never fuck on the first date, if they are that easy, nah I am not interested. Besides she was probably going to take inventory of everything in my house for her ex.

I do not really understand why people just cannot tell the truth. Honesty really pays off. If you start out with a lie, your whole relationship is a lie.

Carrie would of been perfect, I do not mind a little baggage, but not a cargo plane full. She was wearing a nice pair of jeans that looked like they were painted on, like 6in heels with platforms, and a nice red blouse. Very well spoken, mannered, just man everything else was to fucked up. I do not need drama, I have zero drama in my life and it is going to stay that way.. More so no fucking drugs.

I do prefer Asian women, maybe I should be more aggressive in my search, but with the lifestyle and the language barrier, makes it pretty difficult. More important is finding the right one to connect with. I am going to the Philippines later this year I think. Have not really made up my mind.

So my search continues….

I am going to chill for a little now. We have this thing called Turkey Rod Run here every thanksgiving, so I need to get my cougar ready, maybe I can get it sold this yr. Ive been looking at the new Fiat Abarth a nice car….


Today We Are Disposable

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Over the decades we as humans have changed, family’s no longer can get along. the divorce rate is at an all time high. Loyalty is all but gone, and if someone thinks the grass is greener on the other side they will jump the fence at the first opportunity and put the blame on the other. Morals are all but gone, and nothing in a relationship is sacred.

I am going to give a few examples here, to show you where I am going with this. People are out for one thing, and worry about one thing. their own back.

Several years ago I use to drive a cab during events here, ie the Daytona 500 , Bike week, and yes my favorite Spring Break. I had taken a couple to the Orlando Airport, when leaving a gentleman from the middle East flagged me down, and asked if I was going to Daytona Beach I said yes, he jumped in. He was from Iran once the conversation had picked up, I asked him why he was here. His reply was I am here to purchase 7 convenient stores.   Most Citgo’s are owned by people from the Middle East. So I asked why is it so many come to the US to buy business’s.

He said he did not want to offend me, but he began to explain. His words were, today Americans have no Values, Americans have no family Values, and everything is for sale including your wife.You know I had to agree,just take a look around, or the last time you have tried to live with family, when is the last time you have helped out a family member and not wanted anything in return.

Look at the Colorado shootings recently , Columbine Shootings several years ago. Today parents are sleeping with their bedroom doors shut. Parents are being killed by there children. Take a look around the world.

If you speak with the elderly, I am sure most will agree. Last year I met a couple who had been married for 68 years. In the 30’s 40’s 50’s , this was not uncommon. Marriage meant something during that time, you can look around when out and take notice.

The same goes for the BDSM world, there are very few long term relationships, those that you do see, they are true to each other. I have talked to many submissives who said they had been with Doms and dumped because the Dom was just waiting for something better to come along. The fact is this is sad, for one reason the submissive or slave is being mislead, and lied to.

The truth is, when two enter a relationship. The Dominant molds the submissive or slave to fit his needs. This is the molding process. The truth is a Dominant can dam near do anything he wants , less abuse and the submissive or slave will do, just to please. Be it over weight, the way one dresses , carry’s herself, talks, walks, anything you want.

This today is to much effort, to much work involved, one has to care to much, one does not want to invest the time, so for now it is just the pussy and the mouth. Then when something better comes up, they jump the fence.

Now do not think submissives or slaves are not just as guilty, because they are indeed. With a dominant, and seeming content, but the fact is she is on the hunt. He wakes one morning, and Bam she is gone. Only to find out the grass is not greener.

You can mold a sub/slave into anything you want. Before entering a relationship one should think, do I really want to invest so much time? Do I want to deal with the baggage? Every sub/ or slave comes with some baggage, just as some dominants do. Do you want to spend the time to get the baggage down to your comfort zone? Over weight, do you want to spend the time to help them achieve their goal?

You can dress one anyway you want, and the sub or slave will agree. You can have her dress conservatively, moderate, you can dress her like a whore, anything you want.

You can even teach her how you like your cock sucked, the submissive or slave will not take offense to this, they want to please. You can teach them how you like to fuck, talk, walk, act in public, private, when company is over and she is in service. .

This is all part of training, and if both really took the time to get to know each other, and asking questions, explaining your needs, and wants. Your training process, your rules, your protocols if you have any, or care enough to take the time, and not just bark orders.

So How is the grass greener on the other side, when you have one you can mold someone to fit you. The same goes for the submissive or slave. A submissive or slave makes the dominant. The truth goes for them as well, they can mold their dominant, to fit their needs. It is the sub or slave that truly makes the dominant .

I believe this is just my opinion, greed has turned the world around, greed makes people selfish, uncaring. I know a slave who was having some bad times, her dad loaned her enough money to fix everything. The catch was when he arrived, with the money, he had a contract drawn up, to be paid back at a rate of 4%. Are you serious you are charging your daughter interest.

You look at other countries, the Philippines is a good example. When the daughter gets married, she feels she has the obligation to help her parents, so money is sent home monthly. Thailand basically the same thing, but in Thailand, if you marry, you are probably going to pay the family a  Dowry, that can range from a few thousand upward to ten thousand dollars.. Depending on the Girls Background , if you marry a Bar Girl, then chances are you keep your money.

I do believe we are Disposable I would like to hear some input…. Or feel free to add…