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Do You Like To Be Sexually Broken ?

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I love rough sex I am not sure if I can even have what would be called  Making Love . I have always loved rough sex, the rougher the better.

So on my way home from work last night I was listening to Sirius XM radio station Chanel 102 , that is Vivid’s adult radio station, that features past and present porn stars. Most of the time it is pretty interesting, but last night something caught my attention. Well most anything that has to do with sex catches my attention.

The topic was called Sexually Broken , at first I thought is was about abuse but after listening more is was just rough Bondage sex. Women are tied up, put into strange positions, tied spread eagle, bent over, head in an open box. Either way the woman are not able to move.

The sex gets so rough the women have safe words they can use when they feel they can take no more. I watched a few videos and I was like holy crap, I have done much of the same thing all along.

Although my work schedule does not allow much play when we do play I love it rough, I just never used the term sexually broken.

I will tie Arianna up tight in almost like a little ball, hands cuffed ankles cuffed then tied together I pull her to the edge of the bed so both holes are exposed, she is blindfolded and gagged so she has no idea what is about to happen.

Most of the time I will start out fingering just to get her wet, then I slide my cock in her pussy then it is time for the ass. I love anal it is really a fetish of mine. She is in a position where she cannot move she cannot speak nor can she see. If I want the pussy again I will stop walk out of the room not saying anything jump in the shower wash off then right back at it again.

I was going to post a few pics but as we all know WordPress has been on the war path about nudity. At the end of a blog I would post a pic that somehow related to the blog. I never posted porn just to be posting.

Cuffed and tied so you cannot move puts you in such a vulnerable state of mind you are fully exposed and any hole is really fair game.

You can google Sexually Broken the scenes are pretty intense some may like and enjoy while others may find them disgusting I guess it would depend on how open minded you are when it comes to sex. There is a lot of face fucking which I love, I suppose it is a control thing.

I was at work the other day and a co-worker brought up something called the Harlem Struggle which I found to be interesting and I was like wow that is so cool. Then he started to babble about how wrong it was. If it is so wrong why would you show me you can google that as well.

I was not trying to offend anyone I am just being me.



Happy Thanksgiving To All

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I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your tables are full of food. I hope you are able to spend time with family or friends. This is the season for everyone to come together. There is nothing more important than family and friends.

I know tomorrow we are having a houseful. Yes I will be doing most of the cooking, but not with out my beautiful Slave and wife Arianna.

If you are going to travel please be safe .

I also wanted to say thank everyone who has stopped by, your readership really means a lot, and it truly makes me want to share my life experiences, So I want to thank each and everyone of you. You are what makes my blog so awesome.

Much Love to everyone

Image So everyone eat and have fun Vile Style let the kink roll on.


Be Who You Are Not Who Your Expected To Be

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You do not have to change the way you are , or be someone else your not when entering a relationship. You have to be honest with yourself, then you have to be honest with others.

This is more for the new submissives and slaves who are entering the lifestyle. You truly have to be careful and you have to be thinking with a level head. Once your mind starts to go off in a hundred different directions you need to sit down and catch your breath and gather your thoughts, because you are thinking of shit that has never crossed your mind before.

First off Chat rooms pollute your mind, I am not saying all of them are bad but for the most this is where your wannabe Dominants lay in prey. Like a rattle snake just waiting to strike. Once you are bitten you have very little time to get to a doctor. If you do frequent chat rooms pick and choose wisely.

Second what I blog on here is just my opinion, I share who I am and what I am about. You either love me or you hate me. I do not want you to agree with everything I say, and I want to hear your objections, I want to hear the other side of the story. The same goes for other information you gather around the net, staying up late at night reading and taking in information. Nothing you read is written in stone.

What part of the lifestyle are you interested in? How far do you want your submission to go ? How much freedom are you willing to give up ? What do you want out of the relationship ? What type of Dominant are you looking for ? Are you really into the kink of everything ?

When meeting a Dominant you are just doing that, it is like your first date, as a matter of fact it is your first date. As Sir Marcus pointed out you do not have anything to prove. The only thing that both of you has to prove is that you are both compatible nothing more.

Your submission is not proved by sucking cock, or spreading your legs. Your submission is proved by being the person you are. Again as Sir Marcus pointed out proving your submission is not just following rules. You being a submissive you already have a good idea in your head how you want a relationship to work.

To give yourself as a whole, the want to kneel before your Dominant the peaceful feeling you get while at his feet, then you feel your submission.

That is the frame of mind you strive for, the rest of your submission just falls into place. Yes it is really that easy.

Okay even if you just moved in with a Dominant within the first 90 days the relationship you are looking for will just fall into place again it is that easy. There may be a few modifications your Dominant wants to add,  house rules a few protocols, but you already know your submission. you know your limits, you know your needs.

That is where your training comes in, the modifications your Dominant imposes on you. You do so willingly though because it is a need, you have a growing desire to submit.

Okay we are going to begin your training right now I want to see how you suck cock, I need to see if there is any room for improvement , that is not proving anything.

If you change the person you are to make someone else happy. Then where does your happiness come into play ?  What satisfaction are you going to get out of the relationship ?

If you meet a Dominant and the two of you get along okay and you feel you have something, but he is into pain and your not. You do not have to except what he is giving just to please that just simply means you are not compilable . Why put yourself through something you do not enjoy , it is not worth it.

Being a Dominant is not about barking orders, or making demands. A Dominant is meant to make you feel safe, wanted , cared for, he provides structure within the home. He is calm ,  and remains in control at all times. It does not mean there will not be disagreements but the two will talk things out. A Dominant provides an open line of communication, meaning you are able to share what ever your thinking, your feelings your emotions, your needs. More so he will listen to what you have to say. He will take an interest in things you want to do, places you want to go. You should be the center of your Dominants world you should always come first and want to come first.

Being tied to a bed getting your ass whipped does not prove your submission, being shared does not prove your submission. The Dominant has much more to prove than you do, he has to prove he is who he says he is. Your just going to take his word after a few chats and a couple of phone calls ? I would hope not.

Arianna has a friend who met a Dominant who she had been talking to for a while and agreed to meet him. Yes on the first meet a motel room.  She was tied down spread eagle on the bed, blindfolded and gagged. He began to fuck her with a huge Dildo, very hard once he was finished, he took the gag out the blindfold off untied her , and when she looked down the bed was full of blood, he told her to get cleaned up and get the fuck out he would call her later.  Yes the first meeting, but she proved her submission Right ?

Over Ninety five percent of my followers are women, I truly wonder why ? I will share my thoughts, While I am a Dominant, married to my Slave who happens to call me Master by her choice I never directed her to call me anything. She asked me what I would like to be called. My reply was what ever makes you feel comfortable. I made no demands.

I am very strict I run a strict home, I have rules and my rules are followed, I have protocols public and private that are followed. Yes I get my cock sucked when ever I want, I get pussy anytime I want I get anal anytime I want, fuck I cannot think of anything I do not get. I can tell you this. I have never raised my voice to my wife and slave, I have never left a bruise on her anyplace . Her needs are met, she knows she can come to me and talk about anything knowing I will not get upset.  She knows that if something comes up I will handle it, she has no stress no drama, and most of all no regrets.

Yes I got it like that, but it was no easy task I had much to prove, before she gave her full submission. and I had to stay consistent I had to be who and what I am. I did not put up a false wall.

I am against abuse of any kind be it emotional , physical or mental. I am against someone being used and just tossed aside. That is why ninety five percent of my followers are women. Because I tell the truth.

I use to get a lot of hate mail I have not received any in some time. Men telling me how I fucked their relationship up. Really I did that ? Um no you did.

Last year I blogged and a Slave made a comment and her question was , What is a Munch? She had been with this Dominant for over a year and did not have a clue to what a Much was. Some of you being new may not know what a Munch is but you will now. A munch is a gathering of like minded people who have dinner together once a month and sometimes they have discussions after eating. There is no sex, sometimes they have demonstrations maybe rope or spanking.

If you are with a Dominant and he is keeping you cut off from the outside world, you need to pack your shit because things will go wrong. Keeping you from friends and even family. The abuse is about to begin, and it can turn ugly.

I made it a point when I first met Arianna to introduce her to people I knew and was friends with in the lifestyle. I never said much about me, but it was not long until she made the comment, you are very respected in the community . That is only because I am who I am and I did not change for anyone.

I live by the Truth.


Just be who you are.


Asking To Be Released

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You as a slave enter a relationship in hopes of being accepted for who you are, and are promised your needs would be met. It is very important when entering a new relationship that you be upfront about everything, and what you expect out of the relationship. Where you want to be in a month, three months a year and so on.

When you first meet a new Dominant you should take great care with the amount of information you give. You do not want to spill your whole life out on the table over your first meeting. Somethings are meant to be private until you really feel like you are truly getting to know someone.

Information such as a abusive childhood, maybe you suffer from depression, maybe you were raped. So the information you share is very important but on a need to know basis.

I am not sure what the reason is but most slaves just want to sit down and open their book of life when they first meet someone new. This could really have a bad effect on the new Dominant. One being to much information, he could prey on what weaknesses you have shared, or two it could be to over whelming, and he is thinking man fuck all of this.

Another thing that really bothers me is a lot of slaves think they have to fuck on their first meeting, maybe trying to prove their submission, or the willingness to please. This is so far from the truth, you just need to be you, be the person you are. No one can make you submit until you are ready.

In the vanilla world when you meet someone , you spend time getting to know each other, you talk on the phone, go out to eat, the movies. So why would you think a D’s or M’s relationship is any different.

BDSM is not about sex . BDSM is not about you having to spread to prove who and what you are. BONDAGE DISCIPLINE SADO, AND MASOCHISM. No where in those four words does it say you have to spread or get on your knees.

In those four words the key word is Discipline , most do not fall under the last two words at all. So lets put the Bondage and Discipline together , again it does not say anything about sucking cock.

You the Slave are really looking for very little out of a relationship. Your looking for security, someone who will take care of your needs, someone who cares about your thoughts, your emotions, and someone who understands you. Your looking for structure in your life, your looking for stability in your life, and most of all your looking for someone who is not abusive, and someone who is in full control.

A Dominant is in full control of his life public and private. We set the standards and like me my standards are very high. You should avoid the Dominant who is full of drama, the dominant who cannot control his anger, the dominant who cannot control his emotions, and then the dominant with the ex problems.  A Dominant leads by example, that is how our respect is earned our respect is earned by all of the above I have mentioned.

I understand where a submissive or slave is coming from more so from those who are single. Most slaves are very needy, and being needy does not make you weak. The needy factor is a natural feeling, but you need to learn how to control those feelings until you are sure you are with the right one.

I myself prefer someone who is needy, someone who is depends on me. I am an attention hound. I like being the center of attention. Most Dominants I believe prefer someone who is needy, someone who is open, and someone who is able to communicate.

We are all different, we all have different needs. You notice I have not said anything about wants. I could careless about your wants because if your needs are met, and met on a daily basis guess what ? You do not have any wants.

I am far from perfect and I will admit I do make mistakes, but any mistake I make is far and few between. I think on a rational level, I look at both the choices and consequences. I look at every angel and everything that could go right or wrong, then I make a decision on my next move.

You as a slave have rights, you as a submissive has rights. You have the right to make demands if your needs are not being met. You have the right to speak up. Because if you do not speak up, you will spend the majority of your time on your knees or on your back.

Why am I sharing all of this information with you? Because I myself have been there, I have used, I have played on emotions just to get my dick sucked. I have played on emotions just to get some pussy and it is not very hard. I got what I wanted washed my hands and walked out. So now I am trying to make things right, in my own way I suppose. Emotions that is a very powerful weapon that can and will be used against you and any problems you have shared, a very powerful tool.

The Collar, the collar is to me very symbolic it has more of a meaning that a wedding ring. Accepting a collar you are submitting , you are giving yourself as a whole. So you have to have a clear understanding of what you are doing and what you are going to be giving up.

It is very important to ask questions, if your answer is not clear ask the same question in a different format, until you get the answer you need. You need to have a clear understanding where your new Dominant is coming from, because if you do not ask, and down the road you now have questions it could be to late because he is not going to change. I myself would never change.

If you are made promises from the beginning , you are explained how the relationship is going to work and what is expected, what your role is going to be then you need to make sure that path is followed. A Dominant cannot change rules midstream to fit his needs or wants.

You have the right to ask to be released, and you explain why your asking, and also explain that the relationship is not what was promised from the beginning.

Then comes the guilt trip, now everything is going to fall on your plate, it is your fault the relationship did not work. You are not a true submissive or slave. The relationship fell apart because of you and only you.

Well that statement could be true, but who was the one in charge? who was the one who was suppose to be in full control ? Who was the one who wanted to lead and you follow ? Who was the one who promised your needs would be met no matter what ? Because your relationship ends does not mean it was your fault.

If a man is abusive and he hits you, he is going to promise never to do it again, but he will, again and again and again, but he will continue to promise and he will promise to change.

Do not let yourself be abused, be it mental or physical.

If you are told one thing and down the road the Dominant wants to change things up. Lets say he told you he wanted a one on one relationship. Now he comes up and says I would like to have a threesome or even move someone else in. This is not what you were told from the start. In my eyes this is something that was planned all along, just waiting for the right moment. You have the right to refuse. Your goal is to always be number one, in my eyes anyway. If the topic of moving someone else in he had better have a good explanation as to why,and why he thinks it is needed. I believe most slaves do not want to share but do so just to please. I would not want that kind of guilt on me.

Shrugs just my thoughts and opinion.



A BDSM Poly House

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I have spoken about this before but last night I had someone call me who is a Daddy Dom. He was speaking about his EX who is in the process of joining a House, a Poly house that is.  While another female slave has made a petition to join the same house. The M’s couple has their own home, but they also rent another where one lives 24/7 but other members have full access to the house. Each pays a portion of the rent, like Arianna stated it is like a Time Share.

A D’s Poly home is really pretty common today, more so than lets say ten years ago. The funny things is while I do understand the concept in a few ways, when I ask a Dom why he needs a ploy house it is always the same I need more flavor in my life.

I have lived in a poly home before but the second slave and I were never really close although she did follow the house rules> The slave was my slaves toy and nothing more. As time went by she did try to get closer but I was just not receptive to the idea, and when she started to try and cause trouble and try to come between the two of us, out the door she went.

On the other side besides the Flavor that is needed a well ran Poly house with good structure can be good if everyone is on the same page.

My prospective is living in a Poly home does not mean everyone is having sex. Beth who lived with us was a in service slave when it came to me. She had chores and task that had to be done, and if not completed she was punished by my slave who was the alpha female.

There has to be an Alpha female in a poly ran house, this is why. Lets say you have a female cat, a year goes by and you decide you want another female cat so you bring one home. Guess what is going to happen? The first cat feels as though her space has been invaded , and the cat will do what ever has to be done to maintain control. They may or may not ever get along, it would come down to more of a toleration thing.

The Flavor thing I still do not understand , because when I ask another Dom why the need that is the only answer I get. I would think before you enter a relationship you would lay everything out on the table about your needs and expectations when it comes to being a full time live in Slave, their part about being in service, play time, and sex.

When I was active in my search I had needs and wants, and I was very open about what I needed, wanted and expected , most just looked at me with a blank stare or just out right told me no. Well that is fine I will just move on. When asked if there was any room for compromise the answer was absolutely not , I will not bend in any form or fashion. I want what I want when I want no questions.

My house , my rules , my protocols. If I bend on anything then that leaves an open door for the future. Well you did make adjustments before what is different now? You stick to your needs, your kinks, what ever you have to be who and what you are.

At one time in my life I was a Sadist and a feared Sadist. I was speaking with Master R not long ago and he made the comment that both of us were feared and he just grinned. It got me to thinking well that is really not something to be proud of. As I stated before my first slave was a masochist, a total pain slut. I was never able to make her shed a tear until the day I said goodby. I dated this bitch for seven years and never knew she was fucking married and her husband was in prison. WOW fuck me. Here you think you know someone inside out and you really do not know shit.

Sherrie was a masochist but not submissive so maybe the word slave is wrong. You can be a masochist and not be a slave. At the same time you can be a sadist and not be a Dom. Weird huh.

Sherrie broke rules daily , fuck you couldn’t beat her she would cum with the touch of a belt or whip. I could not take anything from her as punishment because she just did not care. She was there for the pain and pain only nothing more. She had brought up the idea about me moving in when we first met and forming a poly house. I suppose that is why the husband thing never came up, but once she found out I wanted nothing to do with a 24/7 relationship , when hubby got released that was her security although he was not a sadist. He was really a pussy who was in prison for bad checks.

That type of life I did not want, although at that time I really got off on inflicting pain not to mention no limits it was like I was in school I was learning everything I could because I knew down the road I would need that knowledge. I needed more I needed the structure, the control. I wanted to run my house my way no if ands or but about it.

The poly did intrigue me in the beginning because I was thinking sex, blow jobs and all the ass I could ever want. In seven years I never fucked Sherrie once , she did suck a lot of cock but I never fucked her our relationship was not like that and there was just something about her.  The Poly did get me to thinking but after much thought, it was not really what I wanted. Then some several years latter when my slave brought up the idea the way she explained it kinda made since so I agreed. Poly was something we had never spoken about before.

It did work for the first five years or so and it worked well , each had duties and chores that had to be done and everything just feel into place. All three worked and all three pitched in to support the house.

In today’s times living in a poly house could have many advantages with the way the economy is today, one income, two incomes or three incomes, as long as everyone is on the same page.

The third Slave could be just used for service meaning no sex, or she could be used for both service and sex. Although Chong my slave was Bi it was something I never really got into. I did watch at times but I never took part.

The Poly house has to have an Alpha female the head Slave. You are bringing another female into play. Some do not agree with that statement but this is just my thoughts and my opinion.

The female head female slave in a poly house runs the house. The Master explains what needs to be done and when and the the insures it gets done.  It is the head slave who really has to answer about any problems or why something did not get done.

The flavor part again I just do not understand. In my search I was looking for the whole package. Someone who could fulfill my every need and want to do so.

When it comes to sex I get anything I want. Communication I get on any level. We are best friends, we go out together often we are never alone unless she is quilting with her friend. I go shopping with her. I have everything I need rolled up into one fine ass female.



My Slave, This is Arianna’s Story Her Search For A Master.

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This email was just sent by my Slave and wife, she is at work today and I am just about ready to leave for work. She does read my blog daily and at times she does comment. Arianna for the most is private and I respect that.

This is the story of her search and I am guessing you are going to know and understand where she is coming from. The road can be long and scary. The key is to think before you act.

Dear Master. 
This is my response but I totally understand if it's too personal to use. 

The search
So, I stumbled into the lifestyle out of curiosity and need. A need to fill an 
emptiness. A void. A knowing that there was a deeper connection that could be 
had between two people. From what I knew of the bdsm lifestyle, which was very 
little at the time, i understood it as a viable possibility that this is where I 
needed to be. So the search began. I put myself out there. I went to a bdsm 
personals website and created a profile along with a real pic and info that 
included I was new to the lifestyle. 

The very next day my in box was breeming with inquiries. I sifted through the 
hey babys and picked three that I thought might be real doms. The term "real 
doms" for me was really vague. I was looking for older gentleman who claimed 
they knew what they were talking about and were already starting to give advice. 
There was a consensus between two of them that I should immediately take down my 
profile off the personal site because my profile screamed newbie which could 
land me in a predators hands. This gave me a sense that these people really were 
looking at for my best interest. 

Next, I started emailing back and forth between the three. I also started phone 
calls with them. One wanted to know something that I never shared with anyone 
before. This was a hard task because I'm an open book. Between the three I 
blurted out my entire life story. I babbled and babbled hoping that one would 
accept me for me. 

It came time within a week to meet the local guy who responded. I met him at a 
local eatery but he did request that I wear a skirt or a dress with no panties. 
So I did. The conversation was all about me and I was loving the attention but 
in the back of my mind I couldn't help thinking that there has got to be a 
better connection to submit, right? I told the guy about the other two doms I 
was talking to. I was very truthful with how I was feeling. I just didn't feel a 
connection and told the guy that I wasn't choosing him. That was hard but the 
prospect of him taking me home and fucking me, kind of disgusted me. 
The guy responded to the rejection by saying that he was disappointed because he 
wanted to start my training as a slave that day which would have included me 
being naked at his house giving him a blow job to see what areas needed 

So. Now there were two. The two remaining doms were both out of state. One was 
30 years my senior and wanted to fly me up to his house to spend three weeks 
with him. That was to be the first meet. I decided that the age gap was just too 
much for me.  And  he seemed to smother me. I wasn't looking for cuddling and 
spooning with an older guy. I wanted a Dom to enforce rules and put into place 

Then there was one. Although I had already told this last Dom that I wasn't 
interested he wouldnt take no for an answer and I wasnt confident enough to 
stand firm and had The belief that he knew best. So after a couple arguments and 
heavy discussions we decided to meet. He flew down to meet me at a fancy hotel. 
I met him in the Lobby. He was a smooth talker. Asking all sorts of questions 
about me. It was all about me. And he started buying me drinks. I got relaxed 
and then we moved up to his room. He said that I needed to ask him to submit. I 
decided that I didn't have much to lose and the conversation was going so well 
and I could always change my mind, right? The last question was internal and not 
So I said, Master I would like to serve you. Will you accept me? 
Of course his answer was yes. I felt a twinge of excitement. A new beginning. 
Then in a moments notice everything changed. His demeanor got serious. His face 
had a scowl. He turned scary. Then I was like, oh shit. I said, your scaring me. 
He responded that now I was his. We proceeded to get into a heated argument 
where I threatened to leave. He threatened that security wouldn't let me because 
I had too much to drink. I screamed fuck you. Then he changed again and gave me 
a whoo is me story about how nobody loved him and he wanted to take care of me. 
Really laid the guilt trip on so I conceded my defeat and submitted to him 
again. Little did I know that over the course of the next six months we would 
have other heated arguments about me leaving and each time he turned the tables 
on me to where it was my lack of commitment and falling back on my word. This 
was my downfall every time. 

I finally was able to break free. After six months. It wasn't a match. Never had 
been but I was naiive in figuring out what my needs and wants were in the 
lifestyle. I thought that every Dom was real and experienced. I believed every 
word they said. Never in my mind did I think that there was a hidden agenda. I 
didn't classify them as a normal male. Doms were so far above the vanilla man 
because they are confident and take a " true" interest. Lol
This is not always the case. I admit. I was full of anticipation. Full of 
excitement. It was a total rush but over time it was a burden with my first Dom. 
I realized that he was controlling and not in control. He would lose his temper 
and blame me and my emotions for anything that went wrong. And I took it because 
I was his property even though I was not flourishing. Even though I knew in my 
heart that this wasn't going to work. I settled. I got hurt. And it took me a 
while to heal. 


I'm awesome now. I have gained a better understanding of myself. And I have 
found my "one". 

All in all my experience is like thousands of others just entering the 
lifestyle. We have stars in our eyes and fluttering hearts that maybe we will 
have our very own Dom or Master. 

I just wanted to let other subs and slaves and newbies know that it's pretty 
normal to trust. I think it's in our nature. But that could be a double edged 
sword. Trust should be gained and not given when meeting someone. I know my 
experience may ring true with others. I hope it opens your eyes that it's easy 
to be swept away when your guard is down. 

My openness was taken advantage of and used against me in my search. Also my 
attitude of doms not being able to do wrong. That they always have the best of 
intentions. That they would never harm. But what I failed to realize until later 
is that the lifestyle is like the vanilla world in that there are good and bad 
apples. It's up to our internal discernment to tell us the difference but we 
have to give ourselves the chance. 

Be careful and good luck. 


Respect And Protocol

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While I was single and I was single for sometime, due to my choice, because I was on a mission and that mission was to find a partner. I was tired of being alone but I was more tired of settling for less than what I knew I wanted and needed. We are all guilty of doing the same thing. Just settling hoping things will work out but knowing they will not. We all need companionship, we all need to be with that one.

On the BDSM side of the fence, Dominants are suppose to have a creed they follow, Dominants are suppose to be respectful and caring, that is who we are suppose to be. We are looked up to in many cases.

If I happen to run into a Slave I had interest in, and she told me she was collard or seeing someone that was the end of the conversation. That was out of respect. She was spoken for, I no longer had permission to speak to her, unless I went to her Dom and requested such. Why would I do that ? There was no reason.

It seems today people want what others have and they will take what ever steps are needed. To this day I get asked if I share Arianna yes that is true.

We are both on FETLIFE , Fetlife can be and is an awesome site with tons of information. Any kind of kink you can think of and groups to join. No matter what your kink is you find find like minded people, and I love kink, I am pretty much open to anything but I am straight as an arrow a real straight arrow.

So if you have the need for information, you are trying to learn about the lifestyle Fetlife is the place to be. You control who you speak to, you only answer emails you want and you block who you want. My advice is to stay away from collarme, and, unless your a spam collector.

There are only a few on my friends list I have not met, but for the most I know and have met. Arianna got a friends request the other day I think it was Big Dick something, his profile had a pic of his cock, well you know what head he thinks with. It is a respect thing, it clearly states she is Married, and Collard and very happy and any friend request should go through me.

I encourage Arianna to make friends within the lifestyle she has gone out with others in the lifestyle women that is.

Men want what other men have for what ever reason, maybe they think the grass is greener on the other side, which most of the time it is not.

A lot of Dominants who are looking for someone will tend to settle for less. Now this is not every Dominant, I am speaking from experience because I am guilty of the same act. Find a submissive and stay with until we think something better comes along. Well it does not work that way because Karma is a Mother Fucker and it will bite you in the ass every time.

I know a couple right now well they are no longer together , he needed a place to stay and she was willing to take him in. Now he wanted to form a poly house whcih she was more than willing to do, even with all the troubles they were having. She just wanted to please.

I invited them to dinner they excepted a few weeks later as planned they showed up. I had met him a couple of times at the local MAST meeting MASTERS AND SLAVES TOGETHER.

They showed up for dinner and after they left I looked at Arianna and said they will not be together another month. Sure enough two weeks later they split. He had moved in hoping things would work out until he found something better. Well it did not work out that way, now he is without anyone and the subs and slave he meets well anyone with any time in the lifestyle can spot a fake.

If a submissive or Slave has a collar she is off limits, not yours nor can you have. Show some respect and be the Dominant your suppose to be.

I do have a few female friends on here that follow me and who are owned. We still speak but if their Dom ever came to me and requested I have no more contact that is what it would be, no anger just respect. I have not tried to pick anyone up on here either. If you flirt I flirt back, if you yank my chain then I will yank your chain, but I am very happy with my relationship.

Find your own slave.



I Have Enjoyed Helping Other’s

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Over the past several years I have helped several submissive’s and Slaves get back on their feet. While being able to remain a friend and keeping everything platonic. That is correct I never wanted anything in return, sexually speaking.

Those I have helped for the most turned out really well, and then a few I have lost contact with. So I can just hope for the best. When I met Arianna I was allowing a couple to stay with me, her boyfriend was a total dick, and she was submissive at heart but confused and her health was failing. K had had the run of the house and she was unsure when I told her a Slave would be moving in with me.

K has a lot of medical issues, and her sorry as boyfriend did not want to put the effort into fixing things, nor did he really care, but some people just hang in there hoping things will get better, or having a lack of security.

I am a FIXER I truly enjoy fixing people, maybe a bad habit, but those who are in need and have made every effort to get help,and they just keep hitting a dead end, well Vile steps in.

So K suffers from some mental issues depression being one, bipolar and the eternal. I gave K the tools she needs to get help, I gave all the information but she was still hitting brick walls no one would listen. The local hospital offered insurance to low income people, but she was turned down time and time again. So the day she was to appeal there decision I went to the hospital with her. I left K outside and I went into the office alone introducing myself. I pulled a chair up close to the woman and I began to talk, she started to speak and I simply said this is a one way conversation and your going to listen.

Well a week later K received a insurance card in the mail and was giving full medical. I then helped her get into a group, after a few over dose tries I stepped in again. I fixed her up with a lawyer to help get her SSI started and that is coming the first of the year.

I enjoy helping those who truly seek help, but one thing I do want to point out, I expect nothing in return. To me it is the gratification I get knowing I have truly made a difference in someones life.

Those who I helped if they worked they contributed to the house, they did some lite cleaning and some cooking. I did my own laundry and I cooked when I was off. They had there own bedroom to insure they had their own privacy. I allowed no over night stays or other men in my home.

The platonic part was not hard at all because in a short time I looked at them as like being a sister, I watched over and protected.

We all need an extended hand at times, help from someone who does not expect anything in return, someone we can trust, and communicate with. I guess it is kinda like rehab once they leave you never know how they really turned out or if they fell off again.

Now with Arianna things are different, I have to think about her and her well being. She comes first no matter what, and she is a handful at times, but life is good.

I cannot say that I would never extend my hand out again to help but if would truly have to be a need and something I would have to communicate with Arianna, insuring it would be strictly platonic.



Are There Really Fake Slaves

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Long ago I would of said yes , today I am not so sure about the term a Fake Slave or Submissive.  I am not saying it is not impossible but for the most I do not think so.

I do believe some find the lifestyle as a fantasy but when placed in a real situation they change their minds and fast.  Living the lifestyle in your mind is nothing like hands on or even giving yourself. The power of submission is just that very powerful.

While there can be fake submissive’s or Slaves I am not sure what they would have to gain from being in such a position. Just looking for security, I mean would allow allow to be used in such a manner to for stability? Maybe security ?  I suppose there are those who would take those steps but that would be far and few between.

I have met some who were way out there , but maybe they thought I was way out there as well.

I believe confusion plays a huge part, the not knowing, really having no understanding about the lifestyle. Reading online, chat rooms really gives some people a huge misrepresentation of what the lifestyle is about.

The Submissive or Slave enters their first relationship really not knowing what to expect. All at once their entire life is turned inside out. What they thought was not what it turned out to be. Now you have someone to answer to, now you have rules, protocols , told how to dress, your whole life is changed. At times you are just used for someones pleasure.

So here is my thought and this is just my opinion. I believe a submissive or slave can enter a relationship blindly not really knowing what to expect. Then she finds out it is a total disaster but try’s to hang in for a while to see if things just might change. Try to stick around to maybe see if they can adjust to their new life.

If at some point the submissive or slave decides this is not for me, the next move it to make the change and that would be to leave. Now all of the problems fall directly on the submissive, it was her fault she was not real she was a total fake. Sometimes it takes a while for reality to hit home, and no matter how the breakup went down it is the subs fault .


It is not to say that there are not fakes out there, but what does one really have to gain by stepping into another world. Would someone go through such drastic measures just to use someone.

Just my thoughts and opinion



Hey Check out my Dear Friends Blog She is an awesome Writer and author

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Love and wild romance.

There is a small group of us guys who host her weekly blog as well. It is called

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