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Love Comes In All Forms

Posted in bdsm, escorts,, stripper on December 11, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I was just reading and escorts blog which I found to be very interesting you should check her out. I like to read blogs where people are open, kinda like I am. Her blog is,

She had stated she did not remember when she had last had a boyfriend and did not know if anyone would well except her since she is an escort.

I really find that statement to be false. We have no control over who we fall in love with. While you can say she is not my type or he is not my type if you say no, it will just eat you up inside.

I lived with a stripper for almost seven years, she made really good money about 1500 to 2500 a week and only working 3 or 4 days a week. I seldom when to the club where she danced , because I knew she was loyal, and at the end of the night she would come home to me.

In a way it kinda got me off knowing all those dudes were trying to fuck her, and at the end of the night it was me who was banging her and those dudes were jacking off to her.

We all have to make a living, we all need to pay rent, eat ,and enjoy things in life.

I tell people all the time, there is someone for everyone. You can never say well I would never date him or I would never date her, because if you click you click.

In the BDSM lifestyle is is about the same, with the exception of all the kink and awesome sex that comes with it. If you both have the same interest, the same needs and want the same thing out of life then go for it. It is very important to be upfront, be honest and get everything out on the table, speak openly share your thoughts. If you start out with communication and you keep it up you will grow and you will be happier than you have ever been.

I could never imagine living a Vanilla life again, I tried it for nine years and I had never been so miserable in my life. When I left or got kicked out because I finely came clean. I made up my mind from that point on I was going to be me, and I would never change. You take me as I am or not at all.

While living with a stripper I never tried to talk her into leaving, I knew that would come when she was ready. If you force someone to change it will never work. I have never had an insecurity problem either. If something is meant to happen you have no control over you, you can only control the after, not the during.

Just be yourself , be who you are, that is the only way you will ever be happy. If you try to be someone else in a relationship you will never be happy nor be who you truly need and want to be.

Just my thoughts I hope I did not offend that was not my intention.

Much Love to everyone.