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Bondage And Ball Gags

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Work has been somewhat hectic but good, I have gone in balls to the wall. My last job was very stressful now I am in a total different world. Yes Dominants do get stressed out. While at my last job there were a few times I lost my temper and told everyone to go get fucked. It did not make me feel any better, maybe if I had been watching them get fucked it may have been more entertaining.

I relate to bondage as a form of humiliation. I do admit at times I do get off on some humiliation. I also believe at times some form of humiliation is needed if nothing else just as a reminder. Kinda like reminding the sub or slave of their place within the home.

I am not as extreme as I use to be, when I first met cherrie she was really into humiliation, she thrived on it, but it got to where it was more of a task than pleasure. Each time I had to out do the last, way to much trouble. I did it though because it was a need. I would not want another relationship like that, I would have to pass.

Some Dominants or subs will say they are not into humiliation but to a degree you are. Being punished is a form of humiliation, or getting your ass chewed out is a form of humiliation. Being told to stand in a corner is a form of humiliation.

I have punished Arianna one time, and that was enough. I am not one to set around and just watch and hope she makes a mistake, many do though and many are punished on a regular basis. I think if the Dominant remains consistent in the relationship , there would really be no need to punish. On the other hand if the submissive or slave is not getting the attention they need they will act out, break rules just to get your attention.

I do not believe missing sending an anal training video is grounds for punishment, or not being able to send pics is grounds for any type of punishment. I am hands on I like to see and be able to feel what is mine.

Bondage I love bondage. I find Bondage to be a form of humiliation. Being tied up blindfolded, being fully exposed. We have a queen size bed, and not long ago I had Arianna in the middle. Rope on each wrist tied to the headboard , her arms were spread wide. Rope around each ankle, first the right, rope pulled tight leg up in the air, then the left. Blindfolded I just stood back and looked, and thought to myself, I own this bitch, she is my property, but something was not right about what I was looking at, ahhhh her ass, her ass was not up high enough. I untied her right leg and pulled tighter, then her right. There now both holes were showing.

I left the room I guess for 15 maybe 20 minutes, came back and I just admired her. She was not able to move, I could tell she was very uncomfortable , but she just laid there in silence.

So I crawled on top, slid my cock right in her tight pussy, and started fucking her. I love those little suction noises , and the sound of the wetness, but I almost forgot why I had tied her in that position. Her ass was fully exposed, so I stopped then pulled out rubbing my cock up and down and I went down a little bit and slowly pushed my cock into her ass. I pushed all the way in and just held it for a minute. I could feel her ass tighten around my cock, then I pushed deeper, and started rocking back and forth. I could feel her ass starting to get wet. Then I just went to town, I was fucking her ass as fast and hard as I could until I dumped my load. I just held it as I was running my finger over her tits I whispered I own you bitch. Pulled my cock out, went and showered then I came back and untied her

My favorite thing is the sexual broken thing, I am not as extreme as some of the videos you can watch, but I can relate to them. Being tied up in a little ball. I position Arianna so her ass is just hanging over the bed so I have access to both holes. I do love finishing in her ass.

All of the above is a form of humiliation, it is a good reminder, and many times it will put the submissive or slave in a very peaceful state of mind.

To me face fucking is a form of humiliation. Having your submissive on the floor on their knees, hands cuffed behind their back, slide your cock in their mouth and just start pumping, while your holding their head.

Just like the other night. I rolled over and told Arianna to spread, I crawled on top and just started fucking her. I then told her she was not allowed to cum, this was about me and nothing more. I told her I was just using her, it was all about me. I told her I owned her as I was pumping her. I told her she was my bitch, my whore. Then I pulled out and she jacked me off as I came. I got up rolled over and went to sleep.  It is times like that she feels good, she enjoys being used.

The one thing you have to remember though is how far you can push ones limits, how far you can go before you cause any harm. We as Dominants should always respect ones limits. It is our duty to protect and take care of, but it is our right to use. After all that was part of the agreement. The Submissive or Slave is for our pleasure.

You can use, but use wisely.



The Unknowning

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Fear, anticipation, waiting, wanting, needing. The feeling , the touch, the smell, the wondering. The Unknowing.

Dominance comes in many forms, two most common verbal and silence, silence fits all of the above. Silence keeps you wondering, as your standing in the middle of the room, stripped of all clothes, hands behind your back. He your owner looking at you not saying a word, as he gazes up and down, you can feel the lump in your throat, but you dare not say a word. Your mind is going a 100 miles an hour. What is he thinking? What is going through his mind? Have I done anything wrong?

The Unknowing

He stands and walks toward you, places his hand around your throat and slowly pushes you back, until you can feel the cold wall against your skin. He squeezes a little harder, making it almost impossible to swallow, breath, your heart is pounding, you being to sweat a little, his eyes starring deep into your soul, your knees become weak, you start to tremble under his touch.

The Unknowing

His hand still around your throat this free hand drops to your right breast, he fondles then squeezes until you think you cannot stand anymore, then to your left breast a repeat, as he continues to stare deep in your eyes, you dare not say a word.

The Unknowing

His hand drops down to your sweet pussy you spread automatically without question, he places his hand over his pussy and begins to squeeze, as he continues to stare deep in your eyes. You are wet, wetter than you have ever bee before, but you dare not cum.

The Unknowing.

In one swift move he spins you around arms extended palms flat against the wall, he takes a hand full of hair, pulls your head back, and whispers in your ear.

I own you Bitch.

The Unknowing.


Written by Vile