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Only when you step into a relationship you fully understand can you consent.

There are two forms of No, the word its self and the look. It is up to the Dominant to know when no means no , it does not have to be verbal.

Someone I have never liked because I saw right through him was Michael Makai who has a couple of Books on BDSM relationships , and who is someone who does not follow his own teachings.

One of the books called Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook , is a total farce , someone giving advice and not being able to follow what he has written.

At the age of 17 years old you cannot consent , a 17 year old is a child , and it does not stop there in some cases 18 or 19 depends on the maturity.

So in the end we had a total fake in the lifestyle making fun of those who did buy into his thoughts.

I can imagine there are some running for their lives , wondering if they may have said something or even had contact.

Even as an adult if you do not have a full understanding when entering a relationship , and you have not been able to fully communicate there is no way you could truly consent.

Fully understanding who and what you are will determine if you can fully consent. Knowing exactly what you need and why you need it will determine if you can truly consent.

I have been asked if you can find a partner on Fetlife ? My answer was sure you can but look to the left at the groups they belong to.

If the groups are cum sluts , face fucking whores , Humiliation Nation, and there are no local groups or Munchs he is active in , then just click on the X.

What are you consenting to ? What rules are you consenting to? What type of play are you consenting to ? What type of pain are you consenting to if any? What part do you want to take part in the relationship ? Are you giving up full control ? Are you just a bedroom submissive ? Are you going to consent to sending nudes of you ?

You have to know what it is you need and the type of relationship you need, you have to know what type of Dominant your looking for to fit your needs.

Some misinformation in the Michael Makai news paper reports saying he had climbed to a leader in the BDSM lifestyle which is a total lie, to my knowledge he never attended and local Munchs or functions , it was all about his book and then the coloring book. He was and is a nobody…

There is a huge misconception about the lifestyle and people like Michael Makai sets us back another hundred years.

BDSM is not about abuse but it is portrayed as abuse , manipulation , pain , and being used. Even when you try to truly explain your relationship the tree huggers just cannot comprehend how someone would want to be treated in such a way…

Be careful and safe think with a clear mind , but most of all be who and what you are…

Make no Mistake Michael Mikai is no Dominant , he is not Master , He is no Leader in the BDSM community , he is pedophile.


Till Death Do You Part

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This is a sad story well kinda the man got what he deserved. A 43 year old man with a 16 year old girl. What the fuck is he or rather was he thinking . He is dead now, and it was due to BDSM play.

I harp and I harp about safety. I repeat almost every week how you can get hurt, or worse you can die. If your lucky it would not take long for you to be found. Or maybe you could crawl over to your cell phone if that was not taking.

Maybe it would only take you a couple of weeks to recover. Being ashamed to go out in public until all the bruises were healed.

This man Jason Ash who was 43 yes past tense he is not longer with us, not a great loss but a loss anyway, while with a 16 year old girl playing sex games , she strangled him to death with an extension cord. When he would not respond she picked up a knife and started cutting on him to see if she could wake him up. I suppose a normal response for a 16 year old.

The same thing could happen if you met someone who said they were a Dominant and really knew nothing. You are taking his word. That is all you have to go on because you will not ask questions.

You both go to a motel, he then ties you up, and just beats your ass until you pass out. Then your fair game. Not to mention your fair game once your tied spread eagle. Remember you took his word, you have nothing more to go on.

Now this pedophile got what he deserved and his mother should go to prison because she knew how old the girl was.

This is not a game