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Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios

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The word on the street is correct, and if you have seen it on CNN the rumor is true. My Birthday is coming up very soon. October 14th as a matter of fact. So you can now put all the rumors from coast to coast, and land to sea, and sea to land yes it is Viles Birthday.

Next year will be much different though , because I being the Master of my Slave, wife and home, have the ability to add and delete as I see fit. Yea it does feel kinda good, I will have to admit.

SO this month starting on the 1st it is Viles Pre-Birthday up until the 14th, at which time I shall turn the ripe ol age of 52.

Next year how ever I here by put into law next year being 2015 I declare the entire month of October Viles Birthday, again ladies and gentlemen , I am head cheese, the big boss man, the man with da plan, Styling and Profiling Vile. Again yea that does feel good. So keep an eye out on CNN for next year.

Okay So Arianna wanted to do something special, the first thing was she knows how much I love music, so we went out, I wanted to take the Fiat because I love driving it, and Arianna insisted on taking the jeep so as we are driving she says does master not want to listen to music, Nah I am good no really in a music mood.
So on the way home she asked for permission to play the radio once on she looked and said Master will have to change the station, and wham the sirius radio had been activated, fricking awesome.

Then came Universal Studios, Halloween Horror Nights. The walking dead house, it was so fucking cool, then the Dusk til Dawn.
I had not been to Universal in 20 years maybe longer. I was however bummed out because there was No Beetle Juice show, he will come next time here soon.

Although we arrived somewhat early there was still a crowd and by 8pm the park was packed so we left early.

What surprised me was the amount of alcohol being sold, and people were starting to get loud.
The police presence was very noticeable , there were cops on every block inside.
Arianna said once it gets later and people start to get hammered they hit the people in the haunted houses, that is why so many cops were there.

I love theme parks, but I hate being in such a huge crowd. Then you add the drinking, and that is just not a good mix.

I am a huge Walking Dead fan, and in just six more days it will be back.
Making the trip to Universal with Arianna and going though those two houses made it worth it.


Life is good and much love to you all…