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Wow I am Now Featured on a web-site.

Posted in bdsm, on February 26, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I received an email late last week and I need to reply and thank them.  It is an honor for them to even consider me, or think I am good enough to be not only featured on their web-site but to be giving a direct link. Every time I make a post it automatically post on their web-site.


Love Boudoir is a showcase for the best erotic blogs on the internet. 

Your blog is now featured on Love Boudoir's "center-stage" in the KINK section, 
where a small excerpt of your latest blog entry is displayed, carried from your 
site through the RSS feed. Readers are invited to continue reading your post by 
clicking a link to your blog.

We do not import pictures, videos or sound files in the RSS feed. Readers would 
have to go to your site to see such files.

Please, give us a visit:

If you would like us to remove your feed from our presentation, please, give us 
a feedback using the form provided on Love Boudoir and we will take it down.

Your writing is delicious! We warmly encourage you to continue!

I have checked out the site and there is a lot of good information and stories... Again I want to thank them for even considering me.


Feel free to link back to us! If you want banners, grab one you like at:  Thanks!