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Posted in bdsm, Native American on September 28, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

During my time of being married, I had to look for things to occupy my mind. I need to get my my mind off of the BDSM lifestyle.

A little history my father is full blooded Creek Indian, my mother was German who has since passed away, that is where I get my blue eyes from.My hair started turning white at an early age. Around 17 or so. During the summer when I am out I turn a dark red , from my heritage I suppose.

During the first year of my marriage I met a woman called Grandmother she is full blooded Choctaw and her son Brad, another Gentleman Who name was Ghost also full blooded Choctaw. I spent a great deal of time with them. that is when I became interested in my native Heritage.

Grandmother and Ghost and a Native American Group which was inter tribal , that met on a monthly basis , a native American Circle. At this time I was put in contact with a With a gentleman who was full blooded Mohawk and a shaman.

My giving name from Silver Hawk is, Grey Running Wolf.

This was around 1997, I was asked to be an Inter tribal chief, .A small group of about 60. The Mohawk who lived in NC at the time Him and his wife packed up their bags and moved to Florida, so he could take part, in our circle.

In late 1997, I set up programs for us to do things with the local Boy Scouts, We would take part in cross overs, that is when a cub scout is moving up to a boy scout, and we worked some school programs as well. schools. I was introduced to a native american musician  who has an incredible voice, and is the founder a program for a land conservation program..

In 1998 I contacted Voluisa County about putting on a Native American Festival. I was giving the use of the Voluisa County Fair Grounds at no cost.

It took approximately 6 months to put the first festival together. Now to give you an idea I had no cash on hand. The first thing was to find a Native Drum to play for the weekend 4 Days Thursday, Friday, Saturday , and part of Sunday. I was giving the name of a drum, they were called,  Family Drum, at a cost of 5.000 dollars.

After I booked the drum I needed a head dancer, and I had just the man, he was already a member of our inter tribal, Herb S a well known Native American Dancer.

Then I needed 30 vendors, and two Kitchens. The day before the Festival I had a Jamaican kitchen call me and wanted to setup they had not had any work in sometime so I invited them and I agreed to let them pay the vendors fee after.

So with the drum, the head dancer, the porta potty’s and the million dollar insurance policy, I was at like 9500 dollars, and I still have not taking in any money.

I wanted people to have fun, the vendors to have fun, I had native american dancers come in from all over the US. It took about 6 months to put everything together. The week of the festival, I hit a snag, the fair grounds brought to my attention that there would be no camping on the grounds, well this was not going to work, being this is standard practice with the vendors.

I went to the county 3 days before the festival, and was about to speak with 2 county council members and I was able to get the problem resolved.

The day of, I charged no admission , I had points sat up around where each vendor was doing demos for the children, I am thinking I am still broke, the Drum and head dancer has not been paid I am still almost 6 grand in the hole. Friday about 6 thousand people showed up, Saturday almost 10 thousand. Friday night I went to each vendor including the kitchen. I had each vendor donate 3 items, and the kitchens would donate 3 meals each. I approached the head singer and said we have a little problem. You need to get paid, so hear is what we are going to do.

In between breaks we are going to auction everything off here, to raise money, the head singer was the auctioneer, in two days we raised almost 9 thousand dollars, off of the things that had been donated.

The first festival was a total success everybody got paid, and I was able to donate money as well. So it was a stressful weekend, but mission accomplished.

Shortly after the festival Is when things started to go a stray. I had confided with our shaman about my lifestyle, which was not a good thing to do. Things got out, and I was being looked at funny. After the First festival, The county approached me about doing another one in Barberville Florida at a Park.

A repeat of the first festival, but this time over 12 thousand kids showed up, this time a dollar a head, I was much smarter this time around. Although it rained a lot during the weekend it was a total success. Even though I was able to make more money this time around, I had to put out more money because of the lack out power, and lighting, I I had to rent 9 huge generators with lights.

In a short time I became well know in the native american community. I had a voice. and our own circle had grown to well over 150 members. Still there was small talk going around about my lifestyle, even more when I showed up with my wife and another companion.

Needless to say, it did not take long for me to step down, the people who were closest to me, were not as close as I thought. That is when I decided I would not hide my lifestyle any longer. People could accept me for who I was or not, if not fuck them.

I am now an active Buddhist, when I left the inter tribal I needed something more spiritual, I was missing something , and I found it. I am at peace with who and what I am. I am a man of the truth. I do everything by the book, and I am brutally honest.

I just wanted to share a little more about me..

Much Love