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My Ride On A Greyhound Bus

Posted in bdsm, fingering, greyhound, Jacking me off on November 10, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Several years ago I went out to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a job interview, which I chose not to take. So going home I wanted to take my time, so I decided to take Greyhound back.

On the first stop, I departed the bus to get something to eat, it was like 7.30pm so it was getting dark. When I returned there was a blonde sitting next to the window where I had been sitting. instead of saying anything I just sat down next to her. Neither one of us spoke to each other, and I did not say anything about her taking my seat.

About an hour into the ride, I had to go to the bathroom, when I returned to the seat, I noticed she had taking a blanket out and was covered up. She was wearing a very long sun dress, kinda of chunky but still very pretty, probably in her early 30’s

It was getting kinda chilly, and I looked over and picked up part of her blanket, and covered myself up, she did not move or say anything. I place my hand down to the side and I felt her thigh, I was going to move it, but she did not attempt to move her leg so I just left it.

I had to go to the bathroom again, I drink way to much coffee, anyway when I returned, I covered up again, and dropped my hand. This time I felt skin. I sat there for a minute then I acted like I was stretching, so as I went to pull my hand out I ran it up her thigh, and the dress was all the way up to her hip. I am thinking wow, could this really be true.

Sitting there thinking, what if she just wanted to get more comfortable thus being able to relax more in the fucked up seats. So I let the back of my hand rub her thigh, and still no movement. I start scratching my unshaven face thinking should I or should I not. You know what fuck it. I let the palm of my hand run up her thigh real soft, all the way up to her waist, then back down to her knee. I then ran my hand to the inside of her thigh up to her crotch. She was wearing like a one piece corset it had four clips at the crotch.

I slowly rubbed, and her right leg moved more toward the window. I turned toward her so I was more on my right hip so I could use both hands to unsnap the clips, once unsnapped I sat back upright, she still had not moved or said anything, as my fingers ran across her pussy, I could feel she was getting wet, so I slid a finger inside her feeling all around then up to her clit.

I got even bolder at this point, so I stopped, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out,took her left hand and placed her fingers around me. I returned to fingering her and she started stroking me.

It only took about eh 10 minutes for her to cum, then I blew my load. I put my cock back in my pants went to the bathroom, to clean up as much as I could.

We made a stop in Dallas, we both exited the bus , and when I returned she had moved to another seat sitting by a window sitting next to another guy.

We never spoke or even looked at each other. I guess I can say Greyhound really gave me my money’s worth.