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A Slaves Name

Posted in bdsm, Dominants, Master, slave, Slave Name, submissive on April 19, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

To me this is one of the most difficult task that one can be asked to do. Once a Slave is giving a name as long as the Slave and Master are together, that is the Slaves name. The slave may or may not like it, but this task falls clearly on the Dominant.

The truth when Arianna and I entered the relationship the Slave name never really crossed my mind, then I was asked by two or three Dominants what I was going to name her. I gave it a great deal of thought, I did not bend to peer pressure.

A slaves name is special. A Slaves name makes the Slave stand out, recognition , I think it makes one complete. I am not talking about pet names we all have those, I am not talking about Bitch, Whore, Cunt. A name That describes your Slave.

I thought about the name for a week, while I was receiving emails from other Dominants giving me ideas on what Arianna should be called.

In many ways a name can go as far as the feeling of a collar laying around the Slaves name, a sign of ownership and being owned.  There are some Dominants who do not take the naming serious, or could really careless. At times it is all about the Dom, but at times you have to think of the Slaves feelings as well.



A New Slave Name For Tish.

Posted in bdsm, Changing a Slaves name, Slave Name on January 13, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

Trough out history in the BDSM community a Master at some point and time, chooses a pet name for his submissive or slave. I have even known those who are in a long term relationship to have the slaves first name legally changed. The couple I am speaking of have been master and slave for some twenty years.

A slave name is very important.  The changing of her name signifies not only a change of status, but also of identity.  I know it can also make the slave feel very, humble. It can also make one realize that you don’t even have the right to determine what you call yourself.

It has also been known that most Masters allow the submissive or slave to come up with two or three names, that appeal to the sub or slave and the Master would chose one. I on the other hand am somewhat different. I did not offer to let her offer any ideas.

Friday night while at a munch in Ormond Beach Fla. I was approached by a couple of Dominants who asked me if I had given Tish a slave name.  To tell you the truth I had not giving it much thought. So I am assuming the re-naming thing is a way to be politically correct, not that I really care, because I will do what I want anyway.

Then I started thinking, if I did not give such a name would this be fair to Tish. As I am introducing Tish to others in the lifestyle, how would she feel, not having a giving slave name while others do. The bottom line I have to think what is in Tish’s best interest.

So I started thinking, I get quite when I think, it may seem I am off in another world, but I tend to think things out before acting. I look at all possible avenues, as well as the choices and consequences of my actions.

Although I have not made it official, I probably will at some point very soon, I also informed Tish last night of the new name. I am glad to say she was and is very excited.

The name I have chosen is Arianna.

A is for altruism, the unselfish you.

R is for righteous, you know when you’re right.

I is for impress, for impress you will.

A is for accomplished, in all that you do.

N is for natural, the genuine side of you.

N is for natural, the genuine side of you.

A is for admirable, you certainly are!