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Putting A Diva in Her Place

Posted in bdsm, Strawberry Diva, Voice messages via email on August 19, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I have been emailing and now talking to a country girl from Louisiana, who approached me several weeks ago about a project she was doing about BDSM and Abuse.

She was defending BDSM while her friend would debate BDSM was about abuse. Which is farther from the truth. People assume BDSM is about abuse because they really know nothing of the lifestyle. Close minded people, who enjoy coming home from work or school and their whole life is just repetitious. Shower, dinner a little TV, and if the man plays his cards right and his wife did not have a bad day, he may just get lucky and get that 30 second ride to fame and glory.

So in their eyes BDSM is about abuse. I love it when people open their mouth and talk about something they have not a clue to the subject.

I told her to give me her FB book link and the links to her blog, so I could study her and figure out where she is coming from. So that when the debate did come up she could rip her apart.

So my friend and her friends hit my blog up ones day, I am sure they were are just sitting around reading and laughing, joking, they could not believe some of the things they were reading

I tried to explain to her what I was about. I am not a weekend warrior when it comes to BDSM. Everyone who knows me, knows what I am about. If you are a female and your with me, my friends know what she is about. While the subject never comes up, my friends know she is my submissive.

I was explaining to my Diva friend who always gets her way, through her looks and manipulation , that every woman is submissive, and it takes the right man to bring it out. Well okay not every woman like when it comes to a 350lb bull dyke, not going to happen.

So this little Diva who always gets her way started emailing me, we sent emails back and forth, and while I would never ask for her phone number out of respect, but with today’s technology we can send voice messages via email. So we started communication via email.

The whole time we have been emailing she has been telling me there is not a submissive part in her body, she always gets her way no matter what, no one ever tells her know. Well she was asking me to talk to her in a way that I might think would put her in her place.

So I sent her a voice message, and she was quite for a couple of minutes, her come back was you used a voice changer app. Are you serious? So I sent another. This time silence for about 10 minutes.

Yes to all she admitted defeat, she was speechless for the first time in her life, and the content was not sexual in anyway.

So yes Vile put a Diva in her place.