Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated

When out and about, and in my travels, I spend much time just observing. I like to try and figure other people out. I try and imagine what their life is like. What their demeanor is like, I just like trying to figure people out.

You can tell a lot from people when you just watch, I do this mostly while eating out, trying to read them, maybe my conclusions are correct, or maybe I am totally off base.

I was at a Chinese restaurant last night and a couple was sitting in front of me, the wife’s back to me, and her husband was facing me, I have no idea why I keep going back to this place the food really sucks.Anyway the man was doing all the talking, complaining about something she did, I did not catch the whole story. I could tell he drank a lot, his face was extremely red as with his nose, probably had been drinking for years. He was sitting there telling her how stupid and how he could not depend on her, he was just going to have to start doing things himself. She sat there not saying a word, I may be wrong, but I am going to guess the abuse reached far more than just verbal, just by her demeanor.

About a year ago I was in a Mexican restraint , I think Lyn was with me, anyway. The couple behind me, was in a heated argument, more so the man. I am thinking she was a mail order bride, maybe Filipino she did not speak English very well, this was his major complaint , telling her how stupid she was, how them getting married was a big mistake, how she was fucking his life up. Really are you serious? Now Filipinos can be a challenge. When you marry one, you marry the whole family, and that was an agreement that was made before you marry, so to speak. The average wage in the Philippines is about 150.00 dollars a month this is a teacher with a degree, and she will work, 50 to 60 hours a week. She she get married, now she wants to send her parents five times that amount. Wow.

Abuse like this happens all the time, the male is in total control, and she is at his mercy. Here all alone, no family and very few friends if any.

I told Lyn to go to the car I was going to pay the tab, and this dude was just going on and on, would not shut up. What is worse she probably did not understand half of what he was saying.

I walked up and I sat down at his table, and he looked at me in shock. He was a little skinny redneck looking dude, who had probably never had any pussy until he met her. A real pussy.

I said dude what are you doing?This is a true story by the way. Dude what are you doing? Really, really, your going to sit here and talk to her like that, what have you been married maybe six months?

I reached over and took his Jeff Gordan hat off and put it on my head, his bottom jaw almost dropped off. I said look Jeff, you married this girl, you knew she spoke hardly any english. You knew for the first year or so, you were going to be a babysitter. You are not going to sit hear and run off at the mouth, nor are you going to sit here and abuse her. I will take you outside and stomp a mud hole in your head. Now Daytona is really a small town. If I ever see you again, and she even looks like you have screamed at her I will whip your ass. I got up and started to walk out, and he wanted his hat back, I told him Walmart had them across the street of twelve bucks. What a piece of shit.

Here we go. American men tend to be verbally abusive as well as physical. A controlling issue. I am not saying all American me, so do not start getting all excited.

Asian men are far more abusive. In Korea the abuse runs far and deep, not only verbal but physical. Asian men tend to drink a lot,and  tend to stray when it comes to women. In Korea they are called Butterfly’s.

In the Philippines much the same. The one exception is, once married it is almost impossible to get a divorce. Thanks to the Catholic Church. So a man gets married has a couple of kids, and she wakes up one morning and discovers he is gone and has moved in with someone else who has no kids. Child support is not enforced, all though required.

There is a girl I am friends with who has two children, and not divorced we had talked about bringing her over, but it is not going to happen. I have a friend who is trying to marry a girl from Cebu, and has spent twenty thousand dollars so far, and she is still not divorced.

Middle Eastern men are far more demanding, most of the time, the abuse is just verbal, it very seldom grows to the point of being physical, but I am sure it does with some. If you are told to do something no matter how you do it, it is wrong, even if he told you to do it a certain way, and you followed his instructions , you still did it wrong.

Ahh BDSM abuse is alive and well. There are some who have not found the difference between being in control and being controlling. Thinking just because she wears a collar, he has the right to hit or slap, for any reason. Even if the abuse is not physical, verbal abuse is just as bad, and in the end can cause more damage, and it can take years to repair. How many times do you beat a puppy before it starts to cower to you, but still every time you call, it will cower but still come.

So The Dominant has a submissive or slave, who will basically do what ever she is told, within reason. Some will do anything to please. So you have a sub or slave who will spread at the snap of a finger, suck your cock at the snap of a finger, will let you tie them up, you can tell them how to dress, act, walk, sleep, cook, or even when to speak. Yet the Dominant still has the need to abuse, even when he does not see it as abuse.

You cannot give me one reason why two should argue, why two should disagree. The submissive is not going to say anything unless the dominant is going to do something stupid. Lets face it we as men we just do stupid shit sometimes it is in our blood. If we did not women would have no reason to just shake their head.

It took me years to get myself under control, and old Korean told me once, take a deep breath, and think before you speak. It works it really does, by the time you have followed that step, most of the time you have calmed down. Words can hurt way more than just knocking her down, or making threats.

The submissive should feel safe, be carefree, like a little girl skipping outside. She should not have to feel like she is walking on egg shells, or be in fear.

How a man could beat his partner, to the point she cannot hardly walk, then expect her to spread. It makes no sense.

Many women just not subs, hope there is change, they will stick it out. They have that small bit of hope, that maybe just maybe it will stop. The bad news is it never does, and it gets worse. Just ask Nicole Simpson.



10 Responses to “Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated”

  1. Queencheckmate Says:

    Abuse should never be tolerated !!!

  2. No one should ever feel like that from their partner.

    • You are so right but the truth is, it is alive and well

      • Yes unfortunately that is so. I wish it would end, but that seems unlikely anytime soon which makes me sad.

        {{{hugs}}} those who are currently experiencing, my hope is you find the strength to walk away. There is much help out there for those who experienced abuse at the hands of another.

        I know, it is not an easy thing to admit to others when most can’t admit it to themselves.

        I did walk away eventually, but not before I got really hurt physically, but the warning signs were there to see I was just too blind to see.

        Thanks Vile for another thoughtful post.

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. All information here.

  4. My girlfriend is Pinay (Filipino) and I am part of the Filipino-American community and I would have accosted that limp-dick a-hole, had I been there. I remember a guy on Youtube, was hitting his Filipino girl with a cellphone. I told him she is giving you a good time, probably poor. DON’T DO THAT! He was cool about it, and apologize. It’s all good and I know the poor girls get fucked over.

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